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Discussion in 'Community' started by RX_Sith, Sep 22, 2012.

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    And there's lots of action in a baseball game: think of all the balls & strikes that are called. Paying attention to that/following to see how accurate the umpire's calls are (especially with the different strike zones for different players, depending on their height) very interesting/exciting.
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    I think football takes too long. A 3-hour game for 17 or so minutes of the ball being in play? No thanks :p

    If I'm at a live sporting event, I tend to pay attention the entire time ... and I also tend to not attend many in person :p If I'm watching with friends, we spend at least half the time talking about other stuff.

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    I'm the oposite. If I'm watching a game on my computer or the tv, I'm generally watching most of the time. I go to games to just hang out/have fun, unless I'm going to a Packer game or something.
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    I've complained about it in the NFL thread, but those games take way too long, and has been mentioned, there isn't actually a lot of action that takes place during the match.
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    Hence the joy of (decent) football. 90 minutes of pretty much continuous play.
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    I think the interesting thing would be to look at why things are taking so long. What was the average length of a game 50 years ago? Has it increased, if so, what is the primary cause? Advertising, change in play? If it hasn't, what is fueling the perception that they take too long? Are external responsibilities cutting too much into personal leisure time? Is the age of global telecommunications destroying attention spans?
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    Doesn't even need to be that good, sometimes.
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    Well.. the main cause this year is the replacement referees who are making all kinds of mistakes and thus the coaches are arguing their cases like crazy that they are messing up too much, which will ultimately result in the original referees coming back and then once they start making mistakes (and they do as well), then there will be even more arguments about the fact that no matter who is refereeing the game, there will be delays from penalties, delays from reviewing every touchdown (which is already the case), delays from challenges to plays (when the coach tosses the red flag, which they are allowed to do two times during a game).

    All of these delays are from rules changes that the NFL passed to ensure that the games are called correctly. Still, besides all of these rules changes, there are and will be problems no matter what (it's part of the game, whether that be football, baseball, basketball, etc.). It also doesn't help when the games go into overtime or in the case of baseball extra innings and then it can last an extra 30 minutes, an hour extra, or even longer. In baseball especially, there is no time limit at all. The game either ends after nine innings or once one team is ahead of the other after an inning is complete in extra innings.

    These type of situations occur from time to time and especially in the playoffs more often it seems (especially in hockey), and it's again part of the game. As long as you yourself don't mind all of these delays, extra time, and other instances where it takes longer for the game to conclude, then it's really up to you to determine whether it is too time consuming or not.

    I know that I myself enjoy the drama of games that are tight, that go extra innings or into overtime and then are decided by just a few points. March Madness especially in College Basketball is a dream where you want the underdog to give the favored team as much of a problem and keep the game close for upsets to occur. This also goes for College Football Bowl Season and the future Playoff that will happen in 2014. I know that I enjoy the closeness factor and the chance of an upset probably the most for a game that I am watching or have heard about. With blowouts that are over by the half, I normally just switch to a more interesting game where it is still undetermined as to who will win.

    In essense, I just love it when the game is decided either late or in extra innings or overtime the most, it's the excitement and wow factor that holds my interest for all of the sports that I watch and will continue to watch.
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