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    ?As has been my duty since the beginning, I write. I write of what has been. I write of what is. I write of what will come. I promise you one thing: even I cannot handle what is to come alone. I will need them.

    Samael is coming. Lilith is coming. Ba?al is coming.

    Avaddon is coming. And the Shedim have the Cube.?

    - The Hundredth Scroll of Metatron, the Lesser Tetragrammaton

    For countless millennia a secret war has raged between two diametrically opposed forces. On one side, the Malakh, servants of Metatron. On the other, the Shedim, servants of Samael. The source of their conflict: Metatron?s Cube, an artifact of immense and terrible power. Forged from a fragment of Metatron?s soul, the controller of the Cube is said to have dominion over the hearts of man, and the world itself.

    The Malakh, incarnates of all that is good, have always controlled the Cube, and used it to guide the course of humanity in the pursuit of greater achievements of civilization and knowledge. Until finally the Shedim, demons wielding tremendous, evil power, launched a final, desperate attack against the Malakh. In the resulting battle, nearly all of the Malakh were wiped out, and the cube fell into the hands of none other than Samael himself.

    Time is running out. With Metatron?s Cube, Samael has begun to unlock the Gates of Azazel and unleash his hordes upon the Earth. His options appearing increasingly futile, Metatron has decided to stake his fate on a tremendously risky solution:

    [i]?The souls of man dictate the course of the Earth. The righteous shall bathe it in light. The nefarious shall cloud it in darkness.?[/i]
    - The First Scroll of Metatron, the Lesser Tetragrammaton

    Welcome to the [b]Aria of the Soul[/b], an RP where the supernatural and natural worlds collide. Your character has been enlisted by Metatron in his bid to create a force to combat the hordes of Samael. Will you uphold the cause of the Malakh and stop the Shedim before they can conquer the world and the hearts of men? Or will you side with the Shedim and usher in a thousand years of darkness? The choice is, ultimately, your own.

    This RP operates under a unique system that I have dubbed [b]Morality.[/b] Depending on your character?s action, he could become a paragon of virtue, gallantly battling the Shedim with total commitment, or he could become a pillar of utter evil, subverting the Malakh and assisting in the opening of the Gates. Thus, although your characters may all start on the same side, they won?t end that way. Morality also directly affects the world around you. As the characters perform more virtuous deeds, the world around them will brighten and bloom. As the characters continue to give in to their darker desires, their world will darken and decay. As you persist in your actions, you may attract the further attention of the supernatural beings. How they will treat you will also be determined by Morality.


    [i]?The façade under which the true nature of a man lies. That is Persona.?[/i]
    - The Fourth Scroll of Metatron, the Lesser Tetragrammaton

    The other major element of this game involves your characters and the trait I call [b]Persona[/b]. This is different from your actual [b]Personality[/b] in that where your personality describes your character?s true nature and guides their actions, the Persona is the way your character acts in front of other characters. To emphasize this difference, the Persona will be posted whereas the Personality shall be kept hidden. They do not need to be different, but it is encouraged.

    [i]?And so it comes to this: War. The armies of Shedim shall flood the Earth and consume all. Prepare your legions, my followers.?[/i]
    - Speech to the Council of Six, Samael, King of the Shedim

    Combat will be governed by six basic stats. These stats will directly affect your performance in battle, but worry not, >
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    Rules Update:

    I've gotten a few questions regarding the specifics of the spiritual abilities, and I blame myself for not making it clearer up front. So here are the basics:

    All spiritual abilities require your character to have a focus (as mentioned above) through which to refine and channel the energy. Think of a focus as the equivalent of a weapon for the physical stats. The focus can take any form you choose, and the best part is, you only need one.

    Spiritual Attacks are just that, attacks. They do damage like physical attacks, but are dependent on spiritual, rather than martial, prowess. The way the player describes them is irrelevant to the end-all as far as the system is concerned. E.g. For a player with S.A. 8 who uses darkness attacks and one who uses fire attacks, there is no rules difference, but the way their attacks manifest themselves will look very different.

    Spiritual Enhancements are a bit more complicated. You basically just describe what you're trying to do, I figure out some arbitrary difficulty and you see if you succeed. This is the result of the fact that Spiritual "power" is a lot more malleable in this game than in others.

    For example, healing someone a little bit (Say, from Wounded Moderately to Slightly) would require a far lower stat than, say, healing someone who's dead (Which would probably require a full 10 in SE and some damn good luck).

    Spiritual Defense relates to your ability to avoid damage from spiritual attacks. As always, the higher, the better the stat.

    Basically, I'm letting the player's define their own abilities and then using the mechanics to keep it in check. I encourage you to be as creative as you'd like.
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    Ramza approved for your viewing pleasure!

    [b]Name:[/b] Cassidy "Cid, Aggro" Bowe
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Age:[/b] 28
    [b]Appearance:[/b] Cid Bowe is a large man for his profession. At 6 feet tall exactly and weight a robust 181 lbs, he keeps himself in remarkable shape without a bodybuilders physique, since that would not allow him to fit into his "office".
    Befitting a man who has been named to multiple womens' magazines as one of the most desirable bachelors in the world, Bowe possesses ruggedly handsome features recalling such notable icons as Harrison Ford or Viggo Mortenson (two other men his features are often compared with.)
    His eyes are of a deep blue hue, but possess curious silver rings around the outer rim, not noticable most of the time but can be seen up close.
    Although at one point he did have longer hair to the base of his neck, his wavy brown hair is cut short, long enough to style slightly but short enough for "ease of maintenance" as he puts it.
    While most of the world sees him in a racing jumpsuit and helmet, off of the track he spends his time in high end yet casual clothing and sneakers, although he will wear a stylish yet classic suit when the occasion requires (only when very nesseccary however.)

    [b]Inventory:[/b] High end Oakley sunglasses, high end Fossil watch, matte black finish Magnum Research Jericho 941 (.45 Cal) with two spare magazines in concealed carry shoulder harness, Gerber multi-tool, red Blackberry Storm, matte silver band with "ghost" glyphs on underside worn on right finger (spiritual focus)
    [b]Combat[/b] (out of 30)
    [i]- Melee:[/i] 7
    [i]- Ranged:[/i] 6
    [i]- Spiritual Attacks:[/i] 1
    [i]- Spiritual Enhancements:[/i] 1
    [i]- Physical Defense:[/i] 9
    [i]- Spiritual Defense:[/i] 6

    [b]Persona:[/b] Boisterous, loudmouth, arrogant, self-serving, flippant sarcastic and abrasive, competitive, adrenaline junkie, hedonist and womanizer

    [b]Biography:[/b] From the get-go, Cassidy Bowe seemed to be destined for something involving high rates of speed and danger.

    Adopted from an orphanage on the south side of Chicago, Bowe never knew his birth parents and considered his adoptive parents and adopted sibling his real family.
    As soon as he could move, he searched for ways of going faster. After learning to ride a bike at an early age he convinced the older kids to tow him with their bigger bikes, and found that when you go faster, it hurts worse when you crash, the first of many such visits due to his hi jinks.

    In addition to his hunger for speed he developed a love of all sorts of motorized speed machines at a young age. Motorcycles, cars, boats, airplanes, jet skis, if it went fast young Cid instantly liked it. When he received his go-kart at the age of 9, Cid tinkered and fiddled with the machine until he figured not only how to make it go faster and accelerate quicker but go through turns more efficiently as well, prompting a short but noteworthy police chase through their neighborhood.

    It should come as no surprise then at 16 when he finally earned his drivers' license he instantly ingratiated himself into the street racing circuit. Already a fierce competitor in lacrosse and baseball, his dogged determination and aggression translated into a monstrous string of victories and a favorable reputation on the street

    Supplementing his earnings from his weekend job with what he earned on the street, he quickly modified his early 90s make Supra to such degrees that even the rich uptown teenagers with their high end vehicles were victimized in street races when they went up against young Cid. It seemed that the crashes and arrests that plagued others were avoided by a high degree of skill by Cid. His prowess, attitude, and style also made him a hit with the girls at his school despite his loathing of most social cliques, instead preferring to choose his friends on a personal level.

    Despite his high marks in high school, Cid elected to join the United States Marine Corps when he graduated with honors at 18 years of age, partly with him recognizing his own lack of maturity and partly due to h>
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    ** GM Approved **

    Name: Nibiru Vajra (wandering monk)
    Gender: male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Dark hair (medium length), tan skin, green eyes. Handsome. 5'11'', 145 1bs. Only recently has he begun dressing in modern fashion. Black jeans and sneakers with a grey t-shirt and a form fitting black leather racing jacket. The back of the jacket and has a mystic symbol in white, while the t-shirt has it in black.
    Inventory: Nibiru is an expert and is well versed in several forms of martial arts, having trained extensively in shaolin. His spiritual weapon is the vajra. Using 'Spiritual Energy' Nibiru is able to fashion various weapons thru the vajra. For example; Spiritual Swords, Hammers, Shields and even a hand held cannon. He is also able to fashion spiritual armor as protection. Normally, during unavoidale physical confrontations, all he needs is his knowledge of Martial arts. He can disarm most opponets.

    - Melee :7
    - Ranged: 3
    - Spiritual Attacks:7
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 3
    - Physical Defense:5
    - Spiritual Defense:5

    Persona: Nibiru seems the dark quiet type, until he speaks. He is a very intense person, who always challenges people's beliefs, invariably pushing them closer to it or farther away. He has a sardonic sense of humor and seldomly finds himself in a truly 'euphoric' state. He believes most people spend most of their lives hiding their true selves and avoiding true freedom of the self.

    Biography: Nibiru was brought up by his single mother who wanted him very badly to be a spiritual leader. Since he was very young, she sent him to study under many faiths so he could choose a path. Nibiru studied hard and learned a great deal, but the more he learned, the more he became aware of the 'great hypocrisy'. These so called 'spiritual leaders' were merely posers and con-men. Liars and unbelievers. Abusing their power and all those who needed them. Nibiru became disenchanted with man's 'system' of belief, but not with his personal faith in the One True Being.

    And so it was, that he turned away from the 'establishment', much to the disappointment of his mother who saw this as a form of 'heresy' and 'apostasy'. Nothing could be further from the truth. The path simply did not lay with man.

    Nibiru still continues his spiritual pursuits, but on his own. He's met few like-minded beings, who seek true enlightenment and untampered truth.
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    Name: Dan Conway
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Appearance: A regular height man at roughly 5'9, he weighs around 145 pounds, not all of it muscle but a good deal of it. A large pair of telescoping glasses are almost always on his thin and short brown hair. He wears a business suit, but often takes off the jacket because of mobility issues with his arms. He has long thin fingers, perfect for his line of work, incredibly dexterous with them.
    Inventory: Several Wristwatches in various states, repairkit, a small collection of throwing knives, Personally made wristwatch from scratch. (Spiritual focus)
    Combat (Distribute 30 points among the following. Each stat must have at least 1 point and no more than 10)
    - Melee 1
    - Ranged 8
    - Spiritual Attacks`1
    - Spiritual Enhancements 10
    - Physical Defense 4
    - Spiritual Defense 6
    Persona: He's a watchmaker and watch company owner, he doesn't show much emotion but when he does it's usually a feeling of superiority. He likes calm and taking time with things, impatience is something instructors drilled out of him quickly and efficiently. However frustration and annoyance with others comes quickly, one of the reasons he doesn't really like people who aren't paying him. He enjoyed throwing darts as a youth and has started with knives, enjoying the flexibility and hand eye coordination it gives, he still tinkers with watches as he designs more models.
    Biography: Even as a child Dan showed talent in regards to mechanics and seeing how things worked. He became fascinated by trains, cars, anything that moved and had parts. When his father bought him a go-cart for his thirteenth birthday, he took apart the engine and wheels within a week just to see how it worked. This talent was realized and became his basis in school.

    However his grandfather died, and left Dan a large gold wristwatch. It was a skeleton watch, so he could see the inner workings. In a second Dan was fascinated by it, the small parts the gears the screws the dials, everything had to be so aligned so perfect. It became his dream to be a watchmaker, and eventually start his own brand. Going to college with a degree in mechanics, he quickly went to watchmaker graduate school everything paid for by an industry desperate for workers. After five years of working with watch companies and quickly becoming a superstar in the watch world for his ideas, Dan Conway started his own brand. Conway watches, only for the most elite members of society.
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    Approved! :D

    Name: Kale Elysar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Black hair, dark blue eyes, tall and wiry. Has a short, neatly trimmed goatee.
    Inventory: Military-grade sniper rifle, handgun, leather wristband set with sapphires (spiritual focus)
    - Melee 3
    - Ranged 10
    - Spiritual Attacks 1
    - Spiritual Enhancements 4
    - Physical Defense 4
    - Spiritual Defense 8
    Persona: Cold, amoral and utterly heartless. Kale only cares about killing for its own sake: he's the kid who would pull wings off flies and trap squirrels in the woods, and as he grew he progressed to hunting more ... interesting ... game.
    Kale Elysar was a military kid. His family moved around a lot as a result, and as an attempt to ground the boy in something his father, an army commander, began taking him to to shooting ranges as soon as he was old enough to carry a gun. Over the years Kale developed quite the knack for it. His father also taught him about loyalty and service to the country, but those didn't stick as well as the lessons on how to handle rifles.

    It was upon one move in his mid-teens when he met Nazmina. Nazmina was the one who opened his eyes to the other world out there: the spiritual world. To be precise, he stumbled upon her fighting with a demon after school one day, and she pinned him to a wall with magic. Rather than be afraid, though, he was intrigued, and she agreed to help him learn magic as well. In the years that followed he studied magic alongside her, developing his mental powers, though he never gave up his fixation on weaponry. Over time their friendship developed into a partnership and sort-of relationship based largely on convenience and mutual assistance rather than love, but that suited him just fine.

    Kale's father wanted him to join the military as well, perhaps become a career officer like him. Needless to say, this didn't suit Kale's plans for his future. He appropriated a rifle and a handgun from his father's collection and disappeared one day to strike out on his own with Nazmina.

    (Note: Nazmina is Trimaj's character, whose CS should be up ... sometime...)
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    ]-} GM APPROVED ]-}

    Name: Nobody
    Gender: male
    Age: unkown; presumed to be "one-half of five decades"
    Appearance: Nobody?s remarkable inner discipline is exemplified, in every way, by his appearance. His tanned skin and finely chiseled features are framed by light, close-cropped stubble on his nearly shaven skull, and piercing, startlingly gray eyes bore into the souls of all lesser men. With high, strong cheekbones, flanked by an patrician nose, full lips, and a high, regal brow, Nobody is a study in imperial bearing, a powerful figure, and a commanding presence.
    Inventory: His proficiency with the blade incomparable, Nobody bears two dark-handled daggers, concealed in leather sheaths worn at both hips, his battered black denim jacket sweeping over them and obscuring their eager fury. (spiritual focus)
    - Melee: 9
    - Ranged: 3
    - Spiritual Attacks: 6
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 5
    - Physical Defense: 4
    - Spiritual Defense: 3

    Persona: There has been the occasional individual who has chosen to negatively underestimate Nobody?s persona, to assume, based upon the distant appearance in his eyes that his powerful inner focus has awarded him, that he carries no awareness of his surroundings because of it. A few heaved one final breath before they died. The others were separated from their miserable existences before their bodies touched the ground. For Nobody is faster and Nobody is smarter, and Nobody is always more than a single step ahead. Silent, contemplative, and almost brooding in nature, he peers at life through a window fashioned from detachment and an uncompromising dedication to justice...his own justice.
    Biography: Nobody is nothingness. He is darkness and he is light. He is the shadow in the dusk and he is the dew that greets the dawn. He has breathed the muskiest reek of danger and he has touched the deepest realm of sorrow.
    And Nobody has lived. In nothingness.
    Born, as far as his memory will take him, half of five decades ago, Nobody once knew another life, before his the death of his parents and before...Malakh. Although he cannot remember his name, nor the name of those in which he used to love, Nobody knows that they once subsisted, but feels no longing for them amid his inner peace.
    A flash of darkness and a breach of light, and everything Nobody once lived in was swept from him and dashed beneath a tower of nothingness. Everything is so blurry, so faint, but he sometimes can recall the cries of his parents as the dark-clad men raided their modest but content little household, murdering them before his eyes and razing the building to the ground. Just as the silhouetted figures approached him, Nobody reached inside himself and found something that he never before realized existed, and the men lay dead at his feet.
    Horrified at the heinous act he had just committed, Nobody ran toward utter emptiness in a blind effort to escape all that he had just killed, and all that was killed inside of him.
    As he reached his destination, a dark alley just outside of downtown Los Angeles, Nobody reached inside of his torn shirt and retrieved a small, flat disc, engraved with intricate images of beings long since lost.
    That was fifteen years from the present. Too terrified to run but never too terrified to think, Nobody soon discovered a small enclave near the edge of the alley in which he had first found himself, and, from that instance forward, he had used that place as a haven in which to expand his spiritual focus and combat ability, drawing knowledge from ancient, discarded texts, personally stolen from archives and museums around the entire Earth, and one, enigmatic word, that came to him in the darkness of night, and refused to go away.
    Five years ago, Nobody had sat, deep in meditative contemplation, within the confines of his enclave, when suddenly, seized with a most profound longing, he reached inside his shirt, just as he had done in decades past, and felt of the small disc on i
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    Name: Father Thomas "Ambrose" Benson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Appearance: [image=]
    Inventory: [link=]The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel[/link] (as a Defensive Focus), [link=]A Processional Cross[/link] (as a Offensive Focus (like a staff)), a personal bible. Not much else due to a vow of poverty.
    - Melee: 1
    - Ranged: 1
    - Spiritual Attacks: 9
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 9
    - Physical Defense: 1
    - Spiritual Defense: 9
    Persona: Wise and peaceful, but aware of the state of things. Fr. Benson uses his spiritual gifts for the service of God and of The Good. Celibate and intelligent.
    Biography: Father Benson started life off like any other normal child. His parents were devout Catholics and raised the boy within the faith. He always enjoyed religion class in the Catholic school he attended, and was a regular attendee when it came to mass. On his 21st Birthday, Thomas received his "calling" from God, and entered into the priesthood. He finished at a quicker-than-normal pace, drawing attention of his superiors in the seminary. Upon his graduation at age 25, he was sent to the Vatican to study Theology at the Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum. There he was noticed again by a group of high ranked cardinals and priests, and after three years of study, he was assigned to the division of the Church that dealt with exorcisms and special assignments, the International Association of Exorcists. He has been working in that division ever since.
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    Name: Nazmina Lazzal
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Has startlingly pale skin, it almost seems to glow in the moonlight, almost as if the paler light calls to something within her. Faded grey eyes with just a hint of green in them, and a small, cute little nose. Full, deep, red lips and high cheekbones with cheeks that are most definitely anything but gaunt leave her face appearing reasonably well rounded. Hair that is a blazing red hangs layered and mostly straight to just below shoulder length. On the shortish side, Nazmina is right at 5'3 and is a rather sparse 94 pounds. Still, she has come curves and is on the upper side of the attractive scale. Is built reasonably athletically as well, and has decent stamina. Tends towards rather dark clothing with a slightly gothic tint to them. Black dominates her wardrobe, and the most common thing you will see her in are black boots, black jeans, a black tee, black suede gloves that reach to her elbows and a black with silver chasing choker. There is also a black leather belt that has a couple of pockets where she keeps various odds and ends. When she needs it a soft black leather duster keeps her warm.


    Inventory: The only two other thing she really has is her foci, one of which is an extremely fine chain with almost imperceptible writing, which is slightly unusual. It literally weaves itself THROUGH her wrist, under the skin, and is basically a part of her with parts of it poking just through the surface of her skin, but leaving nothing to get a grip or any kind of purchase on.

    The colored one is a close example.

    The other one is what she used to make the one that goes through her wrist, an old ring of her fathers that she no longer wears, but does keep in a pocket on her belt.


    There are a few needles and other things of that nature in the pockets as well.

    - Melee: 1
    - Ranged: 1
    - Spiritual Attacks: 10
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 10
    - Physical Defense 1
    - Spiritual Defense: 7

    Persona: Patient, save when she's not. Half of the time is whimsical, the other half is extremely focused. Knows when to laugh, and also knows when not to. Nazmina has learned that humanity is not worth worrying about, and so goes on studying, waiting for the day when she will be able to do something useful (to her) with what she knows. Has a very strong sense of justice, due to what happened to her father. Is loyal to a very few, Kale and the older man being foremost among them. Is able to focus during just about anything, from physical/spiritual torture to a battle due to her life and personal training from the Spiritual Beings, and as such has an EXTREMELY piercing gaze.

    Biography: A reasonably normal and happy home was where Nazmina was born into. They had your normal problems, and normal hopes and dreams. Health, longish life, a big screen TV. What they also had was the typical mortgage. Only their's had gone into triple territory, and as a result her father was extremely despondent by the time she hit five. As a result of this he was seriously considering suicide, and little Mina walked in on her father one night and saw something that humans really aren't supposed to see. A Malakh and a Shedim fighting for her fathers life, and soul. This is the sort of thing that can sear a young one for life, and little Mina was no exception to this. Especially since the Shedim won, even though this was a minor skirmish in the ongoing war. Witnessing her fathers death broke something in the little girl, and proved to her that there was something fundamentally unfair in existence. It was a lesson that she would never forget.

    What was the most... practical result of witnessing the fight was Nazmina was now completely aware of the spiritual
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    Ramza Approved.

    Name: Aspen Cain
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Aspen is 5?6? and 106 lbs. She has a slightly gaunt face, but delicate features and full lips. Aspen has large eyes of an amber hue. Her hair is an extremely dark brown, almost to the point that distinction between black or brown is impossible. Aspen is extremely curvaceous and has a dancer?s body. Her hair touches her shoulders, on the rare occasion that it?s not pulled up. Aspen has four tattoos: [link=]a large back tattoo depicting a tree with pink flowers[/link], ?His Sacrifice?, written in script at the base of the back of her neck, [link=]a swallow on her right inner forearm[/link] and a branch similar to the image on her back, featuring four flowers, over her left breast.
    Inventory: [link=]Smith & Wesson SW1911[/link], [link=]5/8? Black Acrylic Plugs[/link], [link=]Hemp Shoulder Bag[/link], [link=]Djarum Blacks[/link], [link=]Gold Choker[/link] (focus item), [link=]Black iPhone[/link], [link=]24.5 megapixel Nikon D3X DSLR camera[/link]
    - Melee: 1
    - Ranged: 1
    - Spiritual Attacks: 8
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 10
    - Physical Defense: 2
    - Spiritual Defense: 8
    Persona: Beautiful, graceful and free-spirited. Aspen is intelligent and intuitive. She is also sarcastic and easily amused. She is a very gifted artist, and a wordsmith. Aspen is difficult to anger, and even more difficult to provoke violence from. Aspen is truly calm in her skin.
    Biography: Aspen is the only offspring of two folk singing grownup hippies. Her youth was almost entirely unmonitored by her parents. Aspen started smoking at twelve and started smoking weed at thirteen. She began to drink the next year at fourteen. None of this, managed to inhibit her education, however. Though she had degenerated her drug use to cocaine, by sixteen, Aspen attained her high school diploma early, at seventeen.

    She applied and was accepted to a private art school in Chicago, and proceeded to study photography, painting and creative writing. She published in magazines and Chicagoan newspapers from age eighteen to twenty-one. During these years, Aspen?s drug abuse spiraled to encompass various prescription pills and heroin, though she never touched meth, calling it the devil?s drug.

    When she was twenty-one, Aspen published a novel relating her youth and her drug abuse and she, subsequently, sold a collection of her paintings for five hundred thousand dollars. Her novel became a best seller and in face of her success, Aspen managed to, over the next four years, kick all her drug addictions, sans cigarettes and alcohol.

    At the moment, Aspen is on a break from writing and painting, to exploring, further, the art of digital photography.
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    GM Approved!

    Name: Jeffrey Bryant
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Appearance: Young in appearance, Jeff doesn't fit the typical description of a college professor. With an angular face, green eyes, a shaggy mop of black hair and a tall, lean build, Jeff often catches the attention of the female student population. In terms of his attire, he is often seen wearing a pair of thin rimmed glasses, a polo shirt and khaki pants.
    Inventory: Cellphone clipped to his belt, a backpack filled with various paranormal equipment(on investigations), silver chain necklace with three crosses on the end representing the crucifixion(spiritual focus)
    - Melee: 2
    - Ranged: 2
    - Spiritual Attacks: 5
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 7
    - Physical Defense: 5
    - Spiritual Defense: 9

    Persona: Very easy-going and confident of his work, he wants to help people wherever possible and will not back down from a job until it is done properly. He is very curious of the supernatural and is out to seek answers and uncover the truth. He is also the type of guy to strike up a conversation on a whim to generate attention.
    Biography: Jeff was brought up into a quiet family with a heavy Christian background, regularly attending church and Sunday school. But when the young man took an interest in the supernatural after a scare in his bedroom one night, his family began to worry about his faith and whether he was starting to stumble off onto the wrong path. Jeff assured them that his interest was only stemmed from curiosity but his family would hear none of it when he decided to attend school to study the very thing they shunned - the paranormal.

    Focusing his attention in parapsychology, Jeff graduated from college and became an expert in many things concerning the world beyond and the occult. He even began traveling around on investigations, using his knowledge to try and help other people uncover the very truth he was seeking. Catching the attention of a group of like-minded people at the University of Delaware with his studies, Jeff was soon signed onto their team as a part-time instructor while he continued to conduct his own research.

    In between teaching gigs, Jeff takes calls and travels around the country to investigate strange happenings, trying to fit together the very puzzle he has devoted his whole life to solving.
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    Ramza? Approved

    [blockquote]Name: Ko-Garfield (KG) Esonne Brown
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Bald, full black beard, big black and gold sunglasses. Gray baggy sweat pants, black long sleeve shirt and a green army jacket, socks and flip flops and a toboggan.
    Inventory: Baseball Bat, Revolver, bookbag containing spray cans(spiritual focus), and a skateboard.
    - Melee - 8
    - Ranged- 4
    - Spiritual Attacks- 5
    - Spiritual Enhancements- 3
    - Physical Defense- 3
    - Spiritual Defense- 7
    Persona: A skateboard punk and a Revolutionary.
    Biography: KG was born in Moscow, Russia, but his parents were killed in a motor vehicle collision when he was eight. He was sent to the states to live with his sister, Kala, and her husband, a black police officer named Joe. Joe and KG have hated each other since day one when KG took a brick and smashed it through the living room window after Joe asked him to pick up his shoes out of the floor. Though in the open they disrespect each other fluently, they have really bonded as a brother pair and, secretly, watch out for each other since they are both communists. Joe is paying for KG to go to college and KG has taken an interest in African-American studies.

    Name: Assistant Anubis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Appearance: Anubis is a bronze skinned egyptian with long straight black hair and a fine goatee. Well oiled skin and standing at six feet, Anubis wears very comfortable silk beige pants, matching vest with a cloth wrapped around his crown, and sunglasses. Always equipped with colorful necklaces and a fitting pair of strapped sandals.
    Inventory: Two gauntlets(spiritual focus), a motorcycle, headphones, and a guitar.
    - Melee-3
    - Ranged-1
    - Spiritual Attacks-10
    - Spiritual Enhancements-5
    - Physical Defense-2
    - Spiritual Defense-9
    Persona: A self obsessed confident party animal.
    Biography: Anubis was born in Egypt and, as a baby, was the first human chosen by Metatron to join him in the fight against the Shedim. Anubis has spent his entire life training to be what he is now: A warrior of the light. His gauntlets give him the power to create lightning based attacks and Anubis has honed them to a perfection. Anubis has travelled around the world on his bike, aiding Metatron in all aspects in preparation for the final conflict. He mainly assist in training the spiritually gifted and persuading them to join, but also battles the demons with unyielding resolve. He currently resides in New York and his father's oil company keeps the money flowing in his earthly pursuits.[/blockquote]
  13. Hammurabi

    Hammurabi Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 14, 2007

    Name: Emily Parker
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Fairly thin. Shoulder-length brown hair. Has a very expressive face: a wide smile and slightly large eyes.
    Inventory: Basic college student gear - Macbook, cell phone, iPod. No car due to poor eyesight.

    - Melee 1
    - Ranged 1
    - Spiritual Attacks 10
    - Spiritual Enhancements 10
    - Physical Defense 2
    - Spiritual Defense 6

    Persona: Lively and outgoing, Emily is the ideal people person. Great at conversation, she always has something to add to the discussion. She knows how to make other people feel good, and even though she?s not as strong in one-on-one situations, she?s in her element with a small or large group.

    Biography: Born into an upper-middle-class family, Emily?s parents divorced when she was a child. For years they feuded, with Emily often caught in the middle. The frequent efforts she made to resolve these conflicts helped her become a skilled mediator, but these disputes also turned her into a shrewd manipulator, as she learned to play one parent against the other to get what she wanted. As the years went by, Emily developed distinct behavioral patterns for interaction with her different parents - more reserved and logical with her father, more social and witty with her mother.

    Of course, the constant conflict, bickering, and lies between her parents had other effects on her. After the divorce, Emily stumbled aimlessly through middle school. It wasn?t until her teenage years that Emily truly emerged. During her freshman year, she tried out theater, and she fell in love with it. She discovered real joy on stage, and she finally realized what direction she wanted to take in life. Ever since, she has pursued this goal with her every effort, and she?s currently studying acting in college.

    A few years ago, Emily?s eyesight began to fail her. Her doctor predicted she?d soon go blind, but so far, her vision seems to be functioning all right, even if some damage is evident.
  14. Fisto_Hero

    Fisto_Hero Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 14, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Kayla Lazar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Red dress, blonde hair, average height, no obvious curves, and brown eyes.
    Inventory: Cellphone, rapier(spiritual focus)
    Combat (Distribute 30 points among the following. Each stat must have at least 1 point and no more than 10)
    - Melee 9
    - Ranged 1
    - Spiritual Attacks 3
    - Spiritual Enhancements 2
    - Physical Defense 5
    - Spiritual Defense 10
    Persona: Kayla's a slacker. She wants nothing more than to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. She is shy around boys, dislike girls who want attention, but is very comfortable in her own skin. Doesn't really care about the world, somewhat disillusioned.
    Biography: Kayla is a young, bored high school student. She has always been pretty, though her parents still have to force her to dress up, and this fact irritates most of her bullies. She is not a pushover however. When Kayla was a child she was trained in fencing by her private school and even explored gymnastics. Combine that with enough motivation and she fights her bullies off most of the time. She is an only child, spoiled, with life's material riches being thrown around her with her parents high class friends. But she doesn't need these things. One time her parents gave her five thousand dollars for her birthday and she went around town giving it away to poor people. All she wants to do is live a normal, detached life from society and sleep her days away.

    A few days ago, however, she was attacked by a mystical power, to which she responded by blocking off of its attacks until it simply gave up and dissipated away. She has been a bit cautious since then and a little defensive, but it was nothing near enough to stop her daily activities, or lack there of.
  15. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002


    Character Sheet

    Name: Carolyn Summers (Lyn)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Carolyn (Lyn) has long brown hair, and skin, with light green eyes. Parents were African/oriental decent, which makes her features stand out even more. She rather enjoys the unusual look, as it seems to be a selling point with customers, which she finds amusing. She dresses like a gypsy for 'work', wearing large poofy khafcans, in bright colors, and usually has a scarf of some type on her head, and large pockets or openings, so she can reach her pouch she always wears. She also carries a cane, but it is mostly for show.

    Sterling & Amethyst Necklace, a circle enclosing a triangle., ancient symbol of warding off spirits of evil. (Spiritual focus)
    In hip Pouch: Tarot cards, small crystal orb, salt, pendulum, rune stones, a small pouch with several bits of herbs, chalk, several small needles, blue candle, small silver spoon and knife in case.
    Small vial on chain around neck, with a golden liquid..Smells like sage, used for healing
    In Purse - 'Max', Baggies, Several cans Dog food. mini-Ouija board, bottle of water, Max blankie
    Taser under scarves on hip - For the idiots with bodies

    Combat (Distribute 30 points among the following. Each stat must have at least 1 point and no more than 10)
    2 - Melee (Hand-to-hand combat and close-quarters weapons)
    1- Ranged (Guns, throwing knifes, etc)
    8 - Spiritual Attacks (For when guns and knives don't cut the mustard, these spiritual assaults will)
    9 - Spiritual Enhancements (From healing statuses to enhancing combat abilities, here's where it goes)
    2 - Physical Defense (How good are you at resisting or dodging physical force?)
    8 - Spiritual Defense (As above, but Spiritual force)

    Is usually seen as a slender woman, with a gaudy taste in clothing, and a bit of a dog lady. Green eyes that are piercing, which stands out against her darker skin. She almost always has a tiny dog in her purse Max, and is usually chatting on constantly, but not always with a visible person. Perhaps just a bit nutty, but she gives really good advice from her shop, or whenever she decides to speak directly, so most people consider her like the crazy aunt everyone has in their family. Fun, but full of knowledge. Known to shake her cane and folks, when trying to make a point.


    Carolyn is a psychic..or a Wiccan..or whatever the dime store name for fortune teller seems to be at the moment. She dosent go around professing anything about black or white magic, but she runs a modest little shop, listening to boring little people who whine and cry all over her, while they complain about some horribly little aspect of their life, they could fix themselves, but instead rather come running to her, stuffing a wad of cash into her hands, and being told what they want to hear. She will gladly sell them many of the trinkets and items she carries, to make them feel better.

    But for those truly in trouble, she does care.
  16. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Update: Obviously it's thursday, but we only just opened up shop, so to speak, so I hope you'll allow me not starting just yet. As compensation, I've compiled together this handy FAQ, to address those questions that seem to be on everyone's minds lately:

    When are we starting? - Sometime this weekend, probably either saturday or sunday by board standards. We'll then be returning to the prescribed thursday schedule.

    When does the game take place? - As a lot of CSes have begun to indicate, this game takes place somewhere around this year - perhaps a couple of years in the future, but not enough that it'll affect the technology. Because I'm a detail fiend, I'll set a "Start date" in the kick-off post. Don't worry too much about it.

    Where does Spiritual Attack start and Spiritual Enhancement end? - A good rule of thumb is that attacks govern performing actions on other beings, enhancements yourself or your surroundings, although enhancements can also bestow benefits on allies, notably healing. As for where Enhancement ends... the sky's the limit, but keep in mind that you're limited by your stats and your luck. Also, you may want to focus on themes rather than being all-encompassing. It's better for roleplaying, and, frankly, there might be some behind the scenes benefits to limiting the breadth of your talents.

    How are you handling combat? - It depends on who or what you're fighting. NPCs, which are under my direct control, will be updated on Thursday and I will apply combat effects for you. When fighting other PCs, I will send you both PMs with the combat results as soon as possible.

    Will updates only be on thursdays? - Not necessarily, but that will be the so-called "big update" day when everyone gets a TAG. Faster moving players may get more updates as my schedule permits.

    What if I want to run more than one character? - Obviously I'm okay with this, as some players have made clear. But I will put a few restrictions on what is and is not acceptable:
    1. Your characters will not be in the same general group unless circumstances make this impossible.
    2. Your characters should have distinct motives. I don't want to see you working two angles towards the same end.
    3. Don't metagame yourself. You're going to be privy to a lot more information regarding personalities and moralities. Remember to distinguish between IC and OOG knowledge.

    Are we stuck on Earth? - Without giving too much of the plot away, there will be opportunities to traverse the spirit realm.

    How should I RP shifts in morality? - Your character won't notice, actually. But you should try to adjust your descriptions according to parameters given for darkening/brightening. Don't worry, this doesn't affect many characters... yet.

    How are we starting? - Your characters will have already been informed to the general situation and given a task by Metatron. While the characters all start on the same side... They won't be ending on the same side. And no, you don't have to strictly follow the Malakh or the Shedim. Free will is a paramount theme in this game.

    Hope that answers your questions. If not, feel free to shoot me an IM or PM. The moment of truth begins to draw closer...

  17. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Name: Clive Reading
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Appearance: Unassuming build, leather jacket and white shirt, khaki pants, running shoes. Clive's hair and beard is beginning to gray from black. His eyes are gray.
    Inventory: Clive carries, at all times, a garrote and a hunting knife. However, in his hands, anything is a deadly weapon. Clive's foci are two bands about his wrists.
    - Melee: 10
    - Ranged: 1
    - Spiritual Attacks: 2
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 5
    - Physical Defense: 9
    - Spiritual Defense: 2
    Persona: Clive is emotionally distant can extremely calculating; however, he has a strong sense of personal honour that keeps him from being too underhanded. He dislikes guns, thinking they're too impersonal for combat.
    Biography: Born into a proud Scottish family, Clive's childhood was almost perfect. His parents died when he was 19, and Clive inherited their wealth, which was considerable. He decided to join the military, ascending quickly to special combat units and many medals. Clive was then recommended for the SAS, and he did a tour of duty, proving himself as an expert infiltrator, sneaking in unseen to enemy encampments and paving the way for the main force. By the time he was thirty, Clive retired from military service and went underground, taking an assumed name. He traveled for a while, becoming acutely aware of something different about himself. He'd encountered very few like him, and was surprised to be attacked by Kale and Nazmina. Seeing their potential, Clive took them under his wing, teaching them restraint and discipline, or at least trying to.
  18. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003

    Name: Claire Glass
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32
    Shoulder-length blond hair no bangs, blue eyes and Caucasian. Wears very sophisticated clothing most of the time. 5? 6? Wears short heels to work as well as very sophisticated clothing.
    Inventory: Cell-phone, pepper spray, lipstick, wallet with id and at least $100 in cash, credit cards, small knife, perfume, comb, pen and paper and a set of keys.

    Focus: Diamond necklace made of her grandmother?s compressed ashes.

    - Melee 3
    - Ranged 2
    - Spiritual Attacks 7
    - Spiritual Enhancements 5
    - Physical Defense 4
    - Spiritual Defense 9

    Persona: Not incredibly outgoing, she keeps to herself except when talking about her beloved history. She seems a bit aloof but kind. Claire has yet to make any close friends at the college because she just started there.

    Biography: Claire Glass was raised by her grandmother near Washington D.C. She went through school always wanting to study history. Before she died, her grandmother taught her a love of history. When her grandmother passed away, Claire chose to have her grandmother cremated and the ashes compressed into a diamond gem. As she moved through college studying history, she began to see a difference in people. Some had dark auras around them and others had light ones. It was hard to pick out at first and she never told another person. But Claire immediately began studying spirits and their effects on people. Late last year Claire landed a job teaching world history at the University of Delaware.
  19. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005

    Name: Avinash Ekagrah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 78
    Appearance: Has a fairly wrinkled face, with piercing bright blue eyes. Is bald, with a vaguely bulbous nose. Not terribly imposing to look at, as in fairly skinny and knobby, but has extremely wiry muscles. His mouth is very thin, and his hands are a little larger than one would expect. Has very tan colored skin. Tends to wear a monastic robe and sandles.
    Inventory: His spiritual focus is a bo staff that he uses to fight with as well. That is the only other thing he keeps with him.
    - Melee : 8
    - Ranged: 1
    - Spiritual Attacks: 1
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 5
    - Physical Defense: 10
    - Spiritual Defense: 5

    Persona: Very patient, very focused, and very deadly when he needs to be. Generally does not need to show this side of himself, due to his position and how he attained it. Generally considered to be fair, and just by the public which is why they don't seem to mind the monarchy having returned. Has even been called kind at times, and likes to spend time with children.

    Biography: Basically born into a monastery, Avainash was raised to know how to fight, to be able to think and to be able to follow a religion. A very gifted fighter, particularly at defending himself, he found out when he reached the age of forty about the spiritual realm as he was actively recruited by a Spiritual Being. Taking some time to think, he humbly accepted. Also he learned about spiritual power, and how to manipulate it. Focusing on the ability to effect himself and defend himself, he is not anywhere near as good as the physical side of things. But he does know how to augment those sides as well. Because of his background it became every natural for him to focus through his weapon, and thus he was seldom seen without it.

    Having been recruited, he knew about the war from that point on and worked for the side that hired him. The position he gained? Chief advisor the King of Nepal. As time went on, and the King abdicated towards a parliamentary monarchy, followed by a democratic republic, it felt as though Avinash's promise of power had gone. But he was elected to a powerful position, namely the president of the country over the previous king. As a crisis arose that required things to move quicker, he used his emergency powers to shut the senate out of the situation. As the situation was resolved peacefully, and to the publics favor, the senate was dissolved as they remembered how effective a monarchy could be. Making sure that parliament did not end up coming back either, he was more or less the despot of the country. Instead of being corrupted by this power he tended towards doing what would generally considered the right thing by the populace, and so is a much loved individual. He has not changed the policy of outsiders not being allowed beyond a single city, nor has he lessoned the state's religious control. In fact he has outlawed being anything other than the official religion of the monarchy.


  20. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Approved and amended...

  21. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: Just in case folks didnt think I was TRULY demented....

    Character Sheet #2

    Name: Uh... Mac.. (was Bobby Carson)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Appearance: Looks much older than he really is. White hair and temples and scruffy beard and hair, hide a much young face, that has seen far too much.
    Shopping Cart with a bad wheel, Stack of newspapers and plastic bags in cart, a plastic tarp, and a field stove. Pull cap and military field hap on top of it. Flint and steel. Can opener, canned foods, MRE's he gets from a center he visits occasionally.

    2 pieces of cardboard. small military backpack with a small amount of cash, pills, which he sometimes sells to make money *his meds*, the last letter from his parents and their photo. And a small stack of cut of clippings, carefully protected of ..'unusual' happenings within the news. A diary from when he was in Afghanistan, on a tiny notepad.

    Homemade explosive...plastic. Made from stuff he has collected. Not as powerful as the real stuff..but it will rock your world. One plain...and one stuffed full of beebee's. (Pellets)
    He wears a cross he wore overseas.

    A small yellow plastic bag (Spirital Focus), wrapped around his waist..*Holds up his pants*
    2 jackets, 2 pairs of pants, , Large bowie knife strapped to leg, a falling apart wallet with his id, Military ID card showing he gets access to base and hospitals, faded old discharge and medical paper.

    Combat (Distribute 30 points among the following. )
    10 - Melee (Hand-to-hand combat and close-quarters weapons)
    8 - Ranged (Guns, throwing knifes, etc)
    1 - Spiritual Attacks (For when guns and knives don't cut the mustard, these spiritual assaults will)
    1 - Spiritual Enhancements (From healing statuses to enhancing combat abilities, here's where it goes)
    8 - Physical Defense (How good are you at resisting or dodging physical force?)
    2 - Spiritual Defense (As above, but Spiritual force)

    He wanders the streets, trying to warn folks of the dangers that are soon coming. A very strange street preacher indeed. Sometimes, he visits a few of the local shops which have been nice to him, and leave him piles of things he likes to collect. he collects cans to recycle, but he takes utmost care of the plastic bags. He has very few folks he lets get close. Many shop owners know him by sight, but dont know his name. He says very little, but if given a bit of food, or some plastic bags or cans, he will happily work around their shop, cleaning up, and doing small jobs to pay them back. But past that, most folks have no idea about any of his life. They just know he has a passion, to put it politely, for collecting plastic bags.

    Bobs past is lost in the shadows. He wanders the streets, trying to warn folks of the dangers that are soon coming. A very strange street preacher indeed. Sometimes, he visits a few of the local shops which have been nice to him, and leave him piles of things he likes to collect. he collects cans to recycle, but he takes utmost care of the plastic bags. He looks scruffy, but he insists on clean underwear and socks, usually mumbling something about his mom always told him to have on clean underwear in case something happened to he makes sure his underwear is spotless..if nothing else is.

    He believes that the bags will somehow help him, but even he is not sure how just yet. So he collects them like mad, always looking for the most perfect bags, and carefully storing them. If he uses one, he is very careful with it, before putting it back into his carefully selected stack of bags. Each one is different, and he counts them each day, to make sure none are missing. His special bag, he keeps close. They talk to him, in the soft rustling noises they make. Touching them, seems to make the words clearer. But only special bags seem to work, so he works carefully, to collect those bags.

    There are few beings he considers himself being friendly or close to. He believes if he gets close, they will die, and it will be his fault, so he keeps himself closed and limited. But he does a
  22. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM Approved! ;)

    Name: Lilith

    Gender: Female, nominally - both, possibly

    Age: Appears to be in her mid-twenties

    Appearance: Dependent upon your expression of beauty, she can modify her features to account for this, but generally she adopts the most natural version of beauty - long, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and pale white skin.

    Inventory: A thick robeskin, to preserve modesty, shaped like a snake of sorts, curling around her left leg and around her waist, up her back, and around her chest, curling around her neck. A gold ring on her right index finger.

    - Melee - 1
    - Ranged - 1
    - Spiritual Attacks - 9
    - Spiritual Enhancements - 9
    - Physical Defense - 1
    - Spiritual Defense - 9

    Persona: A softly spoken woman, winsome and coy, with little undertones of darkness to her. An intelligent woman enshrined by beauty.

    Biography: Lilith was born before Eve, it is said. She was the first woman, the second human to come to existence, after Adam. But, she was too wild and uncontrollable for Adam to tame, and she fled Eden, foresaking the Metatron's demands. Cavorting in the Red Sea, Lilith fell pregnant, and informed the three Malakh warriors named Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof of this fact - and they departed to report as much to the Metatron. How much of this is true is unknown. She has resurfaced during the recent crisis, and that is all that is understood about her. She is, in short, a mystery.
  23. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    o_O <_< o_o >_> o_O

    i think that says it all...

  24. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Name: Rufus Michael Jameson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Appearance: [image=]
    Inventory: Zippo-Lighter, Cigarettes (always), Caliber 45. Smith & Wesson and .38 in holster in his boot, Mobile, some money, black medium coat, cheap suit, bible of his father (focus), bottle of Lagavulin, old car

    - Melee 8
    - Ranged 8
    - Spiritual Attacks 1
    - Spiritual Enhancements 1
    - Physical Defense 8
    - Spiritual Defense 4

    A cynical nihilist he is aware of the "puppet-players" as he calls them. He is hard, independent and stubborn.
    Biography: Rufus was raised with the awareness of the the Great Battle of good and evil. His father was an exorcist and Rufus was only twelve when he died in the battle against some sort of demon. He missed his father ever after, blaming the strange visitors he sometimes had for this.
    When he grew up, taking care for himself and his mother, he went to the police. Only to find his fathers work reflected there. Did nobody realize how many occult murders there were? How many child-abusers showed signs? He had no expertise in such things, but believed to know enough. It was everywhere. So, he fled to the only place where he knew demons lived and he could handle them. Or so he thought. He went into hiding at the bottom of a bottle.
    His work suffered. He had once had the ability to talk people out of things. To make them do the right thing. Now, he turned more and more to the rude methods of his colleagues.
    All changed with Marie Steward. The little girl was abducted and the moment he entered the room he knew it was her father. And for all the worst reasons thinkable. But who believed a drunken detective? He had to deal with it himself. Resulting in a man dying from internal bleeding, after he had lost five fingers. But he saved a disturbed little girl and he brought her back to the mother.
    He would have been send to jail, wouldn´t the media have made him a hero for this. So, they took the other road. Giving him medals and promotions. He never turned up to the ceremony.
    Now he drifts through life, earning his money as a private eye. He has lately begun to read about the horrors his father once faced. He has unearthed much of the wisdom his father once had. And especially he has met "them". Their servants, their worshippers, their incarnations. He knows. Too much. And he can´t close his eyes to it . . . as much as if he would like to do so . . .
  25. Beeblebroxh2g2

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    Feb 13, 2009

    Name: Nettle
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23

    Appearance: Lean strength, with an obvious swagger to her movements. She is obviously very in tune with her body. She wears calf length doeskin boots with steeltoes. A stint as a bodyguard/escort for a playboy with a target on his chest left her with a distinct feeling of paranoia. She is rarely seen without her body-armor, though recently she has taken to covering herself, and her armor, with a cloak. Her olive skin is crisscrossed in places with strikingly white scars. Visible areas include the backs of her hands and her neck, with a branchlike scar tracing up her cheek to surround her eye. Only those who know her well know the extent to which the scars cover her body.

    Inventory: A spear with a heavy ash shaft and a bright, razor sharp spearhead of an unidentifiable metal. Additionally, she carries a set of four damascus daggers on her back.

    - Melee 8
    - Ranged 1
    - Spiritual Attacks 1
    - Spiritual Enhancements 10
    - Physical Defense 8
    - Spiritual Defense 2

    Persona: Nettle is callous and independent, and dislikes being helped, especially when she desperately needs it. She is rude, though not unpleasantly so. She has a strict moral code, though it does not necessarily follow any established doctrine.

    Biography: Allysa grew up as normal as anyone else. It wasn't until the day the freak electrical storm hit her small town that her life changed forever. Or, to be more specific, ended. While her soul was not of much use, her body certainly was. So the lightning took her soul to the Kingdom, to be replaced with a malakh. Nettle. The only problem is, being in a human body gave her something unanticipated. Free will, at the price of a reduction of her powers to that of a powerfully spiritually awakened human. Her spiritual abilities were revoked, leaving her only with the power of flight. Enraged at the injustice of her situation, she decided that whatever she was sent to earth to do wasn't worth the effort. She's been flying ever since, doing odd jobs and mercenary work to earn her keep.
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