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  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lilith
    Nepal, Two Days Earlier

    [blockquote]Lilith, surrounded by a cage of fabric - her shattered dress - knew not to let him stop singing. She touched at her spiritual essence, touching it to natures flow, the ebb and tide of the world she tempted with.
    "So, please everybody calm down and TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?"

    Rufus snapped, and Lilith spoke, directing her voice to Rufus' ears. "This is my second husband, who I told you about, Rufus. The one who never realised I wasn't his slave. Who never realised that the world was not his slave. He made it into your infernal Bible - he was among the first children..." Lilith trailed off, feeling panic fill her, and she cut short, acknowledging that she had lost her cool - miscalculated in her shock at seeing him. The chant was continuing, nearly the crescendo, and Lilith knew, always knew, that she could not defend herself from this monster - she never could. She had barely survived their last meeting, before History had begun...

    What he had done to her...

    "I thought you were dead!" Lilith raged, throwing her hands forward. The fabric burst aflame, soaring in two flows away from her, two torrents that looped around to burn at him. Lilith took his blow, those shadows, them ripping into her, piercing her skin and throwing her to the floor. She rolled, through the doorway, leaving a trail of crimson from the cuts across her body. It was as if something had passed through her, leaving innumerate gashes on her body, blood dribbling from the corners of her mouth as she looked up at him, gasping for air and holding her stomach, trying to keep herself together in the literal sense.

    It made no difference to her if the King died here or not. But she had to survive.

    "Rufus," Lilith gasped. "You have to get down. Your gun really isn't going to achieve much."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Fin, Ramza, Sir_Draco, Trimaj

    Combat Stats
    - Melee - 1
    - Ranged - 1
    - Spiritual Attacks - 12
    - Spiritual Enhancements - 13
    - Physical Defense - 1
    - Spiritual Defense - 12
  2. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Mr. Brown

    [blockquote]He pretended to think for a moment, but knew that he would be transparent in the face of these gods. Mr. Brown wanted the place where the most fighting would be to test out these new powers he had gained.

    "I want the gates."[/blockquote]
    Tag: Ramza

    Assistant Anubis
    -Space between Spaces

    [blockquote]He sighed out his frustration and looked through the glass for a moment and then to Thanatos, still contemplating. "There was a Monk. He was ready to fight with me against Ahriman. If he is willing to fight, he is my last hope of going back to the world of the living."

    Anubis could feel his skin starting to crawl and crust. This place was between the world of Shedim and Malakh and had deep roots in the history of life and the afterlife. It was a vacuum that seemed like it was sucking away all his power. He tried not to show it, but before Thanatos could answer, Anubis clutched his stomach and a mixed assortment of food and colorful drinks flowed from his mouth in a jet of vomit.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Ramza
  3. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003
    OOC: Due to an expected and forced prolonged absence I must bow out of this game. I am sorry to everyone this inconveniences. Please forgive my rudeness.
  4. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
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  5. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Nibiru Vajra, January 27, 2012

    Location: Malakh Staging Area, La Plata, Argentina

    "Look, dying for a cause is one thing..but going looking stupid just don't cut it. Big Bob there, gotta have something to 'em, our you'd cut him down long before. BUUUURP!!"

    Nibiru had to turn all the way around to findwho the speaker was and the source of that 'particular' form of expression. Nibiru finally saw the man,who made much sense despite his manners. His appearance did not bother Nibiru in the least. The young monk acknowledged the monk with a nod.

    "What will we be facing? More dogs? Or what?" Another voice put in.

    Nibiru looked around for this one as well. So he was not the only one feeling this way. Good.

    Finding the speaker in the crowd, Nibiru managed to make eye contact and nodded.

    Another cursory look revealed nothing. There was no sign of Father Benson or the demi-angelus female. Wasn't the goodly-priest and integral part of the plan? and yet, there was no sign of him.

    Nibiru frowned as he turned back to face the speaking Malakh as they all waited to hear what he had to say in response to their questions.

    Tag: Ktala, Xany, London, Chicago

  6. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    OOC: Back at last...and updating my stats. Xan et Trimaj - I'm down for any charactery stuff.

    - Melee: 10 + 5 = 15
    - Ranged: 1 + 2 = 3
    - Spiritual Attacks: 2 + 3 = 5
    - Spiritual Enhancements: 5
    - Physical Defense: 10
    - Spiritual Defense: 2

    Somewhere in Argentina

    Swept up in the plans of angels and demons, Clive was beginning to feel unneeded. Kale and Nazmina had each other; that was becoming painfully obvious to his eyes, and Clive spent great effort trying not to scoff at the duo's attempts at mystery and smoke-and-mirrors charades. This whole business with the Malakh and Shedim was getting to him. He didn't much want to reign in hell or serve in heaven, thank you very much; Clive wanted a nice patch of life before he had to make that decision. Of course the problem was that one couldn't just go underground from the damned powers that be; hiding from spooks was much easier.

    Bloody walk in the park compared to this, thought Clive bitterly, not caring who was listening in. What that devil has spoken of to him was tempting, but he couldn't take the risk. Never bet the devil your head.

    And then this holier-than-thou type was asking him if he had any questions.

    "Remind me again why we get to fight your war, because I'm sure it'll be just as entertaining a story as ever."

    [i]Sarajevo, 1995[/i]

    "All right, lads, listen up. Reading! That means you!"

    Clive nodded his head, grinning nervously. Captain Price spoke again. "We're going in hard, we're pulling out fast, just like how half you boys spend your leave!"

    The team laughed at that, especially the older soldiers present. One of them, Ravelle, slapped Clive on the back.

    "This is Sarajevo, boys, though we're more 'n thirty-one thousand feet above it. Watch that red light, lads - it goes green, you jump."

    Price jerked a hand at the aide nearby, who quickly checked out the team's gear. "Weapons stowed, gents, nice and tight - that's it, good luck." Ravelle tapped Clive's shoulder. "You got my back, I got yours, you dig?" Clive nodded vigorously, afraid to open his mouth for fear of losing his lunch in the sealed helmet he wore. He looked at his hands, noticed the right one shaking, squeezed it into a fist.

    "This is HALO, lads! You know the drill! At landfall, call in!" Price's barked commands helped. Clive thought of the training he'd gone through, relaxed a bit.

    The ramp at the back of the plane lowered, and Clive noticed the aide already strapped into his seat. He wasn't going anywhere, but they were.

    "Go go go!"

    The first pair ran to the ramp, jumped into open space. Then the next. And then - "Let's go!" Ravelle's hand on his shoulder, urging him on, Clive ran to the end of the ramp, saw the vastness expanse of cloud, the curve of the horizon - the curve of the world itself! - and jumped.

    And suddenly the shaking was gone.

    [b]Tag: Ramza (not for the flashback!)[/b]>

    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Berruin Hashier

    Briefing Room

    any questions? Berruin thought to himself, feeling the added weight in his pack of the "Special" drum he had grabbed at home, a sixty round clip of grenade rounds [cost him a fortune], and the more familiar weight of the new 9mm Ruger P85 on his belt that Malcolm had left him at the shop, Along with a little more regular ammo and replacing his 32 clips. yeah, I got questions.

    But Lyn beat him to it.

    "Yeah. What in fark is a nexus, and how are we supposed to contain it? Oh, and yeah, since we have to hike 2 miles inwards to this place, are they going to be any cars or anything? Do you even know if its inside of a building or anything? Common, we have spy satellites all over the place. We should get SOME kind of idea of what we're expected to have to go through. I would hate to get there, and find out this place is inside some prison. Makes it kind of hard to get to then." she exclaimed. she's got a point, the "All powerful" , mystical beings tend to forget vanilla human tech

    "Also, I want to talk tactics" he glanced around the group "untrained group like this doesn't stand much of a chance anyway, but if we just mob the place we're all dead at the first ambush" he paused for a second to let that sink in "So, my question is... whats our marching order and who's in charge on the ground cause I want to know who I'm taking orders from"

  8. Beeblebroxh2g2

    Beeblebroxh2g2 Jedi Youngling

    Feb 13, 2009
    IC: Nettle

    Nettle frowned. This was not her time to assert herself or ask lots of questions. Questions would be answered as the problems came up. If she was going to do this job, and she intended on doing exactly that, there was only one question that needed immediate answering. She stepped forward from the wall she had been leaning against. The room was filled with the noise of many other people asking many other questions. Her voice stood out, her soulful alto tones weaving their way through the cacophony of noise.

    "Who's in charge?"

    TAG: Ramza
  9. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]January 27, 2012[/link]

    Briefing Room 1

    IC: Fravashi

    ?My apologies,? Fravashi replied with a shake of his head. ?This is my first time having dealt extensively with humans, I?ve forgotten that you aren?t as familiar with all of this as we are. Your frustration and?? he glanced around the room, ?General sense of fear is understandable. You think we?re sending you in over your heads. We aren?t.?

    He removed his red sunglasses, allowing his totally white pupils to be seen. He knew it would probably be a bit unnerving, but he felt like, right now, he needed to connect with these people, and to accomplish that he needed them know that he didn?t have anything to hide.

    ?A Shedim control nexis,? he began, ?Is a bit like what you folks refer to as a? well, a slug.? He snapped his fingers and the diagram on the wall turned to an image of a large, white, round cylindrical object, placed next to a human car for emphasis. ?Obviously, it?s too big to fit inside a human building. It?s not alive, in any conventional source of the word, but it is hooked up to a psychic control field that the Shedim use to manipulate their armies. It?s tough, but nothing you folks can?t handle at this point, and it won?t attack back. For all intents and purposes, it?s a big immobile target.?

    ?The main problem, based on what we?ve seen, is the guard force, again, nothing you shouldn?t be able to handle. Your typical Shedim is about three times as tough as an ordinary human. While you may not yet realize it, you?re all about twice that strong. And, from what we know, they?ve only got about ten guards on this thing, possibly less when we begin our main assault. We?re confident you folks can take them.?

    ?If you?d like, we can supply transportation for you guys as well, that?s not an issue. Cars, motorbikes, take your pick. Nothing too big, though, we want you guys to keep a low profile. Between our main attack and some other strike groups, the odds of the Shedim overlooking you folks as ordinary civilians until it?s far too late are actually pretty good. Samael still has rules, he likes to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible, although why we aren?t entirely sure.?

    ?In terms of tactics and leaders, we?ve got about two hours until the mission launches, so you?re free to talk about it both with me and amongst yourselves.? Fravashi snapped his fingers again, and a large map showing a five-mile radius around the nexus in any direction appeared on the floor. ?This map should also prove useful. That large collection of red and blue dots over on the far side, away from you guys, are the main forces. The very small grouping here is what you guys will be up against. We?re more concerned with you guys getting the nexus down than taking on a sizeable chunk of the enemy goons.?

    TAG: Delaware

    [i]Briefing Room 2

    [b]IC: Israfil and Putto[/b][/i]

    Israfil nodded. ?Yes, it will be mostly Hell Hounds, or dogs as you seem to call them. Samael favors them for his personal guards, they take orders without the need of intermediary Council of Six members. As for who?s in charge, we feel it would be best if each of the two strike forces picked their own leader, rather than having us choose them. We?ve got another two hours or so until the operation begins, so take your time.?

    ?As far as why we need you guys,? Putto continued, ?It?s because of something Lord Metatron calls ?human free will,? which is as opposed to ?Extradimensional predestination,? which? umm? means??

    ?It [i]means[/i],? Israfil interrupted, clearly unsatisfied with Putto?s answer, ?That while the destiny of our kind and the Shedim is set in stone, humans have the remarkable ability to navigate the eddies of time and change the course of history. You, therefore, are capable of altering our fates where we are not. Before Metatron recruited the human forces to assist us, we were destined to lose this battle. The result is now up in the air, but one curious event has become solidified:

    ?Samael will perish this day.>
  10. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: Short, but my time is very limited, right now

    Rufus Jameson
    Palace, Katmandu, Nepal

    All hell broke loose. Lilith and this strange man began fighting. Or tried to kill each other at least. With a most impressive lightshow. And he dived for cover. He had no idea who was on whose side. Why anybody tried to kill anybody. A clear shot on both combatants he only sighed. He liked to see Lilith alive, but that possibly only meant she had crawled into his brain. Or other parts.
    Cursing himself for not taking another cigarette he aimed for the man. He looked like one of those psychos every bad man is afraid to meet one day. This one guy who doesn´t care. And simply skins you alive.

    But that wasn´t enough to kill him. Aiming, Rufus pulled the trigger and shot the mans shoulder. Then he retreated behind the heavy door.
    "Dammit, can´t we talk about it?" He screamed through the noise of the battle. And began to draw himself away from the fight. He wouldn´t go down for nothing. They hadn´t answered his questions . . . so he wasn´t fighting their war.

    Tag: ramza, Sinre, Fin, Trimaj
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    Jul 13, 2008
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    May 23, 2005
    OOC: Hello, wrong place to talk about this.

    [hl=gray]I_H Note:[/hl] Spammer neutralized

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC berruin Hashier
    Briefing room

    "Well, first things first" Berruin said glancing around the group "Picking the team leader" Berruin grinned "And you all know what that means!!! time for some good old fashioned democracy, and no I'm not a candidate and my vote goes to him" Berruin said pointing at Nobody "Whats your name?"

    TAG Qui-gon Reborn. Ramzha>
  14. Ramza

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    GM Notice: Hey guys, I'm still getting pounded by DRL, but I have a little free time, so...

    I'd like to thank all of my players. Folks, we swept the NSWRPF categories! Half of an RP is the players, so feel free to pat yourselves on the back for that one. I look forward to continuing what I can now call an award winning RP...

    As soon as my finals are over.:oops:
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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Laaxtin Bach Kiar (Little Fugue)
    Briefing Room #1, Somewhere

    He nodded at the others words before deciding to speak, "While I appreciate the precence of you, you are a silent one Nobody. I would vote for Summer's, as she has no problem speaking her mind or confronting conflicting or possibly disastrus ideas." Giving a slow nod he went back to resting on his poll staring at the eyes of the Malakh.

    They weren't his eyes, idly he reflected as he rubbed the goggles, then it struck him. The Malakh's move applied as much to him as it did the Malahk, "One more thing, if we go into battle you should me as well...better then you do."

    Lifting both hands he pulled the goggles slightly away from his face, allowing the built tears to fall, some red, some clear and shimmering like a crystal waters.

    Slowly he pulled them up then opened his eyes looking at the Malahk for a moment before looking at the rest of those present. One eye was solid black like onyx with flame like waves rolling across the surface. The other had a bright blue ring sitting in a eye of white, that shimmered as though it gave back more light then it received.

    After a few moments and having looked at every member present in the eye once, he replaced his goggles and waited for the meeting to continue. Hopefully all would be decided soon.

    TAG: Delaware, Briefing room #1
  16. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: This scene was written together with Fin and is approved by Ramza.

    Rufus Jameson
    Palace in Katmandu, Nepal

    Lilith spasmed in pain and he took another cover, as the black tendrils reached his first hiding. He gave this guy a short looked and saw him standing there, singing an old Bond song and everything around him turned to shadow-tendrils. Rufus couldn´t see the King. Or anybody else. But obviously this guy had a good time. And was about to kill Lilith.

    There goes your non-intervention promise . . .

    It was just too obvious Mr.Black was none of the good guys that uncomfortable grey, the colour of the day so far . . . was suddenly pretty bright and desirable.

    Walther Kane felt Lilith power burning him. His skin blistering from the heat, as she unleashed it. It wouldn´t make a difference. The Drums. He had to silence the drums. SILENCE THE DRUMS.
    Somewhere behind him the gates flew open and some guards entered the room. Two of three collapsed before they could give him a shot. the third retreated into the hall behind the opening and gave a few shots. Walther did not even care to dodge.
    "Live and let diiiieeeeeeeee!" He kept on singing, spreading death to everywhere. A clack! behind him made him turn.

    Dadamm dadamm dadamm dadamm.

    Like all guys with power Mr.Black thought himself to be invincible. Rufus kept his cover, musing for another second about the question that had tortured him all day. Was Nepal really creepier than Tallahassee? It was surely stranger, he decided and kissed his life away. Diving beneath another priceless vase of finest porcelain to reach the rampaging monster in human form that held the center of the room. He dodged one of the tendrils, which shattered the vase in the process and jumped up, his gun at the back of the mans head. "Guns no good? I don´t believe that crap." He hissed to the guy.

    Walther Kane slowly turned. "Live and let die." He simply hissed. And smiled. Looking at the gun as if it was a toy he then stepped back and began they bridge of the song.
    [blockquote]What does it matter to ya
    When you got a job
    to do
    You gotta do it well
    You gotta give the other fellow heeeeeeeeeeeell

    From the corner of Rufus eyes the world exploded in darkness. Black tendrils everywhere. Spreading, speeding towards their center. The man and . . . him. Rufus had seen enough. Without hesitation he interrupted the song and pushed the trigger. Once. Twice. A third one to the mans head. Satisfied he saw no miraculous healing or his bullets redirected. They hit the guys head and blood was everywhere. He simply died.
    "Killing your ex is understandable, but Paul McCartney? McCartney? C´mon." Rufus snared at him and looked around searching for the King or Lilith. "Lilly? You´re okay? Wrong about guns and this one, I think." He grinned. Behind him was some noise. He turned around seeing the security guard enter the room. A grin on the mans face. Just like the one he had seen on the dead man before him.
    "Then you like some Nick Cave, maybe? Or The King? The guy from Vegas, I mean?" The Guard asked. His voice shocking familiar to the man Rufus had just killed. Looking to the body of Mr. Black and then back to the guard standing there. Throwing away his gun and the darkness that had vanished with the second bullet spreading again. Everywhere. The guard only nodded. "Yep. It´s me. And THAT is usually the moment when guys like you begin screaming and then . . . running."
    Instinctively Rufus raised his gun again. But before he entered the trigger a thought crossed his mind. "Yeah, sooner or later I take your body, Mr. Jameson. So go ahead. Give it a . . . shot!" The Guard grinned and the black tendrils began to crush the inventory they had missed the first time hurling it at people and touching whatever life they found to turn it to death.
    Rufus did what the Guard had implied. He turned and ran. "Out of here, Lilly. Out of h
  17. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Note: Knowing, as I do now, when I'm checking out of the dorm and when my finals end, I can assure you the next update will be on Late Saturday, May 16/Early Sunday, May 17. Thanks for your patience, this should be the last holdover for awhile.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Final Notice:

    Well folks, as you may have realized, the word "Final" has a rather nasty connotation, namely that, effective immediately, I am ending this game. As you may have noticed, I missed the last update I promised as, following my finals, I got a rather nasty cold and was out of commission for several days. This, as well as my other downtimes, allowed me some moments wherein I could reflect on this game and roleplaying in general. And while the utter irony of this next statement should be painfully obvious in light of this recent awards season, I have no choice but to make it public here, at the least:

    I will be going on indefinite hiatus from the RPFs and, most likely, the JCF in general.

    The reasons are multiple and too self serving and undoubtably pretentious-sounding to list here, but the gist of it is that I'm completely burnt out, and RPing has ceased to be an amusing diversion for me and has, instead, become something I feel I "have" to do rather than something I "want" to do.

    I doubt that this will last forever. Inevitably the old itch starts up and I'll return to roleplaying again, and perhaps to these boards, but for now, I'm afraid this is adieu.

    Anyone interested in continuing this game in any direction they see fit is free to contact the other players and the moderator(s), and adapt the rules system as they deem it acceptable. If there's interest in seeing this story through, it would be rather cruel of me to deny you that right.

    Lastly, I would like to say that this decision is not the fault of anyone or any groups in particular, aside from myself. While I understand any anger or frustration this may cause, I hope you can forgive me, this was not a decision I made lightly,

    Thanks for the memories, and may the Force be with you,


    P.S. Anyone with grievances is free to contact me via either AIM or e-mail, and while you may not enjoy my answers I'll still freely offer them. And if you just want to stay in touch, hey, that works too.[face_peace]

    [hl=burlywood]St. Edit: And thus the thread is locked at ramza's request. Not without a lot of sadness on my part, I might add. Even so, as ramza suggests, the game is open to restarting if the majority of you guys want to put someone in ramza's place. I'd suggest discussions either via PM or in the NSWRPF Social Thread.[/hl]
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