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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by PTMurphy84, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    31st Century, Inner Sphere

    October 29, 3059, en route to Hanover, Dropship Stormfront carrying the 13th Demi-Brigade of the Foreign Mercenary Legion, docked to Jumpship Virago

    Jump, land, fight, salvage. Jump, land, fight, salvage. Such was the way of the modern warrior, especially the mercenaries. While it was a rough and unforgiving schedule, it had been successful, under a healthy contract from the Draconis Combine.

    To say that times were strange would be an understatement. The normalcy of Great House bickering and infighting had been broken up by the sudden and rather violent return of Aleksandr Kerenskys children, the Clans. They had swept through the Inner Sphere like a wave, conquering and destroying all before them. However, through a mutual effort that resulted in the rebirth of the Star League, along with the buy-out of most mercenary forces, the Clans had been pushed back, and after a surprise victory for the ComStar Guards on Tukkayid, the Clans were now obligated to halt their advance for 10 years.

    It was during this 10 year halt that the Clans resumed their own version of infighting, proving that they were no better than the Inner Sphere houses that they intended to "liberate". Star League military minds saw that the time was ripe to hit the most hated and despised of all clans: the Smoke Jaguars.

    Seeing the opporotunity, the little-known yet millenias old mercenary unit, the Foreign Mercenary Legion, bid feircely for a spot in the offensive, called Operation Bulldog. Using a contact within the primary striking force, the Eridani Light Horse, the FML got their chance to bloody the nose of the "Smokies".

    Now in full gear, the group that was now hurtling through hyperspace represented a full-blown assault and invasion force. While the primary strikers were, as usual, the Battlemechs, the 13th Demi-Brigade, or 13th DBLE, could muster airborne and vehicle units as well, making them a reliable and effective shock force.

    This time, they were on their way to the frozen world of Hanover. However, fate would decree that they would never reach it. A klaxxon on board the Stormfront signaled trouble on their jump-ship, the Virago. People who were at viewports could see the typical lines and streaks of hyperspace had been replaced by a fierce and angrily swirling green vortex, and the entirety of both ships vibrated aggresivly.

    Dropping out of hypserspace, the Virago was half-detached, half-broken away from the Stormfront. The Virago spun away and exploded, showering the spheroid dropship with debris but not doing major or even moderate damage.
    It was then that the crew and soldiers noticed that they were not alone in orbit of what they assumed was Hanover. Barely visible in a far orbit were large, triangular shaped ships, almost a mile in length.

    Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, the crew and soldiers hurried down to the surface to deploy. Never had such large Warships been observed in Clan service, but where else could such imposing weapons of war come from?

    Simultaniously, in a Galaxy Far Far Away...

    3 ABY, Hoth/Hoth System, Echo Base.

    The Empire had found them, that much was certain. However, the mood around Echo base was a bit cavalier, albeit focused. Despite that the Empire had more than likely sent a massive force to crush them, the Alliance soldiers, technicians, and commanding officers were confident that they could get away and fight on once more, as they had always done since Yavin.

    Still, some of the troops were a bit less happy about fighting on the frozen ice-ball that was this world, and the most experienced knew that the Empire would send their most intimidating and unstoppable war machines their way, since the shield that had been errected at their arrival would shield them from any orbital bombardment that the obligatory Imperial and Executor Star Destroyers could throw their way.

    However, new developments were taking place. Earlier, scanners had picked up a hyperspace jumper that had appe
  2. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    GM approved Character Sheet (duh)

    Name: Nolan O'Hara
    Nickname: "Gunner"
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Washburn (Free Worlds League)


    Species: Human (Inner Sphere)
    Height: 5'11.5"
    Weight/Build: 182.25 lbs/ athletic but not bulky
    Hair Color/Style: Light brown-sandy blonde/ medium short
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Color/Ethnicity: White (irish)
    Facial Shape/Features: rounded-off rectangle shaped face, almond shaped eyes, faint scar on forehead
    Other Physical characteristics/markings: cluster of scars under right pectoral muscle, tattoo on left forearm near elbow of metallic fist enveloped in a firey halo, faint scar on right palm.
    Combat/Duty Uniform and Gear: black mech combat boots, operating theater camo pants harness/flack jacket and overcoat (coat is temperature dependent), light gray textile t-shirt type tunic (ranges from no-sleeves for desert combat to insulated full sleeves for low temp ops), black pilot gloves, olive drab green neurohelmet with "Flying tigers" type graphics (shark mouth and eyes) and white and black checkerboard stripe down the center and "monocle" optical targeting gear
    Civilian/ Off Duty Clothing and gear: some type of athletic shoe or motorcycle boots, khaki BDU or dark blue denim pants, either a single color tshirt or button-down shirt, black motorcycle jacket, relecttive rose tinted sunglasses with burnt orange frames.

    Personality Traits/Habits: Affable, friendly, occasional prankster, somewhat boisterous, protective of mechwarriors under his command, sarcastic, sometimes pessimistic, occasionaly struggles with differing vices, internalizes some traumatic pains
    Likes/Hobbies: music (listening and playing [piano, drums, some guitar]), motorcycles and fast cars, reading (mostly fiction, although some non-fiction accounts of old SLDF actions end up in his to read list), anything involving his best friend and XO as well as the other mechwarriors
    Dislikes: Clans in general (Smoke Jaguar in particular),
    Accent: Midwest American with a slight Chicago hint
    Family: Boyle O'Hara (Father), Demi O'Hara (mother), Quinn O'Hara (younger brother, deceased), Vera Russovich (fiancee, deceased)

    Rank: Major
    Years of Experience: 10
    Previous Units/Groups: Free Worlds League Mechwarrior Corps (131st Armored Dragoons)
    Combat/Fighting Style: Relies on direct fire weaponry, uses terrain and features as advantage rather than sheer technology or overwhelming firepower, experienced and tempered fighter
    Leadership Style: Leads from the front, directs crossfires but usually lets individual commanders make their own adjustments, tends to try and fight on his terms rather than being suckered in, directs a harder fight if his position is less than favorable.
    Awards/Decorations: FWL Battle citation, FML Combat Cross (2), Star League Mechwarrior Cross, multiple combat readiness ribbons and unit leader ribbons
    Mission Specialty: Direct fire/fast assault, long range supplies interdiction.

    Primary: none
    Secondary: Colt M1911 replica pistol
    Other: survival combat knife

    Name: Orion II-C
    Type: Clan Omni-Mech
    Variant: custom layout
    -Standard Cockpit
    -C-3i computer
    -Center Torso-
    -315XL Engine
    -Target Aquisition Gear
    -Left Torso-
    -315XL Engine components
    -Streak Short Range Missile (SRM)-4 Launcher + Ammunition (2 tons)+ Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment (CASE) + Artemis IV FCS
    -Beagle Active Probe
    -Right Torso-
    -315 XL Engine components
    -2x Small Pulse Lasers (SPLAS)
    -Guardian ECM Suite
    -Left Arm-
    -Long Range Missile (LRM)-15 Launcher + Ammunition (3 to
  3. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    Here are the links I mentioned previously. Since I was a dummy and didn't preview, they did not show up. So here's the pertinent information for vehicular combat:

    Battletech Info

    Powered Battle Armor: (description with links to armor classes)

    Combat Vehicles: (description) (Clan general vehicles) (Inner Sphere General Vehicles) (Omni-Vehicles)

    Aerospace (Aerotech) Fighters
    : (description) (list of Aerospace Fighters)

    Battlemechs: (Description) (list of every single battlemech made!)

    Pertinent weapons and equipment
    : (table form)

    History/Backround: (General overview) (Inner Sphere, where the battletech crew comes from) (Successor States, political entities in the Inner Sphere) (Mercenary Unit, the kind of group that is in the Star Wars universe) (The Clans, who the Inner Sphere are fighting against) (Clan Smoke Jaguar, who the mercs were going to fight in partuclar)

    Now, for the Alliance to Restore the Republic

    Soldier types
    : (Alliance Army) (SpecForce)

    Vehicles: (list of vehicles used by Alliance) (Fighter corps, list included)

    Hopefully all of this helps!

  4. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    PTMurphy84 approved!

    Name: Gro Foos
    Nickname: Gruff
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Dorin

    Species: Kel Dor
    Height: 6? 0?
    Weight/Build: 150 lbs.
    Hair Color/Style: Bald
    Eye Color: Covered by goggles
    Skin Color/Ethnicity: Mottled light orange
    Facial Shape/Features:
    Other Physical characteristics/markings: Always wears a black goggle and filter system. Always.
    Combat/Duty Uniform and Gear: Orange pilot?s jumpsuit, albeit without a helmet. Standard issue blaster pistol.
    Civilian/ Off Duty Clothing and gear: Rebel standard issue blaster pistol, usually favors dark, loose fitting clothing, but like many other rebels has taken to light colored, heavily insulated wear due to Hoth?s harsh climate

    Personality Traits/Habits: Mildly abrasive (Hence the nickname), but a generally good person. Strongly believes in the Rebel cause, if prone to a sarcastic quip? or five.
    Likes/Hobbies: Enjoys flying, a quick game of sabacc, galactic history, the Rebellion
    Dislikes: Relying on the newcomers, Imperials, over-eager squadron leaders who have delusions of grandeur and dare to place themselves on the same level as the great Plo Koon (First name: Luke)
    Accent: American Midwest, albeit a bit filtered due to the breathing apparatus
    Family: Mother, father; both deceased

    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Years of Experience: 6
    Previous Units/Groups: Originally in Blue Squadron, has served with Green Squadron starting with the Battle of Yavin
    Combat/Fighting Style: Starfighter Pilot
    Leadership Style: No nonsense
    Awards/Decorations: Various awards for valor and outstanding performance
    Mission Specialty: Starfighter Combat, tactics, maneuvers, et cetera

    Primary: Rebellion standard issue blaster
    Secondary: Hand-to-hand combat
    Other: None

    Name: N/A (Hasn?t gotten around to it?)
    Type: X-Wing
    Variant: T-65
    Markings: Kill count of Imperial insignias. Relatively high number.
    Note: Gro Foos currently pilots a T-47 Airspeeder, like many rebellion pilots currently do, as a result of the need for air combatants on Hoth.


    Gro Foos grew up on Dorin, the home world of the Kel Dorians, living a fairly uneventful life with his two parents. Through training and practice he discovered that he had an uncanny knack for piloting starfighters, and so one day he decided that that was exactly what he planned to do when he grew up.

    Like most Kel Dorians, Gro Foos and his parents had no plans to get involved in the war against the Empire. Unfortunately, the Empire had plans for them. While on a routine trip to a nearby world, their ship was abducted by a nearby Imperial star destroyer. While Gro was ejected just in time to escape, his parents were not so lucky. Returning to Dorin, Gro swore revenge against the Empire that had killed his parents.

    Checking the archives of Dorin for any possible information, he came across some interesting information about the Jedi master Plo Koon. Apparently, Plo Koon had also been killed by the Galactic Empire. And, more interestingly, he was apparently Gro?s great-cousin on his mother?s side. Deciding then and there to join the Rebel Alliance he had heard of, he set off in a customized T-65 X-Wing that he dubbed ?Plo Koon?s Revenge.?

    Not long after siding with the Rebellion, Gro was assigned to Blue Squadron. He flew several missions, eventually earning a reputation for being mildly harsh. As a result, his squad mates dubbed him ?Gruff,? a play on the pronunciation of Gro?s name and a fitting adjective, to boot.

    ?Plo Koon?s Revenge? was shot down shortly prior to the Battle of Yavin, and Gro was assigned to a new vessel, which he still hasn?t bothered to name, and a new squadron: Green Squadron. While he performed reasonably well at the battle, the real glory, as we all know, went to Luke Skywalker of Red Squadron.

    After the battle Gr
  5. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    GM approved

    Name: Agent Devon Robie
    Nickname: Devon
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Rodia

    Species: Rodian
    Height: 5ft 7inches
    Weight/Build: Slim
    Hair Color/Style: None
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color/Ethnicity: Green, Tetsu Clan
    Facial Shape/Features:
    Other Physical characteristics/markings:
    Combat/Duty Uniform and Gear: Rebel Alliance trooper's cold weather kit
    Civilian/ Off Duty Clothing and gear: Green one-piece shipsuit. Loose black calf-length boots.

    Personality Traits/Habits: Friendly, professional, prone to sarcasm, loyal to the SGIS.
    Likes/Hobbies: Loves his Bantha-class Assault Transport, The Fluffy.
    Dislikes: Being shot at.
    Accent: (closest analouge IE Russian, Irish, Japanese, South American etc) ?
    Family: (parents, siblings, spouse, living/deceased) I expect he had parents. His clan, the Tetsu, were forced to flee Rodia when the new dictator, Navik the Red, tried to wipe them out.

    Rank: (GM assigned) Specialist/Captain
    Years of Experience: In the military? Less than a year. We are talking minutes!
    Previous Units/Groups: Secret Galactic Intelligence Service
    Combat/Fighting Style: Press button, missile or lasers fire out.
    Leadership Style: (if applicable) Do what I say, not what I do.
    Awards/Decorations: (medals, citations, etc.) Promoted to full field agent for Secret Galactic Intelligence Service.
    Mission Specialty: (assault, scout, interdiction, electronic warfare etc.) Supply and Procuration.

    Primary: Rebel-issue PLX-4 shoulder launched anti-vehicle projectile launcher.
    Secondary: DL44 heavy blaster pistol
    Other: At a pinch, the Fluffy has twin quad-lasers.

    Name: The Fluffy
    Type: Bantha-class assault transport
    Variant: (if a custom variant, explain the changes/mods) Has a medbay with bacta tank at the back.
    Markings: (no wild paint jobs, but smaller markings are acceptable IE kill count, name stenciling around cockpit etc) Black-blue finish on the hull, stygium crystal cloaking device, twin sets of Golan Arms quad turbolaser cannons mounted on upper hull. Hyperdrive equipped.


    Several intelligence services served the Republic prior to Palpatine's coup, and one of the most controversial was the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, which amongst the legitimate law enforcement personnel and jedi it employed, also gave work to criminals on licence from prison, working off their sentences.

    One was Devon Robie, a highly successful starship thief. When the Empire took over the galaxy, and absorbed most of SGIS, he could have gone his own way, but he stayed with the independent remnant that had survived Order 66, and used his skills to help gather assets for the much-reduced agency.

    Four years after Order 66, such was his service, that he was promoted to the status of full field agent. Whoopee-fragging-doo, now they've got four.

    With SGIS broadly aligned with the Rebel Alliance, Agent Robie was on Hoth negotiating the supply of ships and weapons to the Rebels when star destroyers were detected at the edge of the star system.

    He has been a member of the Rebel Alliance for about twenty minutes. Maybe thirty, but whose counting.



    Name: Simone Stormwind
    Nickname: Angel Knickers
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Homeworld: New Avalon -

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: Alright, looks like we're set to start (hopefully more people can be suckeredImean will want to join in)

    sooo, the big opening post!

    Nolan O'Hara, aboard Dropship Stormfront on surface of Hoth

    *Anybody would have been lying if they had said the sudden burst of light sound and movement had been exciting. Only Jumpship crews had any clue as to how this sort of thing worked and, well, by all accounts, they were dead, killed after some glitch in their Kearny-Fuchida Drive caused not only the sudden wild ride but their spinning off into space and exploding.

    By some happenstance they had managed to drop right in front of their objective of Hanover. At least it was assumed so, since Hanover was a frozen world and the big white ball in front of them had the hallmarks of an ice world: Frigid ambient temperature, perpetual icy covering, few outcroppings of land, the like.

    While normally prepping to drop would be a methodical and exhausting process, there had been something that had sped up the process: monster War-ships. Huge, evil looking things that were at least half a mile long if not more, all triangular shaped. The reports of the Clans possessing large fearsome resources were vastly understated.

    Still, they had one advantage. The resulting explosion had produced a wall of electromagnetic and radiation interference. Using this cover, Stormfront had descended, huredly prepping all hands for a quick deployment in case the Smokies had caught on somehow.

    No matter how good any dropship crew is, there will be things that surprise and throw them off. While the crew had spied a small outcropping that was sufficient for the dropship to land on, it was near a volcano that was active. Not erupting, but the lava flows would make navigating the ice a bit of a hazard.

    Still, no guts no glory as the saying went, and if anything, the Mercs were gutsy to the core. Hardened veterans who had fought tooth and nail with the clans, Hanover was supposed to be a warm-up for the big brawl on Luzerne. Operation Bulldog, the big push to bloody the nose of the Smoke Jaguars, and the Foreign Legion would be in the thick of it.

    After stabilizing the ship, a preliminary scan plus observation determined that the terrain was too rough for even hovercraft. Which meant two things. First, the engineers would have to work double-time in order to figure out a solution for this mess, and secondly, the Battlemechs would be the first onto the surface.

    With this in mind, the 13th Demi-Brigades overall commanding officer, Lt. Colonel Villan (a tradition carried over from ancient earth was that Legion members could choose a pseudonym if they so chose, something the Colonel had done) had assembled all mechwarriors in the main briefing room.

    The collection of men and women were of all different colors and creeds. Some were from the Draconis Combine, others from the Federated Suns, the St. Ives Compact, and so on. They all had one binding thread however: They were all Leigonarres, unmatched in Esprit De Corps or toughness. They had been tempered by the fires of pitched battles, fought honorably, had lost comrades, but had come through and become better.

    With this in mind, Lt. Col. Villan had given the general briefing*

    "Well Legionnaires, this is it. Our first stop on Operation Bulldog. We had to fight like hell to get a slot with the Eridani Lighthorse to get this position, and may the deity of your choosing help those who stand in our way.

    Since the terrain is too rough for any vehicles, and any Aerotech launched would be a dead givaway to our position, you are going out first. Consider this a combined scouting/hunter killer operation. Find out where our allies are, where the Jaguars are, and do what you do best. I'll turn it over to the major, he will give you the fine details. Good luck and good hunting mechwarriors."

    *With that, the Colonel had stepped down from the small podium, and in his place stepped a figure that was very familiar to all in the 13th DBLE, and especially
  7. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Agent Devon Robie.
    Location: Hoth

    ?Sir! A fleet of star destroyers has just arrived at the edge of the system, and one of them is a big *****!?

    As the newest arrival, all heads in the Rebel Base? command centre turned to the rodian.

    ?What?!? Devon demanded hotly, ?Its not me; my ship has a cloaking device, remember??

    He referred to his Bantha-class assault transport, The Fluffy. His employers at the fugitive Secret Galactic Intelligence Service had let him keep it after he had stolen it for them.
    With SGIS broadly aligned with the Rebels' goal to thwart the Empire, he was here to arrange delivery of starfighter parts and guns

    ?About that,? started a gruff older human that he took to be a General, ?can you configure it to our shields so that we can cloak the base??

    ?Look, regardless of what you may think, I am not that Doctor Mckay, shield specialist extraordinaire.?

    The General swivelled his upper body stiffly as he took a poll. ?Was anybody thinking that? Seriously??

    ?No, sir.? Said the girl on Ion Control. Several other people shook their heads, no.

    ?Fine.? Devon ground out. He turned to the guy on sensors. ?What?s their ETA??

    ?Twenty, maybe thirty minutes, Agent.?

    The rodian thief pretended to mull this over. ?Mm, plan as exotic as that, brain as brilliant as mine? not a fragging chance. How about we re-arrange for next week? I'm heading back to The Fluffy if anyone wants a ride.?

    "Ah." Said Sensor Guy.

    "Enough with the 'Ah's! Just tell us!" Devon was getting testy now.

    "Uh, sensors are detecting an interdiction field coming from the super star destroyer. No-one is going to lightspeed."

    Ion Control girl took that moment to get all fatalistic: ?It?s a good bet that the Empire knows we?re here.?

    "Ya think?"

    ?I said that after we shot that Imperial probe droid!?

    Devon looked sidelong at the last speaker. This man was a tough-looking human whose dark blue trousers bore the Corellian Bloodstripe down the sides as sign of military endeavour. He kept fingering his heavy blaster whilst giving Devon dark looks.

    The visitor guessed the human had no love for rodians. And then he realised what he had said!

    ?Whoa whoa whoa, what Imperial probe droid??

    ?It smacked down about nine hours ago.?

    ?And you still let me land?? Devon growled.

    ?Yeah, well, we wanted to be good hosts.? The General shrugged, then indicated the guy in the Bloodstripes. "Though Captain Solo did say you'd be pissed when you found out."

    * * * *

    That had been almost half a standard hour ago. Now Devon had a temporary commission as a Specialist/Captain, a PLX-4 ?Plex? shoulder-launched rocket launcher, and instructions to go do a ?meet and greet? on the nearest AT-ST walker striding over the distant tundra.

    Tag: to be continued
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    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Lt. Commander Gro Foos
    Echo Base, Pilot Ready Room

    So they were being attacked. That was the predominant thought that should have been occupying Gro Foos' thoughts at the moment. The full force of the Empire was about to bear down on them, and they would most likely not stand a chance. That was the sort of thing a seasoned pilot like himself should be concerned about.

    If it weren't for his filtration system he would have spat in disgust. No, instead he was writhing in frustration at the thought that Rogue Squadron had been given an attack order. Not Green Squadron, not the same squadron that had busted it's butt off for the Alliance more times than he could count. No, it was Rogue Squadron, led by that whiney brat Skywalker, who had only just been found a few days ago.

    "Should've left him out to freeze..." Foos grumbled, strumming his fingers against the improvised chair of snow he'd sat upon. They made a squishing noise that wasn't at all like the ever-so satisfying drumming he wanted to hear. It was cold, too. Hoth was a miserable place, to say the least.

    "Something wrong, Lt. Commander?" one of his wing mates asked. Foos shook his head.

    "Just antsy, I suppose. We've been stuck on this ice ball for too long. I miss open space, ensign." He glanced over at the wingman, one of the newer recruits. Still green, hadn't even seen battle. Foos chuckled involuntarily. A green pilot in Green Squadron.

    He sighed, gazing upward at the icy ceiling. When were they going to get a deployment order? Or would they even get one?

    The ground rumbled, an odd sensation for Hoth but not one Foos was unfamiliar with. "AT-ATs..." he grumbled. It was going to be a long day.

    TAG: Any
  9. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Simone Stormwind, Foreign Mercenary Legion.
    Location: Hoth

    Seated at the back of the throng of mercenaries, Simone tried to keep herself as small and unobtrusive as possible, not joining in when the others teased Roller for his mishap on the comedically named desert colony, How Far To The Beach.

    She prayed they did not turn on her too, for she wasn?t free of costly embarrassment, having once been taken by an overwhelming desire to bite the toenails of her left foot whilst in the cockpit of her bipedal Mech assault vehicle.
    That?s right ? she is that flexible.

    Trouble was, she was wearing the standard-issue neuro-helmet that tied her thoughts and actions into her vehicle?s computer, only to find that instead of perhaps blue-screening, or throwing out an illegal move error, her enhanced C3 computer had been up for the challenge, resulting in the eighty-five tonne Templar toppling sideways and scraping down the disembark ramp.

    Nope, she would be perfectly happy if no-one remembered that.

    ?-Lone Wolf 4.? The Major was calling her. She nodded her confirmation.

    * * * *

    Dressed in her greys, laser pistol sidearm at her hip, she settled into the Templar, or ?Simon? as she called him. To herself; no-one else knew, and she planned to keep it that way, as part of a cunning survival plan.
    She smiled, starting to run through her own unique startup routine.

    Ahead of her in Stormfront?s staging area, mechs of various sizes and colours, armoured behemoths that allowed relatively frail humans to flourish in hazardous environments and conditions, stomped out towards the gantry that would deliver them to the planet surface.
    And they were about to make Hanover just a bit more hazardous. For the Jaguars, anyway.

    ?Lone Wolf 1 reports no contact or sighting. Lone Wolf 2, anything?? The Major and several of her team-mates were already in the field, as she could hear from his queries on the squad channel.

    All her readouts read in the green, so she stood Simon up, extending the ?hands? and ?arms?, running them through all permutations of movement as she warmed up the reactor.

    ?Lone Wolf 3, what?s your status??

    Knowing that Major O?Hara would be calling her next, she started forwards, moving the Mech even while she were testing systems. Targeting seemed to be in the green too.

    She followed the yellow markings on the deck, not for the first time amazed how they lasted, coping with the terrible scuffing that a legion of mechs inflicted every day.

    ?Roger that, keep plugging away. Lone Wolf 4, status report...?

    ?Already on my way out, Chief.? She hedged, stepping aboard the heavy duty gantry platform that would take her down.


    IC: Captain Devon Robie, Rebel Ground Forces.
    Location: Hoth

    Running over packed snow wasn?t as easy as it appeared, he learned, as he did exactly that, to arrive before the sealed door at the rear of a dirty white Atgar F-something laser tower at the boundaries of the Rebel Base facing where the Empire forces were expected to come from.

    A soldier, wrapped against the cold, poked his scarf-swathed head out as Devon came trudging up.

    ?Welcome to Echo Station 4TA? The man wiped at orange tinted goggles to peer past Devon. ?Where?s your tauntaun?? He asked, matter-of-factly.

    Agent Robie tried to pat his zippered pockets down, then gave up, his shoulder sagging under the weight of the Plex. ?Alright, I give in. What is a tauntaun??

    The crunched ice underfoot rumbled ominously. The SGIS agent looked round curiously as the ground seemed to jump slightly, and tiny cracks and fissures formed in the glistening surface. ?Now what??

    ?Imperial walkers.?

    The rodian must have looked blank, for the rebel handed him a pair of battered white macrobinoculars and indicated a direction to look i
  10. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Nolan O'Hara, Hoth

    ?Already on my way out, Chief.?

    *O'Hara grimaced when he heard that response. She had picked that bad habit up from Mercado, who all too often broke tactical name usage, a trait that would land them in trouble someday.

    Still, it would not do anybody any good in the morale department to chastise her over the radio, so he let it slide, opting to have a talk with Mercado later, and hint it to Stormwind if they ever saw any downtime in their natural or unnatural lives. Rather, he confirmed all reports.

    "Roger all, keep your heads on a swivel, they're out there."

    *He had just let go of the switch to talk when he had to key back up. His sensors had picked something up, a small target, barely larger than a VTOL, on the ground, and moving way too fast for a simple scout vehicle. IFF had "interrogated" the target, meaning it had sent a signal and waited for a reply, and had gotten no response, meaning this was most likely a hostile*

    "Lone Wolf 1 to Den, picked up something on sensors. IFF prosecuted, most likely hostile. Lone Wolf 1 estimates it to be a solo Elemental armor.

    *Stormfront under the tac name Den responded after a quick estimation by several junior officers with many bad ideas*

    "Roger Lone Wolf 1, engage at your discretion."

    *O'Hara thanked the Colonel for sticking it to the stupid junior officers, then altered his course slightly, taking him head on into the lone bandit.

    Despite the fact that the 1 hour that the teams had been out seemed to fly by, the 10 minutes leading up to the direct engagement with the target was a crawl. Despite his experience as a mechwarrior, O'Hara saw every engagement against an enemy as new and potentially catastrophic, since he had seen and experienced how bad things could get in a hurry.

    After the 10 minutes, he received quite a shock after rounding the corner of the ice ravine he was in. Instead of the typical small albeit menacing look of a Clan Elemental battle armor suit, he was facing down what looked like some sort of cobbled-together industrial mech. It had spindly legs, round cup-shaped feet, a rather boxy torso with no head and slats for viewports, and looked like it had a couple of GRC-welders on the front where the chin of the head/torso was.

    While he speculated if this was a clan version of an industrial mech, what he took for welders suddenly raised and pointed right at his torso, and rather than igniting with a green-blue flame, they spat what looked like crimson Small Laser bolts at him.

    O'Hara immedietely jammed the throttle forward, twisting the torso of his mech sideways and swinging the reticle of his HUD right onto the torso of the odd mech. The bolts had been energy based, but when they hit his Orion II-C, they sure as hell sounded like a PPC impact.

    Yet for some reason, despite the new kind of weaponry the Smoke Jaguars seemed to be fielding, this mech was ungainly at best, wobbly, like the neurohelmet interface was off. Not only that it was slow, despite looking like it was on the small end of the lightweight mech scale.
    None of it added up to any sense.

    However, being a warrior first, O'Hara just stored the information in the back of his head as he pulled the trigger on his right joystick control.

    He had set his FCS to chain fire, meaning with each pull of the trigger, the system would automatically cycle to the next weapon available. Since he had not fired off a shot, the selector had highlighted his primary weapon of choice, the Extended-Range Particle Projector Cannon (ER-PPC)

    When he pulled the trigger, a cobalt blue beam lashed out from the right arm of his mech. The concentrated stream of Ions not only caused massive amounts of electrical interference, but were so focused that they significantly raised the thermal index on an intended target as well as causing a severe physical impact.

    All of this intermingled with the odd mech, and punched a hole right into the side of it. O'Hara assumed that he got lucky and not only hit a soft
  11. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Logic and Reason: Special Victims Unit

    The GM has kindly allowed me to resurrect this service, in lieu of being a co-GM.

    The Sarna wiki on mechs does not seem to be keen on giving out heights for individual models, but their ?Battlemech? article (, refers to them as ?30 to 40 feet tall?, about 12.192 metres for the higher figure, according to an online converter.

    The Star Wars wiki is more cooperative, giving the AT-AT 22.5m ( so should definitely be larger than the tallest Battlemech.

    Height comparison summary:

    ? 22.5 metres.

    Largest mech ? 12.19 metres and change.

    AT-AR - ~12 metres.

    Smallest mech ? 9.14 metres.

    AT-ST ? 8.6 metres.

    AT-PT ? 4 metres.
  12. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: Found a link to solve the height issue, at least somewhat:

    assume the little guy is 6 feet tall, then scale up I suppose.

    Now can we get back to the game already?

  13. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Lt. Commander Gro Foos
    Pilot Ready Room

    The rumbling was growing louder. As if they were directly linked, Gro Foos' strumming was growing quite a bit more violent. He was practically fuming with impatience and anger. They were under attack and the whole of Green Squadron was stuck in the waiting room. The sensation of being totally out of control was as maddening as it was frustrating.

    "Easy there Gruff," one of his wingmen piped up, prompting an ineffective sideways glance at the man. Blasted goggles... Foos thought, his left hand massaging his temples. Being from a planet with an exceptionally unique atmosphere, Foos, like all Kel Dorians, was forced to wear protective goggles and a breathing mask to prevent him from going blind or suffocating, respectively. That didn't mean he particularly enjoyed the experience.

    More rumbling. Foss got to his feet. "That's it," he muttered, "I'm not going to just sit here and let the Rebellion die." He stormed toward the doorway.

    "Gruff, don't. They'll court marshall you...!" the wingman warned. Foos turned to look at him. "They can do as they please, after we win this battle." He went through the door and headed for the hangar.

    He walked up to his airspeeder. "She ready for takeoff?" he asked the mechanic, not really concerned about the answer.

    "Well, yeah, but I thought Green Squadron was on standby...?" Foos shoved past the mechanic and hopped in the cockpit, his gunner following shortly after him.

    "Wait up Gruff!" the young man called out as he hopped in his position. Foos eyed him questioningly.

    "You sure about this Genro? You'll probably get a court marshall, too," the Kel Dorian warned. Genro just grinned.

    "Hey, I'm your gunner, it'd be pretty irresponsible of me to let you run off by yourself."

    Foos chuckled. "Very well then," he replied, easing the throttle into takeoff position. "Let's go show those Imperial scum who they're dealing with."

    TAG: Any

  14. Tooqui_The_Jedi

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    Mar 10, 2003
    Not In Game This is a very interesting RPG...good job it to late to get in on this? I'd like a samll role to kinda get the feel for squadron RPG's, ive mastered jedi and sith, and id like to get into the Military style, where i can be more of myself then a conformed Jedi...

    PM me if its at all possible...
  15. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Devon Robie, Lieutenant Simone Stormwind, Echo Station 4-T-A and a Templar battlemech respectively.
    Location: Hoth.

    From the flashes and plumes of black smoke in the distance, battle had been joined at range, and he spotted one of the Rebel snowspeeders that had flown overhead earlier, get punched out of the sky by a powerful energy blast, spinning away to the right and careering into the landscape.

    Moments later, another lone snowspeeder roared overhead from the direction of the Echo Base hangars.
    Someone was late to the party, he thought.

    He settled on his stomach in the snow, and steadied the long black cylinder of the rocket launcher onto his shoulder, activating the telescopic lens to manually acquire a target.

    Something bulky, white, and stomping about on two squat legs, appeared, and he frowned.
    One of the Base' staff had been a primary school teacher before stormtroopers had taken her family farm over some issue with taxes, and she still had those instincts. He had been presented with a Viable Target Guide that she had knocked up. The colourful collection of little laminated illustrations connected by a piece of string, showing vehicle profiles of a snowspeeder, an X-Wing, and a pencil sketch of a tauntaun ? he hadn?t looked at it before ? and scrawled underneath with a thick red highlighter was ?OURS?.
    A TIE bomber, the four legged AT-AT, and the bipedal AT-ST, earned the legend, ?THEIRS?.

    He took it out from a fur-lined pocket now, and compared the picture of the enemy walkers with the one he had just seen, and they were very different.

    He was pretty certain this meant he should just shoot it, but did not want to risk a friendly fire incident, and becoming a pariah, one of those little bastiches with the teeth, even though he doubted they could skeletonise a ronto inside a standard minute.

    He got on the comlink. It had a pair of aerials that stuck out at sixty and hundred and twenty degree angles.


    ?Echo Station 4-T-A to Echo Base. Got a non-standard walker configuration on the Western Expanse. Do we have any walkers??

    The response took a few seconds, during which the rodian guessed the base comms officer was on another call.

    ?4-T-A from Echo Base. Define ?walkers?.?

    Devon looked at the comm. ?Big metal fraggers.?

    ?Nope. We don?t.?

    ?So I can shoot it then??

    ?Fill your boots, mate.?

    Though he could be quite sarcastic sometimes, the SGIS agent really did not value it in others. ?A simple 'yes' would have sufficed, Echo Base.?

    Devon settled down again with the HH-15 rocket launcher, which he, and the guy who had handed it to him, erroneously thought off as Plex?s, and got his target lock again.
    He gauged the weight and possible kick of his weapon, adjusted his sight for the distance the target might travel while the missile was on the way over.

    ?Say ?Cheese?.? He muttered, pressing the trigger. The tube bucked upwards besides his best effort, and the projectile shot off, too fast to even warm his face, a visible trail of yellow fire connecting it to the launcher.


    Like her fellows, Simone was a little awed by the size of the larger quadmechs; these Jaguars knew how to put the wind up someone!

    She traversed the white, almost featureless battlefield, with her guns and sensors aimed towards where the heavy invaders were staging their forces.


    Her head-rest struck the back of her head, and the cockpit rattled around her as something struck her from behind! Various lights went from an even display across the spectrum to a sea of yellow.

    What the hell?

    Her targeting computer automatically brought up the general locale of the source, which she instantly saw in her mind, thanks to the neuro-helmet: A white capped c
  16. Supernova_I

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    Sep 7, 2008
    i'd like to join too, if possible pm me. thanks!
  17. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: Okay, now time for me to fact check. Neurohelmets in battlemechs do three things. First, while they do tap into the Mechwarrior Central Nervous system, its only to utilize the pilots natrual sense of balance, not to feed them images or receive mental commands to move, it protects the mechwarriors head from being softened up from taking a hit or the mech falling, and if so selected has a helmet mounted redicle (like the ones used by Apache Pilots) to utilize a look/aim capability.
    All pilot control and interface is external, through two joysticks, two pedals, a main HUD, and plenty of switches screens and other gauges, not mental commands (looks something like the link below).

    However, the arms do move, albeit from the joysticks and their myriad of buttons. Mechs are also capable of twisting their torso 180 degrees to fire on an opponent. However, there are limitations. Mechs cannot use their legs to jump (but if they have jump jets equipped, they can thrust upwards), and they are limited by their abilities. For example, an 85 ton Templar can move at nearly 69kph, which is approximately 42 mph, but since its an assault mech it can take a hit and dish out some serious punishment in its own right, wherereas a 20 ton Firemoth (Dasher)
    Can move at speeds up to 162 kph (or 100mph) normally (it can go faster with its special EQ, but im not gonna explain it), but due to its size and lack of heavy armor, a few big hits and its in trouble. So just keep all of that in mind.

    Now, on with the game...

    IC: Major O'Hara, surface of Washburn (Hoth)

    *To say things were getting chaotic in a hurry would have been an understatement. First two separate engagements, then Red Dogs report of a massive formation of more of the new mechs that had been encountered here coupled with Blue Hounds reports of strange readings from the apparently random items of debris that cluttered this planet.

    Still, he was a Major and the C.O of all field operations for a reason. Working with Stormfronts controllers, he quickly disseminated what the layout was, what had to be done, and who would go where.

    By all accounts, this was not a standard Clan attack, resembling something like a massed assault that the FedComs were known for. The massive Quad Mechs were centered in the middle, with the lighter mechs and infantry running along the flanks. There were 5 confirmed quad mechs, with most likely 4 more behind them, and plenty of the smaller mechs to go around.

    The plan was simple. Since Blue Hound and Red Dog consisted of nothing but light and medium mechs, they would perform their own counter-flanking moves, engaging the smaller mechs and infantry, a hit and run style of attack. His own lance would go right up the middle and take it to the big Quad mechs. As suicidal as it sounded, observers would have noted that the quads moved slower than molassess on this world, so out-flanking would prove to be an easy chore.

    He was about to order the charge with only 3 out of the 4 mechs in the lance when the 4th checked in, most likely about to explain why his earlier order to rendezvous at the designated Rally Point had been ignored*


    *O'Hara was on the verge of breaking from his normal ways and chastize her over the radio, but something in Stormwinds inflection and tone made him stop. Something was not right.*

    "Go ahead Lone Wolf 4"

    ââ?¬Å?I just took a hit from a militia boundary emplacement. How do you want me to proceed?ââ?¬ï¿½

    *He pinched the bridge of his nose. She had finally lost it. The little loner had lost it and was going to get them killed by getting the Militia to attack them as well as the clanners.*

    "Say again Lone Wolf 4, Militia have attacked you, is that correct?"

    *there was a break, then her voice came back over the air, with the same concern and indignati
  18. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: Sorry, I meant to tack this on the end as well!

  19. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: 3. GM controls all major enemy (Imperial) combatants and characters. Minor guys, well that can be left up to your discretion.

    IC: Captain Devon Robie (SGIS), Lieutenant Simone Stormwind (FML), Echo Station 4-T-A and a Battlemech, respectively.
    Location: Hoth

    The Rodian ducked down behind the low ridge as soon as he witnessed the walker actually knock away his second shot, and was wondering what his next move was to be when both the Nolan call, and then the query from Base, came out of his comlink.
    The wind had started to pick up, so he could barely hear the relayed voices.

    He didn?t recognise either of the organisations name-dropped by the self-styled mercenary, so didn?t even attempt to respond on that one, but could not resist sending a biting comment back to the command center.

    ?4-T-A to Echo Base. First the Empire, and now these Star Defense League abos;? He sent, mangling the name, ?you people have got to have the worst security in the sector! When you are ready to upgrade from the string tripwire attached to a tin filled with pebbles, look me up.?

    He smiled at the old-fashioned communicator in his hand, thinking that if he played his cards right, the initials SBD would no longer commonly mean Super Battle Droid, but that Sarcastic ******* Devon!

    * * * *

    Stormwind was a little surprised when the major told her she was a whole kilometre out of position!

    She looked at the static map on her console, for confirmation, and noted that it was not updating as normal.

    ?Anyone noticed that we are not getting GPS telemetry from Hanover?s satellite array??

    She slapped the side of that bit of equipment with the flat of her right hand, but that didn?t make any difference, so she typed in the command to get line-of-sight beacon location on Lone Wolf 1, and started heading in his direction, pushing the velocity forward to take advantage of the mech?s 60kph plus top speed, the gyroscopically cushioned chassis smoothing out the travel.

    The militia guy who had been shooting at her had ceased, though she really itched to loose an SRM his way.
    If they got the opportunity to visit their base and swap war stories, she would definitely look at taking the man aside and slapping some sense into him.

    ?Lone Wolf 4 to Lone Wolf 1, I am closing on your position, over.?

    Ah, she could start to see the tops of her fellow mechs against the curvature of the battlefield.

    All of a sudden, she found herself looking up as something dark dropped from the light blue of the cloudless sky.

    ?What the-??


    Simone stared in surprise at the black apparition kneeling into the curve of her cockpit blister, the apparition quickly resolving into a humanoid figure as she took a moment to focus on it.

    It was dressed in the darkest fabric, with the trousers tucked into black boots, and a black armour set formed torso and shoulder protection, and there was an evil-looking frown carved into the black helmet under two polarised eye lenses.

    She stared at the Imperial Dark Trooper, unsure what the hell to do!

    The figure reached behind himself ? she was sure it wasn?t female ? and plucked a small silver device from it?s belt, and placed it on the canopy itself, where it instantly adhered. Three tiny red LEDs blinked happily at her from the mechanism

    He seemed to jump, then a jet of flame and smoke catapulted him into the sky, too small and mobile a target for her to have a hope of hitting.

    Staring at the object fixed to the outside of her canopy, she didn?t notice the attacker land several dozen metres away to the right, quickly left behind by her still striding assault mech.
    She did notice one of the three lights extinguish. ****!

    Her canopy and armour had proved its durability several times during the three years of her time in the FML, but your average Smoke Jaguar did not try that kind of stunt without some
  20. Supernova_I

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    Sep 7, 2008
    Name: Belor Ardit
    Nickname: Sparks
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Ragith III

    Species: Ragithian Human
    Height: 7'3"
    Weight/Build: 190 lbs/ Very muscular
    Hair Color/Style: Yellow-brown/ Shaggy, medium length
    Eye Color: Dark green
    Skin Color/Ethnicity: Tanned/ No particular etnicity
    Facial Shape/Features: Rounded triangular face, long scar from chin to right eye
    Other Physical characteristics/markings: Silver dragon tattoo on right arm
    Combat/Duty Uniform and Gear: Standard rebel soldier gear, macrobinoculars
    Civilian/ Off Duty Clothing and gear: Black shirt and pants

    Personality Traits/Habits: Fiery temper (hence the nickname), a realist/ Paces when thinking
    Likes/Hobbies: Good food/ martial arts, 3 black belts
    Dislikes: The Empire
    Accent: (closest analouge IE Russian, Irish, Japanese, South American etc) No accent
    Family: (parents, siblings, spouse, living/deceased) No known family

    Rank: (As stated before, will be assigned.)
    Years of Experience: 8
    Previous Units/Groups: None (has been in one unit for his entire career)
    Combat/Fighting Style: Tanker
    Leadership Style: (if applicable) Leads by example
    Awards/Decorations: (medals, citations, etc.) A couple bravery awards
    Mission Specialty: (assault, scout, interdiction, electronic warfare etc.) Assault, demolition

    Primary: DY-225 heavy blaster pistol, DC-15s sidearm
    Secondary: a few large vibroblades
    Other: Hand to hand combat

    Name: None
    Types: T4-B heavy tank
    Variant: (if a custom variant, explain the changes/mods)
    Markings: (no wild paint jobs, but smaller markings are acceptable IE kill count, name stenciling around cockpit etc) Lightning bolts on either side of cockpit, kill count underneath on one side
  21. Supernova_I

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    Sep 7, 2008
    OOC: He's a lieutenant.
  22. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    OOC: Sorry bout the delay, been busy with homeworks. Also couldn't quite figure out what to do next.

    IC: Lt. Commander Gro Foos

    Foos blinked behind his eye goggles. And blinked again. There, right in front of him, were what appeared to be some sort of experimental Imperial walkers of some sort. Only they apparently had defected, or something, and were shooting at the Imperials. Bewilderment didn't quite describe the raw confusion he felt at the moment.

    A voice of the radio confirmed what he gradually had begun to suspect: They weren't Imperials, they were another group entirely. And they were sympathetic to the cause, it seemed. He smirked beneath his respirator mask, "Any ally's a good ally!" he quipped.

    Genro chuckled in agreement. "Maybe this'll help even the odds," he replied, glancing out the observation area. "Hey, you gotten a glimpse of what Rogue group's up to?"

    Foos barely kept himself from snarling in disgust. "No, what is the famed Rogue Squadron up to, Genro?"

    "Seems they've got a harpoon/tow-cable set up going. They might just take down one of those AT-ATs..."

    "Or they'll die trying," Foos finished the other's thought. "I'm not sure we can risk something that dangerous, Genro." As if on cue, the back of another landspeeder erupted in a ball of flame and hurtled towards the snowy ground. The pilot might've been okay, but the gunner...

    "Case in point..." Genro gulped, glancing at the wrecked 'speeder. "So, then, what do we do?"

    "That's easy, m'boy. We're going to help them."

    Genro whimpered slightly as the landspeeder dove towards the Rogue group formation.

    TAG: Any
  23. Supernova_I

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    OOC: I'll get a post up soon, I'm just rather busy right now.
  24. Supernova_I

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    Sep 7, 2008
    IC: Lt. Belor Ardit
    Transport hangar, Echo Base, Hoth

    As the ground rumbled again, Belor frowned and wondered why it was taking so long to get the transport launched. "What's taking them so long?", he asked the soldier next to him.
    "I don't know.", the man replied. Well, that was no help, thought Belor. Struggling to keep his anger in check, he said, "Well, do you have any guesses?"
    "Maybe there's trouble with the ships in orbit."
    "That could be it," Belor said, unconvinced. However, it was obvious he wasn't going to learn anything, so he went back to his musing.

    TAG: Any
  25. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: You know, i'm unsure. For now lets say yes, but no offing yourself, just damage lol

    IC: Nolan O'Hara, surface of Hoth

    *The question now was if this wasn't Washburn, just where exactly where they? Stormwind had been right, there were zero satellites to uplink with, and the Clans would never have bothered with them, more fuel to the fire that something was not right.

    However, there was something to be said for how the battle was going. Whomever was in charge of the forces had gotten some odd ideas about how things worked. The big quadmechs were intimidating for sure, but they had only an arc of fire, not 360 degrees available. Plus while the armor was thick along the body and somewhat in the legs, the neck and the head (to a degree) had proven susceptible to attack.

    This knowledge suddenly yielded two big takedowns simultaniously. One had been a combined effort from him and the other heavy mech in his lance, an Axman
    ( )
    He had called the shot, and both he and the other pilot lashed out with weaponry, O'Hara with his ER-PPC, and the other mechwarrior with Autocannon 20. The charged ion particles and the large caliber slugs met at one of the big quad-mechs neck joint, and had resulted in an ice-shaking explosion. The Quad mech teetered and toppled over, headless and without any way to maneuver, crushing infantry under its massive bulk.

    The other one had been spectacular to say the least. Mercado, his XO, had done his own customization of his mech, a 100 ton clan mech known and feared throughout the inner sphere, a Daishi
    ( )
    One thing he had done was install three jump jets in the mech, making him able to do things with a Mech that would earn respect from even the most hardened clanner, including the maneuver he utilized to take down one of the quad mechs.

    With a roar and a gout of flame and smoke, the massive assault mech climbed into the frigid air. Then with a bit of deft maneuvering, the jump jets cut out, bringing all 100 tons of assault battlemech crashing down on the "head" of the quadmech.
    The maneuver went by many names, but primarily by Death from Above, or Highlander Burial
    ( )
    But in any incarnation, the results were devastating when applied correctly, and the Executive Officer was a master of the maneuver.

    In this case, the entire head assembly was sheared off, leaving it with a ragged stump for a neck joint. Again the quad mech lost balance and toppled over, but when the troops which it apparently carried came spilling out, a couple of the strange aerotech fighters that were apparently part of the militia came out of nowhere and erased them from the surface.

    However it had not been a complete victory. Hits had been taken, damage was done. There were reports of battlemech arms being sheared off, and a hip actuator that had taken a hit, but no losses, yet anyway.

    O'Hara was circling around another giant quad mech and peppering its legs with the last of his Streak SRM-4 Four round missile salvos when orders came over the air.

    "All points, this is Stormfront, general recall to new designated nav point. Mission has changed, defend Alliance base and prepare for rapid extract. Stormfront is relocating to facilitate."

    *O'Hara would have to voice his misgivings later. Right now there were orders, and he could see that it was not a sure thing, that surprise had been good but the situation could deteriorate if there was no other backup. Clicking on his radio, he signaled to the rest of the battlemechs.*

    "You heard the orders mechwarriors. Pull back to Nav Yoke, defend the base, and evac. We'll sort this out later."

    *With that, all the battlemechs on the field started beating a hasty retreat towards the new Nav Point, where fire was coming from in support of their efforts. He was about halfway there when one large laser/PPC bolt apparently slammed into the back of his Mech, sending him sprawling into the ice.

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