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    Check out Amphitheater's Trivia Game! The first round is film. How exciting!

    Costuming and Props is announcing an open call on banners. Check out the Banner Discussion thread in Comms for more details.

    SFF:Books and Comics is starting a new and different writing contest. Signups go until Saturday, and then the contest begins. More details in the thread.

    The Bond Review Off in Amphitheater is underway and is really interesting.

    The Senate "Top 20 People" is down to the last three people, hurry and make sure you let us know what you think!

    Predict the Cricket World Cup is open for entrants until the 12th of March in the Arena. Check it out!

    Also in The Arena: The Around The Horn Fantasy League is still accepting players, and we have an open call for special banners.

    In Star Wars Community, Darth Vader was just named the Favorite Villain of Star Wars in our latest tournament, and that same thread is being used to discuss the next SWC Tournament.

Moderators: JoinTheSchwarz, LAJ_FETT, Ramza
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.