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    Check out Amphitheater's [link=]Trivia Game[/link]! The first round is film. How exciting!

    Costuming and Props is announcing an open call on banners. Check out the [link=]Banner Discussion thread in Comms[/link] for more details.

    SFF:Books and Comics is starting a new and different [link=]writing contest[/link]. Signups go until Saturday, and then the contest begins. More details in the thread.

    The [link=]Bond Review Off[/link] in Amphitheater is underway and is really interesting.

    The Senate [link=]"Top 20 People"[/link] is down to the last three people, hurry and make sure you let us know what you think!

    [link=]Predict the Cricket World Cup[/link] is open for entrants until the 12th of March in the Arena. Check it out!

    Also in The Arena: [link=]The Around The Horn Fantasy League[/link] is still accepting players, and we have an [link=]open call for special banners[/link].

    In Star Wars Community, Darth Vader was just named the Favorite Villain of Star Wars in our latest [link=]tournament[/link], and that same thread is being used to discuss the next SWC Tournament.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.