BC ARTIST Chris Woods’ Museum Exhibition of Star Wars-Inspired Paintings: ‘SANDSTORM’

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Was Darth Vader the Real Hero of the Star Wars Trilogy?

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    Fellow Star Wars Fans,

    I have just launched an indiegogo.com campaign to fund the production and museum exhibition of my upcoming series of 14 epic-scale, Star Wars-themed paintings titled: SANDSTORM.


    SANDSTORM, is scheduled to show in the summer of 2013, at 'The Reach Gallery Museum' in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. (www.thereach.ca)

    SANDSTORM will be my first solo-show of paintings in a museum setting and it will depict the events of the original Star Wars Trilogy as seen from Darth Vader's darkened perspective.

    You can learn more at www.indiegogo.com/sandstorm with videos, links, pics, and an exhibition, project-outline.

    I really need your help guys and you would be supporting a true-blue fan of the Original Trilogy.

    I was born in 1970 and Star Wars has been my guiding 'force' since I was 7. It’s always there.

    Best Regards,
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