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Artist Resources As An Artist, Who And What Are Your Influences?

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Lt.Cmdr.Thrawn, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. Lt.Cmdr.Thrawn The Another Saga & CT Manager

    Member Since:
    Sep 23, 1999
    star 6
    I'm not a frequent poster in this forum, but I am a painter. Though I don't do much fan art currently, my own work is heavily influenced by filmic aesthetics and the work of Star Wars-related illustrators like Ralph McQuarrie.

    So basically this thread is for us to share our stylistic inspirations, be they genres, individual artists, or other factors.

    Here are some of mine:

    Ralph McQuarrie:


    Really, I like anything with a 70s-style future look to it -

    Syd Mead:


    John Berkey:


    NASA illustrations like this:


    Other artist influences include Rene Magritte:


    Jerome Witkin (his work has a large effect on me - I had to pick something not very 'edgy' and without nudity as I don't think those things would pass censorship here):


    I like some of Magdalena Abakanowicz's work:


    Gregory Crewdson (photographer):


    Ryan McGinley:


    I'm sure I'll add more later.

    So, discuss, add influences of your own... etc!
  2. earlybird-obi-wan Force Ghost

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    Aug 21, 2006
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    I am influenced by the old Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer

    This painting is reflecting that

  3. Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Art Curator | Oceania RSA | CR of NSW

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    Mar 9, 2002
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    Growing up, there had been a few artists that left an impression on me. To name a few:

    James Gurney:

    Stan Winston:


    Mark "Crash" McCreery:

  4. AzureAngel2 Force Ghost

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    I like playing with colours, therefore: Van Gogh and Eric Carle.
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