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Vancouver Ask The Collecting Director!!!

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Jedi_Ulic_Qel-Droma, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Jedi_Ulic_Qel-Droma

    Jedi_Ulic_Qel-Droma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 9, 2002
    Had a great find lately? Don't know how much it is worth? New Acquisitions.. did I pay a good price?? Found a loose action figure in your grandfather's attic and wondered if it's worth something? Where do I find a certain collectible thats been elusive for years?? As the group's Collecting Director, I will try to find answers to your questions about Star Wars collectibles as well as action figures... I finally completed my own Collectibles Identification and Values list and I have been updating it for years (feels good that its finally done!!!!)

    Be it action figures, Jabba the Hutt soap, a box of star wars crayons or whatever. If it has a Star Wars Logo on it and is an official product, I can give you prices on it and how much it may be worth if you hold on to it longer... Thought it will take me some time to find your item in my list (Mind you I have 39,000 items in my list at the moment), I will definitely find it if its an official product (though I also have a few bootlegged items logged into my database).

    So ask away... if you can post a photo on it, it will definitely help since I can compare it with mine (or you can always show it to me in any of our club's events, though I dont think it wise to bring ancient relics, say old action figures, in your fanny pack and bring it with you all day long in our events coz it might ruin it). I only have 13,700 photos of all the items I have, but I will be updating that through the years to come as well. And don't worry about who manufactured it, my list is an international collection as well, from Kotobukiya figures from Japan to Attakus from France.

    But to make it easier for us, try to follow the template bellow:

    Name of Product: (as it appears on the package if possible, or the best guess you got)
    Type of Product: (action figure, statue, bust, sticker, T-shirt, Poster, etc...)
    Manufacturer: (i.e Hasbro, Kenner, Master Replicas)
    Year: (or guess)
    Sealed in Package or not:
    Series: (if its an action figure)
    Limited Edition or not:
    Brief Description:
    Photo: if possible

    Cheers and Happy Hunting Fellow Collectors!!!
Thread Status:
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