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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by JediHighlander, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009

    ----------[color=orange]Star Wars[/color]----------
    ------[color=orange]Echos In The Force[/color]-----


    [b]Planet of Adumar 3.5ABY[/b]

    They wheeled him down a long hallway. It was bright and the light hurt his eyes. He could only catch snippets of conversation here and there. He gathered from what he heard that there had been a accident, though he couldn't recall being in one, he was injured and in a medical facility of some kind. He heard the name Miranda, and something began to nag at him. A bit of information just outside his consciousness.

    Miranda?... Miranda...Ah yes Miranda was his wife. He laughed to himself, how foolish of him to forget something like that. He thought back to his last memory of her. She was sitting there in the speeder, continent, happy. They were expecting their first child and everything was right...

    flashes of twisted metal and burnt flesh intruded on his pleasant memories. His mind reeled as the memory turned to a nightmare. The screeching of metal, the screams of his wife, the look of terror on the bus load of pedestrians as his speeder broadsided them.
    [i]?You killed them.?[/i] The voice came from no where and every where. [i]?Its your fault.?[/i] No that's not true, that's impossible! I tried everything he could to avoid the bus. [i]?Not enough. Not nearly enough.?[/i] What else could I have done. The bus had pulled out and blocked the road. It wasn't my fault, I didn't kill anyone. It was an accident! [i]?Murderer.?[/i] No it wasn't my fault! I tried everything! I could never do such a horrible thing! [i]?You enjoyed it.?[/i] I did not! [i]?I did.?[/i] Who are you?! [i]?I am.?[/i] What do you want. [i]?To be.?[/i] To be...what? [i]?To be you.?[/i] To be me? What the kriff does that mean? [i]?Goodbye.?[/i] What? Where are you going? [i]?Not me silly.?[/i] Wha...

    He screamed, a sound almost as hideous as the mangled flesh that his body had been rendered to. Doctors and nurses rushed around trying to sort things out, to save this man's life. Then in a single heart beat the scream turned to a laugh. A cold, malicious, terrible laugh that promised nothing but death. The glow panels surged and shorted out, ceiling tiles cracked and anything electronic violently ceased to function. The bacta tank shattered, spilling the precious life saving liquid all over the floor.

    The medical staff stared in disbelief as the mangled form rose from the gurney. They could hear the snapping of bones as he stood on broken legs. The laughter never ceased. He raised his hands, and bolts of purple energy erupted from his finger tips. The bolts struck a nurse. She convulsed once and hit the floor, dead in an instant. He locked eyes with the Doctor, and when the Doctor looked away the laughter was in his eyes. He grabbed the first person he could and strangled them.

    The medical staff screamed as death claimed them one by one. The Doctor finally cutting his own throat. Guards finally burst through the unpowered doors, blasters in hand, and were struck down by the maniacal form of a laughing nightmare.

    Three hours later a strike team from the local Imperial Garrison prepared to assault the hospital. What survivors had escaped wove a tale of carnage and terror, and the Governor had asked for Imperial assistance.

    The Stormtroopers made their assault with Imperial precision...

    they still died.

    From the holocams the team wore, the Imperials saw their death, burnt to a crisp by an unarmed man that looked like death it self.
    ?In the name of the Emperor, how is that even possible??
    [b]?You shouldn't underestimate the Force, Commander.? [/b]
    The Officer spun around, and was face to chest with the Dark Lord himself.
    Darth Vader loomed over the officer.
    ?My Lord... I didn't realize you were in the system. I...?[b]
    ?Spare me your pathetic blathering. I am here for it.?[/b] Vader's helmet never moved, and, while the Commander couldn't see his eyes, he knew that the Dark Lord was looking at the Hospital.
    Vader approached the building w>
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM approved!

    Name: Kyle Katarn
    Clothing: Shirt, flighttrousers, brown coat
    Weapons: none, except a viborknife hidden in his right boot, but he is eager to get his hands on some
    Equipment: A comm-unit and his experience.
  3. Aurelius_the_Grey

    Aurelius_the_Grey Jedi Youngling

    Sep 28, 2009
    Name: Kalak-Mure
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Race: Human
    Background: Jensaarai defender
    Height: 6'1?
    Hair: Deep brown, greying
    Eyes: Green
    Armor: Silver cortosis Jensaarai armor, very flexible, protective against lightsabres.
    Personality: A Person who is very carefree and lighthearted most of the time, but becomes someone totally different on the battlefield. He becomes focused, and lethal. Always considering the safety of his comrades and innocents before the enemy.
    Abilities: balistakinesis, telekinesis, force camouflage. Also able to slice a door.
    Weapons: Deep Red single lightsabre, brown leather wrappings on hilt. Retractable blades on side of wrist. (armor)
    Bio: Kalak was born on Nar Shadda, the unwanted child of two people who probably don't even remember each other. He grew up in the slums, cared for by an old man with compassion. Kalak learned some skills or Nar Shadda like how to open a lock, or slice a door. Then one day, Starkiller (Galen Marek), came to Nar Shadda in search of Rahm Kota, and slew many Imperial forces to do so. Kalak knew he wanted to be strong like that. This led him to seek out any force sensitive group. He was wandering, searching out rumors of force users on Susevfi, and became caught in between the empire and a Jensaarai raid. Kalak saw his opportunity, and followed the Jensaarai. Kalak, all his life, had been someone who could be hard to see if he wished, and the Jensaarai strengthened this abliity, he also learned telekinesis and balistakinesis. He became a defender after only a few short years of training, and began participating in the Jensaarai raids.
  4. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009
    I am still waiting for at least one more player. If I don't get one by Monday then we'll start and see if we can get by. This game is always open so if any wish to join while play is started feel free to PM me a CS.

  5. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009
    Another player has sent in their CS and has been approved, and should post it soon. I will post the Game Opening tomorrow evening.

    To anyone else that wants to join I am still taking CS's and will continue to do so well into the game.

  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    JH APPROVED! [face_dancing]

    Name: Jaden Korr
    Clothing: Jedi Apprentice robes
    Weapons: Lightsaber
    Equipment: DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Communicator.
  7. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    GM Approved:

    Name: Davin Sustra used to be Davin Fost but skipped town and changed names when the Emp announced A New Galactic Order.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: About 40, possibly younger.

    Species: Human.

    Homeworld: Mandalor.

    Rank: Former Rank of Major.

    Personality: No Nonsense cut to the chase kind of Guy who takes charge.

    --Physique Athletic.
    --Hair Color Sandy Blonde.
    --Eye Color Sky Blue. Some describe them as hypnotic in attraction.
    --Clothing Three piece suits and polished shoes. Every article is colored
    Black, including his ties, shirts and shades.
    --Oth. Dtls: Davin likes to wear a particular cologne that's processed from a
    Mandalorian flower called the Fire Tullip. It smells like a muskie Ginger.

    Weapons: Backup blaster Merr-Sonn Model JI "Happy Surprise" Palm Blaster. (Hidden in the sleeve of his coat's left arm.) Color coordinated (Black) telescoping shock/stun baton for those special Melee moments. (Hidden away in the small of his back.) Davin Fost holds certification as a Master instructor in both K'tara and K'thri. Thus Davin's hands and feet are also weapons.

    Biography: Davin was born and raised on Mandalor to Renco and Jia Sustra a relatively successful bounty hunter couple who met their demise at the hands of Black Sun operatives assigned to protect the couple's intended target for extraction, a Human slave trader named Kelmon Bog-who had ties with the Hutts-was wanted by an angry Keldronin who had hired the couple. They had landed on Coriscant to capture and return Kelman to their Patron. When Davin's parents didn't return he made ready for unwanted visitors and was rewarded for his preparations by taking out a Black Sun Capture Squad. Unfortunately the battle left the Mandalorian ship unable to lift off. When the Port Authority showed up-after the smoke had cleared-the negotiator managed to talk Davin out of the wreaked ship's hull. When no one came to claim Davin after 90 days (The rest of his relatives were Wanted for something or other by the Republic), he was given orphan status and made a ward of the Republic. The Republic Bureau of State Wards assigned Davin a new last name (Fost) as a cover. He was later adopted by Corik Narcassan an administrator working for the Republic's Bureaucracy. Davin did a tour with the Republic's Space Navy several years prior to the onset of the Clone Wars, On his next tour of duty, Davin transfered to the Republic's Security Forces six years before the Clone Wars started. Amongst others, his missions included Black Operations. During his time of military duty Davin mastered two martial art forms. When the Clone Wars began he was ready for something different. His foster father's cousin Vyn Narcassan convinced Davin that there was a place for him in the Senate Bureau of Intelligence. Davin took his relative's advice and applied. Upon acceptence he entered training for Cryptoanalysis but after a mandatory two year stay found that his heart wasn't into working behind a terminal and crunching code. He yearned for being out where the action was, so opted for SBI's Crisis Branch. After passing the Physical requirements with flying colors he was accepted for training as a field agent and quickly rose through the ranks of SBI CB as a field agent. Before the end of the Clone Wars, Davin held the Rank of Major. After the Clone Wars ended, Davin followed his cousin Vyn Narcassan's advice and faked his own death. He then left Coruscant, but within a year's time was captured by some special agent's of the newly revised Imperial Security. Davin currently is held in a secret facility encased in carbonite. It has a thawing control attached to it. He stands motionless. Waiting!!!!.......
  8. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009
    Opening post

    The room was dark. The only light was that coming from malfunctioning control panels as they spit sparks. The air smelled old, like stale air from a tomb, and there was no circulation to it. Nothing seemed to move as the shadows the sparks created danced on the walls.
    The floors were of a dark metal grating with cables running under them. Every once in a while there was a darker brown spot that bespoke of violence long past. A single door was the only visible point of entry, and it was warped and blackened, it was doubtful that it would ever open again. Blaster scoring decorated the walls, it looked something like a bounty hunter had changed his profession to interior decorator without changing his equipment. Three bodies laid crumpled on the floor. Only the steady rise and fall of their chest gave away the presence of life.
    With a flicker the main Glow Panels hummed to life, a few shorting out with the surge of power. It seemed the presence of the three had not gone entirely unnoticed.

    (Everyone can start posting beginning with awaking)

    TAG: Everyone.

  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Kyle Katarn
    Somewhere Dark . . .

    His head hurting was the first thing he felt. His vision was still blurry, when he smelled the scent of burned flesh and metal in the air. Obviously he was no longer on Tatooine. His body, aching, but otherwise unharmed, snapped up.

    Where the hell am I? Does the galaxy not run out of dark places at one point? He wondered and grabbed at his side. The lightsaber. It wasn´t there anymore. He smirked and raised to his feet, slowly. Trying to avoid making to many noises. Would have been too easy if I still had one, would it? Looking down he saw his Jedi weapon next to him. Small sparkles coming from it. Something had obviously happened. The room looked like someone had been in a real bad moode when he had decorated it. Especially the dead guy in full armor looked like he might have had a rather painful end. Stumbling a bit stil Kyle went over to the armor. The man was fully equiped. At least something. Taking the man´s blaster rifle he looked around. A weapon. Not exactly his choice of weapon these days, but at least something. Scanning the surrounding, he felt this was all pretty familiar. He had seen such places before. As a freelancer, rebel and later as a Jedi, too. Facilities with little light, so the dirty secret of men with blood on their hands could be better hidden in the shadowy corridors. It never held for long. All things eventually surfaced. And it looked as if this had happened here, recently. The painful way.

    "Hate a slaughter when it isn´t me doing it." He whispered and finally saw the other bodies nearby. One of them very familiar. "Jaden." He whispered, his rifle in one hand, as he sat knelt next to his student and padded him in the chest to wake him up.

    "Don´t tell me I owe the pleasure of this to you." He sighed, hoping the younger Jedi would know anything about what was happening here.

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  10. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Jaden Korr
    Location: Unknown

    At first, there was only darkness and quiet. He was vaguely aware of it, or how such a state had come about, but the tranquility....that was a welcomed sensation. Yes, sensation. Something was on him...on his chest, and it was moving. Then...a sound, which disrupted the tranquil quiet. No, not just a sound. More than that. In fact, he recognized this particular sound with its familiar tone, which instinctively drew his attention, and with that, came the slow rise to consciousness.

    "Jaden." whispered the familiar voice, but to the young jedi's ears, it sounded like thunder. He became aware that a hand tapped him on the chest in a very successful attempt to rouse him. Jaden made a groaning sound as he frowned and tried to slowly open his eyes, which needed a moment to adjust to the dimness that was all around him.

    It took a moment for him to focus and realize that someone was kneeling next to him, for he was laying on his back.


    Ever so carefully did Jaden prop himself up on one elbow then place the other hand on the side of his head, as if the very act would drive away every ache and every ill.

    "Don´t tell me I owe the pleasure of this to you."

    Jaden immediately looked over to the speaker and recognized the form of his Master: Kyle Katarn.

    "Mmmm....Kyle? what in the Force..."

    Jaden had successfully kept himself from calling Kyle, 'Master', which was a prefix the Jedi preferred to do without. As for their surroundings; Kyle turned his head and looked all around, taking in the details of their current location. The place did not look familiar at all. A battle seemed to have taken place here, and that door...oh, just great. How were they going to get out?

    Jaden finally managed to get himself in a sitting position and took a few energizing breaths. Almost without thinking, his hand brushed his side. Jaden sighed in relief, then smiled at the familiar feel of his lightsaber. Then he noticed the Blaster Rifle held by Kyle, which in turn caused him to look for his Master's lightsaber, which he found after a moment, thanks to the sparks it was emitting. Kyle shook his head in sympathy.

    "Sorry to see what's become of your lightsaber..." he said with genuine empathy. "But to give you an answer, I swear, I have nothing to do with this....since I have no idea what THIS is."

    A moment of silence followed, before the young jedi spoke again.

    "Where ARE we anyway...and what happened here? All I remember is, that one moment I'm investigating darkside cultist, then I' How is that even possible?"

    "How did you end up here...?" Inquired the young Jedi of his Master, affecting a slight tilt of his head and a curious look upon his face.

    Jaden could see in Kyle's expression that his Master had as many questions as he did.

    The room was eerily quiet, Jaden could not help but notice. There was no ventilation that he could perceive, which meant that their air supply was limited. Obviously, they'd have to find a way out. As he took but a second to ponder their situation, the glow panels in the room flickered, some slowly intensified while others burnt out in a shower of sparks. But just as this happened, Jaden could finally see in greater detail the real damage done to the room, as well as the other body laying not too far from them.

    Jaden raised a curious eyebrow as he asked as a matter-of-fact:

    "...who's THAT?"

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  11. Aurelius_the_Grey

    Aurelius_the_Grey Jedi Youngling

    Sep 28, 2009
    IC: Kalak-Mure
    Unrecognizable Darkness

    Kalak opened his eyes, but all there was to see was darkness. For a brief moment he wondered if this was death, and then the aching of his head brought him back to the living.

    As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, He remained motionless as he took a survey of his surroundings. The lighting was dim and flickering, and the walls showed blaster scoring. The ceiling was gray and uninteresting. Shadows danced from the flickering light.

    He strained his memory to recall what could have brought him here, but nothing came to mind. All of his memories seemed as though they were from ages ago. He could remember the Jensaarai enclave on Susevfi, training with his apprentice, and then nothing.

    Then he heard movement. It was then that he realized he was still in his Cortosis Armor. His mind reached out to the retractable blades concealed in the forearm of his armor. They would still work. His lightsaber was not at his side, but a few feet away on the ground. There was an abundance of debris on the floor that could be utilized as a weapon as well.

    Then the movement spoke. The voice was not unpleasant, or malevolent. Rather it sounded as one old friend greeting another. Then the other spoke. Then Kalak could feel the two become aware of his presence. However, as he did not wish to be seen, he seemed to be difficult to see clearly. Otherwise the two would have recognized his Cortosis armor. Hoping that the two were not about to kill someone in Sith-like armor, Kalak sat up.

    This sent his head swimming, and he had to steady himself before he could see properly. "Sith's blood" he cursed. Then he looked at the others in the room. The light was poor, yet it was evident that one was a Jedi. He wore Jedi robes, and had a lightsaber at his hip. The other looked like a pilot, in his civilian clothes, and blaster rifle. He did notice a sparking saber on the floor. Perhaps they both were Jedi?

    "... who's THAT?"

    Kalak looked at the one who spoke, the one in the Jedi robes. He replied "I'm Kalak-Mure, a Jensaarai Defender." Then he took his lightsaber, non-threateningly. The feel of the leather-bound hilt felt comfortable and familiar in his hand. He looked back at the two dark figures, unable to make out the faces.

    "So who are you, and how did we get... wherever this is?"

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  12. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009
    Unrecognizable Darkness

    As the three started to take stock of their surroundings, a low hum started to fill the room. A deep and soul shaking vibration joined the hum, and the air itself seemed to shake. At the back of the room, opposite the ruined door, a bluish light appears and starts to pulse. As the pulsing increases, the hum and the vibration increase in intensity. The pulse becomes a steady blue light and takes on the form of a seven foot rectangle, the vibration is almost violent, and the hum is deafening. With a [hl=blue] Flash [/hl]the the light winks out, the vibration stops, and the humming ceases.
    In place of the light was a seven foot rectangle of carbonite. A figure of a man stood plainly on the front of it. A control panel was on the right side and was blinking in a steady rhythm of stasis sleep.
    With a shower of sparks, the panel shorted out. The carbonite begins to glow and melt, spilling a man to the floor.

    Tag: Vangarian, All

    OOC: I apologize for the time it took me to respond, I have been having Internet problems.
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Jaden Korr
    Location: Unknown

    "...who's THAT?" the young jedi had asked Kyle.

    But before an answer could be given, Jaden's eyes grew large in surprise as the figure he had just inquired about literally sat up, as if in answer to his query. Only now did Jaden notice that the figure wore some sort of armor that looked oddly familiar to him, however, unsure of the situation, Jaden's hand remained on his lightsaber hilt, but only as a precaution, since he did not want to give off the appearance of having an aggressive posture. His blue eyes flickered to Kyle, then back to the armored figure, who now seemed to be looking at him from behind its helmet.

    "I'm Kalak-Mure, a Jensaarai Defender."

    Jaden felt a measure of relief flow through him, but not all of his tension was released, since he needed to be certain if this was 'friend or foe'. Once again, almost as if in answer to his unspoken question, the Jensaarai Defender brandished his lightsaber in a non-threatening manner. That helped to ease Jaden's mind, plus he did not sense any darkside emanations from the figure.

    Jaden nodded, but was unsure if the Jensaarai had seen his gesture.

    "So who are you, and how did we get... wherever this is?"

    That last bit was the question of the hour.

    "I'm Jaden Korr, Jedi Apprentice..." Jaden said in a light tone as he gestured towards himself with his free hand, then motioned towards his Master.

    "...and this is...."

    A humming sound suddenly started to fill the dark room, followed by a strong vibration. Jaden did not get to finish his sentence as he quickly rose to his feet, adrenalin rushing through him like thunder, and his unlit lightsaber in hand.


    Both the hum and the vibration became more intense, and opposite the ruined door, a bluish light commenced to pulse.

    "I'm not liking this..."Jaden said, doing his best to control the rush of energy now coursing through him. He needed to keep a cool head on his shoulders, just as Kyle had instructed him.

    The pulse became a steady blue light and took the shape of a seven foot rectangle, the vibrations are now almost violent, the hum is near deafening. Jaden places his hands to his ears and grimaces in discomfort, but does not drop his weapon, although the urge to use it increases exponentially. And almost as suddenly as it had begun, with a flash, the the light winks out, the vibrations stop, and the humming ceases.

    "This has suddenly become my least favourite place in the entire gal..."

    Jaden does not complete his sentence as he is now staring at something he was not expecting to see.

    In place of the blue light now stood a seven foot rectangle of carbonite. A figure of a man stood plainly on the front of it. Well preserved by the looks of him. A control panel was on the right side of the encasement and was blinking steadily. With a shower of sparks, the panel shorts out. The carbonite begins to glow, then turns bright orange as it begins to melt, finally spilling a man to the floor.

    For half a second, Jaden stared...then hooked back his lightsaber hilt to his belt ring and rushed towards the fallen man.

    It only took Jaden a few moments to check for the man's vital signs. To his surprise, they were a lot stronger than he had anticipated.

    "He's alive." Jaden said as he looked up at both at Kyle and Kalak-Mure.

    So now there were four of them trapped inside the infernal room. Jaden was getting a bad feeling about all this.

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  14. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Kyle Katarn
    Somewhere dark . . .

    A Jensaari. "At least we don´t need to kill him." Kyle sighed and took his lightsaber from the ground. Removing the energy cell, to end the sparkling he hung the remains of the weapon at his belt. Probably he would be able to repair it later. "Pleased to meet you Kalak-Mure."

    Jaden took over the talking, which gave Kyle a moment to look around. "I'm Jaden Korr, Jedi Apprentice..."

    Then his mind returned to the Jensaari. The armor reminded him of the Reborn. But it was to skillfully crafted for them. He had heard about the Jensaari-sect before and the armored man fit what little profile he had of these secretive people. Corran Horn had once talked about them, if he remembered right. Luke had mentioned them, too. Nothing substantial that helped him now. But that the guy talked, was a good sign. People tended to kill him with no words at all. Or one-liners at best. So talking was sign of non-hostility. Turning to Jaden he was about to give his apprentice a we need to watch this guy, anyway look, when the glowing on the other side of the room began. Kyle turned around, his rifle naturally aiming into the direction he was looking at. Carbonite. He hadn´t seen any of this since his mission to Bespin. And that had been several years ago.

    " ... and this is ..." Jaden did not end his words, as he saw the carbonite melting, too. The light and suddenly the man appearing out of the stature of himself he had been seconds before. "I'm not liking this..." Jaden hissed out. "That makes two of us." Kyle only replied and readied the rifle. The man collapsed to the ground, as Jdaen said something about his least favourite place in the galaxy. Kyle looked up and then down at the man, as Jaden checked his vital signs. In the force Kyle already felt he was alive. Even though he had been frozen for quite a bit, probably. "He´s alive." Jaden said and looked at him and the Jensaari. "And well preserved I bet." Kyle sighed and looked at the door. Then at the walls. "We need to get out of here, before someone appears who is not so friendly. I don´t think the guy there hung himself up like this. Mure, the walls are of metal. Can you try to melt them with your saber?" He asked and pointed to the wall that appeared to be the thinnest. On his knees next to the newest entry he talked to the man placing his hand on his shoulder. "You will be blinded for a few minutes, don´t panic. It´s a harmless and temporary sideffect of being frozen in carbonite. I am Kyle Katarn and with me is Jaden Korr. We´re Jedi. And a Jensaari Defender named Kalak-Mure is also here, so you are well protected, my friend until you can see again." He assured the man. Padded his shoulder and left out the details until he knew who this was.

    Then he looked back at Jaden. "I know what you think. You´re right. This is bad. Real bad." He smirked. "Even by my standards." Then he turned over to the Jensaari, while he helped the newcomer to his feet. "Is it working?" He asked. And he hoped it did. This party was getting crowded. They had to get out of this cell. They needed to find out what was going on. And most likely they would then eed to stop it.

    Tag: Grey, Vangarian, Aurelius, JediHigh
  15. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    "Carbonite?!...How long?..."

    Tag: Guys.
  16. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Unknown

    IC: As Davin Sustra.

    Davin took deep gradual breaths, listening to the voices as they spoke to one another then to himself. The one who came near sounded like he was from the rim. Not clipped and precise like from Couscant or loose and relaxed like at Corelia. Somewhere he hadn't gone to yet. As for the younger sounding voice, that was definately Coruscantian. No doubt about it. The third one was definately a wild card. Most likely from the outer rim but Davin couldn't place just where exactly. The thirds one's speech seemed steeped in tradition and discipline from the sounding of his voice. Just a gut feeling he had about that one.

    Come on eyes. Start working already. I'm as good as helpless while blind. At least no one has tried to snuff me right here and now.

    The place was slightly damp and the air seemed stale. Davin cleared his throat to speak and get their attention.

    "By the sound of it I'd say we're in a relatively small room. I don't feel any fresh air flowing from a ventilation system. Are we stuck here,... presently?

    Tag: Anyone.
  17. Aurelius_the_Grey

    Aurelius_the_Grey Jedi Youngling

    Sep 28, 2009
    Possibly his least favorite part of the galaxy...

    Mure had just placed his saber at his hip when the humming began. He spun about quickly, and with a flick of his wrists, the hidden blades in his armor came out, fully extended. They shone blue as the vibration started with a pulse. Dropping to a basic defensive combat stance, he saw that a large rectangle of light was pulsing in the back of the room. He blinked, and then there was a block of carbonite with a well preserved man inside.

    The control panel on the side of the encasement shorted-out, and the carbonite melted quickly. The younger Jedi, Jaden, rushed to the man`s side, and checked for life signs. The man was alive. Hopefully nothing else decided to materialize in the cell.

    "We need to get out of here, before someone appears who is not so friendly. I don´t think the guy there hung himself up like this. Mure, the walls are of metal. Can you try to melt them with your saber?"

    Kalak simply nodded, still caught at unawares. With another flick of his wrists, the blades disappeared back into the armor, and Mure drew his lightsaber, not yet igniting it.

    He walked up to the wall that the other Jedi, the one with the blaster rifle, had pointed towards and tapped against it. It gave a nice hollow sound, and that was a very good sign. He switched on his lightsaber, and the familiar sound and feel was back. It comforted Mure, to know his weapon was still in working order, unlike the Jedi with the blaster rifle.

    The red blade sliced into the metal with a bit of effort, and Mure was able to cut a four foot by six foot opening without much trouble. He left the smallest attachment at the bottom, and gave the new exit a solid kick. The wall gave a little bit, just as the other Jedi asked if it was working.

    "Just fine, Blaster, we'll be out in a minute."

    With one more solid kick the small piece of uncut metal gave way and the new door crashed into the hallway. It made a lot of noise, and Mure drew away from the hole instantly, almost disappearing into the dark corner. As the light from his saber turned off, he became almost invisible. He drew the hilt of his saber up to a striking stance, and waited to see if anything would respond to the noise.

    Hopefully not.

    TAG: JH, and others.
  18. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009
    Room of Darkness

    Almost immediately after Meru started cutting, a strange smell wafted from the opening. It was a combination of meat left out in the sun too long, and over ripe fruit that had split open. When Meru kicked the cut metal piece free, the ring of metal on metal reverberated through the air. It seemed as if the room itself trembled with rage. In the darkness nothing stirred, only the sickly smell emanated from the darkness.

    With a vicious groan, the dead armored man, -the one that Kyle had appropriated the blaster from- twitched. His arm snapped up from his body at inhuman speeds, at an angle that would cause considerable pain to anyone else. With frightening speed the rest of the man was up right. One shoulder looked dislocated (though any indication that it bothered him or even hindered him could not be found), and his head was held at an oblique angle. His eyes were glazed over with the look of death, and stared into nothing. His shredded lips were peeled back over cracked teeth. Black veins spider-webbed from the wounds in his face.

    At the same time, to those who could feel it, the Force... changed. It was almost like a curtain of vileness had covered it. Like a film of rancid oil on top of pure water, and one would have to reach through the taint before they could pull a cup of that water to them.

    The armored man snarled as he lurched towards the nearest person, Kyle. It moved with the opposite of grace, all stiff and right angles, but with no less sureness and speed. The gloves that encased his hands bulged at the fingertips, and three-inch black claws burst forth. The claws looked razor sharp and they dripped a viscous liquid.

    The armored man lunged at his target bringing his hands in to rake and maim.

    Tag: Grey, Vangarian, Aurelius, Fin.

    OOC: I would remind everyone that there is no godmoding, and now... Have fun.
  19. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Kyle Katarn

    The man obviously knew as little about their currentlocation as those not forzen in carbonite. "Don´t know how long you´ve been in there, but yeah . . . we´re stuck in a chamber and the door is locked. So I think it is pretty save to assume we are . . ." He never ended his sentence, as he heard the sound of bones being forced into place from behind. Something changed in hte force. He pulled his brows together, trying ot make it out. He was supposed to be a Jedi Master at least . . . but he found something else more pressing asking for his attention in the living energyfield. Danger coming from behind. Growing fast. Slowly he turned his head and saw the creature charge towards him. It was the bonty hunter, or something resembling it. The claws came nearer, as he spitted out a single word: "Crap!"

    And rolled himself to the side, to avoid any contact with it and it´s yet unknown fluid at all. While in air he was firing the blaster rifle at the creature´s legs. "Attack!" He yelled more out of routine. It was pretty safe to assume the iother had not missed it.

    Tag: JediHighlander, GreyJedi, Vangarian, Aurelius
  20. Aurelius_the_Grey

    Aurelius_the_Grey Jedi Youngling

    Sep 28, 2009
    Dark Room

    The foul smell wafted into the room as the steel wall hit the floor outside the room with a crash. The moaning coming from the dead soldier sounded almost inhuman. Kalak had been watching the opening, and ignoring the dead man. As he turned he heard a blaster rifle firing, and saw the blaster Jedi doing a combat dive and firing at the soldiers legs.

    The soldier was upright, and very hostile. Mure didn't waist anytime, this zombie needed to be stopped before the blinded one was hurt. He reached out for the zombie's ankle and pulled hard, hoping to pull the legs out from under him. Yet for all of his concentration, he was wholly unable to get a firm grasp.

    Yet he accomplished giving away his hidden position.

    "Sith's blood!" Kalak cursed loudly, as he lifted his hands, and the debris on the floor with it. Then he attempted to accelerate it towards the dead one, but he could not get it to a speed that would puncture the armor.

    Something was very wrong. The force was distant, or hidden it seemed. It was as though there was a wall in between Kalak and the force, and for all his attempts, he could not break through it.

    But now was not the time for philosophy, for the zombie was charging Kalak. It seemed unaware of the blinded one, and that was all Kalak could hope for at the moment.

    The Zombie charged, yet it seemed to be dragging the ankle that Blaster had shot out. At least it could be hurt.

    Kalak waited one hundredth of a second longer before igniting his saber, and spinning left, raising his saber to cut the had that was slashing at him. The claws scraped across his right arm. The armor protected him from the claws.

    Bringing up the red blade of his saber, he scored a wound across the soldiers wrist. The zombies armor was broken, and more of the foul gas escaped, along with the vile stench.

    "SHOOT IT, SHOOT IT!!!" Kalak yelled. The dripping liquid seemed like something that shouldn't be touched, and that blaster rifle was looking more and more attractive all the time.

    Turning ever so slightly to the right, Kalak used a combat roll that he learned back in his days as a young street urchin. He came up in a crouched position, facing his opponent, hoping that a few more blaster bolts would put him down.

    TAG: Fins, Vangarian, Grey
    OOC: My character's force abilities were almost neutralized, but maybe the Jedi with more experience won't be so immobilized? Just a thought.
  21. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Jaden Korr
    Location: Jaden's least favourite place in the galaxy

    "I know what you think. You´re right. This is bad. Real bad."

    Kyle's words seemed to echo Jaden's thoughts, which did not surprise the Jedi apprentice whatsoever, since Kyle was his master and had a penchant for finishing his sentences now and again.

    "Even by my standards." Kyle added, which made Jaden frown a little. He knew what that tone in Kyle's voice meant. They were in a bad position, even for jedi. But Jaden felt secure in the presence of his master, who had begun to take charge of their escape efforts by directing the Jensaarai to cut a hole in the wall. Jaden turned to the new arrival as he started to move. The young jedi was glad to see that the man formerly frozen in carbonite was doing fine. He seemed a bit anxious, which was completely understandable, given his temporary blindness and possible disorientation.

    "By the sound of it I'd say we're in a relatively small room. I don't feel any fresh air flowing from a ventilation system. Are we stuck here,... presently?"

    "You're pretty perceptive for someone who'd just emerged from carbonite." Jaden observed with a bit of humor. "Stuck? yeah, seems that way, but we're working on it. Presently."

    Jaden knew the man could not see his clever smile, but he smiled anyway and turned at the sound of Kyle's voice and the Malak's handiwork.

    "Is it working?" Kyle asked. The answer came in the form of a thump followed by loud metallic clanging beyond the wall. Immediately, a powerful stench invaded the room. Jaden wrinkled his nose reflexively and tried not to be the only one who pinched his nostrils.

    "What a wonderful smell you've discovered..." He commented to no one in particular. Then the hairs on Jaden's nape stood up. A wrongness he'd never experienced before coursed through him, causing him to shiver.

    With a vicious groan, the dead armored man, -the one that Kyle had appropriated the blaster from- twitched. For a second, Jaden was stunned as he witnessed the dead man do something he should not have been able to do.


    As that occurred, Jaden felt nausea wash over him as he experienced an unprecedented change in the Force. It almost made him want to retch. The Force felt somehow repulsively tainted. The dead armored man snarled and lurched towards the nearest person, Kyle.

    In that instant, everything seemed to happen so fast. The revenant's gauntlets produced razor sharp claws, which dripped a viscous liquid. That could not be good at all, especially coming from someone who was supposed to be dead. With impressive speed, the creature lunged at Kyle.

    Close quarter combat ensued in a blink of an eye!

    Kyle evaded and put his acquired blaster to good use, opting to fire at the revenant's legs in hopes of slowing it down. The Jensaarai seemed 'off' somehow as he join in the fray, but battled well enough to keep himself from being harmed by the revenant's claws. Jaden felt an overwhelming urge to assist, but first...

    Jaden did not hesitate as he positioned the man from the carbonite towards the recently made opening and directed him with a firm voice.

    "Crawl in that direction. Feel with your hands as you go. It's not safe here. Move!"

    Jaden turned to join the fight and summoned the Force, only to feel a wave of nausea overtake him. Jaden stumbled, but quickly regained his footing as he came in with an upward lightsaber slice, which ignited at the last possible moment. The attack was aimed at the wrist Malak had injured, but should that miss, Jaden was ready to follow up with a classic force push towards a wall, that is, if the force cooperated at all.

    Tag: Fins, Vangarian, Aurelius, JH [face_dancing] (Vangarian, looks like we almost posted simultaneously!LOL)
  22. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Davin Sustra

    Really, really dark room.

    IC: As Davin Sustra.

    "Don´t know how long you´ve been in there, but yeah . . . we´re stuck in a chamber and the door is locked. So I think it is pretty safe to assume we are . . ."

    There had been a foul odor of rotten meat and rotten vegetation in the stale air just after the sound of a humming Lightsaber cutting through what seemed to sound like a thick metal wall. This was punctuated with a resounding clang as the wall or door or whatever it was hit the floor. Just as the voice from the outer rim was about to say the word "Trapped" or "stuck", there came an unsettling sound of bone and sinew grinding and crunching in interaction and then foot steps from yet another person Davin hadn't been aware of at all.

    Davin felt the rush of adrenalin coursing though his veins and arteries as the fight or flight responce kicked in.

    He heard outer-rim exclaim the word "Crap". Then there was movement while Bone-crunch came on then changed coarse.

    Davin began deliberately to hyperventilate and oxygenate his blood.


    Blaster Rifle fire followed by a return of the humming sound of a Lightsaber sweeping through the air.

    He heard diciplined-one exclaim aloud, "Sith's blood!". Bone-crunch changed course again and charged-or perhaps hobbled quickly was the better description-towards disciplined-one's voice.

    Yes! He could feel it now! A definite tingling in his eyes was taking place as more oxygenated blood began awakening his optic nervous system!

    "Shoot it! Shoot it!" he heard disciplined-one yell out.

    A glimmer! Yes! Just a little more time! he desperately thought...

    Tag: Jaden, Kyle, Kalak and GM.

  23. JediHighlander

    JediHighlander Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2009
    Room of Darkness

    As Kyle dived out of the revenant's way, the blaster bolts struck the creature's legs staggering it. Something seemed to draw it to Mure and the creature charged, raking its claws across cortosis armor. The Jensaarai's lightsaber swept up and connected with its wrist, injuring it. Mure rolled away and the creature again lost interest in its intended prey.

    It turned towards Jaden as the apprentice attacked. The upward slice of Jaden's lightsaber severed the revenant's hand cleanly, but the creature acted like it was a minor inconvenience at best. It was about to strike with it's other hand, when Jaden's Force push slammed it backwards into the wall. It crumpled to the ground with a howl. It was the first sign that it had felt any attack.

    A wave of nausea hit Jaden. To have accomplished the Force push, he had had to waded through the taint. And now it felt like it covered him in a sickly slime of corruption. It felt like his soul was drowning in filth, in a black tar of... wrongness.

    It lasted only a few heartbeats before beginning to fade.

    The revenant was getting back up. Steam or smoke, it was hard to tell which, wafted from between armored joints and from exposed skin. The skin itself looked mildly burned and there was a brittleness to it that was not there before. Its breastplate cracked and fell off of it in pieces. Its bare chest was pale and crisscrossed with the Black veins. Each vein could be traced back to a mass of black tissue that was over its heart and with every move of the creature it pulsed.

    The severed hand lay on the floor, and twitched twice before flipping over and, using its fingers to pull itself along, inched towards the helpless Davin, leaving a trailing black blood.

    Again the revenant lurched towards Jaden, who was a good twenty paces away. It was slower then it had been and it staggered more then it had before.

    Tag: Vangarian, GreyJedi125, Fins, Aurelius.

    OOC: A note to the Force users. The taint doesn't make it difficult to use the Force, you just can't use it with out touching the taint first. Its kinda like toxic waste of the soul.

    Another OOC: I remind everyone that there is no godmoding allowed!
  24. Aurelius_the_Grey

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    Sep 28, 2009
  25. JediHighlander

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    Aug 27, 2009
    [hl=black]GM Action
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    Please resume play from my last update.


    [hl=black][color=red]GM Action Update[/color]

    It has been brought to my attention that there is a difference between Godmoding and Auto-Hitting, and that I never said there was no auto-hitting in this game. I acknowledge this.

    That being said in my mind auto-hitting was the same as godmoding.

    I will ask a mod to add "No Auto-Hitting" to the rules on the first page. the above post is still to be Disregarded.

    Thank you for your patience. You may resume play.

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