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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by JediHighlander, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Observation Theater, Unknown

    His head was pounding. That was his first coherent thought as he unleashed a quiet moan from his lips and willed himself to roll over onto his side. Even that took too much effort and the harsh reality that he was not as young as he used to be hit him like a durasteel wall all over again. Damn muscles not wanting to cooperate! What was wrong with him? It had never effected him this much before...unless...something happened.

    Han grit his teeth against the throbbing in his head and the dull pain radiating from his joints as he forced his eyelids open. His surroundings were blurry at first, but slowly, things began to come into focus. The room was fairly plain with no defining features except for the glass viewport staring back at him. But that couldn't be right...what happened to the genetics lab? They had just stepped off the turbolift and were searching the abandoned offices for more information when--

    A vibration accompanied by a blue light, then--some sort of...white flash?

    Furrowing his brow with concern, Han pulled himself upward and drew in a deep breath to compose himself. Again, his eyes caught the glass viewport directly in front of him and he noticed his reflection, distorted and mocking, staring back at him in the mirrored surface. He sneered at the visage before turning away to dwell on his rotten luck. So, he had been right after all - something had happened. The question was...what?

    Those answers weren't going to come easy, he was sure of that. Still, he figured things could be much worse. At least he wasn't stuck in this place alone. Across the way, Jan Ors was already on her feet and fiddling with some sort of device to the far left of the viewport. Han scoffed, a crooked smirk turning up one corner of his mouth as he rose slowly to join her. "That was some trip, huh?" he remarked sarcastically, idly observing what she was working on. "I didn't expect to see you here. Any idea what happened...where we are?"

    There was a sharp crackle before a mechanized voice filtered in over a speaker. ?Statement: Subject 1138 has effected self-release. This is unacceptable.?

    It took Han a moment to realize that the device Ors had been working on was indeed an intercom of some sort and that it was connected to the room on the other side of the viewport. Narrowing his eyes, Han looked beyond his distorted reflection in the glass and watched as the source of the voice, a medical droid, stalked forward to attend to a human patient. ?Statement: Subject 1138 must be subdued and returned to Examination Table Three.?

    Han swallowed. "Something tells me we shouldn't be here." He started to slowly backpedal, keeping a careful eye on the mobile patient. "If that guy was strapped down in the first place, it was for good reason. I don't wanna find out what he's capable of. I had enough surprises for one day."

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  2. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Asyr Sei'lar
    Genetics Lab went bye bye...

    The intercom suddenly came to life, and a feminine voice (obviously computer generated) announced... "Alert, this is a Code 7 Alert. Initiating emergency counter insurgency measures."

    Emergency counter measures?? That didnt sound good at all! But Asyr didnt get much time to think about it, as suddenly a great vibration hit the station hard. Blue light pulsed and the vibration grew to an audible hum. It became a deafening roar, everything became white......

    She winked into existence two meters above the deck. Frack!! She spun wildly, trying to get her legs under her, as she landed hard, droping down on all fours as she took a look around her. First thing she noticed was that she was alone! What had happened to the others?! She gripped her blaster, as she took a wild look around her.

    The room was large and well lit and decidedly cold. She could hear movement from across the room, and as she took stock found a man fighting a Revenant. Luckily the Revenant was focused entirely on its current opponent. All the fur on her back stood on end. Not those dead things again!! Her hand tightened on her blaster.

    Another look around would reveal her location, as the Lambda class shuttle and a smaller shuttle she was vaguely certain was some sort of Soro-Sub came into her view. The docking bay!! Where was the door?! She tried to decide what she was closer to, a door, or a ship. She could get the heck out of this cursed place!! But that strange man... one of the ships was mostly likely his. She didnt know anything about the man. He could even be responsible for this place. Then again, if he was, he might be able to provide answers. But, even if he wasnt, leaving him to the mercy of a Revenant seemed rather dark, even for her.

    She quickly decided.

    She ran.

    She moved as quickly as possible, looking to find something, ANYTHING for cover. Once she found cover, she brought up her weapon and preaparred to fire.

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    OOC: Character is also looking for a doorway, in caseu things go wrong. Want to locate door first.
  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Kyle Katarn

    His blade hurled around, the creature did not care about preserving itself. Striking out at him and loosing it´s arm. Behind it, it´s colleague seemed to have lost the ability to regenerate and instead crawled away from the fight. Kyle stayed focused on the enemy at hand. Dodging, striking, dodging, slashing at it´s left leg. Dodging, dodging another blow, then leap up and pushed himself away from the wall, slicing down. The head of the creature was severed, followed by it´s left arm and left leg. Heavy breathing, every breath hurting, he turned to the door. Only to see a huge acid hole in it. Behind it there was no creature anymore. Simply because the creature was nearby. Most likely behind him. Kyle cursed himself for having not given the door enough attention. Then he smelled the foul odor of the attacker, as it raised itself behind him.

    He dived, but the strike of the thing came from behind and was brought up to his head. While he turned, the creature behind him got him. His own blade pierced flesh exactly the same moment. Hitting him with something metal and throwing him several meters back into the wall Kyle gasped in pain. His head felt the impact and the agony began spreading. His hand seemed to spin, as he tried to focus on the third and last enemy approaching. Kyle raised his lightsaber and brought it down. Just as the things claw hit him.

    It all went dark. Kyle´s hand holding the lightsaber tighter, as his body hit the floor. Something else seemed to collapse next to him. The black fluid spreading from his slice in the enemies body covering Kyle´s face.

    May the force be with me.

    That was his last thought and he lost consciousness.

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  4. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    IC as Davin Sustra

    The intercom suddenly came to life, and a feminine voice (obviously computer generated) announced... ?Alert, this is a Code 7 Alert. Initiating emergency counter insurgency measures.?
    With that, a great vibration hit the station hard. Blue light pulsed and the vibration grew to an audible hum. It became a deafening roar, everything became white......

    Jaden and Davin awoke in a small room. To either side of them were racks of inactive utility droids. The boxy little cleaning droids that Imperials were so fond of. There was a door a few feet in front of them.
    A deep hum reverberated through the flooring. It was diferent from the hum that acompanied the blue light though. This was more like the hum of an engine or of a reactor.

    Davin checked with Jaden as he'd pushed himself hard before things went bonkers a few seconds before. He seemed well enough and Davin got up to inspect their surroundings in the small room. Droids! Davin checked for batteries in them with his multi-tool also he checked them for anything else such as chemicals for stubborn stains on floors and other surfaces. Leaning on his training he began searching through the jell pack batteries of the cleaning droids for sufuric acid to be mixed with certain of the cleaning chemicals in order to appropriate a means of creating an explosive combination. He'd need a way of mixing them together, so Davin began searching for a pan that was resistant to the sulfuric acid from the battery jell packs.

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  5. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Silent Night

    His blade sang straight and true through the air. It sunk into his attacker?s face and did little more than cause the creature, whatever it was, to jerk back from the impact.


    Alexander showed no emotion, he simply tilted his head to the left a fraction in confusion. Apparently steel wouldn?t harm, slow down, or otherwise affect the creature attacking him now.

    That was fine though, Knives weren?t the only weapon in Alexander?s arsenal. He had the Force, though he could not rely on it at the moment. The thing attacking him had been a bit more than dead only moments prior.

    As thoughts raced through Alexander?s mind at lightspeed, he recalled the moment leading to the attack.

    The Dusty man, the black tar like goo that had seeped out of cracks in the things skin and seemed to animate it.

    It was linked to that black substance somehow.

    And then there was a flash of blue light, and the sound of scurrying. But whatever had just appeared out of nothing didn?t seem to be tied to the immediate threat. So Alexander filed it away at the back of his brain as he started taking steps backwards away from the creature. He had to quicken his pace into a few short hops to open the gap between them. He needed a moment to take it all in. How could he take this thing down quickly?

    That was the methodical thinking that had been bred into him during his training. A fight only turned into a fight if it was drawn out. He had been taught to eliminate threats quickly and effectively before it escalated out of his control. Currently he was faster than the creature, but should the battle draw out, he may tire quicker than his foe. The closest his brain came to classifying the attacking creature was nothing short of the term ?Zombie.?

    It had all of the characteristics of something dead. Decayed flesh, discoloration, not to mention that the things eyes looked?.rotten.

    He wanted to destroy it immediately, but he was on a mission. A mission of information gathering. He needed to find out what the thing really was. The Dust Man had apparently used some kind of Force power to animate the thing. What kind of technique was it exactly?

    He was going to find out. But first he needed to deal with the disgusting creature that was more interested in tearing him apart than thinking about the philosophical aspect of why they were both there in the first place.

    So be it. Let?s find out if it is a heart that makes you move, or something else, creature?

    Alexander tucked his right hand behind his thigh, inside of his coat and removed a silver cylinder.

    His arm went high as the lightsaber hilt rotated across his palm. Through muscle memory alone, Alexander stopped the hilt at the perfect point of rotation, leaving the emitter pointing behind him as he fell into a swordsman stance. The crimson beam ignited and rushed to it?s full length over his shoulder. His free hand fell quickly and elegantly on the pommel of the hilt.

    As soon as his left hand was supporting his weapon, Alexander sprang forward. His eyes were dead, not in the same fashion as his opponent exactly, but rather they were cold and expressionless. He was just a tool of combat, bred by the Empire to search and destroy.

    Silent Night rushed right to the terminator point of close combat and folded his left knee under his body as he fell backwards.

    The maneuver brought his face a few minimal inches away from a wild clawed strike that would have raked his face otherwise.

    Alexander slid behind the Zombie thing and planted his free foot, bringing himself upright and into the air using the momentum of the slide. He spread both arms to his sides as he soared backwards with his legs coming up in front of him, forming a back flip. But his lightsaber was much longer than either arm and he was not yet clear of the monster yet. His blade hand swept out in an arc towards the creatures right shoulder, aiming to separate the tumor like protrusion that looked as if it was formed from the black substance that had given t
  6. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Jaden Korr
    Space station...

    It was pure instinct which caused Jaden to sit up, even though he felt quite disoriented. It was a more defensible position than lying down on his back. His Master's lessons where, thankfully, deeply ingrained by now. Well, most of them anyway.


    Jaden looked around as he rose to his feet. They were no longer in the corridor, and he didn't remember moving. Once again, something or someone had 'moved' them against their will.

    Hmm. Rows of inactive utility droids. Not much else, beside that, the one door and that deep penetrating hum, which seemed to come from everywhere. Were day near some sort of reactor?

    Jaden wheeled around and noticed the man who'd been in carbonite. Davin. He appeared to be working on something...chemical, from the smell of it.

    "So, it's just you and me..." Jaden said overstating the obvious as he walked up to the door and examined it.

    "Hmm....I wonder where the others are?" he said to no one in particular as he closed his eyes for a brief second. He didn't sense any force taint. Not yet at least. Looking back, he saw that Davin had examined one of the droids.

    "Do you think you could extract data from those little guys?" He asked casually. "Perhaps if we could see the routes they take during their cleaning rounds, or even gain some of their access codes, we could get an idea of where we are in relation to where we were...or even find our way to the others." He said with hope in his voice.

    By the Force, I really hope everyone is alright.

    Jaden's thoughts were racing. They had somehow tripped an alarm of some sort. That, and Spatial movement was no small feat. Either via the Force or technology. Whatever was going on, was truly deep on a very serious level. Hmm....

    Looking at the door, he wondered if they were shut in. Only one way to find out.

    But before he could even reach for it, he felt a sudden pain to his head, which caused him to grimace, but somehow, he immediately knew it was not his pain he felt.

    "Kyle!" he yelled in alarm.


    Jaden closed his eyes and tried to remain calm. He attempted to feel for his Master in the Force. Their bond was strong and he'd used it several times to glean the 'general' location of his master, but right now... he was getting nothing, which was totally inconclusive. It didn't mean Kyle was dead. It just meant he could not find him at the moment, which meant that they were all in greater danger if Kyle was somehow out of the picture. That was especially true for Jan.

    "We need to get out of here immediately." Jaden said pointedly as he reached for his lightsaber....and missed. Kyle. He'd borrowed it after Jaden's stunt in the Main Operations Chamber. A sigh escaped the young Jedi's lips.

    "Ok....let's try this."

    Jaden went to open the door. If that should fail, he was of the mind-set of putting his growing aggressive feelings to good use. He didn't imagine Kyle would disapprove.

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  7. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Davin realized that Jaden had come to and was upright. Soon He figured he'd be on his feet. The chemicals were a bust and so was the jell packs as far as explosives were concerned. Jaden made a suggestion on checking the mapping of the units for information on the droids cleaning assignments. Davin got to work on a second droid to see if that would work better. Bingo! He then used his multitool for an upload of the station's layout. Being an agent of the Empire had its uses as much as he'd become opposed to what it was becoming while he'd been an opperative.

    "Kyle! No..." yelled, then almost choked, Jaden. Davin looked his way in concern then realized that Jaden being a Jedi was sensing something about the senior Jedi, Kyle. Something bad had happened to him. Davin's mind began to race as his training with adrenalin induced mental speed began to pay off. They were coming for them. Divide and conquer was usually the tactic. Davin tapped into his heightened senses to feel outward as to what was going on as he adjusted his multitool to project an image of the droid's memory of the station's layout for them to see. Jaden was heading for the door making a grab at something that wasn't there. His Lightsaber was gone. Kyle had it.

    "OK....let's try this" said Jaden as he neared the door. Davin turned and tried activating another one of the droids to see if it could serve a purpose such as leading them to wherever they needed to go to. The humming he'd been hearing wasn't like the blue flash had accompanied, but more of the type from an imperial station reactor.

    "Jaden I believe we have a reactor near by from the sounds of it. Maybe this little fellow can lead us to other resources that can be brought to bare against whoever or whatever is responcible for the calamity going on in this fascility. Besides that I've got a downloaded memory from the one I cannibalized. We now have a map and some fresh energy jell packs. I've been thinking of ways to stop that black colored goo. One possibility may be the use of electricity," he spoke. The cleaningdroid came on upon activation then walked foreward out of its downtime station expectantly as if to recieve orders.

    "Hey little guy er..."-Davin quickly looked at the designator symbols on the droid-"unit 41527 can you go and please do a real good cleaning job on the nearest armory?" Davin realised that it was clutching straws at best, but he had to at least try on the off chance that it might work.

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  8. Republic_Anvil

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    Oct 24, 2009
    IC ? Update

    The Revenant shrieked. Night's lightsaber burned through the Neuron Cluster that drove the creature. It crumpled to the ground like a limp sack of Nerf hide, and became still. Still on guard Night prodded the creature with his boot.
    For now.

    Asyr peaked up from behind the large tool chest that she had taken cover from. She had been preparing to fire on the Revenant when the stranger had pulled a lightsaber and killed it. The thing had screamed so loud she was sure everyone on the station now knew where they were.

    She watched as the human prodded the Revenant to make sure it was dead. She had a decision on her hands now. She could try and team up with the human or she could take the door that was directly behind her and see where it lead.

    Both had their appeal and perils. The prospect of teaming up with an, obviously, well trained warrior was appealing. On the other hand she didn't know him and he could turn out to be less then friendly. The door could get her away from said unfriendly, but she would be moving away from the ships. Any move towards the ships would be seen but the door was covered from sight.
    Asyr sighed to herself quietly, it all came down to trust or the lack of it.

    Keeping a weary eye on the corpse that could, for all he knew, get up and tango again, Night ran quickly through a mental list.

    One dust covered human...ish thing that had some unknown powers, check. One obviously dead corpse that needed killing again, check. One unexplained blue flash...
    he had almost forgotten about that.

    Not much time had passed since the Dust man had left. If he hurried he could probably catch up. Then again the blue flash was curious. Kriff he couldn't do both. He had to decide which presented the most gain.

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    Droid closet

    He started the droid up. Its little display screen lit up like a life day cake.
    [Startup sequence initialized]
    [Starting Diagnostics....Green]
    [Activating visual, and audio sensors]
    Davin wasted no time.
    "Hey little guy er...unit 41527 can you go and please do a real good cleaning job on the nearest armory?"
    [Retinal scan in progress......Unauthorized personnel]
    [self-distruct initiated]

    As he reached the door, Jaden still felt a little dizzy from his recent traveling, if one could call having your atoms scrambled transmitted and then reassembled traveling. It didn't help that the voices were back in his head. They were indistinguishable from the hum that surrounded them but he could feel them there in the back of his head.
    The door took a bit of forcing but he finally got it open. Outside he could see what looked like a reactor room. The large glass coolant vats surrounding a shielded core, and farther down the room more of the same. Twenty four fusion cores in all. Enough to power a couple of Star Destroyers.
    He turned back to see Davin fiddling with the droid when his danger sense went berserk.

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    Observation Room

    Han - Jan
    They watched the human as he made a mad dash to a bundle of what looked like armor. The droid mimicked the move and jabbed the needle into his arm. The man went limp in seconds, and fell to the floor.
    The droid hurriedly picked him up and set him on the table.
    ?Statement: Subject 1138 has malfunctioned. Recommend full autopsy to diagnose problem. ?
    With that the droid began to attach surgical instruments to is appendages. It was apparent that, to the MedDroid, it didn't matter that ?Subject 1138? wasn't dead yet.

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  9. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Silent Night

    Well the thing was definitely dead? again. His hunch had been correct in assuming that the black cluster on the things shoulder had been what was giving it life.

    He flicked out his foot and tapped the fallen creature just to make sure he didn?t get a reaction. It remained still.

    The Force came back to him now, and the sickly thick feeling was gone. What a strange sensation it was.

    Silent Night powered down his lightsaber and walked briskly over to his ship, keeping and eye on the area he felt the other presence hiding. He could see it was a Bothan from her peeking over her cover. She was just being cautious. He didn?t feel she was going to shoot at him yet. Even so, he didn?t clip his deactivated lightsaber back to his belt. Instead he kept it handy as he strode quickly up the landing ramp to his vessel. He looked around quickly then extended his hand and used the Force to rip out essential wiring from a console. The ship would not even power up unless they were replaced. He backed out and continued eyeing the Bothan female, keeping an eye on what she was doing. Something was familiar about her, but Alexander couldn?t put his finger on it. He trotted over to the shuttle he was parked next to and used to Force to randomly tear at some of it?s inner systems from the outside.

    He had things to do, and until he found out what in space was going on around this station, no one was going anywhere. He could question the Bothan woman later if it came to that. But the prime suspect in whatever was going on around here was the Dust Man with his strange powers. His decision was made before he could think about it. He sprinted off in the direction the Dust Man had gone, but stopped short as he felt out with the Force.

    The man was gone from his senses completely.

    Damn?. Alternative it is then.

    Alexander turned his head back towards the Bothan and began walking back towards her. She probably thought that he was crazy at this point. Having ripped the guts out of any chance of escape and then running off in one direction, only to stop short, turn around and walk back to her.

    He kept his deadpan eyes on her the whole time as he approached, It probably would have been a non threatening gesture, had he clipped his lightsaber back in it?s spot. He wasn?t subtle out in the open. She had already spotted him in the light and trying to hide from her gaze was pointless now.

    Silent Night came forward and stopped a few meters in front of her with his hands down at his sides, his trench coat came to a halt behind his legs as he stopped moving.

    ?You there. Who are you, what is your name, how did you get here, and what was that blue flash??

    Even if his tone was even and deadpan, like his eyes, he was about as direct as direct could be on a first meeting with someone pointing a blaster at him.

    Night just stared at her until she answered. He clipped his lightsaber back behind his leg, under his coat, showing a sign of peace. Little did the Bothan know that he was more deadly with his knives than with the energy blade. But he would only pull a knife on her if she decided to be hostile. As a safety precaution however, Night kept his senses on her trigger finger, waiting for the slightest hint of a squeeze.

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  10. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Jaden Korr
    Space station, droid closet, near reactor

    Hmmm. Electricity. Jaden considered Davin's suggestion as a means to combat the revenants. Unlike most Jedi, Jaden was able to employ the darkside ability - Force Lightning, thanks to Kyle's teachings. And though his ability was not as great as Kyle's in that department, it was still a very efficient force weapon. The thing of it was, Jaden had to reach into a very dark place within himself to be able to channel that power. His anger was not as well 'regulated' as Kyle's, and once he went 'dark', well, he usually needed some help getting back to the light. This 'station' was not a place he wished to get 'lost' in.

    However, from what he's gleaned so far, the revenants were powered by 'tainted Force' and were adversely affected by 'clean Force'. Perhaps Force lightning was not such a good idea after all and a more conventional solution was needed. Jaden sighed and wished Kyle was around so they could review the matter. But until Kyle was found, he'd have to do his best while alone. Still, Davin's suggestion was something to consider.

    Turning his attention to the issue at hand, Jaden was actually surprised when the door finally opened after a bit of prodding. He chuckled as he thought how he was getting more like his Master, almost distrusting the very shadow under his feet.

    Outside the droid closet, the ambient hum grew louder, as was expected.

    As the jedi took a quick look around to familiarize himself with their new surroundings, he saw enough coolant vats and shielded cores to power several Star Destroyers. Needless to say, this simply added to the Station's mystery. A sudden thought came to Jaden then. That amount of energy was not necessary for a station's longevity. They needed to power 'something'. A weapon, a device or....

    Jaden had trouble finishing that thought as the voices became more acute inside his mind. They were trying to tell him something, maybe...he couldn't quite tell. So much was going on.

    Taking a breath, Jaden tried to calm his racing thoughts to devote a moment to the voices. Any clue, even from an unlikely source, could be significant. That much he'd learned under Kyle. Discard nothing.

    But before any sort of clarity could present itself to the young Jedi, another very powerful sensation invaded his being. Jaden's danger sense suddenly went berserk.

    Jaden whipped around with reflexive speed as he gathered the Force around him.


    The Jedi acted immediately and did not wait for his shout of alarm to be acknowledge. With a quick hand gesture, Jaden use the force to 'snatch' Davin and pull him away and out the door, then closed the door as soon as he'd cleared it. Sometimes a Jedi needed simply to act without warning or explanation. The 'why' of such things usually became apparent a moment after the fact.

    Within himself, Jaden knew that it was the will of the Force that had warned him and guided his actions, and if he continued to listen closely, it would also see them through their present ordeal. This challenge was not easy by any means, not at all. But the 'heroes' being tested in this place were quite resourceful and skilled. Whatever was testing them, would be in for a surprise.

    That, and the Force was with them.


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  11. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Out of the Cleaning Droid Closet:

    Location: In the Cleaning Droid Closet.

    IC: As Davin Sustra.

    [Retinal scan in progress......Unauthorized personnel]
    [self-distruct initiated]
    "Davin!" yelled Jaden as Davin twisted round to evade what was coming. Adrenaline flushed into his bloodstream and time seemed to slow down as Davin began to sprint flat out towards the door out of the Cleaning Droid Closet. Even before he could have humanly been able to clear out, he was literally flying foreward off his feet towards the closet's door.

    Davin's body cleared the door and it slammed shut behind him, even as he was thrust perpendicular to his previous direction.

    Davin still had enough sense to dive to the ground and lay prone as his articles that he'd acquired from the cannibalized Cleaning Droid spilled from his hands to the floor.

    He looked towards Jaden and saw that the young Jedi had moved well clear of the closet door as well.

  12. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    Quick Update
    Reactor ? Droid Closet

    Davin dove/flew into the Reactor room, assisted by Jaden's force pull. As the droid fell from his hands it bounced and skidded towards the droid rack.

    As soon as Jaden touched the Force a desire crept up within him to maim and murder everything in sight. It was a mighty fight to keep from turning his assistance to Davin into an attack. The voices seemed to have gotten louder, while the words still eluded him, he detected an undertone of someone laughing.

    The door slammed shut as the droid detonated. The explosion triggered a chain reaction as the rest of the droids exploded violently.

    The door to the closet warped under the stress of the concussive force and gave way. It flew like a spinning blade of death, straight towards a coolant tank, puncturing it. The coolant, a biologically hazardous material, spewed forth from the damaged tank. The coolant, a liquid only under pressure, slowly starts to expand to fill the Reactor room. Being a heavy gas it creeps along the floor, dissolving any organic material it envelops.

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  13. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    [hl=darkblue]Merry Christmas!
    God Bless Us, Everyone!
  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Asyr Sei'lar
    Inside the Hanger

    Asyr peaked up from behind the large tool chest that she had taken cover from. She had brought up her blaster, preparing to fire on the undead thing attacking the stranger when the stranger had pulled out a weapon, that she had seen up close and personal recently.

    A lightsaber. She watched as the man had removed the silver cylinder, and lit up the crimson beam.

    Crimson beam?

    Asyr didnt know much of the Jedi and all of their particulars. She had worked for one now and again, but this.. No this was different. He didnt move with the grace and calmness of a Jedi. No his moves were different. She coudlnt put her finger to it, but it was different. In barely a blink of an eye, it was over. He had killed it. The thing had screamed so loud she was sure everyone on the station now knew where they were. Her fur stood on in, as the thing screamed out.

    It it was not for her training, Asyr would have bolted, and ran for the door behind her, looking to leave this horror as fast as possible. But training told her that would leave her open to a back attack. AND, she had no idea what was on the other side of that door either. Running into another horror was not on her to do list. So she stayed behind her makeshift cover. The Revenant crumpled to the ground like a limp sack of Nerf hide, and became still. The stranger prodded the creature with his boot.

    She watched as the human prodded the Revenant to make sure it was dead. She had a decision on her hands now. She could try and team up with the human or she could take the door that was directly behind her and see where it lead. The door was looking like a better option. She didnt know anything about this stranger. He was well trained, that was for sure. But he might not want to work friendly. And she would become a tasty target. The ships were here, and she didnt want to leave them, but she coudlnt leave the others.

    She felt better when the stranger powered down his lightsaber, and walked quickly over towards a ship she decided must be his. Did he see her? She mentally slapped herself. Dosent HAVE to..he's a force user. Probably his frelling senses already have detected you. Still...she watched, as he did something, where she could hear a loud sound within his ship. What was he doing?

    He backed out and looked... towards her?!! Asyr bit back a growl as she moved around the crate, keeping the door hidden behind her comfortable, in case she suddenly needed to use it...
    She nearly fainted as the fool then walked over to the other shuttle he was parked next to and used to Force to randomly tear at some of it?s inner systems from the outside. WAS HE INSANE!! This was a death trap. Unless...he already knew that. And he was to make sure that they would not leave.

    Didnt matter. She could fix it. She was positive. She just had to get to it. The man sprinted away from her, towards some direction, and Asyr slowly stood, her ears perked forward. She started backing away towards the door, when the man suddenly showed back up, having suddenly stopped, and walk back towards her, like he suddenly had an afterthought. THAT was not a calming thought. She moved back towards what little cover she had, crouched slightly.

    She clutched the weapon, but kept it angled away from him, as he approached. He kept his deadpan eyes on her the whole time as he approached, her eyes narrowed sharply. He now came forward, and stopped a few meters in front of her with his hands down at his sides, his trench coat came to a halt behind his legs as he stopped moving.

    "You there. Who are you, what is your name, how did you get here, and what was that blue flash?"

    His tone was even and deadpan, but his questions were direct and to the point. Her mind clicked into her training, as she mental processed the picture in front of him.

    Force user.
    Military Man.
    Well trained.
    Not Jedi.

    Certainly not a rescuer. He would have asked if she was hurt. A rescuer would not have disabled the ship. Not in the manner he did. He could pilot a ship as well ob
  15. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Silent Night

    The blaster pointed away from him. Not down, just away. The weary look in the Bothans eyes spoke volumes about what she thought about him.

    Intriguing, she has pegged me as a cautious threat though I have shown no ill will. The ship disabling was probably a sign for alarm, but even still, she is smarter than the common Bothan. Interesting.

    Alexander kept his hands loose at his sides.

    "I am Sei'lar. I dont know how I came here. I was with some others when suddenly I heard a computer voice, and then I ended up here. I only know that this place is full of death, and there are many of those... THINGS in this place."

    Alexander continued to stare at her, taking in the information but showing no physical sign of it.

    So that wasn?t just a bad coincidence then. That?thing? was not the only one of it?s kind. And I would be my bottom credit that that strange, Dusty Man had something to do with the communications loss. I wonder how long the station has been out of contact exactly. And on that thought, why hadn?t intel given me that information before I came out here? Something doesn?t smell right. And it isn?t the corpse I just? re-killed.

    Alex came back to the present.

    ?Put your blaster away, I?m not here to hurt you.?

    Yet?unless I find out that this station needs to be destroyed, in which case all witnesses will be eliminated. Sorry to say that even if you?re the kind of person who is innocent in the best of times, you are probably officially in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Alex kept his senses on her as he turned his back and glanced around again. Behind him was a door that led to places unknown. In front of him were the disabled ships and the area where he figured the Dust Man disappeared to.

    One thing was for absolute certain. He was severely lacking information. And one thing you absolutely did not do, was attack blindly. Operative Silent Night was going to find out as much as he could about the strange happenings here, before rushing off to engage something that was obviously much more dangerous than Intel had spoken about. It confused him though. Normally his Intel was better than this. This? was spotty at best.

    Go to the station, ascertain the damage and situation, should the station be compromised, destroy it and any witnesses. That was all that he knew. And now there was some kind of tainted Force user running around reanimating the dead with some kind of black? thing, and apparently the whole station was overrun by them. He could cut to the end of the mission and simply overload the reactor to destroy the station, for it was blatantly compromised. There were people aboard that had no idea how they had gotten there or why. She could have been a test subject, but had much to much rational thought for that to be considered an option. Either that or she was much more clever than Alexander had pegged her for.

    He turned back toward her, his options fully weighed.

    ?Come, we will find your friends, perhaps they know more about what is happening.?

    He couldn?t leave her with the ships, he didn?t know if she knew her way around a ship and ran the risk of losing an unknown to escape.

    The station would be long destroyed before he let that happen, with himself included if that?s what it would take. This station was going to stay a secret.

    Alex strode briskly up the ramp to his vessel once more, and grabbed a small plasteel pack, to which he strapped to his back and retreated from his ship.

    Inside the pack, was enough demo to set the reactor to turn the station into space slag.

    But he would keep that information from his reluctant companion for the time being?

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Jaden Korr
    Space station, Reactor room

    Jaden watched the streaking door as it sped through the air. He had guessed correctly about the explosive chain reaction within the droid closet, but this.... this was madness. He couldn't remember the last time he felt this POWERLESS to stop a disaster from occurring. This was utterly frustrating.

    The warped droid closet door;It flew like a spinning blade of death, straight towards a coolant tank, puncturing it. The coolant, a biologically hazardous material, spewed forth from the damaged tank. The coolant, a liquid under pressure, slowly started to expand, then to fill the Reactor room. Being a heavy gas it crept along the floor, dissolving any organic material it enveloped.

    An initial surge of alarm went through Jaden after seeing these chain of events.

    Immediately, the intensity of the voices in his mind flared in volume, so much so that Jaden instinctively shouted aloud to shut them out!


    The cresting of the darkside was toxic, and he wanted no part of it, no matter how alluring and gratifying it seemed. He needed to remain focused and alert if Davin and himself were going to have any chance of living through this nightmare.

    "Emergency Containment field!" Jaden shouted to Davin as he took a very force assisted leap backwards. "There has to be one around here!" The young Jedi turned around and looked quickly around him.

    "It's standard security in case of accidents! Darn it! It should have come on automatically....unless...."

    Jaden didn't even want to consider the thought that had crossed his mind just then. Best to find the control to the containment field, or they were ALL dead. The chain reaction inside the droid closet would be nothing but a mere spark compared to what would happen here if the reactor went critical.

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    Mar 9, 2003
    I_H Edit: Removed at GM's/Author's request.

  18. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Asyr Sei'lar
    Inside the Hanger

    Asyr watched carefully as she answered the man's questions, looking to see how the man reacted to this bit of news. He stared at her abit, as he kept his hands loose.

    "Put your blaster away, I?m not here to hurt you."

    ...'Yet.' The thought echoed through her mind. She had no idea why he was here. But he wasnt attacking her directly, so she was willing to put in the thought that he didnt want to be here either. Except...if he HAD flown here, it didnt exactly make her feel relaxed. She pointed her blaster down, but she didnt put it away. Not frelling likely.

    The man turned his back and glanced around again. Asyr wanted to deal with the ships. But she was certain that this man would not allow that to happen. Not now. That door she had discovered was beginning to look like a good option. She barely had a chance to glace over at it, when the man turned back towards her.

    "Come, we will find your friends, perhaps they know more about what is happening."

    BOH! She thought to herself, as she kept silent. In truth, she was in it pretty bad. She didnt know ANY of the others, except Solo, and that was by reputation. The others seemed to at least know each other. And now, she was stuck with THIS guy. Wonderful. And with him being a force user, after watching him take out that undead creature, she was not about to argue the point with him. Not YET, anyway at least. As the man walked back over to his vessel, she backed up, and walked over towards the door she had discovered earlier. She carefully inspected the door, checking it out before moving to open it. She knew where they were at. She also knew that this place seemed to be rather hostile towards intruders. Doing the wrong thing might cause a nasty 'accident'. She searched it carefully, looking to see if she could see any writing, or anything that might tell her something. But she could backtrack herself back to the hanger, if given an opportunity, so she decided to keep a sharp eye out on keeping tabs on where she was located. A map would be good right now.

    She heard the man walk back out again, and backed away from the door, looking back over towards the man.

    "I found a door." she stated flatly, moving away from it slowly. "Better if we found a map. Could at least tell where I was last." she snorted softly, as she kept a firm grip on her weapon, scanning the rest of the hanger to see if there was perhaps anything else she could use.

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    OCC: Sorry for no reply, just realised this was still going!

    ?Statement: Subject 1138 has effected self-release. This is unacceptable.?
    The droid raised one of its appendages, the needle protruding from the tip. ?Statement: Subject 1138 must be subdued and returned to Examination Table Three.?

    Kaelin saw his opponent, saw his bundle and smiled. Even though the drugs still coursed through his veins he bolted like a wild animal, his hands grasping for something solid in the bundle. A hilt, his eyes lit up as the droid approached from behind. The droid thrust with inhuman speed, it's death touched needle homing in on its target.

    A heavy clatter and the smell of burning wires, Kaelis stood, his blade humming in his hands, the vibro sword had sliced clean through the arm even as it had struck. The droid spun violently as its internal systems sought to stabilize, to process what had just happened. Kaelin's body flexed and relaxed, the drugs beginning to wear off, his muscles were tight knots, just waiting for the command to spring into action. The droid came at him again, its other arm attempting to knock him unconscious, with grace he slid passed the attack his strong kick placed in the droids midsection, it stumbled and it was all opening Kaelin needed.

    The ruined body spluttered for a moment and then sagged to the floor, unmoving. Without another word Kaelin moved back over to the desk, his gear was intact and well maintained. Perfect.

    Minutes crept by, his mind constantly alert to the sounds coming from the facility, something was not right, he hurriedly donned his armour, the locks snapping into place. He finally got to the helmet, sealing himself away from the nightmare he had woken up in. He was something to behold indeed, full white Neo crusader armour with red insignias blazing through the gloom. He sheathed his long sword and checked the rest of his equipment, his side sheath holding his short sword and hidden shiv located in his armoured gauntlet. Inside the darkness of his helmet he smiled to himself. He would not go down so easy this time.

    Whoever owned this facility was in for a surprise.

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  20. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: first off my apologies. life finally settled down enough for me to even think about posting in anything. catchup post...

    IC: Jan Ors/ Turbolift Hallway/ Somewhere/ Some Place

    [blockquote]Sitting quietly in the corner as they headed downwards, Jan felt somewhat helpless. Kyle was gone. She had slammed her hand against the door as it closed, trying to get him to follow them down, but his hardheadedness was the stuff of legends. She of all people knew that best. That had been four minutes ago and they were still going down. Whatever Solo had done it wasn't the most effective in the world, but it did point to Kyle most likely having saved all of their lives. Acid in an elevator... Shuddering she tried not to think about it. Or anything.

    As the doors dinged their arrival and opening she waited till everyone else had moved before rising and moving out herself. Due to that she couldn't precisely see much for several minutes other than a forest of legs.

    After the others had moved she heard Jaden's voice as she moved out of the lift herself. Kyle was ok, but for how long? Favoring him with a smile, she Looked around and wasn't precisely pleased to see that they were in a lab. Labs usually held bad things in places like this. More bad things would be a very bad thing for them to have to deal with as beatup as their little group currently was. But she really didn't have much to say or do right then, so she leaned against a wall with her head down waiting to see what the others were going to do. She hadn't even told Kyle how she felt about him...

    Dammit all, get a grip on yourself. Shaking her head perhaps a little harshly, He's made it through worse than this before he was Jedi trained. So determined to take care of herself, and Jaden who was definitely not well of at that moment, she started trying to figure out what the deuce that voice had been. She kept it to herself for the moment though, not wanting to sound crazy.

    Listening to the short conversation about the need for a ship, it was reasonably obvious. But why had the voice wanted them down here in this evil place? As she looked through the window she noted the observation rooms and some of what was in them and couldn't conceive of any non-malevolent use for them. How could people do this sort of work? What stole their consciouses so that they could do such thing, craft such monsters?

    As she looked down the hallway she could see some of the... things that had been worked on and she found herself shivering in disgust. Whatever had happened in these labs was obviously not pleasant. But it seemed like there was something other than the revenants that had escaped... something sentient. This was somewhat obvious based on the flimsis strewn about and some of the ways that the equipment was left. Or had been stripped for parts.

    Head jerking up at the sudden shuddering, she heard the voice stating that there was an alert of some sort. Of a number nearing ten. The higher the number generally the worse the alarm. Her face grew slightly panicked, "What the hell did you do?!" She called out to the Bothan. She didn't exactly expect and answer however. The blue glow that came out of nowhere engulfed them until it turned into a burning white and became everything.

    The white was all sound.

    All sight.

    All being.

    Fingers. She had fingers, one of which was bent back at an unpleasant angle and shooting pain through her hand and arm. Of course the rest of her was decidedly unhappy as well. Nausea claimed her stomach. Blurriness insured that she couldn't actually see anything but smudges. Her hearing rang. Groggily she shook her head and immediately wished she hadn't. Her stomach clenched and then cleared itself of it's contents.

    That seemed to help though, her body having forced itself into motion it seemed to create a momentum of sorts and she managed to gain her knees.

    When she was actually able to gain some semblance of control over herself Jan saw that they were now in an observation room of some sort with a man fighting a droid.
  21. Republic_Anvil

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    Oct 24, 2009
    OOC: Ok we have some discrepinces in the action here. Since I put Raziel in the position he is in I will fix it. This is what is happening in the BioLabs (Where Jan, Han, and Kaelin are)

    Update - Jan, Han, Kaelin

    Jan and Han watched as the man the droid was going to autopsy reveled the item he grabbed from the bundle before the droid had drugged him. The vibro blade made short work of the droid. The droid spun violently as its internal systems sought to stabilize, to process what had just happened. Kaelin's body flexed and relaxed, the drugs beginning to really kick in, his muscles were sluggish and numb, but he still had enough command of them to finish the his enemy.

    The droid came at him again, its other arm attempting to knock him unconscious, with great effort he slid passed the attack his strong, if awkward, kick placed in the droids midsection, it stumbled and it was all opening Kaelin needed.

    The ruined body spluttered for a moment and then sagged to the floor, unmoving.

    The adrenalin that was now running through Kaelin's body was flushing the drugs out. He was still a bit cotton headed but it was fading fast.

    By the time he got his armor on, the drugs felt like they had completely run their course.

    Tag: Raziel, Trimaj, Solo


    ooc: This is a combined post DarkLordoftheFins and I have worked on for a few days. Let me suggest all of you read it. It contains a rather LARGE revelation.

    Kyle Katarn and Dust


    First thing he felt was a burning pain in the head, and then the realization that he had killed the thing. His blade, well Jaden´s, had sliced through its body, severing the upper torso from the rest of the body. All three were dead. The others were secure. No beast jumping on their heads from above.

    Second thing he felt were restraints. He was restraint to some sort of installation. No panic raised. Restraints had made him nervous twenty years ago, but he resisted the initial reflex to draw on the strength of the force and rip himself free. No, someone restrained him, and he wanted to know who. Breathing in and out, he calmed himself. Probed the force for the taint . It seemed clean, but he could feel the taint as if it was waiting to strike.

    Then he oriented himself. The room was not that small. Pretty generous design for a space station. Two exits. One had the sign armory above it. The other one he could only see from the corner of his eye, when he turned his head. He did not immediately concentrate on it. Something else got his attention.

    The Dust Man. He was here. And the only lightsaber Kyle felt was his own. Non-functional and in his back pocket. He was without a weapon. Well... as far as a Jedi ever was without one.

    "Hello." He said, and waited for his enemy to reveal himself.

    Dust man's head snapped up at the sound of Kyle's voice. He regarded the restrained Jedi for a moment, as he toyed a lightsaber, Jaden's lightsaber.

    ?You don't recognize me do you?? His voice was raspy but strong. He was crouched at the other end of the room, but despite the distance his voice was easy to hear.

    Kyle turned his head. Familiar, yes. That had been to unsettling about him. He was familiar. But Kyle did not get where they had met before. Under his dust in these almost dark rooms, that was not so surprising.

    ?After all we have been through I am a bit disappointed.? Dust stood up and started pacing. ?I know you're just now trying to piece together everything. I did the same thing when I woke up. Trust me the answers are not worth the journey.?

    Dust stopped and waved a hand. The taint in the Force surged and the restraints holding Kyle's hands shattered. The taint then retreated, again leaving the Force clean.

    ?I apologize for the restraints, I was not sure you wouldn't try to attack me out right. I would much rather we had a pleasant conversation, while we can.?

    Kyle looked at him. If a guy like that wanted to talk, you allowed him t
  22. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: And for the last time . . . got this PM today and you know . . . it is one of these days. As Kyle Katarn would say.

    Kyle Katarn

    The airlock opened and even with the lightsaber Kyle knew the only thing he could achieve by slicing through a wall was endanger all the others. Space was not merciful. It spread wherever it could. The taint was still all over him. He breathed through his teeth and knew it wouldn´t last, but it would last too long.

    Sooner or later, this was meant to happen. You always knew Kyle.

    He had done his part of saving the galaxy, time and again. And even Luke Skywalker would be stopped. Eventually. By someone. Someone always did. It just would not be him.

    He had loved and lived. A warrior was meant to die, eventually. He had never expected retirement. He trained his successor, Jaden. Of whom he was so proud. And he had loved Jan, without ever making her his. A good choice, probably. Now she would not be widow. His apprentice would surely feel his death, but he resisted the selfish act of reaching out to any of them. Instead he took what force remained in him and closed his eyes. A scream was send into the force. A single message.

    "Luke is behind this. Luke IS BEHIND THIS."

    His death would explain the gravity of this statement, he knew. And he hung Jaden´s lightsaber at a steel pipe. Maybe he would find it. Even though this would not be solved through lightsabers. All while all the atmosphere was already ripped out of the room. Kyle´s left hand had held him tight to the pipe´s nearby. And he smiled.

    There was actually no death, there was only the force.

    He always had problems with that lesson. Luke had made him understand in the end. His hand opened and he was ripped out of the room into the vacuum of space. The cold of space crawled into his body, the air ripped from his lungs and Kyle did not try to compensate through the force. No, he accepted this.

    And his last thought went to Jan Ors. And his hope she would survive it. But even if not, they would be united in the force.

    And as he felt the force reaching for his very essence he understood . . .

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  23. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    BioLabs, Unknown

    Han didn't really think Jan would go along with his suggestion to leave the man for dead and her response was all he needed to confirm his suspicions. "But what if he can help us?" she asked, still distracted by the scene on the other side of the viewport. "He sure doesn't look like he's terribly happy to be here either."

    No, of course he didn't. That could all be part of the act! He had watched enough horror holodramas in his time to know these things. And if this whole nightmare stuck to tradition, he would be taken first by whatever monster was running this joint. That didn't exactly make him feel confident about helping the guy out. He scoffed, giving his head an incredulous shake. "He's probably just acting that way to lure you in, sweetheart," he grumbled as he continued to search the room with his eyes to find a way out.

    "Maybe you're right," she conceded after a moment, moving away from the viewport. "But did you see what he was going for? Think it might be of some use?"

    Drawing in a deep breath and releasing it in a heavy sigh, Han turned away from his search and refocused his gaze on the man and the droid beyond the screen. He hadn't been all that observant earlier and it was only now after Jan had called his attention to it that he noticed the small bundle next to the bedside. Armor, clothing, weapons and others various equipment...the pack appeared to contain it all. Since the man probably wouldn't be needing the objects anytime soon, it wouldn't hurt for them to 'borrow' some things. They would sure come in handy to battle anymore monsters and ghosts they would encounter.

    "Maybe," he said with a half smirk, reluctantly moving back in the direction of the viewport. "The problem is finding a way in there." He gave Jan a sideways glance and reached down to his thigh and patted the blaster holstered there. "Of course, you always have my way."

    But something wasn't right. Jan's expression quickly changed to one of horror and Han instantly knew they were in trouble. Something was happening in the room beyond the viewport and when Han turned to look, he noticed the man was no longer strapped to his bed, but up on his feet and moving about. In fact, he wasn't just moving about, but attacking the droid with some sort of weapon.

    In that instant, Jan finally found her voice. "Or maybe we should just get out of here..."

    Han wasn't going to argue with that and simply nodded his head, starting to backpedal once more. "Best idea I've heard all day," he remarked as he turned and continued his search for a way out of the room.

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    What is the procedure to join your team after entering my character details?
  25. Radiance

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    IC: Silent Night

    "I found a door?.Better if we found a map. Could at least tell where I was last."

    Alexander could sense her irritation at the current situation. Fear permeated the place. The Force was wild and rampant around the halls of this station. But as Alexander took in the sensation he found it uncomforting as it normally was. The Fear and anger normally drove his power wild, making him stronger for it. But here? The fear was tangible, almost to the point where he could taste it in the air. Something was definitely not right in the place. The air was? Unnatural.

    The easiest way he could think to describe the creature he had faced before, was an Abomination of nature, and completely against the Will of the Force. Now granted, Alexander had never been any sort of Force Mystic, but even he knew that the Force didn?t look black and sickly. And it wasn?t supposed to turn your stomach in circles and make you weak when you drew on it.

    The thought of that fact alone was keeping him at a constant state of alert. He didn?t like being without his greatest strength. It didn?t change his task however, and they had to move.

    Alexander led the way to the door and stopped suddenly as it slid open. A sudden familiar feeling pulled it?s way through his senses. It was intoxicating in it?s own sick way. The Force rippled through him as the event happened and cause him to close his eyes and tilt his head to the side to take a slow breath through his nose. It was gone as soon as it came. It was the sensation that one felt when someone strong in the Force died.

    Alexander turned to his unwilling companion and stared at her with his deadpan eyes. Quick decision time. Things were not going to plan. Alexander Talarn had seen many gruesome things in his lifetime, most of which were caused by his own hand. It took a lot to put him off balance in his own mind. And this place was achieving the feat with ease.

    ?One of your friends is dead. Someone strong in the Force.?

    He continued to stare at her while he thought. Things were already getting out of hand. And something had bothered him about that Dusty Man earlier. More than the fact that he had reanimated the dead with a wave of his hand. There was something familiar about him but Alexander couldn?t place what it was.

    ?I assume you know your way around a ships systems. My original intent was to take what information I could from this place and leave on my own time. But the person who just left this galaxy felt stronger than me. If that is true then venturing further is pointless. I suggest you go and start repairs on one of the vessels. There is a crate of repair parts in the hold of my ship. Use them on whichever you deem big enough to hold your friends, should they make it to you alive.?

    As for me? Lets see if I can get to the reactor and rig this place to die. Alone I don?t stand much of a chance against more than one foe, but one thing I have on my side is speed and grace. I hope it is enough to get me through this time. I think I know why Intel dropped the ball on this one.

    Alex looked up at the open door.

    I wasn?t supposed to make it out.

    This was going to be Operative Silent Night?s last mission for the Empire. Maybe Alexander Talarn would live to see the light of day again. But perhaps not. Either way, he was going to take this station down.

    Again, he looked behind him at the female Bothan.

    ?I am making my way to the core of this station. I have enough baradium in my pack to make the death star look like a minor smoke bomb. You have until then to fix the ship. After which, the timers will be set and you will have a few minutes to escape. If by that time you are alone, launch anyway.?

    He reached into his pocket and removed his datapad and transmitted his comm. frequency to his ship.

    ?Contact me if you get any updates or hear anything. I will do the same.?

    Alex took one step forward and stopped again, he turned back slightly to look her in the eye. Showing the first sign of emotion he had experienced
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