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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by JediHighlander, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jaden Korr
    Reactor Room (*Post approved by Anvil)

    Jaden coughed once, then twice. The fumes the corrosive coolant were creating were getting stronger and more toxic by the second. The young Jedi called on the Force to regulate cleaner breathing, but he knew that Davin didn't have to use to his advantage as he did, and the longer they tarried in taking action, the worse things would get and then nothing would matter.

    As the coolant rose steadily, Jaden quickly looked around for anything resembling control panels, but did not see anything close. however, he did see some reinforced powerlines with warning labels leading to the walls and then upwards, eventually disappearing into the catwalks.

    Jaden motioned to get Davin's attention, then pointed UP. He then pointed behind Davin and towards an engineering ladder that led upwards towards the network of catwalks above them.

    Jaden crouched and gathered the force to him while looking at Davin to see if the man understood him. A second later, Jaden sprang directly upward, using the force as a catapult to shoot him upwards. In a single bound, Jaden cleared the catwalk handrails and landed on them. From his position, he motioned for Davin to hurry.

    Of course, their temporary reprieve would be totally meaningless if they failed to find a means to stop the still rising coolant.

    Jaden glanced about him with a sense of urgency, his eyes narrowing as he concentrated. If he were a containment field control, where would he be? Against the wall, behind a screen?

    Breathing got just a bit easier, but that was just momentary. Jaden moved forward and looked for the powerlines he had seen earlier. They had to lead somewhere. A moment later, he saw a power convergence station, and across from it, a terminal.

    That was it! he just knew it.

    Jaden sprinted and hurried to the terminal. He reached it at once and moved to take the space in the middle of the semi-circular array. There were simply too many buttons and switches. The monitor screen showed what looked like an auto-diagnostic routine. There was just no time to figure out any passwords or the like. What Jaden was looking for was something that was designed during an emergency,, just like the one they were in. The Jedi's eye gravitated towards a panel on the lower left the terminal. The lights seemed to be reacting to the coolant's rising level, or so was his guess. There was a red button just above the light display, but it was covered by a transparisteel security cover.

    Jaden gritted his teeth as he tried to contain his mounting frustration.

    *Cough, cough*

    Time was running out all too quickly and waiting for Davin to reach him was a gamble he could not afford to take.He had to do something. Now.

    Without giving it a second thought, Jaden reached forth and placed his left hand over the transparisteel cover. He gripped it, then yanked once, to no effect, as he expected. Jaden closed his eyes, took a calming breath, and then without conscious intent, held the cover firmly and began to pull. Jaden pulled hard and began to feel his muscles strain; that was the moment he called on the power of the force to assist. The young Jedi felt the flow of the force, like a current from a vast and deep ocean flow into his arm and lend him a strength only a jedi could know.

    His muscles tensed, but he felt no strain, no struggle in his tendons, no pain. The transparisteel cover creaked in protest. Jaden smoothly pulled harder. The cover whined petulantly, but Jaden's hand only kept rising, smoothly and steadily. Then in a single instant, the cover gave way and the button was freed- but now that the cover had nothing to support it, it cracked under the powerful force-vice grip Jaden had it under and a jagged edge cut his hand. Reflexively, Jaden let the cover go, breathing out the jolt of pain that had coursed through his hand.

    The moment was not lost however, for Jaden was still focused on the task at hand. Without wasting another second, he brought his right hand down on the red emergency button. A warning kla
  2. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Asyr Sei'lar
    In a hanger, in some station, someplace

    "I found a door?.Better if we found a map. Could at least tell where I was last." Asyr told the man as she scanned the area. As she kept alert for anything around them, the man led the way to the door and stopped suddenly as it slid open. Asyr brought up her blaster, wondering if he had suddenly sensed something. He had that look that some Jedi tend to get. She looked forward, but didnt see anything. But this guys was definitely reacting to something, as he suddenly close his eyes and tilt his head to the side to take a slow breath through his nose. Asyr ears twitched forward, alert as her fur rippled, looking for .. something.

    The man turned towards her with deadpan eyes. "One of your friends is dead. Someone strong in the Force." Asyr's ears flicked back. One of the Jedi? Maybe that one that didnt get into the elevator with the rest of them? That was not good news. Probably one of those dead things... Her eyes narrowed. No, not good at all.

    She noticed that he was now staring at her, and she wondered what was going on. Then the man spoke.

    "I assume you know your way around a ships systems. My original intent was to take what information I could from this place and leave on my own time. But the person who just left this galaxy felt stronger than me. If that is true then venturing further is pointless. I suggest you go and start repairs on one of the vessels. There is a crate of repair parts in the hold of my ship. Use them on whichever you deem big enough to hold your friends, should they make it to you alive."

    THANK GOODNESS!! Perhaps the gods were feeling sorry for them, for the man was starting to make sense. She moved her weapon back down, as she nodded slowly. He must
    be sensing something major, for that much of a change. He continued.

    "As for me? Lets see if I can get to the reactor and rig this place to die. Alone I don?t stand much of a chance against more than one foe, but one thing I have on my side is speed and grace. I hope it is enough to get me through this time. I think I know why Intel dropped the ball on this one."

    Intel? So, whoever sent him, had made this mad house of horrors?! And then they sent him into it, without any warning? Sounding like something the Imperials would do. To Vak! with the Empire. So...they wanted him dead as well?

    The man looked up at the open door, silent for a moment, then turned at looked at her once more.

    "I am making my way to the core of this station. I have enough baradium in my pack to make the death star look like a minor smoke bomb. You have until then to fix the ship. After which, the timers will be set and you will have a few minutes to escape. If by that time you are alone, launch anyway."

    Asyr felt the hair bristle over her shoulders. This man was serious! With a nod, she replied slow. "I understand. I will get to work."

    He reached into his pocket and removed his datapad and transmitted his comm frequency to his ship.

    "Contact me if you get any updates or hear anything. I will do the same." She nodded. The man took one step forward and stopped again, he turned back slightly to look her in the eye.

    "My name? is Alexander Talarn, Codename Silent Night."

    Her ears pitched forward. For him to tell her his name...he was serious. Either he was not going to make it..or ... or else it was something she was not going to worry about at this moment. Right now, she had a major deadline that she had to work, if she was going to get off this ship. She had to have this ship ready, just in case.

    "Then, I will be ready, Talarn. Look out for more of those Revenants, and this station. Since it was the computer that sent me here, I am willing to guess, it will not let you through easily, unless they gave you some codes." She gave him a nod.
    He strode through the open door and waited on the other side for it to close. Just before it did, he called behind him once more.

    "Lock the door behind me?"

    NO PROBLEM THERE! She nodded. "I will." She paused
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