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Attack of the Clones- A member's summary

Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by Starmanjr, May 10, 2003.

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  1. Starmanjr

    Starmanjr Jedi Youngling

    Apr 14, 2003
    Thank you to all of the people that have answered my questions,and all the other forums I have read.I am no longer confused about this film,and it is thanks to all of you.Here is my summary of
    Attack of the Clones :
    Palpatine has been selected as Chancellor,and he is already losing his power... Several star systems, who see the Senate as nothing but an incompetent,
    corrupt,bureaucracy,have chosen to remove themselves from the Republic. For Palpatine to regain his grip on power,he will have to use aggressive force,an army to take back control,an idea certainly to be rejected by the Senate. Unless there is a threat... Palpatine has invented a false fear or panic,portraying the Separatists as a violent,and dangerous organization with nothing but war on their minds,that will attack at any second. And the head of this madness is disgruntle former Jedi, Count Dooku. The mysterious Count Dooku, is actually another Lord of the Sith, Lord Tyranus, put up by Palpatine,to take control of the Separatist's side. Dooku serves various purposes here. He takes the place of Palpatine,giving Palpatine the freedom stay in one place,the Trade Federation will not suspect a thing because they won?t see the guy that screwed them over 10yrs ago,Palpatine.And Dooku gives the Republic a visible enemy to fear. The time has past,and the galaxy has changed. The clone army is ready,Padme is now a senator. Obi-wan has become a strong and wise Jedi and teacher. Fifty systems have left the Republic. And the little boy from Tatooine, has become a fine young Jedi in training,all under the eyes of Palpatine. Long time has he watch this one.... Anakin and Palpatine have become very close through out Anakin?s growing up. Through out their secret meetings for the last ten years,Anakin has revealed his ambitions,his politics,his poor mother on Tatooine, he constant battles with Obi-wan,and his love for Padme. He has given Palpatine the future,more than he could imagine... Not only will Anakin be greatest of all Jedi?s, he will have children !!! Anakin and Padme have become very valuable. The Trade Federation will not join Dooku in the fight against the Republic, unless their demands are met. Kill the Senator from Naboo, kill Padme. Dooku needs the droid army for this false War. He has convince the rest of the Separatists, that it is the Republic that is dangerous and they need to be protected. He agrees to assassinate Padme. Palpatine agrees to the assassinate attempt,and to have out of the way,but not to kill her. He needs her alive for the future. As a favor to Anakin,Palpatine as ordered that Obi-wan and Anakin to protect Padme. Palpatine does not make mistakes, everything that happens is their for a purpose. Enter the bounty hunter. Every assassin has their signature, or calling card. Jango?s Fett ?s was the Kamino Dart. The clue that made Obi-wan search for it?s origin, thus revealing the clone army,to himself and more importantly to the Senate. Now the clone army has been introduced, and no longer hiding away. Begun the Clone Wars has.

    Of course there will be things here,people will disaggree with and Lucas will explain more in the third Episode,but I believe I have gotten most of the story,and I hope this will help others. Thanks guys.
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