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Beyond - Legends Attack of the Ewoks(Imperial troops/ewoks, humor)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by DarthBladious, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. DarthBladious

    DarthBladious Jedi Youngling

    Nov 26, 2005
    Attack of the Ewoks(PG)


    The unlikely band of Imperial troops housed themselves in the interior of the safehouse.
    The safehouse, being a bunker set beneath the forest terrain of Endor, had once been
    secured by troops, but they had all been torn apart, destroyed. But it was not by any
    being of stature, of rationality - it was the Ewoks.

    The treading of tiny footsteps was heard coming closer; closer. It was only a matter of
    time before the natives would reach the area. The horrible echoes became louder.

    Fear had jolted these men to the refuge, hoping the thick walls made of a ridiculously
    thick layer of iron would protect them from those who wished them pain. Most of their
    comrades had been killed in battle, and some of them suffered greatly from severe
    concussions delivered by stones, branches, and deadly wire.

    While in their haven it was commanding officer Teddy who ruled these frightened men,
    a leader appreciated in the midst of chaos, a symbol of peace to oppose hysteria.

    Commander Teddy, dressed in his custom, dark green attire(though it was covered in
    dirt)was perched on a control module now out of order, the illumination of buttons now
    a distant memory. Troops were scattered all around, chatting quietly with one another in
    an attempt to take their minds off the situation; but it was the trampling of light feet
    which caused many to pause and take heed.

    ?I cannot believe this. We are armed to the core. Why can we not ride out with our
    blasters firing?? asked one of the lingering soldiers. His shiny, white helmet had been
    removed allowing him to stratch the red bump on his head that could be sighted from
    across the quarters.

    Teddy remained in a state of silence for a moment, gathering his senses. He then
    became aware that the footsteps were now louder than ever; they were near. ?Well,
    simply put, we have nothing to ride out on. Also they are ellusive and alert to our
    presence. They are small and can hide in places never seen by human eyes, and they can
    jump out to attack us.? He sighed with unease, full of conflict. ?It would be unwise to set
    one foot out that door.? Terry now wished he was safely aboard a Star Destroyer heading
    home. He would even have opted to be in the presence of Lord Vader over waiting there
    to die. He found it more difficult to breathe with every breath drawn; little air was

    Just then, unexpectedly, there came the whistling, a horrible call of war. At least it had
    not been the horn. Panick struck all twelve Imperials. The Ewok army had arrived.


    ?Shhh.? Teddy placed his slender index finger over his mouth to gesture silence.

    ?They already know we?re here, Sir.? The stormtrooper?s blaster rifle was aimed directly
    at the entrance(also the exit). ?Quiet. I think I can hear one of them now.?

    No one made a move; not one of them uttered a sound. Heavy breathing came from all;
    all were ready. The trigger-happy trooper kept his stance, his weapon aimed well, his
    finger shaking near the trigger.

    ?Get your finger away from the trigger, you fool. If you accidentally fire you could kill us
    all. This room is magnetically sealed,? stated Commander Teddy, the only man with
    rational thought left in his brain. ?Do not worry, man. There is no way they are getting
    through ten-inch steel, I assure you.?

    Even though there was thick armor surrounding the survivors, the cry of an Ewok
    baby(or infant)sent shivers down their spines, inducing intensity which forced them to
    question their position as men. The bawling paved way for irrational thought, all except
    for Teddy who stood stiff as a board, not jittery as his troops were, his mind more
    attune. There was simply no way they could enter the safehouse no matter how sharp
    the spear.

    ?Yub, yub.?

    Sweat streamed down the heavily armed troops with their eyes glued to the source. It
    was the yub yub which began an eruption of thoughts, scenes of death, malice -
    mayhem. Knocking followed briefly, then became stronger.

    ?Commander..? The soldier cl
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