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Victoria. BC Attn DVD costume members and interested fans!!

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by TR0773, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. TR0773

    TR0773 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 22, 2003
    Ok so it is getting down to crunch time. Some serious talking with Kurt has given me the last of the info I think we will need, to plan which events everyone wishes to attend or has time to attend. Here is his attachment he sent to me:

    Everything is cemented for the instore on saturday, we will excpect to see you @ HMV around 1 on saturday with who ever else wants to come. No we will not be securing media time with the new VI & no we do not have a t-shirt offer or anything. Our big inscentive is to get a look @ the films, we will of course be giving out excellent prizes for costumers @ more than anything this event gives fans a chance to get the box
    set as soon as humnly possible In an enviroment thats fun & exciting & beats standing outside of blockbuster @ 3am waiting to line up in the freezing cold. As far as I'm concerened We will head out saturday evening after the in store. The saturday evening thing is till up in the air but today is my last day off before the event, I'll ponder it further.

    So in case you are a little confused. The first part is in regards to the PR event on Saturday, anyone available please show up at the Hillside HMV for 1PM. From there I don't know if we go into town or parade around the Mall. People with out outfits that wish to attend should wear some Star Wars related apparel. (Fun for Everyone!) The next is I have been inquiring about media pressence, unless someone places a call to VI or CH and tell them there is a good clip for their "around the community report" they probably won't show.
    HMVs big focus is the party on Monday night at "Lucky" bar downtown, again a costume contest and the DVD release at midnight are the main focus for them.

    Also troops and rebels will be wanted at both Hillside and Mayfair locations, if you have a preferance leave a post so we can evenly distribute all participants on release day.

    Finaly is there anyone interested in doing the weekend after the release trooping in the mall? I ask for the benefit of the kids that may be at the mall on the weekend and probably will have missed out seeing us on the release day. (Honestly it will probably be more fun, then on the release day) The younger kids and their expressions make it much more satisfying!

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