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SWRPF Archive [AU Tatooine] The Desert That Shall Not Be Named

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Coruscant, May 28, 2009.

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  1. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    not a problem at all sere. basically just pick a starting place in mos eisley and jump in.

    steph: i'll get started either tonight or tomorrow. not entirely sure which ATM.

  2. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    IC: Quinlan Vos

    Quinlan struggled to get his bearings. He and Tholme were in what seemed to be a deserted Mos Eisley. Quinlan had briefly been here on another occasion many years ago. It had been on this miserable planet that he had been investigating the spice trade with his apprentice Aayla Secura. He had started in Mos Eisley and moved toward Mos Espa where he later found out about Qui-Gon Jinn's mission on Naboo. If he had only known then, perhaps Qui-Gon would still be alive. Or, perhaps he and Aayla would have been killed. He would never know.

    Quinlan's thoughts were a jumbled mess. Even though he had regained much of his memory through the help of the jedi, he still had many areas missing. It was a puzzle that he one day hoped to piece together. But for the moment, the greater mystery was how he and Tholme arrived on this desert and if they alone. And more importantly, if they were alive.

    Quinlan remembered it well. Tholme had died in the hanger along with Siri and Dooku. Batman, Obi-Wan and Ben were captured. But Quinlan and the younger Obi-Wan were spared momentarily. They had taken up their blades and attempted to charge after the Queen. But Vader was unstoppable. After murdering Ben and Batman, he proceeded to defeat the younger Kenobi and Quinlan. He had died. He was sure of this fact. And yet, here he was in this desert.

    Quinlan's was yanked out of his thoughts as he heard his murderer's voice

    "If you are not a part of this plot, then step aside so I may find somebody who is."

    "Vader" Quinlan muttered. In an instant his lightsaber was in his hands, blazing to life and he found himself running toward the sith lord, ready to strike. He could hear Tholme running behind him, saber also in hands, demanding that he slow down.

    [hl=yellow]The Batman[/hl][/b]

    Batman continued to walk through the empty streets of the city, attempting to learn what had happened. It appeared that the inhabitants of the city all lived in the Cantina. Or at least, he thought they did. When he attempted to return to the Cantina, he found it empty as well. It was just another mystery among several that Batman didn't care to solve. He was still rather fixated on the mystery of his appearance. Perhaps the league had transported him somehow and they hadn't calculated the coordinates correctly and he was dumped into the the cantina. That might explain things. Except that Batman's didn't have a hole in his chest where Vader's blade had clearly impaled him. He knew that he had died. That was no hallucination. he was sure of it.

    Of course, death wasn't always permanent for people in his line of work. Superman had died. Green Arrow had died. Jason had died. So perhaps it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that he had died and simply come back to life. But if that were so, why was he back?

    A nearby commotion instantly grabbed Batman's attention. He could clearly hear voices nearby. And several sounded familiar.

    "If you are not a part of this plot, then step aside so I may find somebody who is." [/b]

    He froze. He recognized Vader's voice and began to run toward him. If anyone could answer his questions, Vader could. But he found someone else wanted answers as well. Batman watched as Quinlan Vos charged toward the sith lord with his lightsaber poised to strike. But what caught Batman's attention was the man behind him. He had seen the ghost of Master Tholme. The man had died. And so had he. Yet there Tholme was, running after Quinlan Vos with his own saber lit.

    Batman picked up his pace in order to join them. He needed to learn what had happened. This just didn't make sense.

    [b]Tag: Vader, Starkiller, Anyone else[/b]>
  3. DarthSubZero

    DarthSubZero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 10, 2006
    IC: as Galen Marek/Starkiller

    "Very well. The dance continues."

    Vader blocked the attack, the force of it making him stumble. Instead of falling on his back, however, he did several intricate flips in midair, powered by the Force, to regain his balance.

    He maintained his reverse grip on his lightsaber, as Vader continued to be seemingly tame. Granted, he hadn't reach the level in which he could peer into his former master's mind...

    ...but he knew he was angry. The rage that Vader allowed to course said that. He didn't know at whom though.

    Yet that whole, raging android facade no longer fazed him. He knew what was behind that respirator. He saw it when he personally sliced it off in their duel to see a broken shell of a man. Not an all powerful Sith Lord who dominated him.

    He pitied him, more like.

    "If you are not a part of this plot, then step aside so I may find somebody who is."

    This truly made Galen think. As much as Vader would like to believe, he was not after revenge. He had since grown past that.

    So, should he refuse?

    "Don't get me wrong. I want to know who revived me as much as you want to know who sent you here." At that, he lowered his saber, but kept it ignited.

    "Still, you know full well I can't trust you. The last time I did, you stabbed me in the chest, and threw me off an observation deck."

    TAG: Vader, anyone
  4. Spaceman_Spiff

    Spaceman_Spiff Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 30, 2001
    [hl=black]IC Darth Vader:[/hl]

    Starkiller was knocked back from my defense, but he regained his balance via some fancy footwork.

    He appeared to debate my offer to step aside, perhaps trying to decide whether he could take me down. Obviously, he had decided not, because his next words were, "Don't get me wrong. I want to know who revived me as much as you want to know who sent you here."

    He further confirmed his weakness by lowering his ignited saber. "Still, you know full well I can't trust you. The last time I did, you stabbed me in the chest, and threw me off an observation deck."

    This was very good information to have. Starkiller remembered his death, and yet he was standing in front of me, flesh and blood yet again. This would seem to prove that there was indeed some resurrecting going on, a power no Jedi had ever been shown to have, and one Sidious had claimed he could teach me. I would find the source of this power, and use it to resurrect my love.

    Several new arrivals were watching the action now, though I recognized two of them. "Vos and Tholme. What a wonderful surprise." Clear skies, not a hint of a storm. What a lovely day to kill Jedi. But first . . . "Someone knows how this is happening. You will either lead me to them, or you are in my way."

    TAG: Starkiller, Cade, Batman, Vos, Tholme, all others
  5. DarthSubZero

    DarthSubZero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 10, 2006
    OOC: I think you're getting me wrong here. Starkiller died, like, twice, but the death I'm talking about is the one where he blows himself up in the Death Star, to help the Rebels.

    IC: as Galen Marek/Starkiller

    "Vos and Tholme. What a wonderful surprise."

    Galen turned to see all the new arrivals...Vos and Tholme, was it?

    'As in Masters Quinlin Vos and Tholme?' Starkiller was generally surprised. He was under the belief that they had died in Order 66.

    Or were they killed, in fact? Were they brought back, like he was?

    Now he was confused. From dueling with Palpatine and saving the Rebels, as well as becoming one with the Force, to ressurection and reuniting with his Master and long dead Jedi, as well as new ones, it was surely an odd day.

    However, Vader spoke again, all seriousness.

    "Someone knows how this is happening. You will either lead me to them, or you are in my way."

    He once again got into stance, knowing Vader had no intention of letting anybody go peacefully.

    "I would be glad to...if I had any idea. But as it is, I do not, so you're going to just have to find them yourself."

    TAG: Vader, Tholme, Vos, Batman, any

  6. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: No worries, Tri. My opening post should be coming along tomorrow as well.

    I'm also considering switching the younger Han over to OT era, but I think I'll need to sleep on it. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  7. Rilwen_Shadowflame

    Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Count Dooku



    He walked within the Force now. Everything seemed changed.


    Dooku's eyes snapped open. He was alive. He had died, and seen all that could be seen, and yet he was alive. All that clarity was fading, no matter how he tried to cling to it.


    The last of it, however, told him the truth. He'd died in that one perfect moment. It would not come again. No matter what he did now, it would not have that full unselfishness, because he would know what he was trying to gain for himself. That which he had been for that brief precious time was now denied to him, due to the whims of some cruel entity that had revived him in this new place.


    Was he alone here? Would he be forced to gradually dwindle in solitude, knowing that no second union with the Force awaited him at the end? Even if he wasn't alone, those here might not even know what had happened. They would not know what he had been through. They would know him only by the history he had left behind. His changes would not matter to them.


    It would all be for nothing. All the pain, all the reflection upon the past, every effort to see if it were possible to return, all in vain. If there had been redemption in death, it had been shattered forever by new life. Someone had done this to him. Someone had destroyed him, in the deepest and most ironic way.

    Someone was going to pay for it.

    Darth Tyranus rose, dusting off his cape with the barest flicker of will, and left the dilapidated house. A desert. Two suns. Tatooine.

    He walked the deserted streets of Mos Eisley, drawn to a feeling of conflict. There. A man with a lightsaber stood, confronting... Darth Vader. Nearby... Tyranus blinked, his anger faltering. Tholme and Vos. He approached them cautiously. This was the critical moment, then. This was where he found out if he was the only one rememering the ship. If they attacked him, it would be proven indeed that his efforts were unknown.

    "Master Tholme?" Dooku met the Jedi's eyes, his expression holding the question whose answer he so needed just now. Would it be remembered? Would one who'd grown past loathing him have maintained that in this place?


    Tag: Tholme, Vos, Vader, Starkiller, any
  8. Rilwen_Shadowflame

    Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 27, 2005
    OOC: Please disregard this post, stupid computer decided to double post the one above.
  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Cade Skywalker
    Mos Eisley

    He watched, trying not to giggle of what was seriously the possible worst trip of his life.

    Vader and this guy had personal issues. So what? They were stranded on damned planet with nobody on it. Who cares for personal issues?

    Then another two guys arrived. Vaguely familiar was the one with the tattoo. A Vos. The Vos?

    They began discussing and as he realized he got completely ignored, he decided to get lost, before the bunch of Jedi turned into lecturers. He turned around and suddenly was confronted with the inability to decide where to go to. Everywhere was good. Because nowhere anybody else would be. "Sithspit." He cursed and turned around.

    "OKAY EVERYBODY STOP KILLING FOR A MINUTE?" He asked and shot into the air. Immediately cursing himself. Who knew if he would find ammo around here.

    "Master Tholme?" He heard from the side and a bearded man appeared. Another guy he knew from history holos from the Academy. Dooku. Another Sith.

    "Sure, why not." He spitted into the sand. "I can guarantee you guys nobody of you can do such a stunt alone. Because I pretty much know what you can do. Where I am coming from . . ." He grinned. "You are all dead." Looking from Tholme, he had only vague recollection of his role in the clone wars, to The Vos before he nodded to his great-great-grand father Vader in his black latex-suit and finally Dooku. "So I guess I know where we are."

    Cade folded his arms and did not try to hide his unnerved state of mind.

    Hopefully my father isn´t here.

    Tag: Vader, Starkiller, Tholme, Vos, Dooku, all others
  10. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: as the streets are getting a little crowded and we are a lot of people, I´d begin a new location. The spaceport is where Luke awakes . . .

    Luke Skywalker
    First Bespin . . . then Mos Eisley


    He stayed aware, as Master Yoda had told him. Focussed and expanded into the force he could clearly feel the danger of the Cloud City, as he approached it. Two cloudcars were escorting him. Imperial presence was obvious. But all that did not matter. He was on his way to become a Jedi, now. Lord Vader, the murder of his father, would deal with him personal.
    Han and Chewie, Leia and 3PO had to be in there somewhere. All depended on his ability to get them without running into Vader.

    He sighed, as Artoo beeped from behind. "I know. It is a trap, but the others are in danger. And we are the only ones knowing." Luke ansered. Another round of beeps came from behind. "Yes, Yoda thought it was a bad idea. I know." Luke said and wiped away that thought. Master Yoda would have been the first to tell him his guilt did blockade his thoghts. He had to have a clear head when he confronted the Dark Lord or . . .

    Suddenly he was gone.

    "Artoo?" He asked and stood in a massive hall build of sandstone. It was terribly hot. Above him an opening instead of a ceiling and two suns shining into his face. Tatooine.

    He was in the spaceport. In exactly the slot, where the Millenium Falcon had been parked years ago. Artoo wouldn´t answer. He was still with his X-Wing. Far away in the Anoat-System. Looking around Luke thought about the cave. And his vision of Vader. But this did not feel like another vision. It felt pretty much like Tatooine. Home.

    Drawing his blaster pistol he turned around himself. Obviously he was alone. And obviously this place had been abadonned for wuite some time. What had happened? An imperial weapon? Wouldn´t he and Master Yoda have felt something like that? There had been a few hundred-thousand citizens here, now it seemed abandoned. He couldn´t hear anything. Actually he couldn´t really feel anybody. Except some echoes far away. Probably the other side of the city. Trembles in the force. Jedi? "Looks like I have to find out myself."

    Slowly stepping into the next room, still not trusting the emptiness of the building, he checked the floor. He wished at least R2 would have been here. He was used to his companionship. The droid had become a dear friend. As strange as this thought was. When that tohught hit him, he felt a sudden heaviness. Who would save Leia if he was on Tattoine? Who would save Han?

    He looked into the landing-spaces of the spaceport but no ship was here he could have taken back to Bespin. Then he felt an outburst in the force. A battle? And something cold. Dark. Deadly.


    He was here. Had this been his trick? His doing? Had the Dark Lord brought him here? Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side. Yoda had taught him that, again and again. But teleporting him to his homeplanet? No, Yoda had never mentioned anything like this. From what Luke had experienced there were limits to the force capabilities. Things one couldn´t do. Rules that couldn´t be bend or broken.

    Confused he gave up searching for another ship and decided to find out what had happened. He turned in the empty hallways and reached into the force once more. Making sure Vader wasn´t coming closer. He wasn´t ready to face the Dark Lord. Yoda had told him to avoid the confrontation.

    All he wanted was Han, Chewie, Leia and C3PO. Save and back at the rebellion.

    Tag: Whoever appears near me, others on the other side of town

  11. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 15, 2009
    As I have understood I just add myself to the list? No approvment? Well, I add two cast-members then. You got yourself a Padme. And a Kreia.

    1. Trimaj: [link=]Han Solo, DNT Era[/link], [link=]The Joker[/link], [link=]Tarfang, Post Second Galactic War[/link]
    2. HanSolo29: [link=]Han Solo, Outcast Era[/link], [link=]Han Solo, Paradise Snare[/link], [link=]Jae Juun, post Second Galactic Civil War[/link]
    3. Rilwen_Shadowflame: [link=]Count Dooku, just prior to RotS[/link]
    4. Aefernal_Fire: [link=]Boba Fett, the end of AotC[/link], [link=]HK-47, from the end of KOTOR 1[/link]
    5. yodaminch: [link=]Tholme, Immediately Prior to Murder[/link], [link=]Logray[/link], [link=]Quinlan Vos, Immediately Following Murder[/link], [link=]Batman[/link]
    6. Veloz: [link=]Ben Kenobi, Immediately after murder[/link], [link=]Siri, immediately prior to murder[/link], [link=]Wicket[/link]
    7. Mitth_Fisto: [link=]Daala from 17ABY Hyperspace jump, and GSE up till moments prior to death[/link]
    8. DarkLordoftheFins: [link=]Cade Skywalker, prior to his arrival on Tatooine[/link]
    9. Spaceman_Spiff: [link=]Darth Vader, just before ANH[/link], [link=]Indiana Jones, prior to murder[/link], [link=]Yoda, Force Ghost, after his murder[/link], [link=]Chief Chirpa[/link]
    10. The_Loyal_Imperial: [link=]Lord Darth Vader (ESB - the moment he's informed that Luke has arrived on Bespin)[/link]
    11. SirakRomar: [link=]Luke Skywalker, just prior to his arrival on Bespin[/link]
    12. DarthSubZero: [link=]Starkiller- TFU, on his way to face Darth Vader[/link]
    13. Seremela: [link=]Qui-Gon Jinn, just after he had told the Council about Anakin[/link]
    14. RachelTyrell [link=]Kreia, while training the exile[/link], [link=]Padme Amidala, Beginning of AOTC[/link]

    I´ll throw in Padme later and first . . . Kreia.

    [i]City Limits Mos Eisley[/i]

    She had been here for a few hours. Withdrawn from the force. [i]Hidden.[/i] Waiting.

    The force had many mysteries. Some revealed themselves in the most unpleasant forms. Onderon. No Dxun. She had been on Dxun and just as she was about to explain the Exile the history of the moon when suddenly the moon itself was gone. And she found himself on a desert planet with two suns. It did not really matter where it was or what it was about. The only question was why she was here.

    Meditation hadn´t revealed anything. But she was no longer alone. A Sith. The presence of a Sith made itself known among the new arrivals. And a powerful one. Even though his power was somehow tainted. Crippled? Her lips curled.

    Then another presence, in many ways as powerful as the Sith. And no less aggressive or frustrated. Tainted. It´s potential endless. This one would be interesting. Most interesting. All others were Jedi. Different one. All strong in the force. Probably Masters. Dedicated and calm, as Jedi were. None of them known to her. Actually non of them the slightest familiar. Not the Jedi, not the Sith. She felt none of herself in them. None of her >
  12. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    IC: Tholme

    Quinlan Vos had flown off into a rage after Vader. Clearly the memories of Vader's most recent betrayal on the Executor were fresh in his mind.

    "Vos and Tholme. What a wonderful surprise."

    At this Quinlan took another step forward, his lightsaber held firmly in both hands, ready to strike. Tholme fell back, his saber held in front of him, but not yet ready to strike.

    The way Vader acted gave Tholme pause. Further, he didn't recognize the young man whom was next to Vader. Apparently the two had a relationship, though it wasn't a friendly one. This Vader was not on the Executor. The force was telling him that much. This Vader was not one of the murderers who had betrayed them all.

    Still, Tholme kept his saber lit and used the force to tug Quinlan back from actually attacking Vader or anyone else. He saw another young man in a trench coat. The sharp bright green eyes contrasted with his blonde hair. There was no mistaking a descendant of a Skywalker. The only question was whether or not this one followed the path of light or not.

    Tholme saw another figure approaching and turned to face him.

    "Master Tholme?"

    Dooku's eyes met his own, an unanswered question spoken.

    "Master Dooku. Have you seen Ben or the Solos?" Tholme asked. Dooku should get the message. With these newcomers around and the strange aura that surrounded Vader, Tholme was not about to take any chances. But Dooku's aura was familiar. He had that same spark of light and hope in him during the final fight in the hanger.

    His eyes darted back toward Vader, unsure of what to do.

    "Someone knows how this is happening. You will either lead me to them, or you are in my way."

    "We may have an idea Vader. But I'm afraid you'll need to stand down. It's a long story and frankly, if I hadn't been a part of it, I'd not have believed it myself."

    Before he could continue however, the blonde Skywalker spoke up

    "I can guarantee you guys nobody of you can do such a stunt alone. Because I pretty much know what you can do. Where I am coming from . . .You are all dead."

    Tholme nodded. "Yes that's happened several times before. Our captors have made no issue with plucking us out of our respective times and universes. I have met jedi and sith thousands of years before my time and others hundreds after. I've met Darth Caedus and yet watched his mother give birth to he and his sister. I've fought along three incarnations of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I've seen Emperor Palpatine at the height of his power and his successor Emperor Roan Fel after he lost power." Tholme gave the young man a sad smile. "I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that to shock us in this place."

    Tholme paused however as two more presences made themselves known in the force. Tholme recognized the presence of Luke Skywalker. But this one not the same Skywalker as before. Another more malevolent presence also appeared. It seemed...older. Centuries old. However it was the last few presences that stopped Tholme cold. How had he not seen it before.

    "The Twins. Anakin." He turned to Quinlan and Dooku. "Do you sense it?"

    Tag: Dooku, Vader, Cade, Starkiller, anyone else

  13. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Cade Skywalker
    Mos Eisley

    Presences kept on popping up on his radar. He withdrew from the force.

    "Yeah, yeah the twins." He took his chopper special into both hands and hissed. "I am sure they are really important. But I am all with Vader in this. If you know what´s going on here, it´s time to spit it out. Before we think about how suspicious the great number of Jedi around here is. So, give us a little insight and then go about your business, will ya?" He wasn´t in a mood to talk. He wasn´t in a mood for important Jedi games. He wanted to know what happened.

    "And then we´ll find a shuttle and get ourselves out of this ghost town, I´d say."

    Folding his arms he looked at Tholme. His stare should be enough for a Jedi to undertand he wouldn´t get any nicer if they kept secrets from him.

    Tag: yodaminch, others
  14. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    OOC: From now on I'll probably just combine Tholme and Vos unless I feel like splitting them up.
    Also, it seems that neither Veloz, myself or Cor actually specified the fate of the ewoks. So, Logray at least survived. Veloz can decide whether or not Wicket did the same.

    IC: Quinlan Vos

    The conversation had taken a turn and Quinlan found his grip on his lightsaber relaxing. Tholme was right. This was not the same Vader who had murdered them on the Executor. That didn't change the fact that Vader did murder many jedi in his own time. But it would do them no good to fight now. Clearly things had changed. These newcomers had no idea why they were here. Just like him, they were not of the original group. But Dooku was. And he seemed to remember. So if Dooku was here, perhaps Ben and Siri were as well.
    [b]IC: Tholme[/b]
    Tholme seemed to have calmed a few of them down, but the young Skywalker seemed more agitated if that were possible. Clearly the time this one came from was not a pleasant one. He had been hardened by tragedy in his life. Tholme was no stranger to that, but he also recognized that the young man wanted answers and not a pellet of jedi wisdom. He would have to tread carefully around this one.

    "Yeah, yeah the twins." [/b] The man said, dripping with sarcasm.

    [b]"I am sure they are really important. But I am all with Vader in this. If you know what´s going on here, it´s time to spit it out. Before we think about how suspicious the great number of Jedi around here is. So, give us a little insight and then go about your business, will ya?"[/b]

    It was clear that this one only wanted quick answers. Explaining everything would take far too long. And it was time they may not have had. Anakin and the twins were out there. Alone. And he could feel darker presences moving towards them.

    [b]And then we´ll find a shuttle and get ourselves out of this ghost town, I´d say."[/b]

    At this, Tholme shook his head, a frown evident on his face. "If these are the same people responsible for what we went through, there is no escape. None at all. You can try and leave, but you'll find yourselves grounded again or dead."

    He began walking toward where he thought Anakin and the twins might be.

    "I'll explain what I can as we walk. But we must hurry toward the children. They are connected to all of this."


    [b]IC: [hl=yellow]The Batman[/hl][/b]

    Batman had found himself a perch on top of the buildings of Mos Eisley. From here he watched the conversation taking place. Tholme, Quinlan Vos and Dooku all seemed to remember there time on the executor. But Vader did not. He seemed agitated and demanded to know what was going on. It was clear by the tone of his mechanical voice. Tholme and Vos began walking toward the end of the town. Batman decided it would be best if followed silently for now. Reaching into his belt, he pulled out his grapple and fired onto the overhang of the next building. Once it was secured, he pushed the retracting button and swung over to the next roof. From there he began a quick run, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, making sure to keep Tholme and the others in his field of vision.


    [b]IC: [color=blue][hl=gray]Logray[/hl][/color][/b]
    [i]Location: Hanger[/i]

    Logray let out a pained grunt. He sat up and shook off the sand that had coated his fur. He hated this strange place. He surveyed the area and saw spaceships nearby. He let out an groan. This had to have been Wicket's doing. After the final battle of the Executor, Logray and Wicket had actually escaped!

    Logray had been in a fighter with Wicket. Batman and the others were flying their own fighters when they suddenly disappeared. Wicket's fondness of going fast must have been what saved them as they seemed to evade whatever fate befell the rest of their comrades. An explosion had followed and Logray now found himself on this planet. He vaguely remembered crash landing, but beyond that, it was a blur. He looked around the hanger, calling out

    "[Wicket! Where are you?]"

    He walked around the length of the docking bay until he >
  15. Veloz

    Veloz Jedi Master star 6

    Aug 30, 2004
    IC. Siri Tachi

    Painfully hot. That?s the first sensation Siri felt as she became conscious of herself. Then it was softness? no way this was a bad, was it?. Struggling to open her eyes, Siri noticed the very bright sun hitting her dead on. ?Whose idea of a joke is this??, she muttered under her breath. Slowly she sat up, trying to figure out where in the Force she was! ?Why does this place look familiar??, she wondered to herself. Suddenly, it hit her like a ton of concrete had landed on her: she was on Tattoine!

    ?How could this be!??, she exclaimed surprised. It was then that she felt uneasiness. ?Could the nebulans be behind this once again??, she whispered softly to herself. If there was one thing she knew from her last experience, was that there was safety in numbers. Quickly getting up and dusting the sand off her unisuit, Siri reached out with the Force to try and locate anyone or anything familiar. Much to her frustration, the heat was making her feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Once again, she tried to focus and calm herself thru the Force. It was then she felt some familiar Force signatures not too far up ahead. Allowing a small smile to reach her lips, Siri immediately recognized some of the people she was sensing. Mixed with them though, were people she didn?t recognize? and some dark presences were there too. ?Well, you can either stand here and melt to death or you can take a chance and go towards this group to try and get some answers?, she mumbled.

    Reaching out to those familiar, Siri carefully made her way towards the group.

    TAG: Thome, Quinlan, Batman, Dooku, Vader and anyone who wants to put up with a loud mouthed jedi.

    OCC: ok i needed to get moving here. I'm waiting on an answer from Cor to get Ben going, but for now here's Siri. Wicket did survive and he will remember everything from GSE (including his flying adventures [face_laugh] ), so i'll have him meet up with Logray soon, minch.
  16. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    OOC: I have to leave for my 1pm Bio class soon. I'll be back around 3:30. In between, just imagine Tholme is explaining the whole Nebulan mess. Luke or Wicket can move Logray as necessary. Batman is just following everyone from the shadows and being stealthy. :p I'll try to get one more Tholme or Vos post up before I leave.
  17. Veloz

    Veloz Jedi Master star 6

    Aug 30, 2004
    OCC: and here's Wicket

    IC: Wicket

    Oh the shiny spaceships. The fast speeder bike. How wonderful a memory to have!. Yeah, it all wasn?t fun and games, specially when the long legs started getting killed off, but not all was bad for Wicket. No sir. He had his fun too!

    The little ewok could have stayed on the ground wherever he was, dreaming of countless more adventures, for he knew he would most likely never get a chance at that again. ?[Specially if Logray has anything to say about it]?, thought Wicket to himself sadly. The respected older ewok wasn?t as fond of speed and adventures as he was, and after one of those adventures, the ewok had admonished him endlessly. Wicket knew as soon as they got back to Endor, Logray would make sure he would never leave the tribe for adventures again.

    It was then he heard it. "[Wicket! Where are you?]". Sitting up fast, Wicket finally opened up his eyes and found himself in a strange place. Strange, yes. But oh what a beautiful place it was!!. Left and right Wicket saw many shiny ships, each one calling out to him. Excitedly, he started clapping. He would have been more than happy to get into one and fly away, but it was at that moment he heard Logray asking a million questions to someone and scream excitedly.

    Knowing an ewok never leaves a fellow furry being alone, Wicket put aside his flying urge and ran towards where Logray?s voice was coming from.

    TAG: Logray, Luke
  18. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Luke Skywalker
    Spaceport, Mos Eisley

    The first sign of life -despite his perception in the force- were the strange voices he heard. He followed them, his gun in his hand and found in one of the hangars a little furry being. It resembled nothing as much as a teddybear. Just that he was alive. A second one came running around the corner. Raising his brows Luke smiled. They were kinda cute. And he felt they were no danger to him. Holstering his gun he kneelt. Just as he often did for Yoda.
    "Hey you two. You do not speak basic by any chance?" He gave them a smile and looked around. There were ships in that part of the hangar. He wondered if they were operational.

    Tag: Minch, veloz

  19. Seremela

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    Jul 12, 2008
    OOC: I will also let my character start at what's meant to be a different part of the town.

    IC Qui-Gon Jinn:

    ~Coruscant, Jedi temple~

    ?Don?t defy the Council, Master. Not again.?

    Qui-Gon looked at his apprentice, who stared back with all the earnestness of youth. Obi-Wan wanted him to conform to the rules, again. Hiding his feelings as he did so often, he simply said, ?I shall do as I must, Obi-Wan,? before continuing his walk over the balcony outside the Council?s Tower.

    Behind him Obi-Wan followed. ?Master, you could sit on the Council by now if you would just follow the code. They will not go along with you this time.?

    Sit on the Council? There was a scary thought. Talking about the fate of the whole galaxy with eleven Jedi all focused on the future and neglecting what was happening in the here and now? Not if he could help it.

    He leaned on the balcony railing, looking at the vast city laid out before him. Obi-Wan stepped up beside him. He felt the turmoil inside the young man and put a hand on his shoulder, sending calm through his touch.

    ?You still have much to learn, my young apprentice.?

    It didn?t appease Obi-Wan and he took his hand back. Not wanting to have the same old discussion, not now, he closed his eyes, opening himself to the Force and its wishes. At the edge of his awareness he felt Obi-Wan walk away, still radiating disapproval.

    The Force would tell him what to do, as it always did. But before he could decide his next course of action a sharp pain filled his head. He let go of the balcony railing and staggered back. A roar filled his ears as he fell to his knees. Sound, vision, everything receded until all that remained was blackness.


    ~Tatooine, Mos Eisley~

    The first thing Qui-Gon noticed when the pain and blackness receded, was the heat, immense, suffocating, sucking the moisture right out of him. And was that sand he was kneeling in?

    He opened his eyes, but had to close them almost immediately against the blazing light. Warned now, he shielded his eyes before opening them again.

    Stark light reflected from all around him, from white sand and white buildings. The light of two suns.


    Still half shielding his eyes, Qui-Gon rose and looked around him. This couldn?t be Tatooine, they had left the planet days ago.

    He could have ignored the sand, the characteristic white and yellowed buildings and even the two suns in the sky, but something about the place sang to him through the Force in a way he recognized. The Force had never lied to him; as impossible as it seemed, this wás Tatooine. Somehow he found himself in an old, abandoned town on the desert planet he had so recently left.

    What was this place?

    And why was he brough here? What did the Force want?

    He reached out, searching and almost reeled back. From the other side of the town he sensed confusion, emotions, chaos, but worse of all, the same type of darkness he had felt when battling that strange being just prior to their escape in the Queen?s spaceship.

    And then he felt something else, a presence he had come to know so very well over the last days. Anakin! The boy was here as well.

    He started to run.

    TAG: anyone

    EDITED: Sorry, sorry, I've studied the rules first before stepping in and they did say 'read, read and read again', and I still read it wrong and thought the starting point said 'Mos Espa'. Thank you very much Sirak for the warning[face_blush]

  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Cade Skywalker
    Mos Eisley Streets

    "Then lead the way. I´ll listen while we´re on the move." He said and had his blaster still in his hand. He did not plan to kill a Jedi. But making one nervous so he did not waste his time did not seem to be such a big thing.

    While they walked Cade said nothing and only listened. The only thing that came to his mind about that kind of story was that he doubted the Jedi´s sanity. Yet in the force he felt it was the truth. One of the things he hated the force for. Made all the pretty illusions so hard to keep.

    When the story had ended he let himself fall behind. So this was some sort of dimensional hocus pocus. And the guys responsible for it were the Nebulans.

    It was a bad one. A truly bad one.

    Tag: Tholme and all who joined
  21. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Count Dooku

    "Master Dooku. Have you seen Ben or the Solos?"


    He remembered. They would not have to fight this day. "No, I have not. This group was the first I encountered."

    Then, of course, matters were derailed by a young man who looked quite as though he might be a descendant of the distinctive Skywalker line. His contributions, and the new Force presences awakening each moment, effectively changed matters entirely.

    They began making their way to where they had sensed the Solo twins and young Anakin, with Tholme explaining about the Nebulans to the questioning Skywalker descendant and Vader. Along the way, Dooku saw another familiar figure approaching the group.

    "Knight Tachi, will you join us in our travels?" he enquired dryly. "I'm sure we shall be finding an explanation any century now." One white brow went up as he examined the woman he had died trying to save.

    Tag: Tholme, Cade, Siri, rest of group
  22. Coruscant

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    Feb 15, 2004
    Awesome, guys! Things are off to a great start.

    I just realized I never heard back from ophelia, one of our core players in GSE. She played both 9-year-old Anakin and a Qui-Gon from approximately the same time period as what new player Seremela chose. So, welcome to the game, Seremela, but I've got to go get confirmation from ophie if she's coming back to the game or not, and if so, if she's going to retain her Qui-Gon character.
  23. Veloz

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    Aug 30, 2004
    IC: Siri Tachi

    Approaching the group, Siri realized that her perception had been right: there stood Quinlan and Tholme speaking with whom she clearly knew by now was Darth Vader and someone else she couldnt place. She froze on her spot. Out of the shadows she noticed that strange Batman individual that she had met on the strange ship aswell lurking about as usual and just watching everyone, thus confirming Siri?s fears that the nebulans could once again be back to play another round of their sick games. She gave him a quick nod to acknowledge him. Siri knew the Batman could be trusted.

    But where was Ben? And the other Obi-Wans? Han?. That Bria woman that enfuriated her so? Siri wanted answers!

    As she pondered the situation, a distinctive voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "Knight Tachi, will you join us in our travels?" I'm sure we shall be finding an explanation any century now", he remarked as he lifted an eyebrow with obvious amusement. The man made Siri uneasy, but then again this seemed to be the same version that had saved her life before. Putting her feelings aside, Siri walked slowly ?If the Nebulans are after this, I?m afraid we wont be getting any explanations even in a century?. only chaos and?. death?.

    Stepping closer to Dooku, Siri ventured to ask ?Any idea who the new people are??. Staying alert and looking at everyone, Siri was ready for anything.

    TAG: Dooku, Batman, Quinlan, Tholme, Cade, Vader

    IC: Wicket

    "[I remember this long legs!]", exclaimed Wicket, clapping and jumping around Logray. Clearly, the young long legs didn?t understand them at all. "Hey you two. You do not speak basic by any chance?", the man asked.

    "[I don?t speak basic and he clearly doesn?t speak ewok Logray, what do we do?]" . It was then he observed the talll human looking around and noticing the same beautiful ships he had noticed before. Stepping forward, Wicket put a paw on the man?s shoulder "[Fear not my friend, I can get us out of this jam if you just get me onto one of these shiny ships... i know how to fly!]", Wicket exclaimed, quite proud of himself and giving the man an excited scream. It was then he noticed Logray glaring at him. "[Or maybe a bit later, right Logray?]", he pleaded, giving the older ewok the most innocent look he could come up with.

    Knowing he would get into more trouble than he was already in, Wicket stood quietly and waited to see what the long legged man would do.

    TAG: Logray, Luke
  24. Seremela

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    Jul 12, 2008
    OOC: Coruscant, does this mean I better wait with posting until you hear from Ophelia?

  25. Yodaminch

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    Mar 6, 2002
    OOC: Back early. Just going to catch up, then will post. Will be around til 10:30pm so will have plenty to add today :p

    Regarding our two Jinns. If ophelia keeps Qui-Gon with the same memories as Dooku, Ben and Tholme, then the two Jinns are certainly different enough to allow for both.
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