Auburn Alien Invasion - Jan 20th | Auburn Arboretum

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    I want to cordially invite you guys to attend, support, and participate in an event we've been invited to. This one is pretty much in your backyard!

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    What: The Davis Arboretum at Auburn University has informed us of an Alien Invasion on Alabama's Native Plants, and has requested our help in forcing them away. This will be a Star Wars-themed community work day to beautify a downtown area next to the Auburn campus overrun with alien-species of plants that are not allowing the native plants to survive.

    When: January 20th, 2007, from 10-4.

    Where: College Street, Auburn, AL, downtown next to the Davis Arboretum. One lane of the street will be blocked off for the day.

    Our Purpose at this event: True "event enhancement," as only our costumers can provide. "It can be difficult to make plants exciting, but your group has huge appeal on a college campus and would be a hit.We need you to draw in passers by and to make it more fun for families than just "hey we're pulling weeds today". Without you we would have almost no one stop to see what's going on, but with your help, students, faculty, children, and adults could be drawn in to learn our mission."

    The curator said, "The Star Wars theme ties in well with the concept that we are waging war on invasive alien species. I can make veiled Star Wars references for days."

    - - - - - - - - -

    You guys are more than welcome to come help out, put up a FanForce banner, and get recruits in the ESB group! I know it is kind of short notice, but let us know here or in our Message Forum if you will be able to come. You can also find more details there!
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