Audio Drama - Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion

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    Hey everyone - it's been a while since I've been to the TFN boards; it's awesome to see that they are still going strong.

    I wanted to share some information about an audio drama miniseries I'm currently working on called Crusade of the Rebellion. I started it in 2014 and released three episodes, but unfortunately my Mom passed away a short while later, so it took me a couple of years to get back to a point where I felt I could continue the series. But the time has come, and I finally released Episode 4 a couple weeks ago, and production on Episode 5 is underway.

    It has been fifteen years since the Rebel Alliance experienced a horrifying defeat in their battle with the Galactic Empire over the H'rahk Sector (Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire - a previous audio series I did in 2006/07). It was during that event that the Empire unleashed a so called Suicide-class Star Destroyer that collided with the primary moon and obliterated it.

    Now, having just come through one of their greatest victories - destroying the Death Star battle station - the Alliance has uncovered Intel that the Emperor is having more "Suicide" Destroyers commissioned. They begin planning a mission to the shipyard base where they will stop the architect - Grand Moff Teivel - before he can complete construction.

    Little do the rebels know that Teivel is planning an operation of his own... to dethrone Emperor Palpatine and purge the Empire of Force-sensitives. But he will need more than brute force to face the likes of the emperor and his many Dark Jedi.

    Teivel's excavations on a remote planet have unearthed ancient artifacts of immeasurable power from a lost civilization. But will he be able to control this mysterious and dark power? And what part will the Rebel Alliance play in his machinations....

    This fully dramatized series features a full cast of voice actors, and any fans of the official Lucasbooks/High Bridge Audio "Star Wars: Dark Forces" audio dramas from the '90s may recognize a particular voice actor in Episode 3 of this series reprising his role.

    The series is available to stream and download from multiple places:
    Google Play Music
    Pocket Casts

    And for more information you can visit the main website: