San Diego, CA August 23 - Meeting and Laser Tag

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    Just to put it on the calendar:
    The Monthly Meeting and Fun for August will be held on Saturday, August 23.

    In-N-Out Burger
    3102 Sports Arena Blvd,
    San Diego CA 92110
    1:00 pm

    Key highlight of this meeting:
    * Nominations for elected officer positions for the 2008-2009 year.

    After Meeting Fun: Laser Tag
    UltraZone (The Ultimate Laser Adventure)
    3146 Sports Arena Blvd # 21
    San Diego, CA 92110
    2:30 pm check-in time for the first game of Laser Tag

    We've got two games reserved for us. Each game will be $7 per person. Please RSVP for Laser Tag - number of people, and number of games.
    It would be handy to collect cash beforehand so they don't have to process each transaction individually...

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    Bump for the forgetful!
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