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Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by MiaTieska, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. MiaTieska Jedi Master

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    Okay everybody! It's (past due) time to start planning an August activity!

    Here's the current master list of activity ideas everyone has suggested:

    Master List:
    +group fic collab
    +writing games
    +debate - we could make this official with a debate overseer and teams? and debate about Star Warsy stuff
    +Star Wars cook off
    +Star Wars craft night
    +Star Wars party (themed, with decorations or something?)
    +Jedi Photoshoot (we all dress up in the Jedi or SW costume of choice and take pictures? I'm sure between us all we could come up with cool costumes)
    +fan film collab?
    +drinking games for the prequels
    +Star Wars trivia night - if we got little buzzers or something and kept score, we could do it like Jeopardy or a game show

    Also, please reply with your availability so we can schedule this. :) I know school starts this month for BYU and UVSC, and I know I'll be gone for a week right before UVSC starts (yay Florida!).

    I think I'm leaning towards group fic collab... :D

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    Ooh, I vote for fanfilm collab. It's something we could do either all at once or make an ongoing project. And we have so much talent and humor in our fanforce that we really should do it!
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