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San Joaquin, CA August Meeting MInutes

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by MotherPalpatine, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. MotherPalpatine

    MotherPalpatine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2004
    Here are the minutes from the August 19th 2005 meeting of the Order of the Twin Suns.

    Senate meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm after waiting for some members to go and get water and other drinks.

    Members present: Charles B., Tiffany B., Barry P., Bette S., Cheryl P., Greg S., Josh W., Tarah W., Liz S., Jerry S., Derek M., Jeanette. (Derek, Liz and Jerry were late to the meeting.)

    Minutes from the July meeting was read and approved.

    Bette's Corner:
    Bette said that she would like to go the FIDM as a group in nSeptember to see the Star Wars costume exhibit. Several members were interested. Bette brought up that several members have told her that Barry needs a cell phone because he is difficult to reach at times and they end up calling her to find him. It was put to a vot and passed that Barry will get a cell phone by the next meeting. Barry grudgingly agreed to have a working cell phone, with service by the time of our next meeting in September.

    Treasurery Report:
    Barry (okay Bette) stated that the club had $103.00 as of the last meeting and $60.00 was given to Josh to purchase supplies for a lightsabre. There is a balance of $43.00 in the club fund.

    Josh reported that we now have an up and running website with new stuff recently added. Josh presented his new lightsabre, which he made completely, including the blade. His first blade color is red (good choice) and he will be able to make them in several different colors. The blade should cost about $49.00 and a hilt can cost from $20.00- $25.00. It is a 12 volt system and 9" can be the smallest produced. The Emperor proposed that a set of blades be made for the club is various colors so we will have them on hand when needed. The red blade is the first.

    A trip to Bakersfield was discussed for sabre practice with members of their Fan Force. Most of our members plan on attending and they will be car-pooling. Tiffany was able to arrange a mini-van.
    Harry Potter was discussed and before we make any more plans we need to check with the Galaxy Theatre. Jeanette reported that she went to the Wizard's Store on the coast but was disappointed with what she found as they had little Harry Potter items.

    Charles presented information on LosCon; tickets are $40.00 now until October 31st and rooms are about $93.00 per night. He asked who was interested in going and most said that they were at this time. It was suggested that people begin thinking about costumes. Other conventions were also mentioned.

    New Business:
    Old business actually- Derek had mentioned before that he could make plastic membership cards and this was discussed again tonight. The idea was favored by the members. New business ideas include going to Hobb's Grove and the Corn Maze sometime in October. The November 1st release of the DVD of Revenge of the Sith was discussed and suggestions were made. Josh spoke about a charity event in September for the Childrens Miracle League. We have been asked to attend and help with fund raising. The members think this is a good idea.

    By-Laws were discussed by Bette. The Officers talked about this in June and July and the Emperor gave the job to Bette. She read the first draft of the By-Laws and will have the final draft by the next meeting.

    Senate adjourned at 10:10 pm.

    A good time was had by all, but then we always do.:D

    Golda-Supreme Grand Moff Keeper of the Secret Decoder Ring Queen Mother Power Behind the Throne Dowager Empress Bearer of the Sith Black Heart Taker of the Sacred Notes Protector of Skippy Imperial Costumer Mystical Darkside Cookie Baker Tamer of the Sith Kitty Observer of All Favorite Grandmama Royal Scheduler Feeder of Exeter CR, for Life.
  2. Royal-Guardian

    Royal-Guardian Jedi Youngling

    Aug 30, 2005
    Thanks Betty...

    Josh... I have all the past minutes converted to .PDF for you to post on the website. I will try to get them to you. I also cut and pasted the August and converted it. So we are caught up.

    Also, I was thinking about a Timeline for the website. Basically showing all the events/meetings and such we as a group participate in. What do you think. If you like the idea, we should get together with everyone to get a list together of everything done since, lets say May 1, 2005 just prior to E3 premier. Before we forget stuff.

    Everyone... I will need the month and year you joined the club. For most of us that will be easy, but for the few who have been around a long time, jog that memory. It's going on the Membership cards.

    On the back of the Membership card the title is "Tulare County FanForce: Order of the Twin Suns - Membership Rules of Conduct". Below this I would like to put the basic hot points for all members to remember. So if you can come up with a bullet list for me Betty that would be GREAT...

    I have decided on creating serveral different cards. Basically the card will have the same info, with different backgrounds the member can choose from prior to getting their card made.

    We as a group will need to schedule a PHOTO shoot day. So pictures can be taken for the cards. More on this later.
  3. Darth_Tater_Vader

    Darth_Tater_Vader Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 25, 2005
    -Josh... I have all the past minutes converted to .PDF for you to post on the website. I will try to get them to you. I also cut and pasted the August and converted it. So we are caught up.-

    Yay that would help tons Royal-Guardian!!!
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