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San Diego, CA August Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Miana Kenobi, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Miana Kenobi

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    Apr 5, 2000
    Uber Late Meeting Minutes

    Thursday August 23

    We got our yearly officer election nominations out of the way.

    Nominations for Treasurer: Katrina (me*gonk) and Donny (foxbatkllr)

    Nominations for Secretary: Rachel (Miana), Paul F. (DarthPaul), and Jess (Tal-Kendar) [Declined]

    Nominations for Vice President: Rachel (Miana), Dennis (BBQMASTER), Matt (MtnJedi), Lesley (BrieKalan)[Declined], Donny (foxbatkllr)[Declined], and Emily (thtirishgirl)[Declined].

    Nominations for President: Dennis (BBQMASTER), James (jawajames), Edgar (FLY-JEDI)[Declined], and Brian (DarthBrian)[Declined]

    Nominations will continue online for three weeks. You can either post a nomination or PM an officer a nomination. The thread is [link=]HERE[/link]

    Past Events
    * Britt has finally put up C4 Pictures. Go to his website to check them out.

    * Comic Con. We came, we saw, we had fun.

    * Congratulations to our two newly-wed couples! Tiffany (_boom_) and her new husband, and Aaron (Aeryn) and Amy!

    * Congratulations to Jess on her new 9-month project! She was able to tell us at the meeting that she's having a girl. :D

    Upcoming Events

    · Multi-club BBQ picnic was Saturday August 25 at Mile-Square Park. Good times had by all.

    · Alex Skale?s birthday party is September 16. All of the club is invited t come, costumed or not. (Dennis is cooking!)

    · September 22 ? September Meeting/Pinewood Space Derby. Because of limited free days, we have decided to hold our meeting at Donna?s house. She is inviting all of us to her home in Escondido for the 2nd Annual Pinewood Space Derby and pool party. It will be a fun day of BBQ, hanging out, swimming, and racing out space cars. She will also be holding a workshop before the event for people to come build their racing cars (which Bob is being adamant that they MUST be qualified racing size and weight).

    At the meeting, we will be holding our yearly elections for officers and finalizing the changes being suggested to our by-laws.

    · October 21 ? CHOC walk at Disneyland ? Help the Children?s Hospital of Orange County raise money by walking around Disneyland! You can go either in costume or not; it all goes to a good cause. Contact Mike (TK-421) if you have any questions.

    · Sea World ? Our Sea World trip is being pushed to Spring of 08.

    · November 3rd ? Autism Walk. The Autism Walk will be held in Balboa Park this year. It starts at 7:30, so get your starbucks in hand and see you there!

    · November 10 ? Rocket Race. James is once again hosting San Diego?s Rocket Race, a race similar to The Amazing Race where teams from all over compete and zoom around San Diego collecting clues. It starts at 9am, teams are composed of 4-5 people, and there is a fee of $25 per team. This years theme is Time Warp.

    · Camping in the Redwoods where they filmed RotJ. Lloyd is putting together a camping trip for Us/501st/Rebel Legion for a fun weekend playing in the redwoods. It will be in May 2008.

    · September 23 ? Family Guy: Blue Harvest. The Family Guy season premiere of A New Hope with Family Guy characters.

    · Matt decreed that we need lazer tag again. And Bowling.
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