Birm, AL August Online Chat Meeting - August 18 @ 8:00pm

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    We will be hold online Chat Forum meetings every month on the second Sunday of the month. This month's meeting was rescheduled in lieu of another event last weekend. You get to the Chat Forum by visit [link=]our website[/link] and using the link in yellow above on the Message Forum bar, or from the Menu to the left.

    Meeting Schedule:
  2. Sunday, July 8

  3. Sunday, August 18

  4. Sunday, September 8th

  5. Sunday, October 13th

  6. Sunday, November 10th

  7. ... and so on. The pattern: Online Meetings are every 2nd (or in this case, 3rd) Sunday of every month.

    Meetings will be held at 8:00pm CST, unless otherwise specified.

    Online Meeting Content:
    Online Chat Forum Meets will be casual online get-togethers of members, just as our normal meetings are.

    If we have anything important to cover at the meetings, club officers will announce it when the meetings starts.
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    Hope to see some FF folks there!
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    Correction, folks: This is Sunday!