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Oceania Aussie Fan Film "Jedi Heritage" - Now complete and Online.

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by lordvaderFF, May 1, 2006.

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  1. lordvaderFF

    lordvaderFF Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 29, 2000
    Yes folks, after 5 years of production, Jedi Heritage is now comeplete and available for you to download.

    [link=]High Res 181 Meg[/link]

    [link=]Low Res 52 Meg[/link]

    Big files I know, but it's almost 30 minutes of movie.

    If you want to see Lightsaber Battles, Daring chase scenes, and outragouse Space battles........don't look here. :)

    Jedi Heritage is a Original Space Drama set in the Star Wars Universe.

    I hope you will enjoy it.
  2. Scoot

    Scoot Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 30, 2002
    I just tried to download the Low-Res version and I got an error from Quicktime

    "Error -2048: the file is not a movie file"
  3. PulsarSkate

    PulsarSkate Ex-Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2003
    *won't even attempt to download it on this slowass computer*

    Ah well, I've seen it already! It's awesome, I highly recommend it folks!
  4. lordvaderFF

    lordvaderFF Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 29, 2000
    Are you using the latest version of Quicktime (7.0.4 I think) ?
  5. Scoot

    Scoot Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 30, 2002
    I updated my Quicktime, but still got the same error from the LowRes version. The HiRes version works fine tho!
  6. lordvaderFF

    lordvaderFF Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 29, 2000
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, will have to check with our wonderful host and see what the problem is.

    Thanks for the recommendation PS. :)
  7. HawkNC

    HawkNC Former RSA: Oceania star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 23, 2001
    Downloaded it yesterday. Great work to everyone involved. :)
  8. milney

    milney Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 21, 2003
    That'd be me :)

    The Low Res file didn't upload properly the first time, so you'd be getting a corrupted file.

    I've fixed it now, so let me know if this one has an error :)
  9. lordvaderFF

    lordvaderFF Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 29, 2000
    What a guy. :)
  10. NeecH

    NeecH Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 14, 2003
    The Good:
    -The music - Very atmospheric and at a much higher level than other original scores I've heard in Fan Films.
    - The sets - The sets were really well done and had a great Star Wars feel. My only complaint with them was that they all seemed so small. Some simple CG set extensions would have gone a long way to give depth and take away that 'we're shooting on a set in someone's garage' feel.
    -The doors - Simply great and very Star Wars! :D I also really enjoyed the misc. droids roaming the hallways.
    - No Boba Fett or Darth Vader!
    - The costumes - Generally very good. Some of the Imperial officers uniforms looked a little loose on the actors but other than that, good stuff.
    - The idea - I like the general idea behind the story premise, it's interesting. I also like the approach of making a less action orientated Fan Film. I just felt that such a good idea was poorly executed which leads me to...

    The Bad:
    - The Direction - It was very bland. No imagination went into the shot setups and large parts of the frame seemed to be wasted by not having anything interesting happening, forcing us to concentrate on the acting.
    - The acting - A serious approach and a less action orientated script dictate that you need quality acting and Jedi Heritage very much lacks this. The only stand out was Chris Brennan as Tussew, I could tell that this wasn't his first film experience and he delivered his dialogue in a very subtle and believeable manner (and it's good to see you not in Vader persona for once). Tussew needed to be in it alot more!
    - The script/characters - So very cliche. Some of the plot devices seemed very contrived and many character motivations and actions were confusing and unexplained (Like Wex's need to sneak around when no one was actually looking for him). Too much talking! What's up with the Fan Film villain monologues, people?!!

    The Ugly:
    - Tussew - He had no freakin' eyes! Nice make-up job though.

    Overall, a pretty decent effort and much better than I was expecting (while downloading, I had nausea inducing flashbacks about The Dark Redemption).

  11. lordvaderFF

    lordvaderFF Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 29, 2000

    Thanks for a thoughtful and insightful review.

    *Insert confused look* We were filming in a garage. [face_worried]
    It was decided right from the start that we were NOT going to go with CG sets or trying to CG people into the scenes...true this limited us a bit and made some of the task a bit harder, but I think it worked....

    The music was done by Rich Johnson.....and he's a master.
    People have RAVED about the soundtrack for JH, which is will be included on the DVD when it comes out.

    As for the bad parts...well what can I say.
    I disagree about the Direction, but I think that is a personal thing. I think Dags did an awesome job, but that's my opinion. :)
    The actors...well....they did the best they could with what they had to work with.
    (As Harrison Ford once said to George.."You just can't say this ****")
    Only our two Imperials have mush in the way of acting experience, and for Wex & Jules it was their first film and first movie experience, I think they did a great job....but once again....I'm biased. :)

    Yes, the script is Cliche....but then is Star Wars when you think about it. As for the Monologue...well, if we'd had an extra $10,000 and an extra 12 months to film, we could have explained it all in a less direct fashion (show the parents getting dragged off, show the fighter crashing, etc) but money and no the guys worked with what they had.

    The idea was to make a film that wasn't a few people beating the snot out of each other in a forest, and to make something that was as "real" as possible....that I think we achieved.

    As for Tussews eyes....they're there...just hidden. :)
    The story behind Tussew is that his "skin folds" over his eyes and nose/mouth can fold down to protect him from sand s
  12. MarvinTheMartian

    MarvinTheMartian Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 31, 2002
    I'll download it later 2nite, can't wait to see it :)
  13. Rebel_Padawan

    Rebel_Padawan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 11, 2003
    The main annoyance for me was that it chopped and changed sooo much that it was distracting. It changed as the scenes changed yes, but it didn't flow. Having said that, the actuall music itself was great!
  14. Sith Magician

    Sith Magician Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 14, 1999
    Finally got around to seeing it. Some other have covered things I noticed and stuff I wouldn't comment on anyway... (C'mon, picking on the effects? They were pretty good seeing they were done for free)

    Just a tip for your director when it comes to the timing of actions onscreen:

    There's a couple of shots where you have your hero hiding in the station. Troops walk by and he instantly sticks his head up. It's ok for there to be second or two before that happens, both times I thought that the troops should have seen him he popped into frame that quick.

    Also, in the tunnels when the officer says to run a bypass and the tech leans in and says why he can't. That was too fast, he should have taken a couple of seconds to maybe hit a button or two, then say his line.

    Aside from that it was pretty good, the pan down to the planet from space was very impressive.
  15. NeecH

    NeecH Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 14, 2003
    Who was bagging the effects? I thought they were on par with any other fan film I've watched and like you said, that entrance from space down to the planet surface was extremely well executed.
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