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    Avatar: Last of the Airbenders

    Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. There once was a time when the four nations lived together in peace and harmony. Within each nation, there is an order of men and women, each called "Benders," who have an ability to manipulate their native element. They were able to interact with each other without conflict or strife. Those times are now a thing of the past.

    It has been a hundred years now since war has ripped the planet from all sides. The Fire Nation attacked the other nations. There was only one hope to stop it. That hope was the Avatar master of all elements.

    For some odd reason the Avatar vanished a hundred years ago, which led the Fire Nation to advance and conquer several cities. Leaving many casualties including the extinction of all the Airbenders.

    Then one day a young Water Tribe girl named Katara and her brother Sokka found a boy in an iceberg along with his pet Bison. With blue arrows tattooed from head to toe the siblings noticed that this young boy named Aang was an Airbender. Not only was he an Airbender but he was the Avatar too.

    Aang, Katara and Sokka are now on a journey of their lives. Their destiny has put them right in the middle of the war and enemies on their trail.

    Before Aang can stop the Fire Nation, he must learn to master all the elements. He already masters air, but he must find masters to teach him the others. Will there be time for young Aang to learn everything and stop the Fire Nation from having complete domination. This will be up to you!

    Background Information:


    Water Tribe

    The Water Tribes live in the North and South Poles. Not all members are waterbenders. Some are warriors and some healers. Most of the warriors of the South Pole Water Tribe left to help fight in the war.

    Waterbenders are ability to control water, steam and ice, and heal physical wounds.

    A Waterbender's weakness is his or her need for an external source of water, though a skilled Waterbender can concentrate the natural moisture in the air or on the ground into a usable form. As a result, travelling Waterbenders carry a water skin or pouch with them at all times.


    Earth Kingdom

    The Earth Kingdom residents inhabit the mountain areas where they live in several villages and cities. Not all members are earthbenders. Some are esteemed warriors and while there are some that use the earth to make potions and cures.

    An earthbender's powers are firmly rooted to the ground they stand on. Removing them any substantial distance from the earth, such as on the ocean, strips them of their powers. Additionally, because of their inability to bend processed metals, the bending abilities of an Earthbender can be negated by securing them within a metallic barrier, seperating them from any contact with the earth.


    Fire Nation

    The Fire Nation usually inhabits a small system of volcanic islands. The Fire Nation is the most technologically advanced of the nations, boasting Industrial-Age technologies tanks, rudimentary explosives ("blasting jelly"), advanced catapults, more accurate telescopes, siege drills, and coal-powered iron-clad warships. Not all members are firebenders. Some members are part of the military.

    Firebenders have the ability to create and control fire. A certain few Firebenders can also create and control lightning. Firebenders use their internal body heat as a source of their bending to "create" fire.


    Air Nomads

    The Air Nomads were wanderers, but had four Air Temples, one at each corner of the globe. They were monks that had arrow tattoos on thei/>
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Aang
    Gender: Male
    Age: 112
    Hair Color: None
    Eye Color: Gray
    Personality: Funny, likes to play around, adventurous
    Nation/Tribe: Air Nomads
    Skill: Airbending but is the Avatar and will have to master all elements
    Weapons: Glider that folds into a staff
    Bio: Aang is from the Southern Air Temple where he grew up living with Monks about a hundred years ago. One in particular, Monk Gyatso, who was a father figure to him. The Monks knew that Aang was th Avatar when he was a small child. In the tradition to determine the Avatar they Aang a set of toys that reflected all the nations plus other toys of miscellaneous items. Aang chose the toys that reflected all the nations, which confirmed to the monks that he is indeed the Avatar.

    Normally, the Avatar isn?t told who he is until he is sixteen, but the Monks fearing a war maybe drawing near with the Fire Nation decided to tell Aang at the age of 12.

    Aang not only was told who he is, but also that he had to leave his home. Afraid, confused and not wanting the responsibility Aang took off with his flying Bison named Appa. He got caught up in a storm and entered the Avatar State which enclosed him and Appa in an iceberg. He was found 100 yrs later by Katara and Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe.

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    Hair Color:black

    Eye Color:unknown

    Personality:Dark, cruel, evil, all around bad

    Appearance:Tall and strong. with the headpiece of the fire lord. also with a robe worn by the fire lords

    Nation/Tribe:Fire nation

    Skill:Extreme fire bending, also lightnig

    Weapons:his bare hands

    Bio:Fire lord ozi is the father of azula and zuko and the younger brother to general iroh. he somehow convinced his father to take away his brothers right to be the next fire lord. he has banished zuko for disgraceing him in his war concil and he has sent his amazing daughter to capture the avater and ba-sing-say. he will stop at nothing to defeat the other nations and he cant be stopped once sosins comet arrives
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    Name: Sokka
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Hair Color: See appearance
    Eye Color: See appearance
    Personality: Skeptical, abrasive, and sharp-witted, Sokka is detached from Katara's and Aang's pursuit of the bending arts. Not gifted with bending abilities himself, Sokka instead prefers the ways of the warrior, and he takes his responsibility as protector very seriously. Patriotic and long to hold a grudge, he strongly wants to exact a little vengeance for the Fire Nation's decimation of the Water Tribe and the death of his mother. He holds little interest in the mysticism surrounding bending and prefers to solve problems using his strength and his wits. He tends to be rash, however, and his pride often leads to embarrassment.

    A passionate carnivore, Sokka has demonstrated his love of meat on multiple occasions and is the main hunter in the group (Aang is a vegetarian). Sokka also has a habit of using sarcasm. In the episode "Bitter Work," Sokka shouts at karma in the heavens vowing to give up both meat and sarcasm for assistance, agreeing to consider himself no longer "Sokka, the meat and sarcasm guy." By the end of the episode, however, he has given up neither meat nor sarcasm. Though he started out as relatively the most serious and down-to-earth character, Sokka has come to frequently serve as a source of comic relief throughout the series, increasingly involving violent slapstick.
    Appearance: [image=http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/2/2c/175px-Avatar-_The_Last_Airbender_character-_Sokka.jpg]
    Nation: Water Tribe
    Skill: Warrior
    Weapons: boomerang, sword-ax
    Bio: Sokka grew up in his village as an aspiring warrior-in-training of the Southern Water Tribe. Forced to mature quickly when his mother was killed in a Fire Nation raid, he cultivated his warrior skills with a militant zeal, while his sister Katara did chores and practiced Waterbending. When he was thirteen, his father and the other village men left to fight alongside the Earth Kingdom in the war against the Fire Nation, leaving him and his sister to look after their tribe with their grandmother, Gran Gran. Apparently the oldest male left at the South Pole, by the time he was fifteen he seems to have developed a semi-leadership role (or at least assumed one for himself).

    While on a spearfishing expedition, Katara and Sokka found Aang in suspended animation inside an iceberg. When Katara freed him, Sokka was initially believed that the Airbender might be a Fire Navy spy, and he grew xenophobic enough to banish him from the village. Upon discovering that Aang was the Avatar, destined to master all four elements and bring peace to the world, Sokka relented, realizing that they had a common enemy, the Fire Nation. He then set off with Katara and Aang on their journey to find a waterbending instructor at the North Pole, determined to hone his warrior's skills by way of fighting a few Firebenders.
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    ~GM Approved~

    Character Sheet

    Name: Katara
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Personality: is a sweet girl, who is very kind hearted.
    Nation/Tribe: Water Nomads
    Skill: Waterbending
    Weapons: none
    Bio: Katara is a 14 year old Waterbender with a big heart. Katara wants to live up to her potential and become a Waterbender in order to save her tribe, but she's still learning to control her powers. Katara and her brother had both found Aang, the new Avatar, in an iceberg near their home. They had soon set out on an adventure to find answers on how to teach Aang to bend fire, water, and earth, while he had already been experienced with airbending.

    Katara has carried a necklace that was once her mother's around with her, to remember her, and for hope and courage.

    Katara's mom was killed by fire benders. Her dad went to war to fight the fire benders. Her grandma and her brother are her only family in the village. Katara tries her best to keep Aang out of harms way.
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    Characters still needed.

    1. Zuko
    2. Azula
    3. Toph
    4. Iroh

    I would i like at least the first three to be before we start.
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    Name: Azula
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color: golden brown
    Personality: cruel and mean
    Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azula
    Nation/Tribe: fire
    Skill: ability to fire bend and bend lighting
    Weapons: Her firebending
    Bio: Azula might just be 14 years old, but she is a great firebender. She loves the fact that her brother, Zuko was banished from the fire nation. She once tried to get him and their uncle, Iroh, back to the fire nation as captevies, but that didn't work. She'll stop at nothing to capture the avatar and her brother

    Name: Kimaria
    gender: female

    Age: 16

    eye color: red

    Hair color: Black

    Personality: funny, smart, kind, and can be sarcastic at times

    appearance: Pale skin color, thin, and usually wears a red and black dress that also allows her to bend easily

    Nation/tribe: fire

    skill: firebending and can control lighting, but needs more practice at the lighting, and agility

    weapons: a sword, her agility, and her bending skills

    bio: Kimaria was born in the fire nation around the same time as Zuko. Her father helped her learn firebending, but she discovered she could bend lighting by herself. when she was about 14 years old, she ran away from the fire nation at the same time Zuko was banished, so she hid on his boat till they came to a port, and she got off. From there she took boats to all over the world, looking for the avatar. Kimaria knew that the war wasn't right so she went looking for the avatar to help him.
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    We still need a Zuko, Toph and i would like another Earthbender too. Iroh isnt as important because other Firebenders will just take his place in the RPG. I can also NPC him too.
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    GM approved

    Name: Quen
    Gender: male
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: brown/black
    Eye Color: brown
    Personality: Very laid back, sometimes wise but is mostly childish.
    Appearance: Hes pretty average looking, average height for his age
    Nation/Tribe:Fire Nation
    Skill: Mastered fire bending but specializes in making fire whips
    Weapons: a sword, rarely used
    Bio: Was taken as a baby to learn fire bending from Ruye, his training incuded severe beatings from fire whips. When he mastered fire bemding he joined the fire bending army, but after witnessing a senceless earth bender massacre, he left the fire nation and began exploring.......
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    Will characters who do not even get hinted at until the second season (Toph) be needed early in the game? If not, any interaction would be none to minor...meaning that could easily be dealt with by someone responding as them where the situation calls for it.
  11. Ragnarok_323 Jedi Youngling

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    And shouldnt some fire nation characters stay in the fire nation because ozai is rarly metioned so he needs like a right hand man or something. if u decide to drop ozai then i could start on iroh or a new earthbender
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    We will start off at the begining of the story, but since this is an RPG we will have different scenarios that havent been mentioned in the show. It's the wonders of imagination, where we determine what happens for our characters. So if some original characters are introduced or meet up early with the Avatar it's ok.

    Not all characters will be meeting up with the Avatar just yet. There's still some conquering for some members of the Fire Nation to keep them busy before any contact is made. So though Ozai was never mentioned much in the series he can be played more here.

    Ragnarok - if you want to create another character as well preferably an Earthbender or Zuko or Iroh too than its alright. There is a two character limit.;)
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    Name:Jade Leigh Ziljian
    Hair Color:black, white streaks
    Eye Color:silver
    Personality:Rude and power seeking. Will sometimes go upon misions with Fire Nation's Prince Zuko in attempts to find the missing Avatar. Will bend for hours to try to refine skills.
    Appearance:rather tall and thin. Wears black tunics with red linings. Large Fire Nation emblem on back of tunic.
    Nation/Tribe:Fire Nation/Fire Bender
    Skill:Very skilled for her age in Firebending. Can control lightning to a certain extent. She has not mastered the art, but will, when angered, use it effectively. Very good with swords, can use two at a time with skill, precision, accuracy, and letal blows. Doesn't fall to anything or anyone.
    Weapons:two long thin swords that are sharper, thinner and lighter than usual swords. Since she is very good with aerobatic and extreme moves in her fighting, she must use these, and can in a very lethal manner.
    Bio:Born and raised within the Fire Nation's richest inhabitants, she was raised with excessive schooling and firebending training. Always being rather close to the Royal Family, she often trained with the Prince and Princess in Firebending. When she was 15 she was requested by the Fire Lord to go into battle for the nation, and so she did. Sometimes she would leave off with the Prince in search of the Avatar, but still with their searching, has not been found. She was injured at 16 with a sword through the shoulder. She was out of the battles for a long time, but was put back into the battles within 6 months of the incident. After that, she seeked time to learn the art of swordsmanship. Learning from Prince Zuko and two Royal firebending masters, she mastered the art and fights with the swords she posesses.
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    OOC: we almost ready, I can't wait to RP, I love Avatar :).
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    OOC: Anyone catch the season finale?

    "Even you can't bend metal." CRUNCH

    That has got to be my favorite part...or

    "Need a ride?" "Aargh!"
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    OOC: We will start Monday, I will be gone the rest of the weekend and hopefully by then we will have a Zuko. If not then i will play him until we do. Unless someone who doesnt have two characters already wants to play him. If so then make a C-S. We have a Earthbender coming Woot!. [face_dancing]

    P.S. I want to keep OOC to a minumun, If you want to talk about the Avatar you can go [link=http://boards.theforce.net/science_fiction_and_fantasy_films_and_television/b10748/25438994/p3/?58]Here![/link]
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    And here is that earth bender!!
    GM Approved

    Name:Terra Onjaywa
    Hair Color:Brown,curly,not to very dark,falls to mid back
    Eye Color:Light green
    Personality:Comes off secure and defensive at first,maybe even to serious but once you get to know her you see Terra is a scared young girl who is just trying to find her way in the world. She is,in fact,very insecure and loving.
    build:Slight and skinny
    Clothes:dark brown pants and a light tan tank top most of the time. She carries a medium tan coat in her pack. Dark gray boots.Usually has her hair pulled back in a simply pony tail though it is beautiful down around her shoulders.
    Nation/Tribe:Earth,earth bender
    Skill:Earth bending and fighting,agility,feliability,can live off the land
    Weapons:A hunting knife,a lager sword(is a full lenght to her but is not a full sword)
    Bio: Terra was born in a normal village and grew up happily until she was ten years old. Her village was attacked by the fire nation. Terra,who by this time did know a little about how to keep herself alive,fled into the forest. She ran until night fall and finally stopped. When she went back to her village the next day it was destroyed. Her family had been taken and so had the rest of the village.

    Terra swore to find out what happened to her mother(her father had died of an illness almost two years before) and her younger sister,Elise. NOw Terra travels from place to place looking for information. She takes what little jobs she can in exchange for food or shelter. Though it has been four years she still asks about her family,she doesn't believe they are dead.
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    JEDI_TEEGIRLOO has approved me being zuko as a second character

    Hair Color:black
    Eye Color:brown
    Personality:seculded,one track mind,tough,rebellious
    Appearance:medium height with black hair in a short ponytail. a huge burn mark on his left eye
    Nation/Tribe:Fire nation
    Skill:intermediate fire bending skills
    Weapons:two swords and his bending
    Bio:Zuko was next in line for fire lord. he has a sister that was always better than him and always made his life hard. when he spoke out of line in his fathers war concil he discraced his father which meant they had to have a fire dual. zuko didnt know he discraced his father and was not ready for the shock. his father quickly deafeated him and scared his left eye. he then banished him from the fire nation. zuko now travels with his uncle iroh in search of the avatar. once he captures the avatar he hopes to regain his honor and his rightful seat as next fire lord
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    OOC: Time to begin!:D

    Book 1: ~Water~

    Location: South Pole Riverbank:

    It has been a hundred years since the beginning of the war. Villages were plundered and destroyed. Families were torn apart. Little of the past remains, and nothing will remain the same. The warriors of the Southern Water Tribe left the women and children to fend for themselves, while they go off and fight in the war.

    For Katara and Sokka this meant growing up faster than teenagers should. They were left in charge of the tribe along with their grandmother. Instead of playing games and having fun the children of the tribe have warrior lessons with Sokka as the teacher. Katara usually takes care of the younger children with the other women that were left behind.

    Unknown to them their destiny was about to change. While on a fishing expedition for their village, they accidentally steer their canoe into a rip current, where it has crushed between small icebergs. What they see will forever change their lives.

    TAG: Darth_Meerkat , Digi_Raver

    Location: Near South Pole Riverbank:

    In the waters near the South Pole Riverbank is a small Fire Nation ship that is powered by coal. There was a relatively small crew aboard the ship. The majority of the crew were loyal to Fire Lord Ozai., but they obeyed orders to the one that leads them. There were a few that were loyal to the leader on the ship, Prince Zuko. The son of the Fire Lord who spoke out of line during a war council. He paid the price by being permanently scarred on his face, by the hands of his own father.

    In return of being disrespected the Fire Lord had told his son to restore his honor he must capture the Avatar or never return home. Zuko took this to heart and thought of nothing else than to restore his honor and capture the Avatar.

    In his crew that he feels he could trust is his Uncle Iroh and a friend who he grew up with Jade Leigh Ziljian. Together they search the waters for the Avatar, but so far they have had no success.

    TAG: Ragnarok_323 , Zelda_Skywalker

    Location: Village of The Five Boulders, Earth Kingdom

    The Village of the Five Boulders is a small Earth Kingdom village that is surrounded by five huge boulders that look almost look like mountains. Easily hidden from view, the people in this village have been lucky to be over looked so far in the war. On the outside the village seems like a quiet town and people just go about their lives without a care in the world. That's just a facade.

    Going unnoticed allowed them to form a resistence group of Earthbenders and warriors to help fight the Fire Nation. Not only have resistence groups sought refuge in this hidden village, but fugitives as well.

    Young Quen who is a former Fire Nation warrior, is now living as a refugee in the hidden village. He was branded a traitor when he refused an order and left the Fire Nation behind. He cant escape his past forever because everywhere he goes there is a Fire Nation wanted poster with his face on it plastered everywhere.

    Terra Onjaywa who is a Earthbender has been moving around the planet trying to find information on her family. She was deep in thought when she ran in to Quen on accident. While a young girl named Kimaria who was looking at a wanted poster turned to see what the commotion was all about.

    TAG: Genimay, GraySaberFreque, MissingNo

    Location: The Fire Nation Headquarters

    At the Headquarters of the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai stands atop of the stairs thinking about his conquest of Ba Sing Se. Though it will be awhile before that becomes reality, Ozai lets the thought leave him as far more pressing matters need attention. He sees the gracefulness of his daughter walking toward him. Though she may look graceful, he knew otherwise.

    Azula is the youngest of his children, but />/>/>
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    Location:Village of the Five Boulders,Earth Kingdom

    "Oh,sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." Terra said as she climbed to her feet and extended her hand to the poor guy she had knocked over in her rush.

    "My name is Terra Onjaywa. Do you know where I can find information here?" she asked.

    In her tan tank top and dark pants, Terra had a relaxed look about her. It was a beautiful day and though she was focused on her mission she couldn't help but feel a bit happier than normal. Terra's pack hung off her left shoulder as she extened her right hand. Her sword hung at her right side and her hunting knife at her left.

    TAG-GSF,Missing no
  21. GraySaberFreque Jedi Padawan

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    Ic: Quen

    "Oh, how far the mighty have fallen" Quen thought while he sat there on the ground after he had run into a earth nation girl.As he rubbed his head. At least he wasn't being beaten by his master,Ruyke.

    He took the earth nation girls hand," It's ok" he put on a fake smile.He picked up his sword and his refugee hat wich had fallen on the ground.He rarely used the sword, but its all he had left from the family he had been taken from years ago.

    "Just....try to watch where your going next time," he told her as he dusted his refugee clothing, he had spent alot of time to make himself as pathetic looking as possible."oh well," he thought"Im safe here".

    TAGS: Genimay ,Missing No
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    IC:Jade Leigh Ziljian

    She was once more on the ship helping her friend, and Prince, Zuko, son of the Fire Lord. She knew his destiny was to capture the Avatar and to return home to the Fire Nation with great honour.
    They searched far and wide for the missing Avatar, but never finding him. She walked through the hallways searching for the Prince, and eventually found him on the deck of the ship.
    Coming up behind him, she relaid details of where and how the Avatar might be hiding.
    "I think the Avatar is hiding in the Air Temple. Or it's some special Avatar thing. This is really confusing and hard. At least your father could have told you something about the Avatar or the Avatar state."

    TAG:Zuko, anybody else.
  23. Ragnarok_323 Jedi Youngling

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    IC:Fire lord ozai

    Ozai was standing atop his stairs with his daughter. after the young soldier was done he was ready to reply. "Good soldier no return to your post." he turned to azula and said. "Azula my gifted daughter i want you to confront this resisitance and do what it takes to stop it. take as many soliders and ships as you need." he walked a litte ways down the stairs and thought to himself. as long as the avatar is still missing i can continue with my conquest of ba-sing-sa and once sozins comet arrives i will not be stopped. he turned around and started making his way to his throne room.

    Tag: whoever is azula


    IC:prince zuko

    Zuko was on the front of the ship watching and planning. I must capture the avatar and regain my honor. then he heard someone coming. it was his friend he grew up with. after hearing her statment he replied "mabye your right but i have a feeling hes here and i cant leave untill im sure. theres a small water tribe village around here and im sure theyll tell me something."

    tag:whoever is there
    He turned away and walked he thought again to himself where is my uncle. probably making tea or playing pisho again.
  24. MissingNo Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Kimaria
    Location: Village of the Five Boulders,Earth Kingdom

    Kimaria looked up and saw two people laying on the ground. She reconized the man as a man named Quen from the wanted posters she saw earlier in her quest to find the avatar. "Well, he might be a wanted man in the Fire Nation, but I don't care. I do hope though nobody else turns him in..." Kimaria thought.

    Kimaria was thinking about the places she's searched for the avatar. "The only place I haven't searched for the avatar is the south pole... I doubt they'd let me walk around the area. I look like a firebender still, and I almost got killed in the last city I was at." Kimaria thought. She knew where the nearest port was. She'd buy a ride to the south pole, but the problem wasn't how long it would take to get there, but the problem was the safest route.

    "Excuse me," Kimaria said in a sweet voice, "But do eaither of you know what the safest route to the nearest port is?"

    TAG: GraySaberFreque, Genimay
    IC: Azula

    "Yes, father." Azula said as she walked out of the room. "I'll bring two, no, five ships with me." Azula thought. "This resisitance could be stronger than it seems." Azula aproched the port and walked into a tent. "I will need five ships filled with soldiers and firebenders." Azula said to a general. "I need the best soldiers and the best firebenders you have." The general nodded in approval.

    "How long will it take for your men to get ready?" Azula asked.

    "Not long at all..." The general replied.

    TAG: Anybody
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    She nodded to Quen, accepting his bit of advice. Kimaria spoke and Terra smiled. "I don't know but I would be pleased if I could acompany you in your search." she responded.

    Hopefully someone at the port might know something about her family. Ports tended to be the best place to information. With a shrug of one shoulder she raised her pack a little highed on her back. It felt good to be interacting with people again. She hadn't been in a village for almost two months now.


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