Hawaii Back from Celebration III !!!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by JayTee_Erricck, May 2, 2005.

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  1. JayTee_Erricck Jedi Knight

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    Hello, All.

    As Hapa Jedi mentioned elsewhere, we are back from Star Wars Celebration III (Indianapolis, Indiana from April 21st through 24th, 2005). I can't speak for him but I had a BLAST there. Lots of good stuff. We were SURROUNDED by fellow Star Wars fans. It was like dying & going to Heaven (except for the waiting in lines part).

    My biggest disappointment there was missing the Rebel Legion group picture which was taken at the RCA Dome on the Friday morning at about 8 a.m.. Why did I miss it? I stayed up until 5 a.m. fixing my prop/replica "laser" rifle & my backpack [that accompanied my "Rebel Commando" (a la Endor) costume]. I turned in for what I thought would be a quick 1-hour catnap (after setting my cell phone alarm to ring). When I woke up, it was 9:52 a.m. Indy time. It was heartbreaking to say the least. Being in that group photo was my 2nd biggest goal for C3. Since I missed it (affirmation to the "you snooze, you lose" rule), I'm hoping to make up for it at Celebration IV if there ever is one.

    My FIRST big goal for C3 was to take A LOT of pictures. I think I succeeded at this, at least. By event's end, I do believe I had taken more than 700 (!) pix. I'm in the process of getting them up on the internet. I will post notice here at the forum when the pix are ready to be viewed.

    If you can't wait, there ARE lots of pix already online. Just search Google under Celebration III (or "3") photos. You should be able to yield some good stuff. If not, let me know. I may be able to hunt down some cool links.

    May the Force be with us.

    Jay Tee

    P.S. C3 featured some AWESOME costumers. Among them were not one but TWO (count 'em, 2!) Anakin look-alikes (one "pre-Dark Side" Anakin & one "post-Dark Side" Anakin) and 2 General Grievous costumers. One of the Generals wore a foam-type costume. He looked very cool & was quite mobile in his costume (think Jedi battle!) & the other Grievous won "best in show", I do believe, at the C3 costume contest. This taller Grievous was worn as a shoulder harness (the man's head was where Grievous's black heart would be, ha, ha) & he even had a leg rig that was very mechanical in walking. I managed to capture video of him telling a Count Dooku costumer, "I'll make sure to practice (lightsabering) more". Ha, ha, ha. See if you can find pix of those costumers online AND the Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite!!!!!!!!!!
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    I welcome you back and I hope you can put alot of pictures on the net for us.
  3. Hapajedi Jedi Youngling

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    It was an awesome time, I thought I was a geek but we met geeks from all across the world there. As soon as we stepped off the plane we saw people wearing thier badges(for the convention) From banners, projected images on the side of the Hyatt hotel, to the people walking on the streets wearing costumes and t-shirts sporting Star Wars. We saw that Star Wars mania had hit Indy!
    The first day, lines were so long, they went around the center and around the dome, we spent 3-4 long hours standing in lines, we met alot of new friends though, got to see alott ogf fans costumes as they strode in line behind us, which i say mustve wnet on for miles and Mr. Jaytee took so many pictures at least 700 to 1000, but he was Mr. Aloha there!
    The highlight for me was while we were attending an ILM panel, Rick McCallum brought it and wasnt supposed to show a special screening of several minutes of footage from Revenge of the Sith! We were in luck because they had just finished the film and this was a test screening for the special engagment for the following day, but for those attending got to see it a day earlier, so they closed up the door and rolled the most awesome footage! Better than all the trailers put together!
    Seeing the different costumes ranging from the general grievous to a full sized tauntaun, was unreal, so much accuracy and money went into it!
    Just seeing the halls with everyone packed like sardines was an awesome spectacle! The shows were incerdible as well. The opening ceremonies, the starwars in 30 minutes, the one man show! Although we missed Geoprge Lucas, in which the line up for the show started the previous evening at 11pm(and it got down to 30 degrees that nite and snowed!) when we got there the next morning the line again was around the dome. it was like we were in star wars heaven, On the last day of the convention, it was hard to say goodbye to people that became like family thru those four days, it brought a tear to my eye as much as the feeling of after this movie there wont be another star wars movie ever..... but George Lucas said that that star wars will come back as a television series and yet another clone wars style cartoons. So the force live on in another medium, but this was what us fan had as a last blast! may the force be with you!
    Here are some pictures from the C3, first one is the best costume @ the convention, the Cingular Darth Vader car, Jar Jar Binks fate! My friend Tanya and Ray park(Darth Maul)and me and Tanya as our own jedi action figures!

  4. JayTee_Erricck Jedi Knight

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    I humbly announce my brand spanking new website (Born just this May 1st, i.e. less than a week ago):


    Be sure to click on the "CLICK HERE" link to get to the C3 pics I have up so far.

    I hope that the Rebel Legion Hawai'i site will serve as a home & beacon for other (current & potential) Rebel costumers here in the islands. Please forgive the under-development writing of the head page but I mostly wanted to announce the site early before the subject of Celebration III photos gets old. [Am I already too late for that?!]

    Over the 4-day Celebration III (plus the pre-register / will-call for admission badges Wednesday before it) I took in excess of 700 PICTURES (!) with my trusty new digital camera. [The upcoming C3 motivated me to get it!] There are only 50 of my pics up on the RL Hawai'i site as I write this post but please know that I plan to keep putting pictures up (complete with captions!) as time goes on. [I will periodically post updates about the photo-adding progress here in this post string.] Currently, I am relying on the kindness of my friend Lawrence to be the one to physically improve the site since he has the website construction knowledge & Photoshop Elements skills. [He has mentioned interest in becoming a Jedi costumer so I'll try to convince him to follow through with it!] As the owner/originator of rebellegionhawaii.com, I'm currently acting as site "director".

    Please keep in mind that the thumbnails on the RLH site are just HINTS at the full picture! Please mouse-click to your heart's content to see all the full-sized pics!

    I'm hoping to put up links to our parent site, the Rebel Legion AND to Hawai'i's main base in the RL, Endor Base. If you are interested in linking to our humble Hawai'i site, please let me know.

    May the [Good Side of the] Force be with us.

    Jay Tee

    P.S. If you recognize anyone (including yourselves) in the pictures on RLH & would like to inform me of names & other pertinent info (like where the costumers are from), please do! You can private message me here or e-mail me at rebels@rebellegionhawaii.com. Thank you!
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