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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by LeiaHair, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    Laughter, the full and uncontrollable kind, bellowed out from the room in front of him. Mal shook his head. It was good to hear laughter aboard his ship once again. Serenity was meant for laughter, not the deafening silence that had over come it that past few months.

    The yellow light warmed his face as he entered the dining area, which had pretty flowers painted on the walls. Ah, Kaylee. What would we do without you? Mal thought with a smile.

    Looking at his crew, the tall, brown-haired man shook his head. "Jayne, get your feet off my table." He said sitting down. Jayne, a large muscular man with bread in one hand and a gun in the other, dropped his feet to the ground. A soft boom floated above the table as the man's heavy black boots hit the ground.

    "Since when we gettin' all proper an' all?" Jayne said, bread crumbs flying out as he spoke.

    "Since I told you to get your fuinsha dinem shoes off my gorram table." Mal said. Kaylee was snickering to his left, her brown curls bouncing about her face. "So, Kaylee, what did you manage to fix us this time?"
    Kaylee smiled... as she always did. "The usual. Proteins mixed with more proteins and a bit of water."

    Lifting a spoon full of the soup like concoction towards his mouth, Mal nodded. "Shiny." The warm liquid tasted like every other meal they had had. It's what happens when you're out of jobs for a time. Speaking of which... "Oh, we got a job today."

    Everyone in the room got real quiet and still, except the raven-haired beauty at the opposite end of the table. River was... gifted... she knew what was going to happen before it happened, as well as what people were thinking. Looking down, she continued to eat her 'soup.'

    "Badger wants us to pick up a shipment of black market supplies for the outer planets from a guy on aldfkjd, and bring it to him on Persephone."

    Simon, River's brother and a tall, well groomed doctor, spoke first. "I thought we didn't like Badger."

    "We don't. But that isn't going to stop us from takin' this job. We need real food, and my ship is fallin' apart. Ain't she, Kaylee?"

    "Well if I could just get a TX 13 rota-"

    "Kaylee, a yes or no will do." Mal interrupted.

    "Yes, Cap'n."

    "So, we pick up the shipment, and take it to Badger?" Jayne said. "That easy."

    "Well, there's a catch." Mal said, sipping at his soup. "This deliverer of goods happens to reside on the moon Cupid."

    Where there was silence before at the announcement, there was real silence now, save for River, who was, by now, finishing her 'soup'.

    Simon shattered the silence, "Isn't that the moo-"

    Mal interrupted, "Yes."

    Kaylee jumped in, acting extremely fearful, "But it's an-"

    Mal interrupted, "It sure is."

    Jayne, looking confused, said, "I might be a little sorry for askin' but what are y'all babbling about?"

    Mal looked at him, quizzically, as if he didn't know, then said, "You're sorry?"

    "I don't think it's going to last long, Captain. You might not want to endanger it." Simon explained, actually telling a joke for once. At first, Simon wouldn't have dared to say to ever say that, but now, he truly was a part of the crew, joking with the rest of them.

    "Don't go tellin' me you ain't heard of Cupid." Mal said, turning to Jayne.

    "Are we visitin' a fairy archer?" Jayne looked around incredulously. He still didn't get it.

    "Sihnon and Londinium." Mal simply said.

    Jayne stopped, then turned to Mal. "Ain't those the Core-"

    "Yes." Mal said, his final interruption. He stood up, becoming the head of the table, literally. We'res going immediately. Contact's Julio. R-" He stopped, as River stood up and patted down her dress. She knew, before he even said it.

    After Wash, River had taken over as the pilot, at least, after Mal had taught her what she didn't already somehow know. When Mal said they were leaving, she knew he was going to call on her to get them there. She just did. It wasn't all that surprising anymore either.

    River walked around the table, behind Jayne, to get to the
  2. DoranNu

    DoranNu Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 15, 2004
    Hey guys, I'll be playing Simon and River (I'm being forced into River!). So... whee.

    Just call me Doran, please. I hate the Nu at the end of my name.
  3. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    Gorram it, Kaylee's taken.

    Got here too slow.

    If I can come up with an original character, I'll PM you.
  4. DoranNu

    DoranNu Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 15, 2004
    Yes, Kaylee and Jayne are taken by friends of LeiaHair. Sorry about that. They'll be showing up soon.
  5. Nethrin

    Nethrin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 6, 2006
    this sounds like a lot of fun! I sent in a character sheet.
  6. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    No! Not Wash! That dude ruled!
  7. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Yes yes. It pained me to do so... but I really wanted to stay with what they had already come up with... even if it meant Wash was dead. :_|

    Okay, enough of the OOC chatter, friends.

    By the way, I forgot to say that DoranNu is our CoGM. So everyone must listen to him.

    Here's the list of what I've got thus far:

    Capt. Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds LeiaHair
    Zoe Washburne PressRedForFreakMode
    Hoban 'Wash' Washburne (DEAD)
    Inara Serra Darth_Joesha
    Jayne Cobb astrial_the_sorrowful
    Kaylee Frye pashamere
    Dr. Simon Tam DoranNu
    River Tam DoranNu
    Shepherd Book (DEAD)

    PM me if you still want to play. I have a few ideas for original characters!
  8. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004

    Character Sheet:
    -Name:Inara Sera
    --Age: late 20s
    ---Sex: Female
    ----Physical Discription [image=]
    -----Personality: A very calm, sometimes cynical woman with a natural grace.
    ------Bio: Inara, born in the late 25th century on Sihnon, is a Companion, a high-society courtesan licensed by the Union of Allied Planets (the "Alliance"), similar in some ways to a Geisha. In Alliance society, Companions are part of the social elite, often accompanying the wealthy and powerful. They have considerable ritual and ceremony surrounding their services, which appear to extend beyond sex to nurturing psychological and emotional well-being.

    Inara was a rising member of Companion House Madrassa, possibly in contention for house priestess, when she suddenly and inexplicably left to travel the outer rim. She has suggested that she "wanted to see the universe", although it is unknown why she actually left Sihnon.

    Less than a year before the events of "Serenity", she contracted with Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, captain of spaceship Serenity, to lease one of its shuttles as a combination transport and "office". This provides Inara with some mobility independent of Serenity, and Malcolm with some respectability that helps him open doors in the marketplace that he might not otherwise achieve as an ordinary smuggler. She and Mal have developed an unacknowledged attraction to each other which they resist, ostensibly for business reasons, and practically by jesting and sometimes hurtful bickering.

    Inara has a number of frequent clients throughout the Allied worlds, and takes both male and female clients, although most of her clients are male.
  9. DoranNu

    DoranNu Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 15, 2004
    Yay, Joesha is Inara!
  10. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005

    Character Sheet:
    -Name:Chimer Elizabeth Tanner
    ----Physical Discription:Eyes-green
    Hair-medium auburn
    weight-120 lbs
    clothes-jumpsuits,usually black
    -----Personality: Cold but not uncaring. Hard to reach.
    ------Bio:Chimer was taken to the Academy when she was the young age of 12. Of course,she was gifted but not like River Tam. She spent most of her time playing games with her own mind but did know River before testing became to intense. Instead of her brain being cut into she was simply brainwashed. She was a guinepig for the operation. It worked. With a couple flaws,sometimes she has a little control....sometimes she remembers. Now she in a war condition young woman who is willing to do anything for anyone that has control over her programming....

    OOC-When do we start??
  11. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: *sigh* As soon as I pull these greys out. *sigh* RL *sigh*... LOL. No, but... we'll start here within the next week or so... we're still waiting on people (like me) to post their character sheets.
  12. Nethrin

    Nethrin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 6, 2006
    Character Sheet:
    -Name: Alex Tanner
    --Age: 19
    ---Sex: Male
    ----Physical Discription (and/or picture):
    Eyes- green
    Hair- short auburn
    weight-145 lbs
    build- Strong but compact
    clothes-Dark pants, Long sleeve shirt, black leather jacket.

    ------Bio: Alex Lan was a smart young child when the alliance took him from his home and put him in a special school. It was at this school that alliance doctors brainwashed him and performed expiraments on him. He was never as good as the subject named River Tam, she was special, but he was "gifted" none the less. He was not a skilled fighter and his psychic abilities were above the average but far below River's. Tests showed that his psychic abilities were boosted significantly when around River Tam and any of the others in the programe.
  13. DoranNu

    DoranNu Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 15, 2004
    OOC: Oh boy, River clones.

    Anyway, my character sheets:

    -Name:Simon Tam
    --Age:Late 20s
    ----Physical Discription: [image=]
    Hair-Dark brown
    build-normal build
    clothes-prim, proper clothing; surgeon's smock
    -----Personality: A little naive, at first, especially with Kaylee. Otherwise, smart, sometimes witty, but never a distinct fighter at all.
    ------Bio: [link=]Wikipedia article[/link]

    -Name:River Tam
    --Age:19 or 20
    ----Physical Discription: [image=]
    build-thin, but very athletic.
    clothes-Usually simple dresses
    -----Personality: Reclused, but "weird". Genius intellect.
    ------Bio: [link=]Wikipedia article[/link]


    [b]OOC:[/b] Nethrin, is that character sheet GM Approved?>
  14. Nethrin

    Nethrin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 6, 2006
    OOC: Yes its GM approved, I just forgot to post that on top. :)
  15. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006

    [blockquote]GM Approved[/blockquote]

    Character Sheet:
    -Name: Zoe Alleyne Washburne
    --Age: Born - 15 February, 2484. Around late twenties.
    ---Sex: Female
    ----Physical Discription (and/or picture):
    -----Personality: Strong minded, powerful, professional. Also loving, sarcastic, humourous, deep and full hearted.
  16. EnnaJ

    EnnaJ Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    OC:I would like to join and I'll send u my CS when I have more time(tom.).
  17. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Doran, is your character sheet GM approved? [face_shame_on_you] [face_laugh]

    Okay, everything is looking pretty good. If we keep it up, we'll be started by this weekend... maybe sooner!

    I'm still waiting on some slackers who have yet to post there character sheets ;) kidding.

    Just keep checking back!!! I promise we'll start soon!!! It's going to be a lot of fun!
  18. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    Alrighty! I am almost done with the opening post. It will be up this weekend! SO everyone be ready!!!

    I am posting this Character Sheet for mtw... and my character sheet will be posted right before the opening post.

    Character Sheet:
    -Name: Jayne Cobb "Sex.Humor.Muscles.Thuggery.Jayne." (said by Adam Baldwin)
    --Age: early thirties
    ----Physical Discription (and/or picture): [image=]
    -----Personality: Jayne is not the brightest crayon in the box, but he is always ready and willing to fight. Though often thought a tool, Jayne can be a caring man. Unfortunately his loyalty can be bought, for the right price.
    ------Bio: Jayne was born into an hardworking family on the desert planet of New New Mexico. Born the youngest of seven children, Jayne was the only son. His father Jensen died not long after Jayne was born, leaving his wife and daughters- Faith, Hope, Charity, Felicity, Constance, and Patience- to raise Jayne. Though raised a gentle soul, Jayne left home at 13 to earn money as a ranch hand. It was herding cattle that Jayne learned everything(yes, everything)about guns, ammunition, and poker. Though he often kept unsavory company, Jayne continued to support and keep in touch with his family. Of course, they are under the impression he travels planet to planet rooting sin and evil out of corrupt towns.
  19. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Okay, I know I said that I'd have the post up by today, but because of some unforseen homework/essay... I will not be able to post it tonight. However... if I have time before work tomorrow, I will post it... if not, then it'll have to wait untill Wed afternoon. Sorry for the delay.
  20. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    GM OOC: Okay guys, I'm finishing up the post, and will be posting it throught the night. If you're not tagged, you will be.... so hang in there. IF YOU HAVE NOT POSTED YOUR CHARACTER SHEET, YOU MUST DO SO BY SUNDAY OR YOUR CHARACTER WILL BECOME OPEN!!!

    Character Sheet:
    -Name: Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
    --Age: Mid Thirties
    ---Sex: Male
    ----Physical Discription (and/or picture):
    -----Personality: A witty, nihilistic and angry man who opposed the unification of the planets to no avail. In addition to commanding the ship for legitimate transport runs, he apparently engages is under-the-table entrepreneurial endeavors. So he's not above smuggling and stealing. He trusts practically no one. But his loyalty for his 'family' (the crew) runs deeper than anything. Malcolm's main mission is to keep his crew alive and to keep his ship flying.
    ------Bio: Mal was born on September 20, 2486 and was brought up on a ranch on the planet Shadow. Raised by his mother and "about 40 hands", Mal apparently received a fairly decent education whilst growing up. Though Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he occasionally surprises his friends by displaying familiarity in a wide range of literature varying from the works of Shan Yu (a fictional psychotic dictator) to poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (he has, however, no idea "who" Mona Lisa is).

    Mal volunteered for the Independents army during the Unification War against the Alliance, gaining the rank of sergeant during that time. His loyal second-in-command Zoe was by his side for most of the war, surviving many dangerous conflicts with him, including the Battle of Du-Khang in 2510 and a long winter campaign in New Kashmir where he commanded a platoon. Mal was also involved in the ground campaign during the Battle of Sturges which according to Badger was the "bloodiest and shortest battle in all the war", although Mal considers it a distant second. Mal fought in many more battles, but the turning point for him and the Independents came with their physical and emotional defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley on the planet Hera. Mal was given a brevet promotion to Captain during the Battle of Serenity Valley to take command of the ever-increasing number of Independent troops who were losing their officers at the hands of the Alliance.

    [b]Alliane File:[/b]
    [i]Name: Malcom Reynolds
    Gender: Male
    DOB: 2468|09|20
    Social Control #: 099.836.5.4112

    Son of a Rancher, born on the planet
    Shadow. Bound by law five times:
    smuggling. tariff dodging.
    transporting illegal cargo[/i]

    After the war, Mal acquired his own ship, an old (broken) 03-K64 Firefly-class transport whose previous owner was a man named Captain Harbatkin (Mal never got around to changing the registration papers). Mal named the ship Serenity after one of the most decisive battles of the Unification War. On board Serenity and during his various travels, Mal continues to wear his brown coat and wields a standard issue officer's pistol as his weapon of choice, a gun which he has had since the war and which he has modified extensively.


    Character Sheet:
    -Name: Mr. Kay
    --Age: Late forties
    ---Sex: Male
    ----Physical Discription (and/or picture):
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Complextion: Olive
    Weight: 195lbs
    Height: 6' 2''
    Build: medium frame, very strong, but not very apperant
    Clothes: suites, usually black and white. Sometimes wears thin silver rimmed glasses.
    picture: [image=]
    -----Personality: Persistant, seemingly all knowing, dangerous
    ------Bio: Classified.
  21. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    GM OOC: Okay, y'all. Here's part one of three. Remember a big chunck of this first part is character development. I want everyone to get into the swing of their characters before we start in on this adventure! So go ahead. Inara's tag is comming up next... and then the Alliance Charcters after that... of course, I may not get to them before I go to work, but I will... I WILL get them up tonight.

    Mal, Zoë, Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, and River
    Cockpit of Serenity, Persephone

    Mal, Zoë, and Jayne stood around the cockpit, watching all the displays and screens in front of River, who was now sitting in the captain?s chair, flash numbers and messages. River?s hands glided over buttons, switches, and leavers as if she was playing a piano solo that she had known all her life. Serenity began to hum to life and the toy dinosaurs that had been left in memory of Wash vibrated.

    Zoë stared blankly at the screens. With a hard swallow, she made a conscious decision to not let it show that she was still upset. Her strong demeanor was the same as it had always been? and no one, not even Mal who had known her for years, could see it. But her grief was still there. It would be a lengthy process, but she would get through it.

    Simon entered the cockpit. As if on cue, the ship shook, then powered down. Jayne looked to Simon. ?Wha?d ya do?!?

    Confused, Simon started to argue. ?I didn?t-?

    Mal quickly ran over to the intercom. ?Kaylee? what?s goin? on??

    There was a slight moment of static, then Kaylee?s voice came back over. ?Well we need a replacement for the busted combustion tank, the left engine is about fui duga mui, and I can?t find my gorram wrench!?

    ?It?s below the life support unit.? Simon said quietly, his face blushing as he remembered passionately taking it and throwing it across the room as he engaged Kaylee earlier in the day in sexual activities. Jayne nudged Simon, a knowing smile on his face.

    ?Simon says it?s below the LSU.? Mal said, trying not to laugh. The whole crew knew about Simon and Kaylee.

    After a short pause, Kaylee announced that she had found her wrench and would get right on fixing the ship.

    ?Thanks, Kaylee.? Mal said, turning back to the rest of the crew. ?Okay, so we?re going to be a few hours. Go ahead and go planet side for one last trip. Be back at 1400? that?s two hours. And Jayne??

    Jayne looked up to Mal, his grin disappearing.

    ?Don?t get yourself in trouble. I?m not going to bale you out again.? Mal continued without missing a beat, leaving no room for argument. ?Simon, did you get a hold of Inara??

    ?No, I left a message.?

    A twinge of jealousy ran throughout Mal?s body. Quickly, Mal recovered. ?Well, if she doesn?t finish her whorin? here soon, she?ll miss out on a hell of a time. Okay, see y?all in two.?

    With that, Mal plopped down in the copilot seat, and dropped his feet on the control board.

    TAG: River, Jayne, Zoë, Simon, Kaylee
  22. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    House of Lord Alfred Lo Ming, Persephone

    The blue satin sheets lay crumbled on the floor, and the pillows were scattered all over the bed. Inara lay next to the wealthy business man, Lord Lo Ming, his muscular chest rising and falling quickly as he gathered his breath. Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead, his black curls stuck to it.

    Inara, smiled gently.

    ?Thank you, my friend. It has been a long while since I have been pleasured like that.? Alfred said.

    Lord Lo Ming had been a long time client of Inara, and she very much enjoyed when she could service him. The mid-aged man was caring and passionate, yet he knew that afterwards, he was just a client. And he usually bought her nice presents. This time he had bought Inara her favorite perfume, which she had been running low on.

    ?You are more than welcome, Alfred. It is always a pleasure to see your face.? Inara kissed him gently, then stood up and dressed herself. ?And I look forward to the next time I see you.?

    ?Hopefully it won?t be as long as the last time.? Alfred said with a smile, his brown eyes glowing.

    ?We will hope. Good evening, Alfred.?

    ?And to you, Inara.?

    With that, the beautiful companion left the room to head back to her shuttle where a message from Simon awaited her.

    TAG: Inara
  23. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    Mr. Kay, Chimer, Alex

    Chimer and Alex sat within a perfectly seamless room with seemingly white walls. It was the training room, and the two had been ranked at the top of their classes. It was now time to watching their hand to hand techniques against someone of the same caliber.

    Mr. Kay, the head of the whole operation, watched from the one way wall. His arms crossed menacingly and his brown eyes staring holes through the wall. As they were taught, Chimer and Alex bowed.

    The two had been taught all forms of hand to hand combat, as well as many other battle tactics.

    A smile crossed Mr. Kay?s face. The Alliance would soon have several new weapons in their hands. This children, though not as gifted as the one who got away, had unimaginable gifts, each with a strength and a weakness.

    Not only that, but they had been brainwashed into being what they are now.

    All thanks to Mr. Kay.

    The dark smile turned into a small, evil chuckle.

    TAG: Chimer, Alex

    GM OOC: Okay, that's all of them. Go!!!
  24. Nethrin

    Nethrin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 6, 2006
    Alex Tanner
    Classified location

    Alex bowed to his twin sister. They had been trained how to fight, and now they needed to prove it. Someone was watching them, like always, and they wanted to see their skills. He came from the bow and waited a second for Chimer to do the same.

    After she had bowed, Alex dropped to the floor, landing on his outstretched left arm and left leg. He spun his right leg out in a kick, aimed at his sisters leg.

    TAG: Chimer
  25. mosrael_the_waker

    mosrael_the_waker Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 10, 2006

    "Well, that was fun." Jayne said aloud as stood up and wiped the dirt from himself. He'd just been thrown out of the bar for breaking a man's arm. Luckily, the man was not well respected and Jayne was merely tossed out- he had hoped for a brawl, but new Mal would not be happy with him if he did. Still, it had been ages since Jayne had been in a good fight, and he had a new knife he'd been dying to christen.

    After a quick survey of the town, Jayne decided he would peruse a small general store. Jayne scoffed as passed the ancient firarms displayed on the wall, then craftily stole a lemon drop from the jar. Jayne turned the candy over in his mouth as he headed towards a corner full of frilly knick-knacks. His ma might like a small gift with her care package.

    Jayne had chosen a light blue hankerchief delicately embroidered with an ornate Chinese garden scene, when he noticed a pair of large brown eyes peering at him from between a display of parisols.

    "Why, hello there." He said to the young woman as he pushed the parisols aside.

    "Hi." she replied bashfully.

    "May I help you with anything." Jayne asked in what he thought to be a very suave manner.

    "I couldn't help noticing the long knife strapped to your leg."

    "oh." Jayne said nervously "I ain't plannin' on hurtin' anyone. Promise."

    "oh. I wasn't incinuating- I mean I didn't- um- that's a pretty hankercheif"

    "It's for my ma," Jayne siad, then offered his hand "The name's Jayne."

    "Thomas!" she smiled, taking his hand "Guess we should switch names, huh?"

    "Yeah, maybe." Jayne laughed, wondering when all this small talk was going to lead where he hoped it would.

    TAG: Jayne
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