Bad news everyone. Infinities is spreading. To Dark Forces Novels and the Handbooks

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Valiento, Jul 14, 2001.

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    "I mean, don't you think Luke would be a little more concerned if seven Dark Jedi were hanging around, with a big Star Destroyer variation to boot? Wouldn't "The Valley of The Jedi" be more of his concern?"

    Read the Dark Forces novels or audio dramas, and you will learn that Luke was very concerned, about jerec and the valley of the jedi. But he also understoon it was kyle's destiny, and chosen duty to end the prophecy of battle of ruusan. So luke did all he could to make sure kyle safely arrived at ruusan for the final battle. (More info about the prophecy can be found in Jedi Vs. Sith.)

    "Wouldn't Imperial activity in Sullustian space demand swift Republic action?"

    Considering it was Imperial owned space when morgan died, pre ANH, no not at all. During the campaign during JK, it was a hit and run, take the map, and get back to jerec's territory. See Dark Forces novels, or audio dramas for more detail. Not to mention an imperial base still existed on sulon. The space was in dispute by both sides of the war.

    "Then we have Mysteries Of The Sith...what's with Mara Jade being trained by Kyle? When did this happen?"

    During Dark Empire time period. The two asteroid bases were part of the emperor reborn's offensive. The holocron was the holocron found by luke skywalker.

    "Kyle Katarn is apparentally some form of Jedi master, yet he is never mentioned in any other EU..."

    Actually he's mentioned in the EU sourcebooks(EC, a in-universe historical document gave kyle some more history), and characters such as jerec, lord hoth, Lord Kaan, etc, from Dark Forces Series, have made it to other EU novels. Kyle hasn't made an appearance, but it's because he keeps low. Upcoming Jedi Outcast will explain much of this.
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    Kyle is probably my fav rebel scum. Up there with the late Biggs Darklighter.

    Though it would be interesting. If the genius commanders had decided that people with stormie rifles tended to be stormies and that AT-ATs with rebel insignia on them wouldn't work, maybe Kyle would be thrashing rebel butt.
    Or if he hadn't defected...
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