"Balance Point," by Kathy Tyers [Del Ray, 2000]

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"Balance Point," by Kathy Tyers [Del-Ray, 2000]

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    Not a bad book, but not one of the best either. I did appreciate getting all of the Solos and Skywalkers together again. They're pretty capable as one, united group.

    A few things are rather frustrating, though. Once again, we see the Vong attack and soundly defeat an inferior force. I'm not sure why the NR chose not to defend Duro, but the fact that they didn't makes me feel that they deserve their eventual fall. I also didn't agree with Jacen's attitude. Rejecting violence is well and good, but the YV are rolling over the galaxy, slaughtering millions without mercy. It just doesn't seem to me that that should be such a hard choice. And there were more than a few situations where his refusal to use the Force seemed ridiculous. It all made his moment at the end, however, more enjoyable.

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