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Saga - OT Ballad of the Winter Rose- Doctor Who Crossover

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Nehru_Amidala, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
    Ballad of the Winter Rose

    A SW Rebels/Doctor Who Romance

    Written by: Nehru_Amidala aka FossilQueen1984

    Genre: Gothic romance, drama, hurt/comfort, dark fantasy, slight horror

    Cast list: Minerva- Jenna Coleman, Thrawn- Mads Mikkelsen, Vortigern Slavin- Mark Hamill, Kanan Jarrus- Freddie Prinze Jr, Hera’Syndulla- Vanessa Marshall, Sabine Wren- Tiya Sircar, Ezra Bridger- Taylor Gray, Zeb- Steven Blum, Chopper- himself/Ben Burtt, Cham’Syndulla- David Ogden Stiers, Numa- Cote DePablo

    Pairings: slight Kallus/Zeb, Kanan/Hera, Thrawn/Minerva

    Rating: T/PG-13 for battle sequences, thematic elements, blood, snogging, SPOILERS for Thrawn

    Universe: Doctor Who and AU! Rebels

    Chapter Soundtrack: Cursum Perficio/Pax Deorum- Enya

    Chapter 22: Fortes Fortuna Iuvat, Part 3

    The ascent to the cliff-carved fortress that currently housed the Free Ryloth movement was crawling with security personnel, all staffed with the latest rifles and sniper guns, just in case. They needed to be ready at a moment’s notice, and especially now with the Imperials in complete control of Tann Province.

    Because it was the beginning of the rainy season, the normally dry gullies were flush of water and any number of blurrgs and numas were crowded along the banks, and the further away one got from home base, the gullies widened into proper channels that turned into roaring rivers filled with silvery water that in turn powered the mills and factories on the fringes, far away and too unimportant for the Imperials to take notice.

    Because the Ghost crew was far too large of a group, Sabine and Zeb had to ride blurrgs while everyone else rode in the speeder. However, it would have been better for Rex to have ridden a blurrg, because they were not two hours into the trip when he got speeder sick, and nearly passed out from fever. Zeb was annoyed because riding on the blurrg, while great fun, reminded him that this was the sort of thing Agent Kallus (possibly) liked to do, and he was starting to sigh dreamily whenever his thoughts turned to the ISB agent. Embarrassed that he was going to reveal his crush, he traded places with Rex, who turned out to be much happier riding the blurrg.

    For the resident Mandolorian, Sabine was having a grand time. She enjoyed riding as much as she enjoyed art. As the daughter of the reigning family back on Krownest, from an early age she had been expected to do certain activities that upper-class Mandolorian women took part in. Riding was one of these activities, and she excelled at it. She started laughing in a carefree manner as she allowed herself to remember the happy memories of her childhood, before the Academy, before her father was imprisoned.

    The whole jaunt was merry, except Ezra was filled with a strange sense of dread, and he didn’t like it. At first, he though it nothing but a remnant of his brushes with the Dark Side of the Force, first with Darth Maul, and then with the Sith Holocron. It had many days of perpetual meditation and lightsaber sparring to break the link.

    In the end, all he had gotten for his hard work were migraines and images of a beautiful girl some years older than himself, in Imperial regalia, working on a map. There was something familiar and mysterious about her, in fact she reminded him of Kanan.

    He had said something to Kanan about the girl, and his master, his surrogate father, had reacted in the worst way possible. His watery-grey eyes had widened in fear and disgust and he had exclaimed, “What do you mean, we’re related? There is no way in the whole firefekking galaxy I am related to that, that…harlot!” By now, his face was as red as Vader’s lightsaber blade and the string of obscenities coming out of his mouth was bound to set some new record that even Chopper couldn’t compete.

    Ezra began to back away slowly, but decided to calm Kanan down. Placing a hand on his shoulder, he told his master to calm down, it wasn’t anything to worry about. “Not like you two are related or anything,’ he joked cautiously. Oddly, Kanan stiffened slightly at the last comment and at last let out a deep breath from his nose.

    “I didn’t mean to react that way, Ezra. That girl… it’s nothing to worry about. Let’s get some training in, all right?”

    Just like that, everything had gone back to normal in the blink of an eye. Dwelling on it as the speeder continued to the hide out, Ezra could not help but feel something dreadful was going to happen on this mission. He just hoped his new family made it out in one piece.

    By the time everyone reached the base, they were hot, sweaty and tired. Numa greeted them and showed them to where they could freshen up and join her and Cham for an early dinner, and what a dinner it was. Blurrg cassoulet, bittersweet green salad with Fondorian dressing with jogan seasoning, spiced cider and honey cakes for dessert. The banquet table was set up in such an inviting manner that for at least the first hour, there was no talking but rather the feasting and quiet contentment of eating good food and being amongst good company.

    While at table, Ezra’s head began to buzz and he realized he was making a connection in the Force. It was not to Kanan, it was to the girl he had seen. Across the table, Hera and Kanan were too busy playing boyfriend and girlfriend to notice anything else going on around them. Ezra smiled gently, he was happy that they were acting like a normal couple, he could use the Force to spy on the Imperials.

    Reaching out with the Force, Ezra was able to see what was going on in the Syndulla clan palace. Storm troopers were on patrol, Thrawn and some human official were discussing trade policy with local Imperial occupied systems, and the girl… she was slowly making her way back from the kitchens, where she had apparently had the servants leave for the nearby chance. He decided to speak to her via the Force.

    Hi there! Are you the map maker everyone keeps talking about?

    Jesus Christ Superstar! Get out of my head!

    I’ll take that as a yes, then.

    What do you want? You’re a persona non grata, as far as my fiancée is concerned.

    Fiancée? Wait a sec, you’re getting married to the blue thing?

    How dare you call him that!

    Fuming, Minerva severed contact with Ezra and flounced into Slavin’s office, where she was having dinner with Thrawn and Vortigern. Her face was still flushed and she was trembling when she walked through the double doors, and as soon as Thrawn observed his Winter Rose, he knew Ezra had used the Force to contact Minerva. Peeved to no end, he would deal with this matter after dinner.

    Dinner was an understated affair, Slavin was feeling sorry for himself and refused to acknowledge reports that the Ghost crew was heading right for them. In fact, as far as Slavin was concerned, all Twi’leks looked away, so one dead one was as good as any other. His blindness to what Cham and Hera actually looked like in real life amused Thrawn greatly.

    “If what you say about all Twi’leks looking alike is valid, Vortigern, please indulge my curiosity. If one of the Free Ryloth partisans barged down the door, how could you tell it was truly Cham’Syndulla?”

    “It’s his office, after all. He’s tall, sharp-toothed and red skinned. No wait, is he orange? Kriff! Stop making me look like a bloody fool in front of your wife.”

    “I did no such thing, Slavin. I merely made an inquiry to satiate my curiosity, and in turn you fumbled over the gaps in your argument’s logic.”

    Slavin dismissed them after this, wishing to save whatever remained of his pride and wounded ego. Thrawn took Minerva’s arm in his and escorted her back to the solarium, where they sat down in the window seat. Minerva curled into Thrawn’s lap and lay her head on his chest and let out a sigh. Kissing the top of her head, he inquired about what had happened before she came into dinner.

    Minerva explained it as best she could, as she had never shared a Force Bond with anyone before. Also, she had no wish to associate with anyone connected with her father, of all people. Thrawn agreed that the conversation was unusual, and deduced that Ezra would be arriving at the estate in a misguided attempt to take it back.

    As they sat there musing about it, Minerva asked her lover, “It’s likely that the droid will come along, since he’ll blend in after a paint job and Hera will come here disguised. It makes sense, Vortigern doesn’t notice anything right in front of him-“ She was cut off by Thrawn kissing her, hungrily and desperately. She was his whole world, and nothing would stop him from slaying anyone that lay a hand on her.

    Breaking apart for air, Thrawn lay her down on the bed where they lay cuddling for the better part of an hour. The sun set and the hues of orange, purple, and red played out on the neutral tones of the wallpaper. The couple watched the display before Thrawn’s comm beeped.

    “Sir, we have engaged the Rebels 20 minutes outside the compound.”

    “Who is it that you have engaged in battle?”

    “The Jedi, the artist, the Lasat thingy, and a few partisans. Shall we give chase?”

    “Do that, and keep them away as long as you can.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Slowly sitting up, Minerva shared a look with Thrawn. They were here then, Hera’Syndulla and Ezra Bridger, along with the droid.

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  2. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
    Ballad of the Winter Rose

    A SW Rebels/Doctor Who Romance

    Written by: Nehru_Amidala aka FossilQueen1984

    Genre: Gothic romance, drama, hurt/comfort, dark fantasy, slight horror

    Cast list: Minerva- Jenna Coleman, Thrawn- Lars Mikkelsen, Vortigern Slavin- Mark Hamill, Hera’Syndulla- Vanessa Marshall, Kanan Jarrus- Freddie Prinze Jr, Sabine Wren- Tiya Sircar, Ezra Bridger- Taylor Gray, Zeb- Steven Blum, Chopper- himself/Ben Burtt, Cham’Syndulla- David Ogden Stiers, Numa- Cote DePablo

    Pairings: Thrawn/Minerva

    Rating: T/PG-13 for battle sequences, thematic elements, blood, snogging, SPOILERS for Thrawn

    Universe: Doctor Who and AU! Rebels

    Author’s note: Ryl is equivalent to French.

    Chapter Soundtrack: You Know I love you- Coraline soundtrack, Thrawn’s Web, Kevin Kliner

    Chapter 23: Fortes Fortuna Iuvat, Part 4

    When Vortigern heard that Hera (the Hera’Syndulla!) was showing up at the front door, he was sweating bullets. He was about to order the front door to be heavily guarded, in case she tried to force her way inside, but as many of the stormtroopers who were out in that part of the compound were out fighting the Free Ryloth partisans and the Ghost crew, the everyday ground crew was on guard patrol that evening. It was a fine evening, the moon was full and it was clement outside. In fact, it was not yet eight o’clock.

    As it was, he had taken three showers and two baths to calm himself down, of course that really didn’t do the trick until Thrawn commed him and told him that he had everything under control. He had no idea what the Grand Admiral had in mind, but this let him off the hook, or so he thought.

    Thrawn explained his plan to Minerva as they walked along the corridors towards Slavin’s office. According to him, Hera, Ezra and Chopper would already be in disguise and come in through the back door as to avoid detection. From there, they would make it to the office and make off with the kalikori, as it was the one thing that Hera would want. Also, it was far easier to retrieve the family totem than the partially burnt portrait. Minerva had to agree with him.

    “Of course, it all comes down to timing. We (you and I) will have to persuade Slavin to leave his office long enough for Captain Syndulla to take the bait.”

    “Will that work?”

    Thrawn chuckled at her latest comment. “Beloved, you still doubt me, even now?”

    Minerva blushed, and Thrawn pulled her close for a heated kiss. After breaking apart, she rested her head on his shoulder and they walked together into Slavin’s office. He was unaware of any greater plan, and this was for sanity reasons. Among other things, Slavin would shoot to kill and the game would be over.

    Thrawn had an ulterior motive for bringing Minerva along. With the revelation of Minerva’s proper offering at the Syndulla crypt and her recent Force conversation, Hera and Ezra would be under the impression that Minerva was the victim of a forced arranged marriage under Palpatine (which was a total falsehood) and was naïve when it came to matters of the heart. Also helping this façade was his military prowess, Minerva’s until now unknown status to the larger Rebel community, and the idea that Imperials were incapable of knowing what love and happiness were. By exploiting these inconsistencies, they would walk into a trap and the family unit would tear itself apart. Ergo, he had instructed Minerva to stay silent and take out Ezra.

    So, they walked into the office, extracted Slavin (who was still drooling over the newly refurbished statue of Rhea’Syndulla) and went for a brisk walk around the perimeters to do a quick inspection. By the time they returned, Hera and Ezra would be just leaving the office, or close to. As for the droid known as Chopper, most likely he would either be escorting them or down in the basement with plans to blow the whole place sky high once they (the Rebels) escaped. Thrawn was betting on the former as this was supposedly a stealth mission.

    Thrawn’s theory was correct, because while they were finishing the inspection, Hera, Ezra and Chopper had successfully broken into Cham’s office. Hera smiled brightly at seeing her father’s office mostly intact, and she nearly teared up looking at her mother’s statue. Ezra looked at it, he could tell Hera took after her mother in many respects. “Your mother was beautiful Hera, it’s too bad she, you and my mom never got a chance to meet,” Ezra said thoughtfully as he studied the mosaic portrait.

    Hera walked over to it, and allowed herself to gently trace the outlines of her mother’s face, tears nearly coming to her eyes. Hugging Ezra with one arm, she sighed, “You know something, Ez? I get the feeling they would. She would spoil you rotten.” Laughing, she gave her adopted son a loving hug and the Force bond sang harmoniously. It was moments like these that Ezra was glad he had taken a chance with them. In a way, they were his new family.

    It was here Hera let out a cry and picked up a wooden totem. Ezra walked over and squinted at it, what was that thing? “What is that thing, anyway,” he queried curiously. Hera explained to him that is was a kalikori and it was passed down from one generation to the next. “We’ve gotten what we came for. Ezra, Chop, let’s go.”

    “That’s it? We came for a child’s plaything?”

    “Bwap, bwha, ba?”

    “Listen here, boys. A kalikori is not a child’s plaything,” Hera scolded as Ezra popped his Stormtrooper helmet back on. Something in the back of his head was tingling… a familiar presence in the Force. KRIFF!

    Before he could say anything to Hera, the doors leading from Cham’Syndulla’s office whooshed open… and in stepped three imperials, Thrawn, Slavin and the girl! Ducking behind the decorative panels, Hera assumed the role of a Twi’lek slave as Chopper quickly wheeled off to the opposite side of the room.

    Upon entrance, Thrawn and Minerva recognized Hera for who she was immediately, but Slavin, being the boor that he was, marched right up to her and began berating her. Hera lowered her eyes, when Minerva decided to intervene, to Thrawn’s surprise.

    “Madame, pourquoi êtes-vous ici quand vous devriez être à la maison? (Madam, why are you here when you should be home?)”

    “Je ... je n'ai pas reçu de salaire ... et ma famille a faim ...( I...I was not paid wages...and my family is hungry...).”

    It was here Hera found herself looking the young woman in the eyes. The female Imperial’s impossibly blue eyes were clear, and unclouded by hate. Something about this young woman reminded her very much of Kanan, that much was true. Was it possible that they were related somehow?

    Hera did not have much time to think it over because Thrawn pulled her up and placed a finger on Minerva’s rose petal lips before chiding her gently. “Now Minerva,” he scolded gently, “she is not a ladies maid.” Minerva nodded, and stepped quietly back at his side. Hera was taken aback, why was Thrawn telling her how to act? Was she unaccustomed to being around slaves?

    Of course, it was here that Slavin took the reins. Scowling at the Twi’lek, he growled, “Out of the way peasant. You are not to leave the kitchen levels, where your people belong.”

    Adopting her native accent, she apologized profusely, “Sorry sir, I will be on my way.”

    Of course, Thrawn noticed Hera clinging to the kalikori and decided to halt the extraction. Turning to Hera, he inquired gently, “Excuse me, but my wife and I are visitors to your world. I would like to know what you think of our Imperial occupation.”

    “I don’t think I would be of much help, I am a poor refugee…”

    “Interesting. Then why may I ask do you have that? Guard, please bring her into the office.” Thrawn instructed. Minerva sensed where this was going, and she quietly followed behind him, acting meek and obedient. Ezra followed warily as did Slavin. The door shut, and Slavin forced her into the chair.

    Hera was frightened, and yet managed to keep her composure. They couldn’t have figured out the plan already, could they? Examining the kalikori, Thrawn asked her in a surprisingly conversational tone about why she had grabbed the kalikori and not something she easily could sell for rations.

    No sooner had Thrawn finished his question, that Slavin opened his big mouth, “It’s nothing but a primitive trinket. Who cares if it’s sold for food, and why she grabbed it?”

    “Ah, Vortigern, you fail to see the larger picture for what a kalikori is. This particular kalikori belongs to Clan Syndulla, and it passed down from generation to generation. It is a way of passing on family history, and I will tell you know, our guest is not who she seems.”

    As Thrawn started to explain what the kalikori meant, dread began to gnaw at her psyche. The way he pronounced everything correctly, he knew who she was and was merely playing her to get an answer. She and her family had walked right into a cleverly disguised trap.

    “Sir, she’s just a peasant, not a guest,” Slavin sputtered angrily. It was here Thrawn played his trump card while leaning into the Twi’lek pilot, just enough to put her on edge. “War, it’s all you’ve ever known. You were so young when you survived the Clone Wars. War is in your blood, whereas I study war as an art to perfect it. Vortigern, Minerva, may I introduce Hera’Syndulla, freedom figher, Rebel pilot and daughter of Cham’Syndulla.” Thrawn bowed, revealing the portrait and it finally dawned on Slavin that Thrawn had been correct as usual.

    It was here that Ezra pulled his blaster to attack Thrawn, but Minerva was quicker. Activating her blade, she slit his back armor and as he stumbled forward, Thrawn stunned him. Hera’s jaw dropped as Thrawn gave her a dark look as two stormtroopers hauled her to her feet.

    Slavin was astounded, “But, how did you know there was another Rebel?”

    Minerva replied, “Because Rebels always bring back up.”

    Thrawn smiled at her, there was the Minerva he knew and loved. Hera was taken aback by all of this, how in the blinking galaxy were Imperials capable of understanding what love was. By now, Thrawn had thrown them into a holding cell on the other side of Cham’s office. As Hera and Ezra landed on the floor, Thrawn addressed her while holding onto the kalikori.

    “It is unfortunate that we could not meet under different circumstances, Captain Syndulla. I will be keeping your kalikori in a place of honor, I assure you.”

    “It’s not a collector item, Thrawn or something to put into your child’s nursery once your concubine bears you a son…” No sooner had these poisoned words left Hera’s mouth than she was met with a truly angered Chiss. She did not know that in Chiss society, to denigrate one’s spouse among the aristocracy was a faux pas one did not recover from. Hera found that the hard way as Thrawn viciously threw her back against the wall and hit her head so hard, her lekku were ringing loudly and the back of her skull was bruised.

    “I came to world to study your art, and you denigrate my wife. You have sealed your own fate,” he seethed. Managing to pull himself together, he ordered troopers to throw them into a cell. That chore finished, he returned to the office and addressed Slavin, “See to it that the kalikori is sent to my private office aboard the Chimaera.”

    Slavin was stupefied by this, why? “But sir! It’s just a piece of Twi’lek trash,” he sputtered. Thrawn turned on him in an instant, baring his teeth and hissing angrily while lifting Vortigern by his tunic. Minerva backed up in fear a little bit, it bothered her to see him act this way. Within a heartbeat, he had regained his normal stoic demeanor. Lowering Slavin, he apologized and left with Minerva.

    Once they were out in the corridor, Minerva confronted Thrawn about his behavior towards Slavin. After making her feelings known, Thrawn snogged her hungrily, not caring who saw. She was his wife, and nobody spoke ill of her. After they broke apart, he explained what had happened and Chiss societal taboos. This gave her something to think about as they prepared for the next steps.
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  3. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Ha, I have to re-watch that particular "Rebels" episode now. But with Minerva it works pretty good.
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  4. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Seeing Azure's comment I realised that I probably haven't advanced enough in Rebels to know which episode you used in the last chapter, but the scene worked anyway.

    I enjoyed the Rebel POV in the last two entries and the fact that Ezra first, then Hera, have begun to see the connection between Minerva and Kanan even though they don't have much to go on. Thrawn had them cornered real good in the last chapter – although, where did Chopper go? Because I didn't see him in that prison cell.

    And Slavin. Ugh. He's really an idiot in addition to being a perv.
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  5. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
    ^ Thanks much for the review. Chopper is elsewhere. Don't worry, he's in the next chapter.
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  6. Kyber Acyk

    Kyber Acyk Jedi Knight star 2

    Nov 30, 2017
    This is another great story Nehru - I love it! :)

    And with Minerva being one of the central characters, I feel you have fleshed out this particular episode of Rebels a lot more, and also made it a lot more descriptive.
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  7. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
  8. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
    Ballad of the Winter Rose

    A SW Rebels/Doctor Who Romance

    Written by: Nehru_Amidala aka FossilQueen1984

    Genre: Gothic romance, drama, hurt/comfort, dark fantasy, slight horror

    Cast list: Minerva- Jenna Coleman, Thrawn- Lars Mikkelsen, Vortigern Slavin- Mark Hamill, Hera’Syndulla- Vanessa Marshall, Kanan Jarrus- Freddie Prinze Jr, Sabine Wren- Tiya Sircar, Ezra Bridger- Taylor Gray, Zeb- Steven Blum, Chopper- himself/Ben Burtt, Cham’Syndulla- David Ogden Stiers, Numa- Cote DePablo

    Pairings: Thrawn/Minerva

    Rating: T/PG-13 for battle sequences, thematic elements, blood, snogging, SPOILERS for Thrawn

    Universe: Doctor Who and AU! Rebels

    Chapter Soundtrack: I am the Doctor!- BBC Radio Orchestra, Once Upon a December- Deanna Carter cover

    Chapter 24: Fortes Fortuna Iuvat, Part 5

    As Hera and Ezra were led away towards the holding cells located on the main floor, Chopper whirled away, frightened and confused. He knew what he had to do, he had been assigned to blow the Syndulla clan manor sky high. However, the buildings power source was located directly beneath where Hera and Ezra were being held currently. Surely Hera had a backup plan, he hoped.

    It was here Hera commed him, he had to go through with the plan, as she was unaware of Thrawn’s next plan. He was also ordered to take out any stormtroopers guarding the Twi’lek slaves who needed to be freed. Confirming his mission, Chopper gleefully went about his business, placing chargers everywhere he could reach. He also took out as many stormtroopers as he could.

    As he wheeled towards the kitchen, he hacked through the security codes and let out a squawk of confusion. Where were the captives? There were no bodies, had they all been killed or taken elsewhere? Frantic about not upsetting Hera further, the droid rolled about but to no avail.

    Giving up, he wheeled out to the corridor that led from the kitchen back to the power generators when his optic sensor picked up on something. It was the pretty Imperial and she was walking towards him, comepletely calm. She was either very brave, very foolish, or maybe a mixture of both.

    Kneeling down so that she was eye level with him, Minerva grinned cheekily at the droid, very well aware of what Hera intentions were. As a matter of fact, so was Thrawn. “This was your home, must be sad you have to destroy it. I suppose it’s the only way to keep sleemos like Slavin away.”

    Chopper stared at her. “Bwop, bwop, bwah beep?”

    “I have no idea what a Dalek is, and my name is not Sarah Jane Smith.”

    The droid made a gesture towards her knife, and Minerva retorted she knew nothing about the Time Wars, the TARDIS or the Doctor for that matter. The droid replied no Imperial had eyes like hers, clear and unclouded by hate. He wished her luck, and rolled off. He made it back outside into the front yard where he hid behind the shrubbery, alerted Hera and waited for further instructions.

    Minerva returned to Thrawn’s side when he ordered Slavin to put a call through via the Holonet frequency that the Free Ryloth movement and the Ghost crew were using. Time to introduce Minerva to the Ghost crew and get Slavin blown to smithereens in the process.

    The staticy blue image of the Imperial Empire showed up on the datapad Kanan had. It was Slavin, and it was urgent. Halting all at once, everyone gathered around the screen as the holographic form of Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared. Slavin gasped, Kanan glared and everyone else grew angry. What had he done with Hera, Ezra and Chopper?

    “Good evening, Governor Syndulla and company. I don’t believe we have been properly introduced-”

    “I know very well who you are! You are Grand Admiral Thrawn, and you have captured my daughter, Hera and her companions. Where are they, you bastard?”

    Thrawn’s eyebrows furrowed slightly at the insult, “That’s going a bit far, don’t you think? After all, you were the one who attacked my fiancée who was trying to defend herself.” It was here the holocam zoomed towards a beautiful young woman with dark brown and clear blue eyes, and Hera (who had been brought in to observe) let out an audible gasp. Why had her father attacked this young woman?

    Thrawn continued, “I have all three of them scheduled for execution first thing tomorrow morning, including the droid. I don’t suppose you would be willing to discuss terms of surrender, would you?”

    Cham swallowed, “No! Don’t kill her, please! If I offer myself in her place will you let them go?”

    Thrawn considered it and recalled that Cham’Syndulla was an honorable man, and decided to hold the Twi’lek to his word. “The leader of the Free Ryloth movement in exchange for your daughter… I accept your deal. You and the Rebels will come alone, no partisans for the exchange.”

    Cham nodded, “Agreed.”

    As soon as the transmission was nixed, Thrawn gave orders for Slavin to be in charge of the prisoner exchange. He quietly explained to Minerva that in all likelihood Cham would commit suicide to free everyone, and Ryloth would be a lost cause. However, the two of them would be returning afterwards back to the Chimaera to resume their assault on Phoenix Squadron and ensnaring Agent Kallus in a trap to prove he was committing high treason under Imperial law.

    Kissing her, he sent her to be while he informed the troops to be ready for the morning prisoner exchange.

    Meanwhile back on the Ghost, Cham and Kanan were planning what was going to happen when they rescued Hera. When Hera and Cham had crossed exactly halfway towards their intended destination, Chopper would detonate the charger, taking the fortress out. With all of the chaos, Sabine, Zeb and Rex would charge in with blasters and grenades and then they would make their escape in all of the chaos. Kanan liked this, he would finally be rid of his biological daughter and her alien fiancée.

    It was a restless night for everyone, Imperial and Rebel alike. The sun rose languidly over Ryloth’s desert horizon, and everyone prepared for the morning ahead. Thrawn and Minerva wore their summer uniforms and so did Slavin, who was letting all the power go to his head, as usual. Minerva brought the prisoners their breakfast, and she mentioned that she had been the one to free the captives, which confused Hera and Ezra to no end. Neither of them could detect any guile or deceit on her end and after she left, Ezra commented Minerva had a pure soul and was honest with them. So, why was she in love with Thrawn?

    After they had eaten, Slavin barged in and cuffed them. “Move quickly, Rebel scum,” he hissed disgustedly. They were forced outside into the front courtyard, where Thrawn and Minerva were waiting. Vortigern gazed at the sky impatiently, he was too eager to have his cake and eat it too.

    The minutes passed slowly, and Slavin was beginning to complain when the familiar shape of the Ghost materialized and landed on the pavement. The flight hatch detached with a loud whoosh, and ever so slowly Cham’Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus moved down the ramp, followed by the Ghost crew.

    Slavin’s eyes widened in delight as the defeated figure of Cham’Syndulla strode towards him. “Praise Palpatine- at long last I am triumphant. I, Vortigern Slavin, have triumphed over the Free Ryloth movement once and for all…” He was gloating until Thrawn shot him a dark look. Hera’s eyes widened when she saw her father submit to Slavin, but she and Ezra were pushed forward and they made their way back to the ship, as had been planned.

    No sooner were Hera and Ezra no more than 10 feet from the ship, Cham’Syndulla immolated himself and ran headfirst into Slavin, burning the Imperial horribly. Taking this as the signal, Chopper detonated the charges, and the whole of the Syndulla estate went up in flames. Eager to avenge their friends, Zeb, Sabine and Rex charged into the melee… only to meet fierce resistance from Thrawn and Minerva.

    The retreat back to the Ghost was short, but painful. Everyone had cuts, bruises and strains and even Chopper had a few dents to his back. As the Ghost pulled into hyperspace, Hera and Chopper gazed out of the windshield in a melancholy silence. So many memories, both good and bad played out at the estate, and now it was all gone. Cham’Syndulla’s sacrifice would not go unheeded, the Free Ryloth movement would continue and honor his name and memory. That was all they could do.

    Back on Ryloth, Thrawn and Minerva emerged unscathed, as Minerva’s shield had protected them from the ensuing blasts and the currently raging inferno. Nestled in Thrawn’s arms as the shuttle entered hyperspace, they both knew they were returning to the dragon’s lair. However, they were united and slowly, but surely the Rebels would tear themselves apart with the revelation of Kanan’s maiden sister. Then, and only then, would the Rebel threat on Lothal truly be dead.
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