Banned/Restricted List - Effective June 20, 2004

Discussion in 'Games: TCG' started by RedneckJedi, Jun 1, 2004.

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    Hiya, gang! In case you've been visiting in-laws all Memorial Day weekend, you may not have found out about the latest "big" news affecting our beloved trading card game.

    In a nutshell:
    Holoprojection Chamber - BANNED
    Kessel System - BANNED

    Falcon's Needs - RESTRICTED (one allowed per deck)
    Lost in the Asteroids - RESTRICTED (one allowed per deck)
    Lull in the Fighting - RESTRICTED (one allowed per deck)
    Peace on Naboo - RESTRICTED (one allowed per deck)

    Check the website link above for their rationale, along with the list of cards currently being "watched" for future B/R consideration.
  2. Bacabachaui Manager Emeritus

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    I think this is excellent news and will bring the fun back to the game! The engines some of those cards made possible was making it ridiculous.
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