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Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by red-dwarf, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. red-dwarf Jedi Knight

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    I have been collecting autographs for about 15 years, both vintage and modern. I am not an expert, but would like to pass on the following.
    Many of you have, or will be getting, signed photos of your favourite SW stars.
    Here is a couple of bits of advice with regards to preservation. This is only regarding modern signed photos as that is what most of you will have.

    1) If you want to display the original piece be careful.
    a) Keep it out of direct sunlight.
    b) keep it away from direct bright light sources.
    c) Do not mount it above a heat source.
    d) Do not place where it may be subject to any kind of moisture or get any type of condensation.

    e) Do not mount the piece directly behind glass. What I mean is, do not have glass directly touching the piece. This is sure to help fade the item, but even worse makes condensation (even slight) much easier. The easy way to deal with this is buy a cheap cardboard mount(normall found in different colours and sizes). Most Dollar shops do them for 1 or two bucks. Not only does this keep the piece off the glass, but also frames the piece so it is even more pleasing to look at.

    2) MY ADVICE (this is what I do) Go to any good quality copy shop and they will do you a good quality colour copy. $1-$2. Then, mount the copy however you want, and show it where ever you want, with the confidence that any damage or fading is irrelevant. You can then keep the original in excellent condition in purpose made sleeves.
    These sleeves are made of MYLAR.
    And are available from: Bags unlimited for about a dollar each.
    These people specialise in collection protection (mainly flat stuff, not cases).


    They are okay for the few days while you are coming home, but put the photos into MYLAR as soon as possible.
    Any other tips you need, let me know.
    Good luck and happy collecting.

  2. Dooks Jedi Padawan

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    Ultra-pro makes a great acid free 8x11 protective page for signed photos, I've used them for the last few years.
  3. red-dwarf Jedi Knight

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    Yeah, cool.
    Ultra Pro seem to cater more to general photo and deck storage, although they do have acid free stuff. Bags unlimited seem to cater more to the collector. They have stuff for cards, comics, photos, paper, etc. they have storage boxes; A bit of a wider selection.
    I think the main thing is, where ever you get your stuff, make sure it's the best storage option for what you have. Where you are buying will probably be able to advise on what they have and what you need.
    For autographs, you can also check out websites for the Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC) and Professional Autograph Dealers Association (PADI) for great advice on storage and protection.
    Dooks, I'd like to see your collection sometime.
    Maybe we could have a mass show and tell night specifically for autographs.
    Happy collecting.
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