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  1. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002

    "Right. 939 Chestnut Drive" Barbara sounded tense; Cass could hear a loud knocking sounds in the background. Was her equipment faulty, maybe?
    "I have a situation, a possible intruder here at the tower. I'm going to try and engage them but it may be best if you got here if possible in case of hostility."

    The connection cut off. There was really only debate in Batgirl's mind for a second. David Cain was her father, yes, but Barbara Gordon had taken her in and given her a second chance at life. Cassandra owed her and Bruce everything. However, she took the time to put the arrow and the note into one of her belt pouches for later. Maybe after Batgirl had dispatched whoever was threatening Barbara they could analyse it.

    Silently, she fired her grapple at the nearest building and started to swing towards the Oracle's clock tower.

    [TAG Oracle. Reynar]
  2. -Jeb-

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    Feb 18, 2006
    [IC] Nightwing
    Gotham - Near Hobbs Bay
    The horrific news had struck the first of Bruce Wayne's many proteges early. Too early. He swore, that if anything this bad were to happen during his lifetime, it'd be too soon. Arkhym had been broken through; countless high-level criminals, sadists, and psychos allowed to run amuck. The entirety of Gotham's citizenship had been scared back into their homes for the most part, not a single soul daring to do so much as to peer out of their windows or through their peepholes for fear of violent hostility.

    The burden upon Nightwing's shoulders, the shoulders of his beloved Oracle, and the shoulders of all else destined to be chained down to Gotham and protect it had never been greater. If only this were Bludhaven. In Bludhaven, something ten times as bad could have happened and it would have been no news to anyone. That place was a damned circus...

    ... earlier that afternoon, Dick had gathered information from a reliable source on the whereabouts of an inpending drug-deal amongst a small-time cartel and a cooperating street gang. He'd given Barbara the coordinates to the alleged location, aswell as an approximate time on when it would occur. It was about time. Grayson sat perched on the ledge of a high church wall, leaning slightly on a Gargoyle as he raised a small set of binoculars to spot out the docks overlooking the presumed area. Hobbs Bay.

    The men gathered in small clumps, and would soon find themselves much involved with their business - perfect for a surprise ambush. Judging by their body language, they seemed to not care much about discreetness due to the fact that any sort of authority against them was probably busy with the onset of the Arkhym situation.

    ... apparently, they hadn't calculated things properly.[/blockquote]
    [TAG] Reynar, Red Hood, Oracle (?)
  3. Squishy_Vic

    Squishy_Vic Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2004
    Matt Hagen (Clayface)[blockquote]The abandoned warehouse suddenly seemed to be filled with life, as the police shined their lights through the windows. They wanted Clayface to come out of the building and surrender. But he wasn't going to have it. Clayface began to think of what to do, and how to get out of this particular situation. Should he simply rampage out there and kill them all? Or should he play the waiting game and wait for them to come to him? He just couldn't decide.

    With a sigh, Clayface began to transform his body and began to mold himself into the regular appearance of one of their very own police officers. As he made the finishing touches, he began to search for a way out, from the back. He wanted to make the police suffer and realize what a threat Clayface really was. As he turned around and headed for a window in the back, he molded a gun in one of his hands. Clayface then broke through the window with some gunfire and he then followed up with some screaming, hopefully to attract the officers.

    ?Help me! Please!? He said as he put himself on the ground as if he'd been knocked out, with a grave wound from an ax across his chest. Of course, it was all fake, but only Clayface knew that.[/blockquote]TAG: Reynar_Tedros
  4. Darph_Nader

    Darph_Nader Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 17, 2005
    OOC: When Scarface talks, I substituted all of the Bs for Gs, so if a word looks bizarre (unless it's an untentional typo), I meant to do it.


    Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane - home to Gotham City's vast number of criminals. One of the inmates at the asylum sat alone in his unlocked cell. His name is Arnold Wesker - but most people know his partner. He'd committed various crimes - murder, extortion and the like - but the Batman had foiled him in one way or another.

    Now, Wesker could leave. He took a deep breath, overjoyed to be out of his cell. Now all he'd have to do is...

    "Hey, dummy!"

    Wesker froze. "M... Mr. Scarface?"

    "Yeah. Ain't ya forgettin' something?"

    A chill ran up Wesker's spine. He'd forgotten Scarface. Panic-stricken, he rushed back into his cell. He ruffled through everything in the small room, but couldn't find his puppet.

    "Well, where is it?!" Scarface barked impatiently.

    "I don't know, Mr. Scarface," Wesker timidly replied.

    "Well, find it!"

    Hurrying back out into the hallway, he adjusted his glasses, looking this way and that.
    "Hurry up, dummy!"

    He had to think, and think fast. Where would Scarface's body be? Wesker would have to find a substitute of some sort. Sitting himself down on the floor, he hurriedly took off his shoes. Once accomplished, he quickly took his sock off of his foot, and placed his shoe back on. As he stood up, he slipped the sock over his hand.

    The sock looked around. "This is the gest you could do?!"

    Wesker looked at the sock apologetically. "I'm sorry, Mr. Scarface, but it's the best I could think of."

    "Then you getter start thinkin' harder!" the sock-Scarface shouted, "Go check where they keep the other loonies' outfits."

    Arnold Wesker hurried down the long hallway towards the "outfit room." Turn after turn, hallway after hallway... Wesker couldn't find it. He stopped at the sight of an asylum guard, dead on the floor. A man stood over the guard, a blood-stained knife in his hand.

    "Hey, guddy!" Sock-Scarface shouted.

    The man looked up. "What?"

    "Where're the oufits and goods stashed?"

    The man with the knife noticed that it was not the man that was talking, but the sock. He took in this image for a moment - a middle-age, quiet man using a sock puppet to talk to people.

    The man erupted in laughter.

    Scarface, incapable of facial expressions (it's pretty hard when your face is a sock), began shouting.

    "Tell me where it is, or your guts'll be decoratin' the wall!"

    The man laughed even harder, and began to approach Wesker.

    "You'd better listen to Mr. Scarface," Wesker said quietly.

    The man calmed down quickly. "Scarface...?" He'd heard the name before, and had heard of what'd happened to those who'd crossed the gangster the wrong way. "I'm... sorry. I thought you were just another one of those crazies they've got locked up." He pointed down the hallway. "They keep the stuff down there."

    Wesker began to walk down the hallway, when a light shone through the window. Looking up, Wesker saw the Bat-signal. Perhaps Batman could -

    "Don't even think agout it, dummy! Rememger the last time you got Gatman's 'help?!'" Scarface interrupted.

    "Mr. Scarface-"

    "He tried to kill me!" the sock puppet barked.

    Wesker knew not to argue. He continued down the hallway, and found the room he was looking for. Perusing through the many different kinds of clothing, he almost passed an unassuming form tucked on the back of a shelf.

    "Wait a minute, dummy!" Scarface barked. "What's that?"

    Wesker reached up, and pulled out the form. It was a ventriloquist's dummy. It was dressed in a pinstripe suit, and had a scar on the side of its face...

    "That's me!" Scarface shouted in disbelief. "They put me on the gack of a shelf!"

    After a second of stunned silence, the sock puppet Scarface looked up at Wesker. "Don't just stand there, dummy!"

    "Oh" was all Arnold said as he slipped the sock off of his hand, hurriedly placed back on his foot (a
  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Red Hood

    Gotham, Hobb's Bay

    Was it duck season or rabbit season? It didn't really matter as long as it was Hunting Season, period.

    From the roof a building, the Red Hood adjusted his scope as he looked for prey. Gotham's loony bin had spilled all it's residents onto the streets, which were now quiet as a result. Jason had half a mind to go after some crazy just for the heck of it, when he got wind of a drug deal down at Hobb's Bay. A big one by the sound of it.

    Jason almost laughed.

    "Might as well write 'Trap' all over that one. It's too obvious and too convenient. Loonies are out and suddenly a deal is going down? Gangsters are dumb, yes, but not suicidal...they only get that way when I show up."

    Jason had already made up his mind to investigate what was really going down at Hobb's Bay. Perhaps there was something to be gained from this after all. As he was about to turn, Jason saw a familiar signal reflected from under the low flying clouds over Gotham. His fist clenched so tightly that his leather glove squeeked in protest.

    "A perfect night to hunt for bats as well." He comented icily. The wave of resentment he felt almost made him change his plans, but instead, a better idea came to mind. Jason smirked to himself as he donned the infamous Red Hood helmet over his head.

    According to the info, the deal was going down in half an hour, so there was no time to waste. The Red Hood gathered his things.

    In an instant, he was inside the building and out a side door. The express elevator was indeed a fast one, especially when he was the only one using it. In reality, there was hardly any place he could not get access to in the whole of Gotham. He had his 'mentor' to thank for such conveniences. It was quite liberating.

    The black Shelby GT was waiting for him and was ready even as he came through the doors. With a touch of a button, he had the vehicle ready even as he was coming down the elevator.

    "You may not be a Batmobile, but you'll do just fine, won't you Christine?"

    Already inside the black car, the powerful engine roared as if in response. A second later, the wheels screeched as the automobile shot down a side street and drifted into the main. The armoured vehicle which was specially customised by paranoid, yet financially loaded, batman and cop hating car enthusiast that happened to be drug dealers, was no longer needed by them, hence it was now in possession of the Red Hood, who didn't have to worry much about being chased by the local constabulary on this fine night.

    Several minutes later,'christine' rolled into the area indicated by the information Jason had acquired. The vehicle's lights were off as it coasted along dark streets. Hobb's Bay was unimpressive, but Jason wasn't here for sightseeing. He'd poured over a map of the area and committed certain tactical details to mind. He also parked in a location where the vehicle was accessible only to him.

    Like the professional he was, the Red Hood wasted little time. He found himself a tall edifice with a nice view of the area. He spotted several locations he could make use of, before deciding on one. After strategically placing himself to avoid being spotted or surprised, the Red Hood took out a powerful surveillance hacking portable computer and piggy backed on a signal.

    "Let's see what the local security cams are picking up."

    A sardonic smile played inside the protective helmet. The Red Hood was well aware of the virtual traffic and who the real players in the hacking and electronic infiltration circles were, but as long as he was not trying to mess with them personally, all was well.

    Looking over the current data was easy enough. From the information, it seemed that some of those involved in the deal began to gather. The Red Hood boosted the audio gain on his ear-piece and took up high powered binoculars to get a closer look. His other toys and gear were just an arm's reach away. There was no telling when or where silly little 'bat people' would show up to interrupt a good showdo
  6. Randy1012

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Wayne Manor

    Tim had spent most of the day trying not to be angry. He'd gone for a run, read a book for a while, did a few exercises, tried meditating...nothing seemed to work. No matter what, all he could think about was what Batman had told him earlier today about it being too dangerous for him to go patrolling right now.

    What was the point of all that training if he won't let me go out there with him?

    Tim was sure that part of Batman's reluctance was due to the loss of Jason Todd, his predecessor; but he wasn't Jason. He knew how to keep his cool, how not to go off half-cocked and get himself into trouble. He'd spent months training with experts across the globe and now...

    Now he was sitting around in his bedroom, letting his skills atrophy.

    Sighing, Tim switched off the TV; he'd been channel surfing anyway. He didn't really find much television very interesting these days, and had been hoping it would help distract him, even if for only a little while. He pushed himself to his feet and walked across his room to the window, resting his hands on the sill as he looked outside, shaking his head.

    He heard a knock on his door, and looked up as it opened, the light from the hallway revealing Alfred's silhouette.

    "Pardon me, Master Timothy, but I thought that you might be feeling hungry. Shall I prepare your dinner? Pasta, perhaps?"

    Tim frowned as he stared at Alfred through the window's reflection. "Why won't he let me help him, Alfred?" he asked quietly. "Why am I standing here thinking about how good pasta sounds right now, when I should be out there with him?"

    TAG: Reynar_Tedros
  7. -Jeb-

    -Jeb- Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 18, 2006
    [IC] Dick Grayson - Nightwing
    Gotham - Hobbs Bay Perimeter

    The somewhat unheeding young man atop that lone brick church hadn't the slightest clue that he was being watched; nor that the situation he had so nimbly involved himself in was being supervised by someone besides himself. He had a feeling, yes. Despite the sudden changes, he still thought to himself that things were too quiet about Gotham City. Infact, he also thought that this small exchange going on at Hobbs Bay was a tad ambiguous, even for a bunch of petty crooks.

    He felt a knot forming in his stomach, but he'd been through worse at a much personal level in the past. His apparent doubts would not let him veer away from the task at hand. The situation had to be dealt with.

    A lone, prodigious cloud formed around the quiet moon, casting a perpetuating darkness across the immediate area. The street lamps down below and the faint lights seeping out through the windows of those many citizens' homes who were too frightened to leave them were the only major sources of light for now. Perfect. Nightwing clicked a tiny switch on the side of his binoculars, adjusting it to night-vision. Every peck of light had now been intensified a thousand-fold.

    He continued scanning, noticing how the criminals reacted towards one another. Several of the more... important looking bandits stood near eachother from both sides of the transaction, followed by the biggest men in their respective mobs. The rest stayed back, small-arms obviously at the ready. This was standard procedure for the Dark Knights. This was uncomfortably simple.

    A pair of nomex-shrouded feet hit the surface of another tall project building. Grayson was inching his way closer for a more... direct look at the situation. He crept up to the edge of the roof closest to the scene and looked down, one hand brushing back his rebellious, shaggy black hair. He pressed a small button on his visor, transmitting a short-but-sweet message to Barbara, completely oblivious to the grave danger she was potentially in.

    "Two minutes."

    Roughly a hundred-twenty seconds later, a group of five, gloved fingers sprung open, releasing a handful of small, round, metallic pellets that bounced their way down to the gang-members' feet from high above. These pellets were a mix of concussive, and flash producing "bombs", and as far as Dick knew, they had no chance of escaping the blast radius. Perfect for stunning up the weak-minded and prepping them for a good, old-fashioned beat-down...

    [TAG] Reynar, greyjedi, Twinky
  8. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Oracle

    The knocker didn't answer.
    "I said, who is it?" She called.
    Nothing. Just then she got a call from Dick. His timing sucks she thought. Wheeling back a bit she grasped the dorrknob, flinging the door open.

    TAG: Whoever's there. Is someone meant to even be there?
  9. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    OOC: Excellent job, folks, keep up the amazing work! Update coming tomorrow. :)
  10. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002

    Real Name: *Onyx Adams
    Alias: Onyx
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Slinder, very athletic (Martial arts), tall. African American. Bald. Brown eyes. Likes to wear a very form fitting green boots and top and black pants outfit. Hands are wrapped. Other weapons, she likes to keep hidden on her person.

    Allegiance (Good, Bad, or Neutral): has been all three, in some point in her life. Now is working for the forces of good.
    Personality: A very calm, and calculating personality, she is a being of deep passions and commitment.

    Bio: A female mercenary is in the service of the Ashram Monastery, an order to which Green Arrow once belonged. When Ashram's Exalted Master was killed by the renegade monk Lars, who intended to unravel the "Wisdom Key" that unlocked the powerful Book of Ages, Onyx sought Green Arrow's help to defeat the villain. In Ashram, Green Arrow and Onyx were defeated by the minions of Lars's, and the monk managed to take the Wisdom Key from Onyx. However, upon opening the Book of Ages, Lars was vaporized and left a skeleton. Later, Onyx appeared in Star City to battle a villain named Barricade. Barricade turned out to be Lars, who had been revived by his underlings. The spell which skeletized him was reversed only as long as he remained in contact with the Book of Ages, but with the Wisdom Key possessed by Onyx, he could make the reversal permanent. In a battle with Onyx, Green Arrow, and Black Canary, Barricade again met defeat and was reversed into a heap of bones.

    Following this incident, Onyx is not to be seen for years. After that, Onyx returns to monastery life but is called upon by Batman to serve as a bodyguard for Orpheus , and she works alongside Orpheus until his death. Onyx is the only independent vigilante Batman allows to operate freely in Gotham City. She is highly trained in martial arts and has served as a member of the League of Assassins before reforming and becoming a vigilante.

  11. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Onyx steps out into the cool night air. She had just arrived back into town.
    She had been gone for awhile, as she had attended some training, and had performed a small mission. She was looking forward to getting back into the city and relaxing.

    Thats before she heard the news.

    It made her hurry back, hoping things weren't as bad as they sounded. She was also sure that Batman might be needing a hand, if things were true. She tugged on a boot, as she looked up.

    The Bat signal.

    Well, where there is a signal, there is a Batman. And probably a few looneys as well. But she knows where they will all go. Might as well find out if there is going to be a party there or not. She patted her stomach, as she took a leap, landing on some scaffling. "I needed to work off the cheesecake anyway." she mused to herself. She uncliped a tiny device, and strapped it on her wrist. With a subtle flick of the wrist, a thin stream of wire shot out, and secured itself on the side of a building.

    She launched herself, swinging, as she moved, heading towards where she knew Batman would show up.

    "Welcome home, Onyx." she said to herself, as she pulled up, and snagged anoher building, hapilly swinging between the structures. Once she made the rooftops, she continued to move, towards the spot. But she wanted a higher spot. Just in case Batman wasnt the ONLY one to appear.

  12. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007
  13. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    GM OOC: Tog, I'm afraid I'm going to have render your post obsolete. Just because there was an attack on Arkham Asylum doesn't mean Gotham just stops operating. Stores, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. are still open, employees still working. Therefore, there would have been no way for Rag Doll to conveniently "gain entrance by using a brick" in a clothing store and then walk out like nothing happened without some form of resistance (i.e. the law).

    Again, god-moding is strictly prohibited. This is strike two. Three times and I'm afraid I'll have to remove you from the game.
  14. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006

    Commissioner James Gordon stood alone on the rooftop of the GCPD headquarters, gazing endlessly into the night sky, the full moon partially hidden by a couple of eerie clouds. He thought back to his wife, Sarah Essen, and his daughter, Barbara Gordon, confined to a wheelchair after the madman known only as the Joker paralyzed her from the waste down. He didn?t want to remember it, didn?t want to think back to that horrible day, but every train of thought eventually lead back to it.

    That was, until the Batman showed up. James could feel the change in the atmosphere, the shift in the air, the disturbance, however the slightest, in the tranquility. It was a feeling that he?d become accustomed to over the years, and even then, he still wasn?t quite used to it, nor did he care for it much. But it was the Batman?s way of acting, and as the man?s friend, he respected that.

    Without bothering to turn around and look at the Caped Crusader, he spoke to him. ?There?s been a report,? he said, pushing the bridge of his glasses up higher on his nose with his forefinger, ?of a sighting. The Joker? he?s back.?

    The commissioner turned around to look at the Batman. In all the years he?d known him, the sight of him still frightened him a bit. ?He?s hiding out at the abandoned theme park on the north side of town.? He thought back to his paralyzed daughter, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life because of the psychotic murderer. ?I want him found.?

    Tag: Batman



    Garrett didn?t like working for Carmine Falcone any more than the next guy, but he had no choice. It was the only way that he could collect payment, and even then, he still struggled to pay his own bills. Yet there he was, at the small round table, playing poker with a few of the guys.

    He looked as his cards, studying them hard as he held the cigarette between his teeth. ?Ah hell, I fold,? he said, setting his cards face-down on the table. Just then, there was a knock on the door, most likely Falcone?s expected visitor. He got up from his chair and answered the door. Sure enough, Jonathan Crane stood in the doorway.

    ?Boss is expectin? ya,? Garrett said. He had a heavy New York accent to go along with his tall and slender physique. ?Follow me.?

    He led the guest through a couple hallways and eventually into a large room, with a large polished desk in the middle. A well-sized man sat behind it, on the phone. Garrett nodded his head.

    ?Yeah yeah, I?ll call ya back,? said the man. He hung up the phone and motioned for Garrett to leave him and Crane alone. ?Ah, Mister Crane, please, have a seat.? He motioned for the black leather chair seated in front of the desk.

    Tag: Scarecrow



    ?Leave me,? Mr. Freeze demanded, and the young man wasted no time in exiting the room, but was halted in his tracks by the voice of his boss. ?Prepare a car. And make it quick.?

    The man knew what Freeze meant by car, and he knew what he meant by quick. ?Uh, boss?? he said, evidently nervous after uttering the word ?wife? to Freeze. ?Your? car is already prepared for you, sir. It?s ready for you, uh, whenever you?re ready, boss.?

    Without another word, the man left the room.

    Tag: Mr. Freeze


    -Jeb-, greyjedi125

    Troy approached his contact, who had just arrived in a black Cadillac loaded with drugs. Troy was the leader of one of Gotham?s most prominent gangs, the Street Demonz, their signatures red bandanas and shaved heads.

    The contact was dressed in a fancy suit with sunglasses. Shades in the middle of the night. These people sure liked to be discrete. ?Do you have ze money?? he asked with a heavy French accent.

    Troy handed the man the briefcase that he held in his hand. ?It?s all there,? he said.

    ?Have you scanned ze area for witnesses?? the Frenchman asked, his expression stoic behind his large sunglasses.

    ?Twice,? Troy said. ?Not a person in sight. Shoot, everyone?s afraid to leave their houses thanks to the Ark
  15. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    Mr Freeze

    Freeze nodded his understanding to the henchman. As he stood, he flexed his arms - this new suit was perhaps the best he'd used yet. The armour was strong enough to prevent damage, yet light enough to allow a full range of motion.

    He strode to the record player, and gently lifted the needle off the vinyl. Holst was cut off with a burst of static, and the record stopped spinning. Freeze picked up his gun from the wall - more a cannon than a gun - and left his chamber, sealing it behind him.

    The "car" was waiting for him.

    More a tank than anything, it had three sets of large all-terrain wheels which supported the burnished steel carapace. Tinted windows were slitted eyes on the predatory vehicle. As Freeze strode up the gangway at the rear of the tank. It sealed shut with a hiss behind him, and he sat down at the controls. With a push of the button, the tank roared to life, and sped off to Strange's.

    What this man wanted with Nora was beyond Freeze, but he'd destroy the good doctor before allowing Nora to come to harm.

    Tag: Reynar, any who see the tank
  16. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Oracle's clock tower

    Batgirl landed silently behind the large man currently breaking into Barbara's base of operations. Silhouetted against the light pouring from inside, Cass could see he was a professional; not that any other kind of criminals ever tried to go after any of the Bat-family. Her headset was recieveing nothing but static, probably due to this guy in the first place, but that wasn't a problem. Batgirl never called for backup anyway.

    Launching herself at the back of the assailant, Cass tried to knock him away from the door. If she could draw this guy away, Oracle could have a chance to re-establish communications with the others.

    "Leave her alone!"

    [TAG Oracle, mystery guy]
  17. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    Mr. Freeze

    The humming engines of the tank were tiring, so Freeze put on more music. Wagner crept to Freeze's ears as he sped towards his destination. Warehouses and other derelict buildings in Hobbs Bay whipped past, and Freeze didn't give them a second thought. A computer screen picked up a bright flash behind him, and Freeze glanced at it. The rearview camera took a capture of the image, showing in clear detail a small explosion. No - a flash.

    Freeze frowned, and the tank rocked violently. His screens flickered, and the tank went into a spin. Left was now up the street, and was quickly becoming the road. He hit the eject button, and the scene became a blur as he flew through the air, landing hard on the road. The tank rolled, flipped into the air - Freeze ducked, and the tank narrowly avoided crushing him.

    As the machine scraped to a halt, Freeze stood. His armour was fine, as was the gun. The tank, however, would need to be rebuilt. The entire right row of tires were shredded beyond recognition. Even if he had tires at hand, he'd need to flip the tank back over.

    "Wonderful," muttered Freeze.

    If it hadn't been for that damn flash, this wouldn't have happened. What was that flash for? he thought.

    Freeze decided an investigation was in order. And perhaps an execution.

    Tag: Hobbs Bay
  18. Squishy_Vic

    Squishy_Vic Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2004
    Clayface as Wounded Officer[blockquote]Clayface suddenly was filled with the thrill of killing. The officer had fallen for it and now he could take his shot at his escape, without detection. Just as the officer began to kneel down next to Clayface's "wounded" body, Clayface turned his head to face the man. He smirked, and instantly formed his hand into an ax.

    In the blink of an eye, he hacked at the officer's chest, severing him wide open. As the man fell to the ground, Clayface "healed" his own "wound" and stood up, as if he'd been just fine the entire time. He then picked up the dead officer's radio and took it for himself.

    ?I think we lost him,? Clayface said, speaking into the radio. ?I don't feel a pulse anymore.? He continued, as he pretended to feel for a pulse among the dead officer's neck. ?What a fool?? he whispered to himself, as he laughed on the inside. He waited for the other officers' to react. He wasn't out of the loop yet. He still had to have a reason as to why he'd be leaving the scene.[/blockquote]TAG: Reynar_Tedros
  19. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007
    Rag Doll

    ?I?ll count to three,? he said. ?One??

    Rag Doll looked at the bald man. "Oooh Shiny! Is it made of Dimonds?" Rag Doll said insanley. The gun cocked.

    "The money," The bald man said.

    "What money? Which one? I got lots! Many! Which one is yours?" Rag Doll asked.
  20. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Oracle

    "I think my friend here might take issue with that" She said flatly as Batgirl made herself known.

    Oracle backed away slowly, thinking it best not to get in Batgirl's way. Immediately behind her was the emergency shutdown of her system. Perfect. Engaging that would make her equipment next to useless. She kept back up files of all the programs on a seperate hard drive hidden in the room. She would try to use it as a last resort however, only if Bane got close to succeeding.

    She had total faith in Cass and her abilities, but Bane had broken Bruce, he was not to be taken lightly. It looked like Cass was going to draw Bane away from here in order to give her time to call in one of the others. She turned as quickly as possible and reached for the nearest console, trying to re-establish a connection as quickly as possible.

    TAG: Bane, Batgitl
  21. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003

    Sewer Grotto, Gotham City

    [blockquote]The reptilian female lunged at the man, performing one of the famous "death-rolls" that crocodiles did so well and were known for, although in vertical fashion, effectively pinning the scuba diver against the dark sewer-pipe walls. Her lithe form pressed against his and her crimson eyes narrowed on the diver, still unable to meet his gaze through his muck and fogged goggles. "Penguin? Why would he send for me? I'm not working as muscle for anyone anymore," Croc extended her tongue to lick the side of the man's face, not in attraction, but to inspire a bit of fear knowing that her claws were embedded deep within the wall behind him and that he wasn't able to escape. "I'm my own woman now."

    Croc backed off of the man and eyed him cautiously, unzipping herself out of the prostitutes clothing and stepping back towards the fire she had made for herself. After turning her back on the man, who probably wet himself after being pinned by such a vicious predator, Wilma took her time getting dressed, allowing the man to take in whatever sight he chose or chose not to witness as the reptilian woman "put on a show", Penguin would have stated. Once back in her ripped top and daisy dukes, she approached the man again and ran a clawed finger over his face, cutting lightly into the skin. "When and where?"[/blockquote]

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  22. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    IC: Jonathan Crane a.k.a. Scarecrow
    ~Carmine Falcone's Hideout~

    [blockquote]Soon after Jon knocked on the door, it was answered by a tall, slender man with a cigarette in between his lips; the cigarette complemented the huge amounts of smoke that filed out of the doorway once opened.

    "Boss is expectin' ya," Garrett said in a New York accent; just the accent Crane hated, it was so annoying to him. Crane followed the man through the front room where the man who was escorting Crane and a few other guys were playing cards. A few of the men nodded at Jon, but he didn't pay them any attention. Eventually, after walking through a few hallways they reached a large room with a desk in the middle of the room.

    "Yeah yeah, I'll call ya back," said the man behind the desk into the phone he held up to his ear. "Ah, Mister Crane," he said, hanging the phone up, "please, have a seat." Crane nodded, and did as requested; he walked over to the nearest chair, sat his suitcase beside the chair, and sat down. He crossed his leg over his other knee, and awaited for the request to see Carmine.[/blockquote]

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  23. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Red Hood

    Gotham, Hobb's Bay

    The Red Hood watched and listened with great interest as the situation down in the docks developed. He was also sure to make mental notes of all points of interest.

    Pressumably, the Gang Leader, a large man by his appearance, approached his contact, who had just arrived in a black Cadillac. Red Hood jogged his memory and seemed to recall that the man's name was Troy, and that he was the leader of one of Gotham?s most prominent gangs, the Street Demonz, their signatures red bandanas and shaved heads.

    That 'prominent' status would soon change, of course. The Red Hood would make sure of that.

    The contact was dressed in a fancy suit with sunglasses. Shades in the middle of the night. These people sure liked to be discrete. ?Do you have ze money?? he asked with a heavy French accent.

    The fact that an European Criminal Organization was trying to to do business with Gotham's criminal element was of great interest to Jason. It presented many possibilities suitable to his agenda. That they would ultimately regret ever setting foot on Gotham was a guarantee.

    The Red Hood silently watched as Troy handed the man the briefcase that he held in his hand. ?It?s all there,? he said.

    ?Have you scanned ze area for witnesses?? the Frenchman asked, his expression stoic behind his large sunglasses.

    Under his helmet, the Red Hood smirked.

    ?Twice,? Troy said. ?Not a person in sight. Shoot, everyone?s afraid to leave their houses thanks to the Arkham breakout.?

    ?Well zen, you?ll have to forgive me for not trusting you completely,? the Frenchman stated bluntly, and began to scan the rooftops.

    Just then, a group of small, round, metallic pellets bounced their way to each of the gang members' feet. The Flash bombs "exploded" at just the right time, and the gangs were stunned and blinded for the time being. But more importantly, they were vulnerable.

    The Red Hood almost rolled his eyes. "Bat people." He wasn't really surprised, in fact, he would have been surprised if no one showed up. The real question was, was it Papa Bat or Bat junior.

    It didn't really matter, since Jason was ready for either and planned to take full advantage of the situation. With concise expert motions, he put away the binoculars, tossed a few grenades down below to thin out the rank and file gang members, then availed grabbed the high-powered sniper rifle. This baby had a scope, silencer, and armour piercing rounds. Red Hood had several goals in mind, but went down his checklist one at a time.

    At that momet, an explotion several blocks away could be heard. A billowing plume of smoke rose skywards to mark the location. The Red Hood mind made a lightning quick tactical assessment, then went ahead with his plans. He added the new development to his current itinerary.

    "First the driver."

    With the precision of a professional marksman, the Red Hood aimed the high-powered weapon at the black Cadillac. He couldn't see the driver's head, but guesstimated the location, then squeezed the trigger.

    Already knowing what mayhem the flashbombs and his grenades would initiate, the Red Hood listened for the tell-tale sound of a blaring car horn, as the dead driver would certainly slump over the steering wheel. At the very least the man would be mortally wounded with a shoulder wound.

    "Now for French Toast."

    The Red Hood moved the weapon methodically as he attempted to track the frenchman. He was pretty certain if he got to blow out one of the frenchman's knee caps, it would greatly reduce his chances of getting away or running off too far.

    Everything would go as planned, even if there were bats around. After all, he had included that factor in his projections.

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  24. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    As Onyx moved through the city, she could see how the attack on on Arkham Asylum has a drastic effect on Gotham. The city was normally bustling with activity and noise, a myriad of citizens walking down the sidewalks. But tonight, there was hardly any activity. In a way, that was good. Less likely for innocents to be out, and get hurt. She felt for the cops however. Arkham Asylum held the most dangerious of Gotham's twisted evil. She wondered how something like that could have happened. But, no use worrying about the past right now. She had bigger things in sight.

    Onyx caught sight of the GCPD headquarters, and could see Commissioner Gordon talking to the shadows. Talking to the Batman. She grined, as she landed gently on a nearby rooftop. Not many could talk to the Bat, and maintain themselves. She laughed at the thought. Bat didnt bother her so much. Then again, perhaps it was the way they had met. Ehh. Such thoughts for a later time. Her eyes scanned upwards and around the area. She was looking for anyone else who might have seen the Bat signal as she had, and had come to party. She reached into her pouch, and flicked a tiny bead over towards the shadows where Batman was hidden. Just to let him know she was about. Only he would notice it, and guess who it was from. She then took off, heading for higher ground, as she scanned the area.

    "Hmm. Wonder what the ole Commissioner could want? Which would he send the Bat after this time?" Oh well, she would find out eventually. She moved about, keep an eye open as she made her round. She didnt swing this time, but moved stealthy about the rooftops, looking out for any signs of another nearby.

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    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    CPD Rooftop

    The night air was brisk and cold, on top of the roof. A slight breeze had given the chill a little edge, and for most, the weather would be described as uncomfortable. As he lurked in the shadows, Bruce's mind and tone mirrored the climate. A small bead landed silently by his feat, alerting the vigilante to the presence of another. After quickly thinking, the analytical mind arrived at the conclusion that this other was none other than the Onyx. Bruce allowed a faint smile to creep across his hard face. Not that anyone could see it...the commissioner hadn't even turned around since the beginning of the conversation.

    It was time for Batman to respond. He had been listening of course, but the dreary and depressing tones that always seemed to accompany the commissioner had allowed Bruce a moment of musing. He had of course already known about the madness in the city, so nothing the commissioner had said had surprised him, but it did indeed disturb him. If the Joker was back, perhaps it was good that the Onyx had seen fit to make her presence known...

    With a grave yet friendly tone (which Bruce had managed to master over the years), the Dark Knight responded. "You know, I don't want to do this alone. Is there anybody else you can call, to..." Batman paused at this point. It wasn't often that he had been forced to ask for help, and he was still uncomfortable whenever he had to do so. ""

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