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    Disaster!! An earthquake, one unmatched on any scale in history, struck in the heart of Gotham City at 12:26 A.M, two nights ago. With it, the earthquake brought destruction of business, roads, homes, and even lives. Since so much destruction occured, and so many lives were taken, the National Guard and government stayed out, thinking that it was useless to look for survivors in the mass debris. So, at the word of the president, the bridges, connecting the island of Gotham to the mainland, were destroyed, never to be rebuilt. But, before this happened, many civilians, given ample warning, got out of the city. Though, many faithfuls, including Commsioner James Gordon, his wife, the Gotham City Police Department, and even Bruce Wayne, stayed. They thought that with a little time, patience, and effort, they could rebuild Gotham by themselves. But not only heroes stayed, no....

    In north Gotham, on the night of the quake, ALL evil was unleashed. The confines of Arkham Asylum were breached. All doors were jarred loose, inmates broke free of their bonds and killed the guards, and now they roam the streets of Gotham. They have created their own street gangs, and Penguin even has half the city controlled by his goons. Gotham is now divided into sections owned by various crime bosses, and no justice is served anywhere.

    The Batman, who has been in retirment for the past several years, came out after this outrage of criminal work, and has even revived Barabara Gordon (Batgirl) and Tim Drake (Robin) out of hiding. Now, the police, who have been given the nickname "Blue Boys", Batman and his allies, and any honest civilian has to stand up and protect his homeland. Such is life, in No Man's Land.


    There is no need to PM me character sheets, just post them up and I will review them.
    Read the WHOLE first post, and I won't have to correct anything.
    There is a limit of ONE character per person. It keeps confusion down.
    Keep the OOC's to a minimum.
    If you leave for an extended amount of time without warning, your character will be slowly done away with. If you do come back, you will have to start over again.
    Please keep swearing down.
    Post in the format as follows....

    Character's current location

    IC: as your character

    TAG: whoever you want to respond

    Since Arkham has been breached, all the prisoners have escaped. That means, all the villians in the Batman saga are available. Now I am not saying they have to all been filled, but don't ask me, "Who's available??"
    Regular civilians and police officers are okay for playing as too.
    Finally, have a boatload of fun!!!!

    AND, Robin and Batman have been taken. But everybody else is game.

    Here is the Character Sheet Model.

    Alias: (this does not apply if you are a civilian or police officer)
    Hair Style and color:
    Physical Appearence: (clothes, facial makeup...)
    Faction: (just a basic good or bad)
    Weapon(s): (Anything except a lightsaber!!;))
    Family and Marital Status:
    Traits: (tendencies)

    Please join!!! I hope this is successful!!!

    LSA :) Edit: Some things are best left to rest. Locked at author's request.
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    I'm going to take Tim and mold him into my own character, rather than his usual self that you see in the comics/cartoons. This, of course, is approved by Vakama.

    Name: Tim Drake
    Alias: Robin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 9"
    Hair Style and color: Black and spiked
    Physical Appearence: [link=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/53/RobinCVR115.jpg/377px-RobinCVR115.jpg]Robin[/link]
    Faction: Good
    Weapon(s): A plethora of gadgets that will be revealed in the story.
    Family and Marital Status: Deceased parents, single.
    Personality: Very dark and enigmatic, likes to keep to himself.
    Traits: Short-tempered, close-minded, acts on instinct without thinking his situations through.

    Young Timothy Drake and his parents went to Haly's Circus on the day that Dick Grayson's parents were killed. Tim got his picture taken with the Flying Graysons and was anxious to see their act - especially Dick's part in it. The young boy witnessed the Graysons' fatal plunge and saw the Batman comforting Dick afterward.

    For years, Tim was plagued by nightmares about the Graysons' accident, until one day, the nine-year-old Tim saw a news broadcast in which a security camera filmed Batman and Robin battling the Penguin. Robin executed quadruple somersault, and Tim knew it could only be Dick Grayson doing it. Tim took his findings to their inevitable conclusion: Bruce Wayne was Batman. Tim followed the Dynamic Duo's careers closely. He knew when Dick became Nightwing and when Bruce Wayne adopted Jason Todd. Once again, Tim deduced that the new Robin was Jason. Tim then read of Jason's death, which meant that Robin was dead, and noticed with alarm that Batman seemed to be going off the deep end. He photographed Batman's sloppiness in order to prove to Dick that Batman needs a Robin.

    When Dick left the Titans for a short time in order to find himself, Tim broke into Dick's apartment and deduced that Dick must have went to Haly's Circus. Tim followed Dick to the scene of his parents' death, and, after Dick wrapped up a murder mystery, convinced Dick that Batman was in trouble.

    When Dick caught up with Batman, the Caped Crusader admitted that he could use some help, but Two-Face soon trapped both Nightwing and Batman. Tim, dressed as Robin and accompanied by Alfred, came to their rescue. Once Two-Face was defeated, Batman accepted Tim as the new Robin, but only on a trial basis.

    Alfred trained Tim for several months, showing the boy how things are done by Batman and himself. Batman then trained Tim just as hard as he had Dick and Jason Todd, after which he sent Tim to Dick Grayson; only a former Robin - could show Tim how to become Batman's partner. Dick nurtured and supported Tim's desire to become Robin, and helped ease him into the role. Dick also has helped Tim in dealing with Bruce's distant manner.

    Tim's parents were rarely around; they had left their son at a Gotham boarding school. Consequently, Bruce Wayne made arrangements to have Tim visit him frequently, during which time the boy trained in secret under Batman's watchful eye. Whether his parents should be told never became an issue; while on a business trip to the Caribbean, they were abducted by the Obeah Man, leader of a voodoo cult. Despite Batman's intervention, the Drakes were poisoned by Obeah; Janet was killed and Jack was put into a paralytic coma.

    Tim finally proved himself by rescuing Batman from the Scarecrow, at which point he was presented with a new, modified Robin suit and was allowed to travel to Europe to further hone his talents. There, Tim studied combat under teachers unknown even to Batman and learned certain skills that are now uniquely his.
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    A question; can we make up super heros or can we only choose from those in the show/comics/so on?
  4. DARTH-bojangles Jedi Youngling

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    Alter Ego: Richard John "Dick" Grayson
    Occupation: Adventurer, bartender
    Marital Status: Married
    Known Relatives: Jesse Chambers Grayson (wife), Haley Grayson (daughter), John Grayson (father; deceased), Mary Grayson (mother; deceased)
    Group Affiliation: Good
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Weapons: Two batons, bat-a-rang like concussion projectiles, smoke bombs, grappling hook device.
    History:When Dick Grayson's trapeze-artist parents were murdered, he was taken in by the Batman and became his junior partner: Robin, the Boy Wonder. As leader of the Teen Titans, Dick emerged from the shadow of his mentor and adopted the costumed identity of Nightwing.
  5. Vakama Jedi Youngling

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    Yes, you can. But don't go over the top and make him invicible.

    Name: Bruce Wayne
    Alias: The Batman
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'7
    Hair Style and color: Black, nothing fancy in the style department, just ordinary
    Physical Appearence: Large and muscular. When no in Batman, he usually wears a suit and tie. His Batman garb is an all black suit, cowl and cape, with a grey Bat on the chest.
    Faction: For the good guys
    Weapon(s): The plethora of gadgets Robin keeps taking ;)
    Family and Marital Status: Deceased parents, single
    Personality: When in his Batman ego, you can't get a word out of him. Dark and mysterious.
    Traits: Long suffering, doesn't let things get on his nerves....except Joker.[face_clown]
    Bio: Bruce Wayne was born into the wealthiest family in all of Gotham. His father, James, was the CEO of a company named after the family, Wayne Enterprises. Bruce and his offspring were set up for generations, until that fateful night.

    The Wayne's were coming out of an opera late at night, and the took the alley back to the street. There, they were met by a vagrant who pulled a gun on them and yelled for any valuables. When James and his wife didn't comply, he shot them, right in fornt of Bruce. The murderer took off, leaving Bruce with his dead parents.

    The police never found the killer, and Bruce felt this in the deepest parts of his body. Now alone with Alfred, his butler, he desired to do something to bring justice upon the corrupt. When it ate on him as much as he could stand, he fled Gotham. He went in secrecy to a foriegn country and trained in the martial arts, under the best teachers. Once trained thouroughly, he returned to Gotham and discovered what his future would be. The Batman.

    All the tales of his valor and strength are well known, but after 15 years he went into retirment. He planned on getting a job with the FBI, so he could still fight crime, but not put as much on his body. But when the earthquake hit and all the criminals escape, he felt an urge and donned the cowl and cape once again.

    As of late, he has been recieving leads on the Joker, leads on past murders.........
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    Name: The Joker.
    Alias: Clown prince of crime, Mr j
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers: none fiendish intelligence particularly in the field of chemistry some skill in hand to hand combat
    Weakness: utterly psychotic
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: - 170 pounds
    Hair: green
    Nationality (if applicable): pure white!
    Clothing/Equipment: purple suit, joy buzzer, acid flower, razor sharp playing cards, smilex gas

    Biography: Was a engineer at a a chemical plant who quit his job to become a stand up comic only to fail miserably and then struggled to support his then pregnant wife, he agreed to guide two criminals into the plant for a robbery.

    During the planning off the robbery he was informed that his wife and died during a house hold accident. Grief stricken he tried to pull out of the robbery but was strong armed into it by the criminals into keeping his commitment to the robbery.

    Once in side the plant he was force to don a mask that made him look like the infamous red hood, during the robbery the almost immediately tripped the alarms and after a bloody shoot out the would be thief's there confronted by the Batman.

    In a panicked desperation he feel into a vat of chemicals and was washed along through the drainage system to the outside, once outside to his horror he found that his skin and been bleached white and his hair permanently dyed green and his lips ruby red, along with the days other misfortunes this caused him to become utterly insane.

    Since that day the Joker has become obsessed with revenge on the batman, being responsible for some of the most notable tragedy's in batman's life most notably the murder of the second robin Jason Todd and the murder of Commissioner Gordon's wife Sarah.

    Joker is added by former Arkaham asylum shrink Harley Quinn who feel hopelessly in love with the joker and also became insane as a result of falling for Mr J as she calls him.

    Jokers obsession with Batman nows no boundary, he was once driven to say that only he deserves to kill him and will often try to stop or kill anyone who tries to take away his right to kill the batman.

    After the earth quake that almost destroyed Gotham city the Joker has been in hiding planning plotting his next move against Gotham's Dark Knight.

    OCC you couldnt have a game with out me could you [face_clown]

    and boyblunder I've got a crow bar with your name on it and if batbimbos out there i have a nice comfy wheel chair for you too[face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

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    Alright, I'll create something when I have some more time. Don't worry, my characters are neve rinvincible. Just close to it. :p
  8. Renson Jedi Youngling

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    That's Jason Todd you're thinking about, not Tim Drake. Just thought you might want to know. Good luck everyone.
  9. Renson Jedi Youngling

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    Red Hood
    Name: Jason Peter Todd
    Age: About the same age of Dick Grayson
    Gender: Male
    Height: Unknown
    Hair Style and color: Black Parted in the middle, black
    Physical Appearence:
    [image=http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f267/Renson/RedHood.jpg]Faction: Neutral
    Weapon(s): Firearms, batrangs, fists, feet, etc.
    Family and Marital Status: Single
    Personality: Mysterious
    Traits: Unknown
  10. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    I have noticed that three Robins have been filled. Is there a time line in this or is it anyone from the Batman world. If so I call Carrie Kelly.
  11. LightWarden Jedi Master

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    OOG: Jason Todd is back!?! What the heck? SPOILERS! Sheesh, nobody stays dead in comics except for Uncle Ben.

    So, anyways, how close is this thing to the incredibly convuluted DC continuity?
  12. master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight

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    OHHHHHHHH i know it was jason who joker beat to "death", didnt you read my bio?

    i was just saying i have a crowbar for him as well, and i still have yours boyo

    poor old uncle ben
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    Lightwarden, this RPG is based on a Batman book with the same title as this game. Basically, all the heroes come back to put down villiany in Gotham once and for all. And as I said in the opening post, all, and that means ALL, of the villians break out of Arkham. SO, I am letting it be as to where you can pick anyone from the Batman universe, and even create your own, such as Chuckles is doing. I hope that clears any confusion. I think that answers Genimay's question as well.

    ~~Vakama the Great~~

  14. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Name: Carrie Kelly
    Alias:Robin,the Catgirl
    Hair Style and color:blonde,short and shaggy cut
    Physical Appearence:Eyes:green/blue,wears:cat suit that gose up onto head with ears. Has shoes with skates and hover jets
    Faction:good,with Batman
    Weapon(s):sling shot
    Family and Marital Status:single....has a crush on other Robin(shhhh)
    Personality:happy and indepentdant. Very outgoing but listens well.
    Traits:bites nails
    Bio: Went looking for Batman when she was ten. Found him and he trained her. She trusts him and he is a little like a father to her because both her parents are gone. In the comics batman even claims to love her.

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    Name: Chip Shreck
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'11
    Hair Style and color: Brown
    Physical Appearence: Dusty jetblack coat with matching pants, boots and walking cane
    Faction: Neutral
    Weapon(s): Cane
    Family and Marital Status: Single, isolated
    Personality: Eccentric, awkward, quiet, sullen and very bitter
    Traits: Hostile if you ever dare bring up the Penguin For Mayor scandal in front of him

    Biography: Chip Shreck was once known as Gotham City's "Golden Son." These days, he's known as the obligatory crazy anti-social nutjob whose ties with the outside world have been mostly broken and has only decaying pictures as reminders of what could've once been.

    Indeed, things were once much better for him. He was the son of tycoonist Max Shreck, owner of a large department store--but was planning to construct a corrupt power plant that would suck power from Gotham City and hoard it to themselves, which would make them the most powerful family in the city. Unfortunately, one thing led to another, and such would never happen.

    Chip remains haunted by that bittersweet night when his father held a costume party at his store: The Penguin, whom was very recently exposed as a fraud by Batman and betrayed by Max, literally arose from the floor structure and threatened to take him in what he would later discover was a heartless ploy to murder every single first-born son in Gotham City. However, in a rare display of humanity, Max intervened and pleaded for the Penguin to take him instead. It would be the very last time Chip saw his father. The next day, Gotham's police force informed him that Max was found as a fried sketelal corpse in The Penguin's now-abandoned lair.

    Soon afterwards, his father's company went bankrupt, and Chip was left a broken man. Homeless and with only a few hundred dollars left in his pocket, he used it to take up residence at a dingy six-floor motel in Gotham's seedy underground, where he has been since. He works at a local diner, making just enough to pay the rent. He has very few friends, and is recognized as not the father of Max Shreck but a bitter, futureless person--and those who do remember him as the former are at danger of experiencing a few whacks from his cane.

    But he is not completely lonely. Just a week before the disastrous earthquake, he finally got a roommate; a teenage girl known only as Terra Markov, who happens to be on the run from what she claims is "one messed-up excuse of a past". At first, Chip protested that he would be sharing his room--but stopped when he learnt that she was just as lonely and troubled as him. They were on the verge of forming some sort of bond--when the earthquake hit.

    Chip would survive it, but would be knocked unconscious for nearly a day. When he woke up, he realized most of the other motel residents died--which unfortunately included Terra... or so it seemed. While grieving over her dead body, he made a shocking discovery: she wasn't killed by the earthquake, but instead a large wound straight to the chest. Laying next to her was an umbrella with a sharp blade on it's tip--and a small note which only read THE PENGUIN...
  16. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    So wehn are we going to start this up?
  17. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Considering we have 7 (possibly 8 considering below message) players, I surmise it will be soon. :)
  18. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: Give me a little time and I just might have a sheet up.
  19. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    The bio might be slightly off, I haven't seen the movie in ages and well, this kept me up all night. Hmph.

    Name: Andrea Beaumont

    Alias: Phantasm

    Age: Around 37 is my guess

    Gender: Female

    Height: 6'

    Hair Style and color: Long and possibly wavy I suppose, red hair

    Physical Appearance:




    Faction: Bad (though a sort of Anti-Hero)

    Weapon(s): Iron claw thing on right hand, smoke that is used to make her disappearing acts is mildly poisonous and hazardous...her martial arts capabilities

    Family and Marital Status: Father and Mother who have both been deceased for some time now, she is....alone

    Personality: Cold, determined, ruthless when she sets out to do something, as herself and not Phantasm...nice, caring, and sometimes slightly social.

    Traits: Depression for her parents? deaths[mother naturally, father was murdered], as much suffering as Bruce/Batman, depression over the lost love and engagement she had with Bruce long long ago, the feeling of strong vengeance...especially toward Joker.

    Bio: Andrea Beaumont was your average girl, missing her mother who had died from natural causes. Soon enough she met with Bruce Wayne and they saw each other as equals in just about everything and fell in love. Bruce proposed to her and she accepted, he was prepared to throw away ?the plan,? throw away becoming Batman to be with her.
    When suddenly, the ring was mailed back to him saying sorry but she had to go. And she was never heard from again for a long time. Apparently, mob bosses murdered her father and she went away in grief, for protection, and rage.

    A long time later, well into the Batman years but before Robin, she returned to Gotham and chatted with Bruce about the old days, both fighting over old feelings...while she secretly masqueraded as Phantasm and killed off every mobster that had ties to her father?s murder. At first, everyone thought it was Batman and went after him.

    The one who killed Andrea?s father and worked for the mob boss who hired him to do it was none other than The Joker, before his days as the Joker. So, at the end, Batman realized Joker had answers and Phantasm went to finish the last murder. The death of Joker.

    It all came down to a final fight between the three and Batman was beaten and then so was Joker. As revealing of everyone came down to the wire and so did the end as a bomb was rigged in the place of combat (The amusement park ?The World of Tomorrow?) with seconds to go. Andrea told of her regret to Bruce and then these lines were given:

    The Joker: All right, I give in. I surrendered already. Tell her, Batman.
    Batman: [Panting] Andrea, you've got to... get out of here! The whole place is set to... explode!
    Andrea Beaumont: No. One way or another it ends tonight. Goodbye, my love.

    Batman fled that and survived barely, while Phantasm/Andrea held tightly onto Joker by the throat so he wouldn?t escape, their surroundings erupted in flame, smoke, and ash. As an explosion tore the whole place apart. Joker somehow escaped and went on to more conflicts with Batman. While Andrea, the Phantasm, was thought dead.

    She has returned to finish her job in killing Joker and when she did, the whole earthquake happened. The grief of being stuck in the depressing city of Gotham City that was now ruins has shattered her almost completely. She wants to kill Joker, control the area of town she does, and now she wants to kill Batman and his friends as well blaming them for her love lost and other misfortunes. Not for any logical reason either, she just sort of...snapped.

    She will be deadly to all as she is, officiall
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    Now, after you all PM for prospects, we can go get drunk and play ping-pong!
  21. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    Booze you say?! [face_thinking]

    I'd like to join, but I just don't know who as. Red X, perhaps? Meh. *shrug*
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    Alright, here's my Character sheet. hope it is good enough.

    Name: Marcus Anthony Samuelson
    Alias: Havoc
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5? 11?
    Hair Style and color: Short, well trimmed, dark brown
    Physical Appearance: Marcus dresses in nice clothing, though not too lavish. It generally consists of polo shirts and dress slacks. He is fairly rich and looks it, though does not necessarily act it.

    Havoc is a different story. While being Havoc, Marcus dresses in black clothing. Unlike Batman, Havoc has few gadgets or high tech suits. Instead, he wears a plain black shirt, slightly baggy, black pants, a belt (Black of course), black boots, and a black hooded cloak.

    Faction: good
    Weapon(s): Two broadswords, various knives and a pistol
    Family and Marital Status: His parents, brother, and sister are all dead. They died in the same plane accident. He was married for a while, but she died in a car crash.
    Personality: Generally an easygoing fella, but he is prone to bits of gloomy melancholy.
    Traits: He loves music and tends to sing during times of stress or boredom. He is very open-minded about most things, although certain things he chooses not to listen to.


    He grew up in Gotham, the son of a fairly wealthy merchant. His parents loved Shakespeare, hence his name, play on of Marc Antony from Julius Caesar. He had a normal childhood, although it was dominated by his love of fencing. When his parents and siblings died, he was nineteen. He took over the company for a while, and then disappeared for about a year, leaving the company in the hands of one of his good friends. He came back a different person. He was much more solemn and dark. No one knows what he did during that year, and it was soon forgotten as he took over the reins of the company once again.

    Not long after, he met a beautiful girl, whom he fell in love wth and married. They were happily married for aobut three and a half years, until a drunk driver killed her on the instant of the crash. Devastated and vengeful, Marcus disappeared once agin. He was gone for two years. His whereabouts were unknown. However, it was known that he came back with a brighter attitude than he had ever had. Shortly after, a new vigilante figure named Havoc appeared. He derived his hero name from the same play he was named from, Julius Caesar.

    Havoc remained a low key crime fighter, never making the front page or really having his name mentioned, as batman did. He preferred it that way. However, with the current crises, Havoc may need to step up and finally make himself known?
  23. Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: The only helper of Batman I can currently think of you could be, Jeb or anyone else thinking about joining, I can think of Azrael. Who could also be a potential enemy to the Bat since he has his...moments shall we say. If you know Azrael, you know what I'm talking about most likely.

    As for villains, there is a lot to choose from. From the top of my head, here are some available...and I'm doing this so Vakama won't be bothered with this as I don't mind listing them.

    Catwoman, Penguin, Scarecrow, Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Ra's al Ghul, Scarface, Black Mask...there are plenty more lesser known villains too I'm sure.

    If you need information about them, I can send a link to a spot of information.
  24. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    OOC: We'll see. I'll try and stick to Red X for now and see how that goes. If it doesn't work out, then I'll have to resort to Plan B. What that is, I don't know. I'm not a very good bad guy =/
  25. LightWarden Jedi Master

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    OOG: Well, if you're looking for Bat allies, there's still the female half. Oracle, Huntress and Cassandra Cain, Batgirl 2.0 If you're going to put Jason Todd into it, I'm not sure why Cassandra can't be there as well, as herself even if not as Batgirl. She does join the team in the NML saga. Dr. Thompson is always useful to have around. Don't know where Stephanie Brown/The Spoiler is at the moment. Catwoman is technically an ally as well by now. Then there's the love interest of the series. Hmm... is Talia considered an ally or enemy?

    But if you're not looking for females, then there's the remaining members of the GPD. Bullock, Montoya (okay, she's a female), Gordon and the others. And then there's always Alfred. Plus there's various dead allies and new allies.

    As for villains, be sure to add Lady Shiva, Killer Moth/Charaxes, Maxi Zeus, Man-Bat, Deadshot, Temple Fugate (please, no Clock King), Hugo Strange, Zsasz, Hush and Firefly. As well as the various crime families, though I don't know what's the current power layout.

    And Lex Luthor comes into play later on.
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