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Star Wars Battlefleets of the Galaxy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Skywalker_T-65, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    Dark…deep darkness…but with a flash of light, the darkness is dispelled to reveal a gleaming white vessel, coasting through the blackness of space. The vessel is large, but still sleek and streamlined. The brilliant white hull is only marred by a deep green line running along the spine.

    Below the vessel was a brilliant blue and green orb. The world was large, and different from most other worlds in the Galaxy. Mostly ocean, but with scattered islands…it wasn’t a water world like Mon Calamari, but it wasn’t a desert by any means either.

    Surrounding both the vessel and the blue orb was the wreckage of countless warships. The ruins of a mighty battle, these shattered vessels encircled the planet, almost like an artificial ring system.

    Through this ‘ring’ flew the vessel, shoving aside the shattered hulks with its large hull and powerful shields. This warship was a Victory class Star Destroyer, one of the strongest warships in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. And the planet it was orbiting was known by many names…Unknown World, Rakata Prime, Lehon…though now it was just known as ‘Sanctuary’. For the commander of the Destroyer had found this forgotten world, and made it his base, from which to strike at the Empire.

    And throughout space, a message was sent…a message that called all freedom loving people’s of the Galaxy to send their ships there. Send their ships…and fight for the freedom they all so dearly wished for. But who would answer that call? And who would be willing to fight for their dreams?


    Far away from Sanctuary, another gleaming white warship coasted through space. This time it was pure white, not a single color or mark marring its gleaming hull. This was an Imperial Star Destroyer…and it was the flagship of a fleet dedicated to clearing the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions of all Rebel forces.

    It was based on an isolated planet, known as Mardooine. This planet, and the fleet gathering around it, were kept hidden from all but the highest ranking members of the Imperial Military. And it was this fleet that was slowly gathering its forces to hunt for Sanctuary, though they do not know its location.

    All Imperial Captains in the area were called to arms…and their vessels came with them. Who would be willing to answer that call to arms? And how many would come? Only time would tell…but the Rebellion would pay for their crimes. That rang true in the hearts of all these Captains…


    And finally…throughout the area surrounding these two planets flew ships that had no ties to either group. These ‘Independent’ captains and crews were made up of various groups. Mandolorians, smugglers, pirates, mercenaries…they all had a stake in this area.

    Hunted by the Imperials, but not willing to join the Rebellion, this group was the wildcard of the region…indeed of the Galaxy itself. Whomever they should join could very well have the balance of power tilted in their favor. But the Independents didn’t earn their title for nothing…they wouldn’t join a group without something in return.

    And because of that, they knew it was only a matter of time before someone forced their hand. But would it be the Rebellion or the Empire? Only time would tell…

    Welcome to Battlefleets of the Galaxy, the only ship-based combat game on these forums. The concept of this game is simple…you are in command of your warship, and you decide the fate of your crew. Through battles, you can gain the trust of your allies, and gain more power for your ship. But which side will you pick in the ongoing Civil War?

    The Rebellion that is struggling to recover from the disastrous evacuation of Yavin? The Empire reeling from the destruction of the Death Star? Or the Independents, struggling to live a life without joining either side?

    It is up to you…and the side you choose could affect the Galaxy in more ways than you can imagine. Despite the efforts of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader…or the valiant actions of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo…your actions can change the fate of the Galaxy.

    Will you be its salvation from the oppressive Empire…and save it from several years of war? Or will you crush the insignificant Rebellion beneath the boot-heel of the Empire?

    Make your choice…and prepare your ship. You could very well alter the destiny of a Galaxy at War...


    It is five months after the Battle of Yavin…the Rebel Allliance has gained its first truly large victory against the Empire. But while this victory has gathered more planets and peoples to its cause, it has also drawn the full wrath of the Empire down on the organization.

    After a futile defense of Yavin, the Rebel Fleet is broken and scattered throughout the Galaxy. All around, the scattered ships and men are being hunted down by a vengeful Darth Vader and the Imperial Navy. With their safe havens dwindling, a brave Admiral starts to gather the far-flung fleet in the Unknown Regions.

    Using the planet of Lehon (Rakata Prime) as a staging point, the scattered Rebel Fleet begins to rebuild. But the Empire is never far behind, and they are determined to exact revenge for the destruction of the Death Star. And through all of this, there are the independent ship captains…Mando’s, Smugglers, pirates, honest working men ™…all of them will have a role to play in the liberation, or continued subjugation, of the Galaxy.

    Combat System:

    This game is based on your ship, and the battles it will fight. The combat system is built on a d10 system, where you roll a ten-sided die (which is an option when you post) to decide who gets in the first attack.

    To keep it simple…if I roll an 8, and you roll a 5 then my ship gets to attack first. See? Nice and simple, this should keep things from getting ‘gamey’ and difficult. Now for the more wordy part…how your ships damage each other.

    Like I said…it’s based off a d10 style system, so each ship has a certain amount of damage they do. For the sake of balance, the highest we are going is 9d10. And each of the ships also has a certain number of ‘hit points’ that allow them to absorb the hits. Here are a few examples to work with:

    Imperial Class (Mark 1):

    HP: 465

    Damage: 9d10

    Victory Class (Mark 1):

    HP: 378

    Damage: 8d10

    Venator Class:

    HP: 310

    Damage: 6d10

    I already have the stats for most of the ships out there. Just give me the ship you want, and if I don't already have the numbers I can work them up while looking over your CS.

    And there we go…a note though…those are far from the only ships you can pick. You can pick any ship that is pre-ESB, provided it isn’t stronger/bigger than an ISD, which is the ‘big dog’ of this game. I’ll limit the number of the really big (Venator and up) ships, for the sake of balance though.

    And also...the combat is by no means the only thing in this game. You can make posts where you're working with your crew, or talking with other captains. Heck if you're more of a 'Picard' than a 'Kirk' and would rather go around exploring the area (they aren't called the 'Unknown Regions' for nothing) then you can do that.

    The last thing I want to do is limit the choose what you want to do...within reason.

    Now for the Character Sheet/Ship Sheet…first will be the CS:

    General Information
    Characters Name:
    Home Planet:


    Character Traits:


    Personal History:

    And after that comes the ship sheet:

    - Speed:
    -Max Cargo:
    -GM Approved Special Feature:

    And finally...ruleset:

    1. No Godmodding
    2. Follow TFN's terms of service
    3. Play fair...don't try and game the system
    4. Listen to other people...don't run over their ideas
    5. PM me your CS/Ship Sheet.
    6. OOC comments should be minimal...I'll start an OOC thread if the game takes off enough.
    7. Have fun!

    The first story post will be up in a little while.:D
  2. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    OOC: That took longer than I thought it would...

    Storyline Post One:

    It truly is a beautiful world…who would have expected it to have such a dark past…but it is our home now, so we have to put that thought out of our minds, thought Rebel Alliance Admiral Sandstrider.

    He was a human male in his early thirties, who had shot up the ranks of the fledgling Alliance due to his capture of one of the very few Star Destroyers in the Alliance fleet. That ship was still his flagship, and it was currently in orbit of the planet he had aptly dubbed ‘Sanctuary’.

    Concurrent with his inner musings, the planet was beautiful. Covered in oceans, Sanctuary was a glowing blue orb in the deep black of space. What little land there was was made up of small islands scattered from pole-to-pole.

    It was on one of these larger islands that a large Rebel Base had been established, using Sanctuary’s hidden nature against the Empire. And it was towards this base that Sandstrider’s ship was approaching. The Victory class Star Destroyer was heading down for a water landing, since it lacked the landing struts of its large cousin the Venator.

    “We are landing now Admiral,” a young woman said, pushing a piece of red-hair out of her eyes.

    “Thank you Ensign Solaris,” Sandstrider replied, looking out the view-port as his ship landed.

    The Redemption, as Sandstrider had dubbed his ship, slowly floated to a stop outside of the island base. Looking out on the base, the young human saw it bustling with activity. Ships were coming and going from the main hangers, mostly Corellian Corvettes.

    Species of every possible race were walking around on the island, exploring and looking for any useful salvage. If there was one thing that Sanctuary had in abundance, it was salvage from the massive battle fought at the end of the Jedi Civil War.

    Shaking his head, brown hair swaying, Sandstrider walked off the bridge and headed for his skiff. He needed to get to the base and send out the message…the message that would call all surviving Rebel Alliance warships in the region to Sanctuary. After all…what good is an Admiral without a fleet?
  3. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009 was brought to my attention that I wasn't very clear with the ships...I already have most of the stats worked up...and what ships I DON'T have stats for can be worked up while I'm looking over your CS. So if interested in this game, send me your CS/Ship Sheet and let me know.
  4. Othalan

    Othalan Jedi Youngling

    May 19, 2010
    GM Approved!

    Characters Name: Shae Gedyc
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Home Planet: Mandalore

    Fleet: Independent (Mandalorian Death Watch Remnant)
    Age: 56 Standard Years

    Character Traits:
    Personality: To outsiders, Shae embodies every negative Mandalorian stereotype there is. Cold, mercenary, and capable of stunning brutality, the number of times she's lent aid to non-Mandalorians without a price could be counted on the fingers of an Iyra's hand (hint: Iyra don't have fingers or hands). A pragmatist in battle, she has little patience for either the Rebellion's humanitarianism, nor the Empire's flair for cruelly dramatic shows of force, preferring to eliminate her targets with maximum efficiency and little-to-no regard for collateral damage.

    To her crew and clan however, she is both commander and mother, a stern task master, but one who freely offers counsel, guidance and affection to any who need her. Every act of brutality, every credit earned, and every life taken all serve the greater good of her ship and crew.

    Raised under the tenets of the Mandalorian Death Watch, she longs for a return to the glory days of the Mandalorian Empire, when Basilisk War droids rained down on any who dared oppose the Clans, and the Republic and its Jedi guardians trembled before the might of the Mando'ade. Since the defeat and scattering of the Death Watch at the conclusion of the Mandalorian Civil War, Shae has lost hope of ever seeing a return to the greatness of the past, but has swallowed her bitterness and dedicated herself to those aboard her ship.

    Strengths/Weakness: While an excellent fighter with ranged weapons, her age and the myriad injuries she's accrued over the years have taken their toll on her physical strength and melee skills. She inspires both fear and adoration in her clan, and few aboard her ship would dare question her authority or right to lead them. Unfortunately, she tends to make more enemies than friends, a trait which necessitated operating on the fringes of known space to avoid entanglements with her many, many powerful enemies. Distrustful and dismissive of non-mandalorians, it takes a truly exceptional outsider to earn her (grudging) respect, and possibly allegiance.


    Personal History: Raised by her uncle, Lorka Gedyc, Shae has fought many battles over the course of her life, facing down enemies ranging from so-called "True Mandalorians", to a Mistryl Shadow Guard assassin team, to Imperial Storm Commandos, defeating nearly all of them. She even fought a Jedi once, and has the lightsaber scars and prosthetic left leg to prove it. Even with a few rounds from her verpine shatter gun in his gut, along with more than a few cuts and broken bones, that mysterious knight had bested her, forcing Shae to flee for her life (quite a feat while missing a leg, she's swift to remind those hearing the story) and left her with a lasting (and surprising to many) respect for the Jedi Order.

    After the Death Watch's defeat, she wandered for a time, lacking purpose or direction until stumbling across the ancient hulk of a ship while working security for an illegal salvage op on Raxus Prime. The rusted hull of the old Mandalorian dreadought rekindled her belief in her people, if not in their destiny to rule. Selling out her employers to the Raxus Salvage Authority in exchange for the battered old hull was the easy part. Having the once-great warship restored to space-worthy status and crewed was another thing entirely. But she managed. It took the better part of a decade, but the Parjai would once again carry warriors into battle.

    -Name: Parjai
    -Class: Kandosii-type Deadnought (heavily modified)
    -Weapon(s):Same loadout as the original model, but each weapon updated to modern spec and only 5 working heavy cuncussion missile launchers out of the original 12.
    (Average Damage=42)

    -Shields: Once considered nigh invulnerable, now they're severely underpowered for a warship of its size.
    -Armor: Exceptionally strong, Mandalorian Neo-Crusader engineers took the secret of how to manufacture the Mandalorian Iron-agrinium alloy making up the ship's heavy outer plating to their graves. It gives the ship a startling level of staying power for such an otherwise poorly armed and shielded vessel.
    (HP= 285)

    - Speed: On the low side of moderate. Able to outpace a Victory-I in sublight, but not by much. Hyperdrive speed is roughly a class 3.
    -Crew: 950 Mandalorian Death Watch warriors of various clans and specialties, 12,000+ droid crew of various types (though mainly old CIS surplus models) to compensate for the lack of organic manpower.
    -Max Cargo: 45,000 tons, consumables for 5 years (for full crew of 10,000)
    -Special Feature: 5 fighter squadrons (2 Z-95 Headhunter squads, 2 V-19 Torrent squads, and one H-60 Tempest bomber squad) and 6 Meteor-class drophips (capable of both planetary landings and ship-to-ship boarding actions)
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  5. cassie5squared

    cassie5squared Jedi Knight star 2

    Dec 8, 2010
    Since it came to my attention I didn't actually post the sheet in-thread...

    GM Approved!

    General Information
    Character's Name: Rhiannon Trevhent (more often called Ree or Rhian by friends)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Home Planet: Mandalore

    Fleet: Independent
    Age: 20

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Confident, very straightforward and not inclined to enjoy or involve herself in much intrigue unless she has to. A sucker for the underdog, and loyal to a fault if someone wins her friendship. Rather wary of strangers, given she involves herself in some not-strictly-legal activities every so often. While normally cheerful, recent events have made her a bit less so, and she can be somewhat sour.
    Strengths: Very capable in combat, and able to get most electronics into working order.
    Weaknesses: Can be a little too trusting of friends, and is not especially capable in subtle social situations.

    Appearance: About 1.7 metres (5'6") tall, average build. Pale blonde hair cut straight just above her shoulders, dark grey eyes, slightly heart-shaped face. A particularly distinguishing mark is an old scar on her left shoulder. These days, she tends to be dressed in typical Mandalorian body armour more often than not, but if she's out of the armour she'll generally wear something loose and comfortable, probably blue.

    Personal History: Raised on Mandalore by her parents Hefin, a born Mandalorian, and Mared, who was adopted into the culture, Rhiannon found growing up under the shadow of the Empire to be less than enjoyable. She found some solace in helping to raise her sister Sian, eight years younger, and in sticking to the traditions of Mandalorian life the way her parents taught her.

    Eventually, she began to want something more than her job bartending for one of her father's friends, and took off with her armour, her blasters and the few credits she'd managed to save up. She joined a small group of like-minded young mercenaries, who pooled their resources to end up in ownership of a run-down freighter so they could actually get offplanet.

    After two years of travelling the galaxy, their adventures together came to a mostly gloomy end: approached by Imperial forces on suspicion of smuggling, five of the group were killed, two arrested, and Rhiannon alone managed to escape the disaster in their ship. She would like to go back and rescue her surviving friends, but is painfully aware that she doesn't have the resources to do it alone. She also finds herself missing her little sister badly.

    While she doesn't want to officially ally herself with the Rebel Alliance, she finds herself very inclined to offer unofficial assistance to them, and outright refuses to have any dealings with the Empire.

    Ship sheet:
    -Name: Atin'cuyan
    -Class: YT-1300 light freighter
    -Weapon(s): 2 laser cannon turrets
    -Shields: Fairly weak, as expected of a ship used more for transport than combat
    -Speed: 800 km/h
    -Crew: 1 (at present)
    -Max Cargo: 50 metric tons
    -GM Approved Special Feature: Slightly boosted shields
    -HP: 16
  6. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    A note...anyone who is already approved to play can make an opening post. Since both of my current players are Indies, you can be anywhere in the Outer Rim/Unknown Regions.
  7. cassie5squared

    cassie5squared Jedi Knight star 2

    Dec 8, 2010
    IC: Rhiannon Trevhent

    Rhiannon eased the battered old ship to a crawl, eyeing the planet a little warily. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it; she'd seen the Star Destroyer heading in to land, but the lack of other ships spotting her and swarming possibly meant it wasn't under Imperial control.

    It didn't seem like a smart move to open communications and offer herself up for trouble, but on the other hand it had been a long time since she'd had any news, and these people might be willing to pass on anything they'd heard.

    Her hand moved towards the comm, but then she sat back, running one hand through her hair and scowling at the planet for not being helpful enough to tell her what she wanted to know.

    TAG: Whoever spots her
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