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    Beast Wars- Transformers: Age Of Apocalypse

    Thousands of years into the future, on the planet of Cybertron, the alien race known as the Transformers have lived in an era of peace. The Maximals have restored the planet to it's towering Technological perfection. Yet in the depths of darkness a renegade Transformer has rekindled the ancient war by stealing a powerful artifact, one which pin-points the location to an unknown danger. One that could threaten the entire race of Transformers. Forming a group of bots known as the Decepticons the Transformer stole a ship and blasted off onto space.

    At the last minute a group of Maximals intercepted the Decepticon warship, unforunately both were caught in a Trans Warp blast, sending the ships hurtling through space. The ships have just crashed on separate sections of Earth, but not an Earth of the prehistoric ages. An earth of the future, a desolate world. Humanity has died out, and now a new War has begun. Animals seem to roam the planet without harm. The conflict of the Beast Wars has returned!


    This is a Transformers based RPG. I would like a Co-GameMaster to play the leader of the Decepticons. The earth of the future is filled with towering buildings and ruins, as if a great war broke out. The Trans Warp jump no doubt sent the bots into the far flung future. But what is the true Origins of this wasteland? And can it hope to be stopped?



    The Rules-

    1- All Character Sheets MUST be PM to me for APPROVAL. They will NOT be excepted otherwise.

    2- No God-modding. A Transformer can die just the same. And play fair, you can take hits and such.

    3- Your Transformer CANNOT be a descendant of Optimus Prime, Megatron, or any other bots that have existed.

    4- On that note, you CANNOT use the names Megatron, Optimus, or Prime and Primal. All are OFF-LIMITS.

    5- Pre-existing characters are allowed ONLY if you come up with a good reason to import them into the story. As such no form of Megatron or Optimus are allowed.

    6- Original Characters are a MUST.

    7- You CANNOT kill another player's character. Battle fairly. If you are given permission to kill the character it MUST be passed through me FIRST.

    8- DO NOT mention any history of Earth or the Transformers (Meaning Primal, Megatron and the team that was on prehistoric Earth during the First Beast Wars) UNLESS you have passed it through me. I have a story planned out and a certain history that has followed since the end of the Beast Wars animated series.

    9- This RPG follows continuity of Generation One and Beast Wars. Anything that happened in those shows are ALLOWED to be mentioned and discussed. But ONLY the continuity of that. This RPG takes place after the end of Beast Wars. Beast Machines is NOT continuity in this RPG.

    10- If you need ANY information regarding Generation One and/or Beast Wars, PM ME. Do not fill the thread will clutter. Although, remember, you don't HAVE to know the past series' to play the game.

    11- If an argument arises bring it to me or take it to PM. DO NOT clutter the thread with pointless dribble.

    12- If any of these rules are broken multiple times by a single person you WILL be removed from the game.

    13- If you join, then INTEND to play. If you must leave, Please PM me whether or not you will be returning. And if it's a vacation, PLEASE tell me when you'll be back and who you would like to control your character.

    14- If your character is put into a position that they would die, then they WILL die. If your character dies you may re-submit a new sheet with a NEW character. But bots die, this is war.

    15- Have fun, most of all.

    16- NO God-like characters. Primus and Unicron are NOT allowed.


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    Name: Grimlock (Bots just call him 'Grim')

    Gender: Male

    Robot Mode Appearance: Red and black robot mode. A silver face-plate with black helmet and red trim. Deep blue optics. A thin, but muscular robot.

    Beast Mode Appearance: Red and black Velociraptor. With black thin fins coming from it's head

    Faction: Maximals

    Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle, small armed Blaster, Energy Sword

    Height: 6'7"

    Personality: Grim is an obsessive, arrogant, self-absorbed, sarcastic, cynical, sardonic, cruel, selfish, impulsive man. He's witty and often times brilliant. He's very manipulative and angers fellow bots. An anarchist in every way. Grim has amazing leadership skills and can take control in any given situation. He has a strong cocky attitude and most don't even trust him.

    Habits: Clicks his jaw.

    Likes: Reading a nice book, being right. Music. Keeping things quiet.

    Dislikes: When bots don't listen. Pointless dribble. Continuing on a point that serves nothing for him, especially one he doesn't agree with, and never would.

    Rank: Commander, Leading medical position.

    History: Grim is a strong-willed bot. He has had extensive medical training and can put bots back together in no time. The Council Of Elders placed Grim in charge of a small fellowship, this team would be the same that would follow the Decepticons to Earth. Grim had often spoke against the Elders, nearly losing his position among the Maximals as a General and head Medic by disobeying direct orders. one such order was not to go after a suspected murderer on Cybertron.

    Grim ignored any and all doubts from his fellow bots and followed after the killer. The Council Of Elders frowning upon his actions, they would not take lightly to his involvement. Grim had no choice but to treat the bot and steal a fair amount of energon to stable him. The Transformer faced trials, yet Grim nearly lost everything. The Elders warned him of this, considering Grim's record shows clearly he is not a fair bot. Often his personality streaming along anti-social.

    He is a Maverick in every way. Once again he has directly disobeyed orders and followed the Decepticon warship, getting caught up in it's Trans Warp blast the two ships now lay upon an Earth of ruins.

    Grim realizes he has put everything on the line, but he takes risks. No doubt his team would be angry by this turn of events, yet Grim has done what he felt he had to do.

    Grim has chosen a Velociraptor as his alt mode. Favoring it's speed and menacing look.
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