Bed of Lies/ Young Qui-Gon goes courting (Post June 16, & a long post 21st)

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  1. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    I May be crazy starting a new story when I've got two going but this one has been buzzing in my head for a few months and I fianlly started it.
    This story explains why Qui-Gon never had any kids, and why in my other stories he refuses to talk about it with Obi-Wan.
    A just knighted twenty three year old Qui-Gon Jinn is courting three of Coruscant's women and must choose between...
    or Friendship
    Will he wise up before it's too late?

    This song really belongs at the end but...

    Bed of Lies (Match box Tewnty)

    "No I would not sleep in this bed of lies
    So toss me out and turn in
    And they'll be no rest for these tired eyes
    I'm marking it down to leaning.

    Don't think that I can take another empty moment
    Don't think that I can gake another hollow smile
    It's not enough just to be sorry
    Don't think that I could take another talk about it

    Just like me you've got needs
    And their only a wisper away
    And we softly surrender to these lives that we've tendered away

    Don't want to be the one who turns the whole thing over
    Don't want to be somewhere I just don't belong
    Where it's not enough to be sorry
    Don't you know I feel the darkness colsing in
    Tryed to be more than me
    And I gave till it all went away
    And we surrendered to the worst part of these winters we've made

    I am all that I'll ever be when you -
    lay your hands over me -
    But don't go weak on me now
    I know that it's weak
    But God help me I need this

    No I would not sleep in this bed of lies
    So toss me out and turn in
    And they'll be not rest for these tired eyes
    I'm marking it down to learning (I am)"

    (Story next)
  2. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    This story starts three years earlier.

    In the halls of the jedi temple Qui-Gon is chasing a young woman, also a padawan, down the hall. They are both giggling.

    "Kinomi you won't get away."

    "Qui-Gon Jinn you may have the fastest saber..." The woman Kinomi teased. "But I'm the fastest runner. You'll never catch me And you will loose the bet."

    Again the chase was on. The two twenty year old padawans flew past Qui-Gon's master, the old cathar Aji Mikata. Instead of seeing two people having fun he saw the brewing of trouble. He knew humans all to well. Such antics led to other things and jedi apprentices were not supposed to engage in those 'other things' with each other.

    Once they reached the age of adulthood at eighteen they could date anyone outside of the order, but they were expected to be responcible. Their relationships were not supposed to interfere with their training. When they became knights they could marry, but it must not interfere with their missions.

    The two padawan's race took them into a quiet part of the temple, out by the lake. Kinomi was faster than Qui-Gon but she took a look back and triped. Qui-Gon did not trip, he had seen what would happen. In anticipation he slid next to her grab her.

    "Caught you..."

    "Ahh, you cheat."

    "Pay up."

    "You're not serious."

    "Yes I am. You made the bet."

    "We could get in trouble."

    "It's just one little kiss."

    "Well, o.k.." Kinomi gave Qui-Gon a little peck on the cheek. "Payed in full." she laughed.

    "You call that a kiss?"

    "You've had better?"

    "As a matter of fact," The young man boasted. "I've been told kiss quite well."

    "It must have been a blonde."
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    Hmmm, I wonder just who told Qui-Gon that? And is it true? Find out in the next post...I hope! Hoorah, another fascinating story by Jodiwent! I can't wait for more! What is Master Mikata going to do? More, more!
  4. Daphne Jedi Youngling

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    Anxiously awaiting the next post
  5. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    BTW no offence to blondes... It's the oppinion of the character.)
    Kinomi sat up.

    "If I wasn't another padawan," Qui-Gon asked. "Would you have gone out with me?"

    The young woman stood to leave. "Don't ask me that. You know I'm not going to go behind my master's back."

    "Who's asking you to?" Qui-Gon stood. "You know we could ask to be betrothed."

    "And I've told you, I don't want any complications in my life."

    "Is that what I am to you, a complication?" The young man said dejectedly.

    "No Qui-Gon," Kinomi said. "You're a very good friend. One that I won't cause any trouble for. Aji would have a fit if we ever..."

    "Yes you're right." Qui-Gon admited. "We'll both be knights soon and off on our own missions."

    "So are you going to tell me?"

    "Tell you what?"

    "Was it a blonde?"

    "Uhm... Yhea it was."
  6. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    Sometimes I wonder if people see my name on a story and go running for the hills. I have a core of really awsum readers so I shouldn't complaine but... I hope some peolple are lurking.
    "I'm going for a swim." Qui-Gon started taking his tunic off.

    Kinomi couldn't take her eyes off him dispite herself. Qui-Gon was indeed a fine example of the human male physique. To say she did not find him attractive would have been a lie. When he was down to his swim trunks he asked her. "You going in?"

    "I didn't wear my swimming attire."

    "Don't let that stop you." Qui-Gon grinned.

    "I'm not getting my tunic wet."

    "So take it off."

    "Ha, ha. I'm a girl you know."

    "No kidding" The young man pretended to peek down her shirt, tugging on the coller. "I couldn't tell."

    "Knock it off Qui-Gon."

    Qui-Gon jumped into the water, and swam for quite a while. Kinomi watched him. When he came out and she saw the water dripping off his tight six pack of mussels, she figured it was time to get away from temptation.

    "I'll see you later."

    "O.k." Qui-Gon said obliviously. He sat and dryed off. He wished he could convince Kinomi that they should ask their masters if they could be betrothed. On the other hand, maybe she was right. He sould be concentrating on his training. The future would take care of itself.

    Three years later Qui-Gon was a knight and Kinomi, well, she had left the order...

  7. Daphne Jedi Youngling

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    jodiwent, I confess, I lurk chronically on stories, but I had to let you know that this is great. I love to read Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan stories at any age, and you do them so well.

    Keep it up!
  8. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    I have to admit I lurk a little too. Or I go a while before catching up because I'm posting my own!

    (I'm definately in PG-13 territory here.)

    Kinomi had been flying the ship when it crashed and her master was killed. She blamed herself and vowed she would never set foot on another ship. The night after the crash she found comfort in the arms of her 'friend'. The next day she regretted it. He was a knight, she still a padawan.

    To add to her feelings of guilt, Qui-Gon had been in a serious relationship with another woman. Not a jedi. Qui-Gon had many times brought up the subject of marrying the woman. Kinomi did not want to interfere with it and told him that what had happened that night couldn't happen again. Then Kinomi left the temple. Her master's death had disturbed her too much. She could never learn from another, and another would never understand what had happened with Qui-Gon. She would not get him in trouble.

    Qui-Gon couldn't help feel that he could have done more to keep Kinomi there, but she was adiment about leaving. He went to his old master and asked him if he should tell the other masters about what happened.

    "I'm supprised it hadn't happened before." Aji growled. "She has chosen to leave, it is not because of you."

    "I know but I still feel guilty."

    "You know I useually believe in honesty Qui-Gon." Aji shook his head. "In this case I think you will just be starting something you will regret. You should not try to keep it a secret, but you don't need to march into the council chambers and say 'I've been a bad boy, punish me.'Young knights often make such mistakes."

    "When you put it like that... I'd marry Kinomi but she refuses. I don't know what to do about Nengan now."

    "You'll have to figure that out the next time you see her. If you still love her, what is the problem?"

    "That's just it, if I loved Nengan I wouldn't have slept with Kinomi."

    "Not to be rude young man..." His old master glared. "You slept with Nengan when you were in love with Kinomi did you not?"

    Qui-Gon looked embarassed by the old Cathar. Cathar's mated for life. Even if one should die that was it, so he had little understanding for humans flitting around from one to another. He could never imagine being with anyone but his mate.

    "Why are humans so..."

    "Horny Master I believe the word your looking for is horny."

  9. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    I know you're out there.
  10. Daphne Jedi Youngling

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    Ummmm.... I'm out here, but all I can think of to say is....


    "Horny, Master, I believe the word is horny."
  11. Deborah Jedi Youngling

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    LOL! :D I liked that line. Maybe the Jedi need to do some research on the combination of midi-chlorians and human hormones!
  12. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    The next time Qui-Gon saw the woman he was in a relationship with he knew Kinomi had been right. How would he feel if Nangan was with someone elce? He was glad she wasn't a jedi she would have senced his nervousness.

    "Hi Qui-Gon." Nengan greeted him. She was a holo-net actress. Of all things for a jedi knight to be dating. "How do I look?" She twirled to display her latest buy.

    "Beautiful as ever." Qui-Gon said. She was after all one of the galzxsy's most beautiful women. The year before she had shown up at the temple asking for pointers on how to play a jeid for her latest holo-net show. As a joke someone sugested she find Qui-Gon since he was the order's finest swordsman.

    Qui-Gon had been practicing. When Nengan walked into the room, he was smitten. He, unlike 90% of the civilized galaxsy, had no clue who she was. He didn't even watch the holo-net unless it was news. He cirtainly didn't watch stupid jedi shows. All he saw was a beautiful woman. She also happened to be a very intelgent one as well.

    On her part Nengan hed never seen a more buff guy that the young almost knight. She explained why she was there and when the jedi spoke she liked the sound of his voice as well. Qui-Gon agreeed to show her a thing or two, but not in the temple. The temple was for jedi training, not 'play acting'.

    "Havn't I seen you in the Republic Day pagent?" The actress asked, refering to an anual historical play put on in front of the senate building.

    "You might have."

    "Don't you jedi practice for that?"

    "Not in the temple."

    "Interesting, you are teaching me already."

    He told her he would bring practice sticks to where ever she wanted to learn.

    "My place is as good as any other." She said giving him the address.

    That's it so far. Going back to work be back in a few hours to post on other strories. Maybe more here.
  13. Daphne Jedi Youngling

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    Yea! I like it, but I'm anxious to see where it's all going.... =)
  14. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    I hope you guys are on vacation.
  15. light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master

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    I'm not on vacation but I am finding this particulary insightful.

    Hmm. Qui at twenty seems a bit more appealling than Obi at twenty the way you describe him.

  16. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    Nengan was begining to wonder about the young jedi when by the third 'leason' he hadn't made a move on her. She was not used to that, and she wanted him. She deceided that she was going to have to be the one who got the ball rolling.

    They were relaxing with some juice and snacks. "Have you ever even seen one of my shows?" she asked him.

    "To be honest..." Qui-Gon said. "No."

    "Maybe if you did you could see what I'm going for."

    She set her holo projector up and showed Qui-Gon a perticularly steamy episode. Qui-Gon found it quite humorous.

    "What are you laughing at? This is a serious drama!"

    "I'm sorry but the writers of this thing seem to think that jedi jump into bed with anything that moves."

    "You mean you don't?" She smiled.

    "Your not to subtile are you. If you were trying to get me to noitce you the real thing is much better."

    "Do you have a girl friend jedi?"

    "I have friends who are girls but, the temple frouns on relationships with other jedi."

    "What about anyone elce."

    "You want to find out?"

    "I'm not subtle at all, I want to find out all about you Qui-Gon every inch of you."

    Qui-Gon acctually blushed but he wasn't going to pass up and invitation like that. He move across the couch the two started kissing each other.

    "You know Nengan, I think I'd like to get to know every inch of you as well."

    Nengan took that to mean right then and there. She started to divest herself from her clothing without even blinking. Qui-gon though eager wasn't quite as fast. "Come on jedi you have to take something off too."

    Qui-Gon then looked a little lost.

    "Oh my..." Nengan figured out something. "You've never done anything but kiss a girl have you?"

    "Well a little more than that. I'm trying to be a gentleman."

    "Well don't. I'm ready now if you are." She started to take off his tunic.

    Qui-Gon was as ready as he'd ever be. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and she was persuing him. There was no mistaking this one wanted him. They spent the rest of the night learning about every inch of each other. Qui-Gon Jinn was in love.
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    you like PG-13 material don't you. This is good. Keep going.
  18. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    Oh no now I'm corrupting minors.
  19. The Butler Jedi Padawan

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    Another lurker! Does that cheer you up a bit, jodiwent? Yeah, I've gotten into the bad habit of not posting replies to threads. Sorry.

    Please be careful about the material, jodiwent. Some young people do come to this forum. :)Corrupting
  20. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    Honestly I don't plan anything but inply what's going on. Relationships of an adult nature are the subject of this thread... If you know me there is a point to things being in my stories it's not just there to shock.

    If you can deal with what happened to Obi-Wan unwillingly in Luminous Beings, you shouldn't worry about Qui-Gon's willing escapades.

    Not to mention any love triangle srories out there...

    The origanal title of this was 'Heart In a Blender'
    so that may give a clue where this is going.

    If anyone thinks this is too over the line let me know though. (I do belive I'm still in P-G-13 land and not into R and don't plan to be.)

    All that and no post... A little later.
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    I don't think it's anywhere near an R. You're doing great. Keep going!
  22. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    I read on other sites believe me this is tame.
    I hope my time frame is clear... the very first part is when Q-G is twenty. The next part with Kinomi is when he is twenty three (A knight) and this part now is a year before that and he's still a padawan.
    "Oh no!" Qui-Gon jumped up and started to derss. "I'm so dead."

    "Why are you so dead Qui-Gon?" Nengan looked at the rushed jedi.

    "I only have a half an hour to get back to the temple and meet my Master. We're going on a mission." By now he was jumping around trying to get his boots on.

    "That's the first time I've heard that one." Nengan said with a smile. "I'll see you when you get back?"

    "Of course." He went back over and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "You do understand what having a jedi as a... boy friend is going to be like?"

    "You still talk like a kid. I like it." She said. "Yes I do, and do you understand what having an actress as a lover is going to be like. I have a tight schedual as well sometimes."

    "Then we sould be perfect for each other."

    "You'd think so."

    "I'll see you when I get back." Qui-Gon dashed out of Nengan's apartment and ran the half a mile of skywalk to the temple. At least she lived close he grinned. He made it to the transport just in the nick of time.

    Master Mikata glared at his deshevled padawan. It was quite apparent in his presence what had happened the night before. Qui-Gon was an adult Aji couldn't tell him not to see Nengan, but the centurys old lion man was not in a good mood.

    "Hello Master." Qui-Gon said as if it were just another day.

    "Hello indeed." Aji scrunched up his face. "At least you made it before the transport took off."

    "Master your not going to be mad the entire mission are you?"

    "Not the entire mission, but for now I will be." His fur bristled the way it did when he was mad. "None of my own children have given me more grey hairs than you... Niether did the eleven padawans before you."

    "Master no offence but I'm glad about it. I have never been so in touch with the living force..."

    "Spare me the explanations and give me room to cool off. The only thing I want you to remember is that you are preparing for the trials and this woman will not interfere with your training or your misssons understand."

    "Yes Master."

    "Go get yourself presentable and read the report on the mission."

    "Yes Master." Qui-Gon was upset at how abruptly Aji had cut him off, but he knew his master's moods. In a few hours he'd be joking and things would be back to normal.
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    Man I don't know who has more appeal at this age. Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan? ::giggles:: Qui-Gon with a Padawan hair cut. ::giggles::
  24. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    I kind of see Obi-Wan as the loyal romantic and Qui-Gon as the go for the gusto type. I don't think one is better than the other but I have to say loyal romantic has a slight edge to me. LOL
  25. jodiwent Jedi Master

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