Lit Been reading the Darth Plageous novel. I have a question

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    So Plageous hides in that one ship and "kills" the crew while keeping the droid alive. I had to read that chapter 3 times. So what the hell happened to the female captain of the ship?
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    I liked that character. Not only was she a boozy womanizer, but I think she's also the first SW character to say the word "ass".
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    It was a nice short chapter where Plageous just quickly took all of them out. Funny to read that the Weequay crewmember thought Plageous was a Jedi.

    Like I said I must have read that part of the chapter like 4 times to find out if the female captain got sliced up or whatever but her last name was never mentioned during the whole fight.
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    People had not seen Sith in centuries. Many of the people did not even know they ever existed. I would also think Plagueis was a Jedi.
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    JackG, you're not helping. While Wookiepedia may say that he almost took her head off, her name isnt even mentioned in the actual novel. The other ship crewmembers they all gang up on Plageous but he messes them up brutally. Its like the author didnt spend the time to have a short paragraph of the captain actually trying to shoot at Plageous or whatever. Offscreen doesnt count. I wish her death was shown in the novel while the other crewmembers their deaths are mentioned in the book
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    The fact that there is no mention of the grizzly details doesn't make it hard for us to infer what happened. Plagueis obviously killed her.
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    So I have the book and have assembled the relevant quotes that prove without a doubt that the captain died.

    First, towards the end of chapter 3, Lah and Plagueis have this eschange:

    “I can’t permit this, Captain,” he told her. Her expression hardened. “I’m afraid you’ll have to.” He had been aware from the start of the conversation that her blaster was primed, and now her hand reached for it. Sharp canines glinted in her slightly open mouth. Had he truly believed that a deal could be arranged with the Woebegone’s hot-tempered and immature crew members? Their fates had been sealed from the instant Plagueis had glimpsed the ship on the landing field. The possibility of reaching any other conclusion was fictional. From that first moment, all of them had been locked into an inevitable series of events. The Force had brought them together, into conflict. Even Lah must have sensed as much. Plagueis said: “Don’t, Captain.” But by then the warning was nothing more than words.

    Clearly she is about to shoot him. But in the next chapter he moves against the rest of the crew, seemingly unharmed. During the fight, 11-4D makes this observation:

    From the passageway that led to the cockpit came the rapid footfalls of the pilot, Blir’, and the ship’s Dresselian navigator, Semasalli. 11-4D knew that they had been monitoring cam feeds of the cargo bay, and thought it likely that they had witnessed whatever sentence the Muun had levied on Captain Lah.

    Then, after he's killed all of the crew members, Plagueis sits on the captain's bunk and contemplates the Force in each of the crew members, including Lah:

    Among the ship’s crew, the Togruta, Captain Lah, had been the strongest in the Force, but she was beyond his help by the time he reached her. Had it not been for sloppiness on his part, owing to fatigue and blood loss, and lightning-fast reflexes on hers, the lightsaber might simply have pierced her neck and cervical spinal cord. But she had spun at the moment of impact, and the crimson blade had all but decapitated her.

    And to cement it, he makes this observation:

    According to his Sith education, since Captain Lah and the others had been in some sense dead from the moment Plagueis’s gaze had alighted on the freighter....

    In conclusion, Plagueis killed the captain when she confronted him at the end of chapter 3, while he killed the rest in chapter 4. Though not shown, the death is described in detail. Coupled with multiple inferences that everyone onboard was dead, there is no chance the captain survived. She is dead and accounted for.
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    What are you even talking about?

    The first page of chapter 3 says her name is Ellin Lah. She's referred to as "Lah" or "Captain Lah" several times thereafter.

    Chapter 3 ends with Captain Lah reaching for her blaster, and Plagueis says "Don't, Captain".

    Chapter 4 starts with Plagueis racing through the rest of the ship to cut down the rest of the crew.

    About halfway through Chapter 4 is this:

    So her death is explained in the book, in the very same chapter, just not quite in real time.

    You read the chapter four times and missed this?

    Why are you complaining about the death of an insignificant freight captain? She hardly even needed to be named at all.

    Move on and read the rest of the book, it's way bigger than a freight captain's death.

    EDIT: *** damn it Todd you ninja.
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    No, ass got used all the way back in the Bantam days. The HST definitely used it (no one in that trilogy ever gave a vrelt's ass) and I think a few others may have as well.