(Belatedly, but still) Happy 80th birthday, Milo? Forman!

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    The great Czech-American director celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday. There was a very nice documentary about his life and works on Czech Television, which I watched, and they played a number of his films on various Czech and Slovak TV stations. I haven't seen all his films, but what I've seen I really like.
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    Amadeus, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and Man on the Moon are films I've really enjoyed/are amongst my favorites. :cool:

    Los Angeles Lakers: Drama, guaranteed.
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    Awesome! Amadeus is my favorite film of all time, so you can bet I appreciate his work.

    Happy 80th, Milos![face_peace]
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    I think I'm more happy that you got the haczech to work. :D
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    He directed Goya's Ghosts, the first film in which Natalie Portman appeared naked in :D, unless it was a body double or did one of those "she wore a greenscreen swimsuit that was CG'd with nakedness later" things (which I find to be a bit ridiculous) :(, but then later in the film she has a dislocated jaw :_|.