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NSWRPF Archive Bello Estremita (Harry Potter, Marauder-era offsite RPG)

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by EmilieDarklighter, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. EmilieDarklighter

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    Jan 19, 2002
    Bello Estremita is an offsite forum RPG based in the Marauder-era, at the beginning of Voldemort's rise to power.
    It's the Fall of 1975, and for the first time since the name 'Lord Voldemort' was uttered in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it's become obvious that the Wizarding World is on the brink of an inevitable war. Deaths and disappearances are now the rule, and not the exception, and as the student population begins to dwindle, those who remain are left to decide whether or not the Houses will stand, united in victory, or fall divided.

    Lord Voldemort is gathering an army fit to conquer the Wizarding World. From the richest pureblooded wizard, all the way down to students within Hogwarts itself, the Dark Lord has his servants.

    Recently gathered intelligence has alerted Albus Dumbledore that both Fenrir Greyback and the giants have pledged their allegiance to the Dark Lord, and Voldemort's emmissaries have been sent in order to persuade the vampire clans to his side. For the first time, deep within the bowels of Hogwarts, Dumbledore makes a proposal of unity to those families already making efforts against the Dark Lord, and the first Order of the Phoenix is born.

    At Hogwarts, James Potter and his gang of miscreants struggling to create laughter in the face their sixth year at Hogwarts. Lily Evans and Severus Snape are each adjusting to life without the other's friendship, and Sirius Black returns from school regaling his friends with stories of the ever-darkening situation in the Black household. Rumors abound at Hogwarts...some harmless, and some that could potentially destroy.

    What are the infamous Marauders hiding? Is Bella Black really a Death Eater?

    Why did Sirius Black leave the Gryffindor Common Room in nothing but his underpants?

    Newcomers welcome!

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.