Unclassifiable Belly of the Great Beast [Multi-Universe Crossover]

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  1. A_Sith_and_a_Vampire

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Belly of the Great Beast

    [blockquote]The Great Beast floats eternally through space, content to watch the universe grow and evolve before its vast golden eyes. Only the most learned of sages has any knowledge of its existence, and none can agree on its origin or purpose. Some have wildly speculated that the creature is the creator of the universe, or a harbinger of the end of the world. All such speculation is groundless: the Great Beast simply is.

    However, invaders have taken over the Great Beast and forced it into the service of chaos. The Cult of the Forgotten Word is a world domination group that believes that the rank and file of mankind is unworthy of the world's collective knowledge; they believe that only the elite are worthy of the blessings of language and reading. They have actually constructed a compound within the living flesh of the immortal creature, allowing them to safely travel through space in an invulnerable craft. Now that they control the Great Beast, they use it to travel back and forth between worlds, stealing the collective knowledge of any civilization they encounter. And our world is next.

    Their current objective is the Praxis Tome, an artfully rendered book of philology and educational theory that has the potential to steer the destiny of mankind towards an age of enlightenment and reason. The Cult of the Forgotten Word find the very idea of a humanistic renaissance repugnant, and they plan to find every copy of the Praxis Tome, translate it into their own secret language, hide the copies away, and destroy the originals.

    Enter the adventurers. The small community of Withers, home of the Westphalen School, is a waypoint upon each of the character's individual journeys to some other locale... good luck![/blockquote]


    Welcome to Belly of the Great Beast, originally a module for Dungeons & Dragons, adapted here more for the story and interaction with no focus on character creation and dice rolling.

    ?Blasphemy!? you may proclaim, but in my days as a Dungeon Master, I found that players were more into basing their characters and actions off of movies and television and despite the myriad of points they allotted into skills and abilities, they were still doing insisting that their swashbuckler was ?Captain Jack Sparrow? (Pirates of the Caribbean) and their monk was ?Rock Lee? (Naruto).

    So the creative gears began to turn, and during the session in which I was to run this module, everyone was clearly ready for new characters, all keen on epic levels past their 20th. My only rule for character creation? Pick a character and play them. My group was ecstatic. Though the power differences were non-reliant upon dice, it was fun to see players trying to outdo one another with tricks, or taking on the mannerisms of their chosen character when interacting with an NPC.

    So therefore that is my rule to you, the prospective player: Choose a character from an established franchise of some sort be it film, television, comics, you name it. Send them to me via the private messaging system for review. I'll only ask for a full history of your character if I am truly unfamiliar with them, otherwise after you are given approval you are welcomed into the game.

    But there are more rules to follow if you wish to participate.
    [blockquote]1: Send your sheet to me via the Private Message system.
    2: Do not post the sheet if you have yet to be approved or are not approved.
    3: No Godmoding (so essentially, immortal characters have lost their immortality. That is for you to decide on how that happened), violators will be removed from the game.
    4: There are only 6 character spots available, and if the game becomes popular enough, we may end up queuing players behind soon-to-be or already-dead characters to allow a nice flow of traffic.
    5: Follow the Terms of Service, please? Don't ruin the game for others by disobeying the rules set by the forum.
    6: Have fun! That's why I'm here. I have fun running a game and I want you to have fun b
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    Jun 18, 2009
    GM Approved!

    Name: Dazzler (AKA Alison Blaire)
    Gender: Female
    Age or approximate age: 22
    Franchise: Marvel Comics
    Gear: Rollerskates, boombox, electric guitar w/built-in amp
    Appearance: [image=]
    Reason for traveling through Withers?: Banished by the Enchantress for beating her in an Open Mic contest
  3. SatoKasra52

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    Feb 16, 2010

    Name: Dizzy Wallin

    Gender: Male

    Age or Approximate Age: Late 30s Early 40s

    Franchise: Gears of War 2

    Gear: His armor is more like a combination between the standard issue cog armor and Marcus Fenix or Colonel Hoffman's armor with a bit of Stranded clothing on it. He also wears a cowboy hat with a do-rag similar to Marcus Fenix's under it, but covered in the regular bandana print. He carries a Lancer with him along with a Boltok Pistol, Shotgun, and 2 Frag Grenades.


    Appearance: Dizzy is a 6 ft tall male with greying brown hair and brown eyes. His armor is more like a combination between the standard issue cog armor and Marcus Fenix or Colonel Hoffman's armor with a bit of Stranded clothing on it. He also wears a cowboy hat with a do-rag similar to Marcus Fenix's under it, but covered in the regular bandana print.

    Reason for traveling through Withers: Dizzy is to meet up in Withers to secure the location and wait for reinforcements before the Locust invade. He brought along "Betty", his Derrick which is the vehicle that they appeared on in Rolling Thunder, along with a few other Derricks so the inhabitants can be evacuated.
  4. A_Sith_and_a_Vampire

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    Feb 16, 2010
    GM Post: Oh I was really afraid of having to do this, but for now I'm posting a "placeholder NPC" to add an extra party member to this rather small group. Note to future players: This NPC does not count against the 6 available slots, so please do not allow that to deter you from joining the game.

    Please if there is any way that we could get at least 2 more players to join we could begin. I had gotten suggestions from potential players but they have yet to respond to my own responses. Please tell your friends but please do not break any rules while doing so (no spamming inboxes, threads, that sort of thing). Maybe a link at the bottom of your signature?



    And now for your "temporary" party member(s)!

    Name: Din and Jin
    Gender: Both are Female
    Age or approximate age: 1000's of years each
    Franchise: Las Lindas (webcomic)
    Gear: Just the clothes on their backs
    Reason for traveling through Withers? The two have a current bet going (what that bet is, others have yet to know) but each is determined to win in her own way.
    Din and Jin are nymphs, sentient creatures composed of intangible energy that can manipulate reality in ways no one else can. While there are supposedly more of them and other strange and fantastic creatures out there somewhere, Din and Jin are special in that they take great amusement in directly interfering in the lives of mortals and have targeted Las Lindas for their latest and greatest schemes of trickery, shenanigans, and otherwise blatant tom-foolery. Din and Jin are always together, rarely separating for any reason other than to execute one of their plans. But after meeting Idward on the beaches of Aruba, Din and Jin have begun to see things differently from one another and are now challenging each other to "bets" to see who is right about love and lust. Din and Jin are invisible to everyone except to those that they choose. They can fly effortlessly, don't need to eat or breathe, and live for a span of time just shy of eternity. But Din and Jin have a singular, unique ability that defines them as nymphs. They can see and alter the emotions, dreams, and memories of mortals with the power of suggestion. They use this information for their own amusement by changing the mundane into the unexpected. While they are not completely without morals, they often will abandon their sense of right and wrong just for the sake of experimentation and fun.
  5. Tog

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    Jan 19, 2007
    GM Approved! Yay!

    Name: Dalek Caan
    Gender: A Dalek is a genetic mutant inside of a metal body and is rather genderless.
    Age or approximate age: N/A
    Franchise: Doctor Who
    Gear: A Dalek has advanced shielding around their body which can melt small bullets before they reach their strong armored shell, though a concentrated fire would most likely penetrate their shields. For arms Daleks have two items, one is their primary weapon; a powerful laser gun capable of killing most humans with one shot and being powered up for more destructive force. Their other arm, which looks like an extending plunger, can be used to hack most computers; absorb energy; and even absorbing a mind's brain waves if it can wrap around someone's head.
    Appearance: [image=]
    Reason for traveling through Withers: Dalek Caan activated an emergency temporal shift and was thrown from his reality into Withers, upon arrival to Withers his ability to temporal shift was disabled due his teleporter getting broken; being with his own mind and thought on things he holds off on "Exterminating" most of the local population; hoping he can find the parts to fix his teleporter.
  6. Cad_Bane

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    Jun 18, 2009
    Well, I'm calling it quits on this one. It was a nice concept, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Thanks for the offer, ASaaV! And this one's for Caan:

    IC: Dazzler turned around at the sound of the pulsating humming noise from behind. As she watched, a strange blue box with a flashing light appeared before her, scattering dust and debris as she held up a hand to keep it from her eyes. Wary but curious, the young woman took a step forward even as the door to the box, which she could now see read "Police" across the top, pulled open, and out stepped a rather handsome man with messy dark hair, a natty brown suit, and a long overcoat.

    "Oh, hello!" he chirped with a melodic North London accent as he leaned against the doorframe. "Fancy a lift?"

    Dazzler smiled brightly and strolled towards the man. "I thought you'd never ask!"

    Seconds later, they were gone.
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