Beru and Owen Prequel Notes with Michelle (AU version of a story between Beru and Owen)

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    This story follows the same storyline as the Nebula notes.

    Michelle played the part of Owen.

    Note 1:
    To my husband Owen,

    I wonder what has happened to our children. I?m getting worried, dear. They all seem to have disappeared. You see, I gave birth while I was away, and we have twins, dear. Their names are Taran and Eilonwy. Our 1 year old daughter Shanna was with me, and I fell asleep. When I woke up they were all missing. Please come and help me. I?m on Coruscant right now. I don?t know, but I suspect it might have been the Maurders. Oh, Owen!!! I don?t know what to do!

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