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  1. Amdrag Jedi Master

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    They may not be a right or a wrong, but I also believe that if two people are going to discuss something, it is far more appealing if both are willing to support their point of view.

    Is that sort of the point of fables? And Star Wars has always played the game of moral compass. But, fair point.

    Perhaps because you are looking for me to find your pov in titles like slave?

    And I am not saying my personal view point is "correct". I do however find pulling "it is my personal view point" card for every response to be a tad disingenuous. I could tell you that Star Wars in the recreation of the Velveteen Rabbit.

    Yes, but how many of them are the the Jedi equivalent of Wayne Gretzky?

    Anakin's burning desire to "prove himself" should bring on a Michael Jordan/Roy Keane work ethic. There is no indication that such a thing exist and in fact the exact opposite is implied.

    I feel it is a problem because it is suppose to be a major factor in the make up of the main character of the PT. Like telling the origin story of Batman and glossing over the ramification of him seeing his parents murdered right in front. The fear, the anger, the sadness. The echo that never quite leaves him. One knows the tragedy associated with losing one's parents so young, but it still is there. Not so much with Anakin's time as a slave.
  2. Amdrag Jedi Master

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    That is good old Palps stroking the ego. Wanting to be more, the best, comes with the work. See the The Michael Jordans, Roy Keanes, Peyton Mannings, and Kobe Bryants of the world. Anakin is more akin to Shaq. :D

    I don't see many moments where Anakin's arrogance seems to stem from insecurities, but rather from knowing how naturally good he is. Not all arrogance stems from insecurities.

    Also I think it is fair to say many people knew how bad slavery was when Roots was made. Does that mean they should of glossed over it?
  3. Alexrd Jedi Grand Master

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    No. And even if that was the case, a slave doesn't stop from being someone else's property when they turn 18.

    Talk about flaws in logic...
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    Game3525 said it better than I did:

    Of course I am looking for you to find my POV in titles like "slave," because we bring expectations into any argument, and I was expecting to have an argument with someone who understands that slavery is always a very, very bad thing. Obviously I was wrong, and I am having an argument with someone who wants a movie to prove to him that slavery is a very, very bad thing.

    You said that you aren't saying that slavery is acceptable and that I was putting words in your mouth, but yet you want TPM to prove to you that slavery is unacceptable, which seems to be a flaw in logic. And "Roots" is a documentary, not at all the same.

    You personally understand that slavery is unacceptable--great. The prequels are made for an audience who understands that, not for an audience who does not know what slavery is or might actually be arguing that it's a good thing. So I'm not sure what the problem is.

    This argument does remind me of an argument I had years ago with someone who stated that the Tusken torture of Shmi was perfectly acceptable because in the Tusken culture, torture was an acceptable practice.

    I'm not particularly interested in a philosophy discussion on proving that my computer exists as I sit here typing on it, and I am also not interested in debating other very basic principles, such as the idea that torture and slavery are both wrong.

    I'm not sure why, as that is exactly what we are arguing here--points of view, not facts. As far as your Velveteen Rabbit analogy--pretty cool pulling out my favorite children's book, but not at all the same thing. We aren't arguing Lucas' inspiration for creating the films, that is factual and easy to look up. We are arguing film interpretation.

    If Anakin were a secure person, he would not need to state over and over again how good he was. Emotionally secure people have no need to do that.

    And as I said, there is evidence in psychology of the causes behind arrogance, sources which I will be happy to get for you, but since they are other sources and not the film itself, maybe you don't want them.

    I can't help with your sports analogies, I know "hockey player" and "basketball players" but no personalities.

    So you're saying that the underlying cause behind the trait does not exist because he does not react the way you think he should react? I also saw nothing in the film indicating that Anakin was lazy, as you are implying from your posts. He wanted constant acknowledgement for his accomplishments but that does not mean that the accomplishments did not exist. I never saw him wanting acknowledgement for doing nothing, or for talent that did not exist.

    Which would have never been necessary if Anakin's ego weren't abysmally low. Those of us who are secure and happy with ourselves, generally know--and don't appreciate--when someone is blowing sunshine up our asses.

    Yes, it does. But a lot of people do not realize that hard work is its best reward until they are much older and more mature than Anakin was in the films.
  5. Game3525 Jedi Master

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    1. No, it is not good. Palpatine is fueling his ego which is partially causing Anakin's resentment towards the Jedi. He is not encouraging him for Anakin's benefit...but for his own. On the sports analogy I would say Skywalker is closer to Lebron James then to the Diesel.:p

    2. All arrogant people are insecure, your confusing arrogance with confidence.

    3. That is a bad comparison, Roots is a documentary on slavery, while TPM is a family film. In a PG rated movie things are going to be glossed over, but the audience is expected to use their prior knowledge.
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    Palpatine & Yoda are actually my favorite characters. Both are wise and slick to a degree. Im not a big Anakin/Vader fan...of course he is the main character of the saga, but I focus more on Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Luke, Padme, Han & Leia. All 5 of those characters had to deal with Anakin/Vader is some kind of way. Anakin/Vader plays so many roles from Father, Husband, Apprentice, Military Commander, Student, Friend, Enemy, Step Brother etc being that so much focus is on him its good to look at the other people.
  7. Darth_Bizarro Jedi Padawan

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    If I'm allowed to pick Clone Wars characters I'll go with Cad Bane.

    If not, then Jocasta Nu.
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