CT Best Official release of the OT?

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by The_Improved_BMD, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Same here.
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    This is a tough call - the problem with the OOT VHS & Laser-disc "letterbox" releases was that they weren't in anamorphic widescreen, so if only for this reason I wouldn't think those are the best releases to far.

    The 2004 DVD's are anamorphic widescreen, so these are the primary ones I watch (re: the 2006 OOT Bonus DVD's, they're non-anamorphic with sub-par picture/sound quality, so I don't like watching those).

    I haven't seen the Blu-ray versions of the films so I can't comment on those.
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    i would say the definitive edition laserdisc boxset first.

    then maybe the SE DVD's, and if you want them in
    high definition - then the HDTV transfers in 1080p

    lastly would be the blurays, although they look great
    in detail, the coloring is not even close to being correct
    for most of the movies.

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