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Discussion in 'Toronto, ON' started by Sabrina001, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Sabrina001 Jedi Knight

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    Hey everyone!

    I know this is insanely late, but for those of you who went trooping at the lightsaber fight they had at the ROM back in November, I've finally uploaded my pictures to Flickr. The photoset is here.

    The past six months or so have been pretty rough for me. My grandmother took ill again a few days after this event after the cancer she had beaten twice before came back and metasticized. It was a pretty horrible experience, and she held out until March. By that point, it was cancer of the pretty much everything, and there was nothing more to be done. In dealing with that, we were in and out of pretty much every hospital in the city with her, and suffice it to say I have no kind words for any of them. At the hospital where she died, they messed up so badly that they are now actually running an inquiry. Really, No. Kind. Words.

    On top of that, my sister's boyfriend chose that time to propose to her. So the family found ourselves in the rather awkward position of having to plan a funeral, resolve an estate and organize a wedding all at the same time. It's a wonder I am still sane!

    But, the estate is largely resolved now and I'm starting to find myself with days where I get *gasp!* free time again, so hopefully I'll remember to start posting more often.

  2. Styrofoam_Guy FF City Rep Toronto, ON Canada

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    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    Great photos. Leigh does look quite cold in a few of them.

  3. grey_starr Jedi Master

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    There are some great pictures!... and better still, some with us being interviewed! sweet!... thank you for these!

    I am sorry for your loss... and congrats for the families gain through the engagement... though that is admittedly bad timing... hope it works out...

    and we all look forward to hearing from you more!
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