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    You entered your car and saw a small package laying on the driver's seat. The car didn't have any signs of forced entry, though...You take the package inside and open it. Inside is a small tape. You begin to play the tape, and you hear a voice. "The new probe had been sent to explore the moon further and take high-resolution pictures. The mission progressed well, until the probe detected a strange magnetic anomaly in the Moon's Mare Crisium. The probe was then rendered inoperative by a powerful radio blast which overloaded its circuits. The government is putting together a team to find out what happened to the probe and what the anomaly is. You have been chosen for this team because of your areas of expertise. A car will be at your house tomorrow. Enter, and participate in an expedition like no other. Do not enter, and you will forget this ever happened." The tape came to an end.

    Welcome to Beyond the Infinite. This is kind of inspired by, but not based on, the book and film 2001: A Space Odyssey. That said, I don't want you being characters from the film. Your character will have chosen to get into the car, and that's where this will begin.


    1. Be nice/obey the TOS.
    2. Keep the swearing down.
    3. Only one character apiece, if at all possible.
    4. Any more questions, ask me.
    5. PM me your character sheets.


    If you have any questions, ask me. This could be very interesting if we get enough people, so I'm open to PMs. Enjoy.

    NP edit: Don't copy other people's RPGs. Just don't do it./>/>/>
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    Say, this looks awfully familiar...
  3. agap_afima Jedi Youngling

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    It is similar, but that's only because of the government expediton. Completely different storyline, though.
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