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~Birthday Cakes and Rum~ a short Sabe story (yes, another one!)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Amidolee, Oct 30, 2000.

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  1. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Howdy! Okay, this is that short Sabe story I was telling some of you about earlier. It's a mixture of some scenes rejected from Child of Naboo (or forgotten in my simple-mindedness). It's generally much more light-hearted than my others, but there will be some angst! And a drunk Jedi swimming in a fountain!

    A Short Sabé Story

    Chapter One

    The afternoon was slowly escaping Coruscant as nineteen-year-old Sabé Mabriee gazed from the large conference room of the Jedi Temple. She smiled to herself, out of anticipation and a giddy sense she was one of the few non-Jedi to access the magnificent Jedi Temple. Of course, she was only allowed in the conference room where she was to meet two Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

    The conference room was beautiful without being flashy or over-decorative. This long chamber was used as a reception room for important diplomats during emergencies or clandestine meetings. Her mission here was hardly clandestine, but with Queen Amidala of the Naboo?s power and past with the Jedi?s involvement, she had been kindly accepted.

    She?d been waiting for a few hours. While Sabé was a patient women, she was needed back at the Queen?s temporary quarters. The afternoon was being wasted, even if there were two other handmaidens busy keeping watch over the Queen.

    No one had bothered to explain about the Jedi?s delay, and she was beginning to wonder if they were even on Coruscant.

    The soft hissing of the door sliding open interrupted her silent complaints. Immediately, she knew to whom this tingling presence belonged to, and she turned slowly, biting her lip to hide the wide grin splitting her face.

    Two robed Jedi entered the conference room, reluctance evident in their stature. She immediately noticed that they both appeared tired and irritated. Under the low cowl of her hood, Sabé took a moment to study them. Was that really Ani standing beside the other Jedi? The boy?s blonde hair had been chopped short and even in the traditional Padawan style, and his braid reached his shoulder. He?d grown into a lanky, tall boy, reaching close to his master?s height.

    Sabé took careful note of the taller Jedi Knight. The last she?d seen of Obi-Wan Kenobi had been almost four years ago. To the unpracticed eye, he hadn?t aged a day past twenty-five, but Sabé could already sense the maturity that his still boyish features belied. His sandy colored hair had grown out, falling across his eyes and causing an almost roguish appearance.

    She came forward and bowed at the waist. ?Greetings, Honored Jedi,? she said in a formal tone, knowing the Jedi had not yet recognized her under the hood and robe of a handmaiden.

    ?Ambassador,? Obi-Wan bowed. ?Pardon our delay. We?ve only returned to Coruscant moments before.?

    ?Oh, don?t apologize, Obi-Wan,? Sabé said in her natural voice. She pushed the cowl back, smiling at the Jedi.

    Obi-Wan?s face broke into a wide grin. ?Sabé! And I thought it was another upset ambassador!?

    ?That was a mean trick,? Anakin said, grinning as well. His eyes were darting around the reception chamber. ?Where?s Padmé??

    ?Padawan, that is no way to greet a friend,? Obi-Wan scolded, although his tone was not at all harsh. He smiled at Sabé, took her hand, and kissed it. ?This is much better than a letter, Young Handmaiden.?

    Sabé felt a tingle race up her arm, and she smiled again at Obi-Wan. He looked wonderful, no intense pain swirling his blue eyes. His last letter to her had spoken of Anakin, and how the growing boy was driving the Knight insane.

    ?You didn?t just come to see Obi-Wan, did you?? Anakin asked, his face scrunching at the two adults.

    Sabé felt her face redden as she took her hand away. The entire trip from Naboo to Coruscant had been filled with Eirtaé and Saché?s teasing. Ever since the day Obi-Wan had carried her in from the rain after she?d injured her ankle, they?d claimed that she and the Jedi were an item. Their continued friendship through letters over the past years had only encouraged the
  2. Senator Lorena

    Senator Lorena Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 21, 2000
    Great start! Eager to read more, Ami!

    Drunk Jedi? That could be dangerous.
  3. Healer Apprentice Lina

    Healer Apprentice Lina Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2000
    Yay! New Sabe story! New Sabe story!
    I'll calm down now.
  4. Anakin's Angel

    Anakin's Angel Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 3, 2000

    Yes, I know I'm a very bad reader. I have to read the rest of these...and I will. That was a very cute post, Ami! You lured me here from the Obi/Ewan thread...! :)

    aa :D
  5. Jedi Master Mara Jade

    Jedi Master Mara Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 1999
    Yes, AA, read them! Read them now! I'm addicted to those stories! =) ((No pressure or anything...))


    And a drunk Jedi swimming in a fountain!


    Say WHAT??!! Now I'm disturbed. What smegging drunk Jedi is going to end up in a FOUNTAIN? With *whom*? (Uh... never mind.) :speechless:

    What a catch line! Can't wait for more, maybe it'll be Master Yoda swimming in the fountain... :rolleyes:
  6. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    There's some stuff from "Portrait of a Queen" that's mentioned in this story, so if you've read it some confusing things wouldn't be so, well, confusing. Anyway . . .

    Obi-Wan was sharing similar fears as he settled into the small planet shuttle?s seats across from the handmaiden. Anakin was practically chopping at the bit, anxious to see Queen Amidala. He had barraged Sabé with questions, and the handmaiden had given Obi-Wan a knowing look while patiently waiting for the long-winded string to end. Then she?d calmly answered them, assuring the Padawan it wasn?t serious. He was grateful to have someone else answer the boy for a change.

    Now that they were comfortably situated, Sabé had removed her cowl and drawn back the crimson hood. She looked different than he had remembered. Older and a bit more matured. The soft, babyish curves of her face were now sharpened without being too angular. Her soft brown eyes still laughed when she smiled, and her long brown hair had been braided in an elaborate fashion much like Amidala?s had been during her escapade as Padmé. He remembered her as a sweet, young girl experiencing the awkward stage of teenage development, not quite rid of her girlish lankiness but beginning to blossom into her womanhood. Now she was caught in that wonderful period before any aging. The promised beauty he had seen before was now staring him boldly in the eye, not that he minded in the least.

    ?She barely has a fever, Ani,? Sabé was saying, bringing Obi-Wan?s attention away from her physical self. ?Honestly, I believe she may be faking some of it. Just to see you and Obi-Wan.?

    ?And she didn?t send you as decoy?? Obi-Wan questioned.

    ?Fortunately, no,? Sabé said, rolling her eyes. ?Even if she had requested it, I?d risk my execution and tell her no. How can I pass up a chance to see my favorite Jedi??

    ?I wouldn?t have forgiven you if you had,? Obi-Wan teased, remembering how comfortable he?d been with Sabé.

    She laughed, then glanced at the chrono. ?Her Majesty must think me kidnapped. We?ll be there in about ten minutes.?

    Ten minutes later, they were entering the queen?s temporary quarters. Sabé brought the past the stationed guards and they entered a parlor chamber, which was vacant except for another brown-haired girl in a matching robe and cloak as Sabé. She was lounging on the long couch, glancing up guiltily as they entered.

    ?Great, I?m caught loitering,? she said in despair. ?Pebble, where have you been? I thought Kenobi must have kidnapped you, or you two had gone off somewhere to elope. Poor Ami, she?s in a fit. Anakin, is that you? My goodness! Better get in there before she breaks something. She was never good with ailing.?

    Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows at the handmaiden, partially from the long-winded greeting and from the content. He glanced at Sabé, whom had taken to shooting the other ?the look?. //Saché, I presume//

    ?Thank you, Saché,? Sabé said. ?Is it safe to enter??

    ?Of course.? The petite girl waved an arm towards one of the closed doorways. ?I?ll busy myself with some drinks, and those wonderful rolls Eirtaé made earlier.?

    Sabé nodded, then motioned for Anakin and Obi-Wan to follow her. The door slid open, revealing a private chamber with tasteful decoration. The wood paneling was of cherrywood, and the crystal lamp illuminated the room in a pleasant glow. Stretched on her side on a divan, Amidala was reading a flimsy book. The elaborate gowns and makeup were stripped away, leaving a young woman in a purple house robe of silk. Her long, dark hair was tied in twist over one shoulder. A small, white handkerchief was clutched in her manicured hand. A handmaiden donned in another robe of crimson hovered close by, watchful and silent.

    Upon their entrance, Amidala raised her eyes from the book, a wide smile splitting her beautiful yet tired face. ?Ani!?

    ?Padmé!? Anakin practically shouted, racing forward and hugging the older girl. Obi-Wan was about to reprimand him, but when Amidala returned the tight squeeze,
  7. Dark_Soldier

    Dark_Soldier Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 17, 2000
    oh! Great!
    Another Sabé fic!!!!!
    Nice start!

    A drunk Jedi... that could be interresting...
  8. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Is there anyone who doesn't know who Cali-Ana Angli is?
  9. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000

    An hour had gone by, and still there had been no entrance of either Queen or Padawan. Sabé took it upon herself to save the queen, excusing herself from Obi-Wan and Saché?s exchange of harrowing tales to check on Amidala. When she entered the chamber, she found the Queen looking much more cheerful, sitting up and listening intently as Anakin described an embarrassing moment about Obi-Wan. Sabé smiled secretly, remembering how Obi-Wan had done the same for Anakin. It was clear they were fond of each other like brothers.

    Amidala glanced up and smiled. ?Why Sabé! You?re positively glowing!?

    ?You?re looking more cheerful yourself, Your Highness,? she replied. ?I?ve been hearing so much about you Anakin.?

    The boy scrunched up his face. ?Like what??

    ?Oh, things,? she said airily, winking at Amidala. ?I was just coming in to check on you.?

    ?Has Saché been successful in embarrassing you yet?? Amidala asked, exchanging a double-wink with Eirtaé.

    Sabé ignored their teasing. ?Jedi Kenobi and Saché seem rather intrigued with each other,? she said instead. ?Their off-handed comments have been rather amusing to say the least. Is there anything I can get you??


    The moment the door shut behind Sabé, Saché let out small squeal, hopping over to Obi-Wan?s chair and seating herself at his feet. Obi-Wan observed this with little surprise and great amusement. Saché, at seventeen, was every bit the teenage girl. ?I have something to tell you,? she said in an excited whisper. ?Do you know what tomorrow is??

    ?Toga Day on Naboo?? Obi-Wan guessed.

    ?No, no, silly. Think really hard,? Saché said, sparkling dark eyes grinning up at him. ?And you?ve been staring at her all afternoon, so don?t tell me she?s just a friend.?

    Obi-Wan tried not to laugh. ?Was I staring??

    ?Yes, but she was catching her own glances, so don?t think your divine looks haven?t gone unnoticed.?

    ?Once again, Handmaiden, you?ve read my mind,? he replied dryly. ?So, what is tomorrow??

    ?You?re such a man,? Saché chided. ?It?s Sabé?s twentieth birthday!?

    Obi-Wan wanted to smack himself. He?d always managed to send some little gift to the handmaiden for her birthday. Sabé had never mentioned her birthday, but Saché had taken it upon herself to contact the Jedi and decide what the Jedi should get. Sabé?s befuddled reply had been pleasing. She had enjoyed each gift, but then had fretted what she should send him. Of course, Saché had come to the rescue and participated in the gift exchange. The older handmaiden had insisted she wanted nothing from him, and that by exchanging gifts it would only be a risk for possible insult and confusion.

    The fact the Naboo calendar was off from Coruscant?s had confused Obi-Wan. ?Twenty already??

    ?Yes, twenty,? Saché repeated, emphasizing the age.

    ?I have nothing to give,? Obi-Wan sighed. ?And finding something at the last minute is always a disaster.?

    ?Oh, I doubt anything material would do,? Saché said in a secretive tone. She propped herself on her knees and whispered her idea in his ear.

    Obi-Wan chuckled, not at all opposing the ?birthday gift?. He?d been considering it himself from the moment he?d seen her in the conference room. Of course, he didn?t allow himself to delve in those emotions or thoughts. A wide grin broke across his face, and he owed his easy mood to the wonderful wine. He was at such ease here. ?I?ll see what I can do about that, Saché. My only question is, will she object??

    ?Unless she is positively insane,? Saché answered with a wicked grin. ?I mean, if I were offered, I surely wouldn?t refuse.?

    Obi-Wan chuckled and shook his head. The doors opened and Sabé entered, wearing a look of bewilderment and amusement. She smiled at both of them, then took a seat back on the couch. Then her brow furrowed, finding Saché on her knees before the lounging Jedi.

    ?W-was I interrupting something?? she stuttered, jumping up from the couch, face flaming red. ?I-I?ll g-go . . .?

    Both Jedi and handmaiden gave her a blank look,
  10. Angel_of_Naboo

    Angel_of_Naboo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 18, 2000
    Great, great, great, great, great, great!!!!!!!ok, calm down, calm down....
    Another Sabé/Obi-Wan story!!!!! Yeepee!!!
    What's the gift???
  11. Jedi Master Mara Jade

    Jedi Master Mara Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 1999
    :chants: CALI! CALI! WE WANT CALI! :giggles: I love emotional Obi-torture. Are Sabe and Cali going to have a sleep-over, and talk about... um, things they might have in common... :double wink:?

    Bad embarassing situations Obi keeps getting himself into! I loved the part about Anakin and "that talk"...

    Happy Halloween!!!
  12. Dark_Soldier

    Dark_Soldier Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 17, 2000
    Another good and funny post!
    This is great!
  13. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    You'll all like this . . . hehe. It's the last I have written so far, so you better inspire me!

    ?So . . .? Sabé said, steeling a glance at the Jedi sitting comfortably beside her. One arm was draped casually over the back of the couch, and he looked quite relaxed. ?What were you and Saché ^really^ talking about??

    That devilish grin appeared. ?Your birthday, of course.?

    <<He?s up to something>> ?Really? And what about it??

    Obi-Wan merely shrugged. She scowled, irritated that they would talk behind her back and make fuss, but also curious. He gave her an innocent look. ?We haven?t talked much about ?you-,? he said pointedly.

    ?Anything interesting was in the letters,? Sabé said. ?There really isn?t much to tell.?

    ?No beaus? No prince sweeping you off your feet??

    She gave him a curious look. ?Since when did we become so personal here? No, there is no ?dashing? prince carrying me away to his palace. Why??

    ?I?m just surprised,? Obi-Wan said in all honesty. His eyes were intent on hers, again stirring the warm sensations in the pit of her stomach. She hadn?t recalled him ever gazing at her like that. ?You?ve become quite beautiful, Sabé.?

    ?Oh, you?re just being nice so I don?t pin you to the wall,? Sabé said, wishing away her blushing cheeks. She took another roll off the platter and took a bit of the small snack.

    Obi-Wan watched her, wondering what had come over him. He hadn?t the urge to flirt in ages. Trying to keep track of Anakin took all his energy, and he had no wish seeking out romance. Yet here he was, unable to banish Saché?s whisper. It was a swell idea, but what if Sabé did not enjoy it? He?d make a horrible fool of himself and their wonderful friendship was ruined? It'd happened before, and the results had been disastrous.

    Sabé licked the cream off her lips and took a sip of the sweet wine, then sat back against the couch, not quite relaxing completely against his arm. After what looked to be she was scolding herself, she then relaxed the tense lines in her neck and shoulders, sinking into the soft back, her hair falling across his arm.

    He imagined wrapping his arms around her, but did not act. Instead, he said, ?Do you get birthday leave, or do I have to kidnap you??

    She smiled. ?Saché?s plan? You really don?t have to do anything, Obi-Wan. Especially on such short notice."

    ?Nonsense,? Obi-Wan scoffed. ?You?re only twenty once, am I right??

    Sabé rolled her eyes. ?I hate it when people fuss over me, you know.?

    ?We only do it because we care,? Obi-Wan said in a serious tone. ?And it?s too much fun to get you angry.?

    ?Is that so?? she asked, her voice almost a challenge. Her eyes flashed gold as she turned her torso to face him. ?Is there some conspiracy against me, Jedi Kenobi??

    ?See? It?s happening already. Your eyes are flaming, and soon you?ll be threatening me, insulting me, and tossing your hair about.?

    ?I DO NOT!? Sabé exclaimed, pushing away from the couch and sitting on the edge. ?Why you uncouth little termite!?

    At this, Obi-Wan laughed, remembering how he had been called a Termite more than once after cleaning out food supplies and asking for more.

    ?Why are you laughing . . . oh,? Sabé blushed. ?I just insulted you. But I didn?t toss my hair,? she added indignantly.

    ?You almost did,? Obi-Wan goaded.

    She laughed then and settled back on the couch, and this time, Obi-Wan put his arm around her. Sabé smiled and sighed, chuckling. ?Remember when you brought me in from the rain? And Panaka gave you that ?evil look???

    ?How could I forget?? Obi-Wan snorted, liking how she felt against him. He could sense her happiness through the Force, and there wasn?t any alarm in her thoughts, but she wasn?t sending him any encouragement either. This was much better than any diplomatic convention or uncovering some assassination attempt.

    ?And I remember your awful imitation of a Gungan dance,? Sabé giggled, elbowing him in the ribs.

    Obi-Wan grimaced in remembrance. ?You started it.?

    ?You did
  14. Healer Apprentice Lina

    Healer Apprentice Lina Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2000
    The last farewell lines between those two were really sweet for some reason.
    The anticipation of Cali's entrance has me in knots.
  15. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    I have to go write the Cali episode in a little bit. In my other Sabe story I want to do (she doesn't die!), her and Cali ARE going to get to talk about Obi-Wan.
  16. Angel_of_Naboo

    Angel_of_Naboo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 18, 2000
    Good, good, good! I love every bit of this!
  17. Senator Lorena

    Senator Lorena Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 21, 2000
    Ahhhhh! How romantic!
  18. Dark_Soldier

    Dark_Soldier Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 17, 2000
    Great post!
    I loved it!
    I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
  19. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Drumroll please . . .

    Chapter Two

    ?Master? Would you please stop whistling?? Anakin begged as the two Jedi entered their quarters in the Temple later that night. ?It?s driving me insane.?

    ?Is there something wrong with being a little crazed, may I ask you?? Obi-Wan replied cheerfully.

    ?And I thought Master Yoda was weird,? Anakin muttered to himself. He disappeared into his bedroom.

    Obi-Wan shed his robe, then caught the small flashing light on the com-unit, indicating a new message. He quickly accessed it, wondering if Sabé missed him already. <<Or a blasted mission>> he thought darkly. He?d have to plead for a leave.

    The words scrawled across the small screen, and Obi-Wan felt his previous calm and happiness leave through his toes. Vaguely, he heard Anakin enter the main room again.

    __Hey Pigtails,

    __It?s been years, hasn?t it? I?m not sure quite what to say, only that I need to talk
    __with you. If you wish not to meet me, I understand. Please, contact me as soon
    __ as possible.


    Obi-Wan stared at the digital letters, unable to think. Cal? His Cali? She wanted to meet him . . . after all of these years. Ten years, almost eleven. Had it really been that long? That soon? She was merely a ghost of his past, but at the tangible message before him, his core trembled. It was Cal, and she wanted to see him. Why? What did she want? What did she need? Should he respond? Or ignore it and never think of her again, even if he thought about her at least once each day?

    ?Master?? Anakin?s tentative voice brought Obi-Wan from his frantic state. ?What is it??

    ?Nothing, Padawan. Just a private message.?

    ?From Sabé??

    ?Huh?? Obi-Wan gave his Padawan a blank look, having forgotten the handmaiden that had so filled his thoughts only moments before. ?No.?

    Anakin glanced at the message. ?Pigtails? Is that you??

    ?It was an old nickname,? Obi-Wan said, clearing the screen.

    Anakin frowned. ?Is it the braid? But everyone has one!?

    ?Just nevermind, Anakin,? Obi-Wan said shortly. ?It?s nothing for you to fret about. Get ready for bed.?

    The Padawan rolled his eyes, muttering something about how the other Masters didn?t tell their apprentices when to sleep. Obi-Wan ignored the comment and began pacing, his mind reeling. He had to answer Cali-Ana. It was the first time she had contacted him since . . .

    But how could he? What was her purpose? Did she need his help to bail her out of trouble? He?d done enough of that, along with causing her most disastrous undoing. It?d been his fault . . . all of it. She should have never when through any of it. Blast, how could he have been so stupid back then? He?d heeded Qui-Gon?s warnings, but all Jedi training, everything he?d ever learned, had been swept away in just a single moment. He?d been too lost, too far in love and naïve to think anything could go wrong and that the only thing that mattered was their love and that moment.

    He could have killed himself, and had wanted to the following weeks. He?d been irresponsible, and he no longer let his emotions lead him anywhere. Sith, what had he been doing with Sabé? She was a wonderful friend, what if he ruined that, too? He hadn?t been in the least scared by her, and there had been no warning signs or drunken passion.

    What was wrong with him?

    Cali . . .

    His heart twisted and he swiftly called up the com-channel. He would meet Cali-Ana, and see what she wanted. Once the quick, direct response was sent, he took a deep breath. It was only moments when the reply came, and the soft beep sound like trumpets. Slowly, he read the reply. Brunch at the Skylight Club.

    Obi-Wan confirmed he agreed to the meeting, all other commitments forgotten.
  20. Senator Lorena

    Senator Lorena Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 21, 2000
    Bad Obi! Bad Obi! You're in for trouble!
  21. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Sorry, I don't have the next post. Computer went bezerk and I'm re-writing what I have written.
  22. Dark_Soldier

    Dark_Soldier Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 17, 2000
    ....I can sense some Obi-torture comming.... :)

    Your computer gives you a lot of trouble, Ami... Bad computer....
  23. Angel_of_Naboo

    Angel_of_Naboo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 18, 2000
    Bad Obi indeed... Bad computer too..
  24. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Ack! I just realized I did have 2 posts ready! I'll post those tonight and the other one tomorrow.

    Anakin Skywalker frowned at his Master?s departing back. Something strange was happening to Obi-Wan, but the Knight had been extremely closed-off that morning. The Padawan was being sent back to Amidala?s, which he didn?t mind in the least, but he also had to deliver an odd message to Sabé. Something had come up, and Obi-Wan didn?t know when he would arrive at the Queen?s quarters.

    The boy could only shake his head. Why couldn?t Obi-Wan simply tell her himself? And what was so important anyway? Obi-Wan had been moody ever since receiving the message from that Cali-Ana who called him Pigtails.

    The guard nodded and let the Padawan through. The doors opened and a smiling Sabé greeted him. ?Anakin! I didn?t know you were coming as well,? she said cheerfully. Her eyes darted behind him, searching the corridor for Obi-Wan. Anakin realized she would be terribly disappointed when he delivered the news. ?Where?s your Master??

    ?Um . . . he had important business,? Anakin said. ?He says he doesn?t know when he will arrive later today.?

    Sabé?s pretty face fell. ?Is something wrong? Is he all right??

    ?Obi-Wan?s fine,? Anakin said, wondering if it could be called a lie. Sabé looked slightly hurt, but her face quickly cleared and she smiled again.

    ?Well, we?re glad to have you for company. Amidala?s feeling a bit restless. Maybe we can all play a game.?

    ?That?d be fun,? Anakin said as she allowed him into the suite. He?d always liked Sabé. She?d kept him company on Naboo and had risked an injury to cheer him up. While he was biased to Padmé, he thought her quite beautiful and very kind. She hadn?t once looked down on him, and had never complained about watching over him on Naboo. He?d noticed the looks exchanged between his Master and the decoy, now old enough to realize what they meant. And Obi-Wan?s erratic change of mood from tyrannical Master to happy Kenobi had been refreshing, and he knew it was due to Sabé. His Master was always in a better mood after the letters, just as he was when Padmé sent him a datachip.

    ?I?ll tell Ami you?re here,? Sabé said, leaving him in the parlor.

    Anakin sank into the soft, luxurious lounge chair. The sparse furniture of his own home in the Temple was mediocre compared to the riches of the Naboo suite. He recalled Theed Palace, and how overwhelmed he had been upon his first entrance. His only comfort had been Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, and Padmé. He?d seen many palaces now, but Theed?s was still most beautiful.


    ?Did Ani say why he wasn?t here?? Saché demanded, hands on her hips as she regarded Sabé. Amidala and Eirtaé were already in a game of Intrigue with Anakin in the next room.

    Sabé tried to fight back her own disappointment and curiosity. Why hadn?t Obi-Wan told her himself? She tried to tell herself that he was on an important mission that couldn?t even involve Anakin, but the potential danger only sent her into more of a fret. Her worries had turned to insecurity. Maybe Obi-Wan had decided kissing her was a mistake and she was too boring to spend a day with. ?Anakin said that Obi-Wan might come later??

    Saché hissed through her teeth. ?He should have told you himself! Why, if I could get my hands on him??

    ?Saché! We don?t ?know- why he couldn?t come,? Sabé interrupted. ?And, it?s no big deal. I didn?t have anything planned anyway.?

    Saché shook her head. ?No, you just couldn?t fall asleep because you couldn?t stop thinking about him. Sabé, men don?t cancel important dates they?ve promised without telling you without a reason unless they know we won?t like it.?

    Sabé felt sick, but she refused to allow herself disappointment. There wasn?t anything between them anyway. ?Come on, let?s go help Amidala beat Anakin in Intrigue.?
  25. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
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