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Beyond - Legends Bitter Reunion (Rogues) - COMPLETED 1/5 - CHAPTER 33

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jesina_Dreis, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Summary: The Rogues head to Hoth to protect an Intelligence Unit, but get a lot more than they bargained for.

    A Note: This story is a sequel to "A New Path" (posted on the Saga board) and will be followed by at least two more stories.

    Please, Please Review!

    Chapter 1

    Wedge Antilles sighed. He could foresee how this briefing was going to go. Not well at all would be putting it mildly. ?We?ve got a new assignment, and I warn you in advance, you?re all going to hate it.? He exchanged glances with Tycho Celchu, and both of them glanced at Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian. ?Some more than others.? There was no joviality in his tone.

    Hobbie merely shook his head and slouched in his seat. ?What are you doing to us now??

    Wedge held up his hands defensively. ?I?m not doing a thing. I tried like hell to get us out of it. This is all command ? and, for once, it?s not Cracken who?s screwing us over.? He gestured to Tycho, wishing again he?d had the opportunity to brief Janson and Hobbie privately. ?Turn on the holoprojector,? he told him, keeping his eyes fixed on Wes and Hobbie.

    Toward the front of the room, an image of a blue-white planet appeared, and Hobbie and Janson?s expressions changed instantly. Janson?s jaw hit the table he was sitting behind, and Hobbie was unable to keep the shock off his face. ?No way, Wedge.? There was no laughter in Janson?s voice. The protest he?d just lodged was deadly serious.

    Hobbie looked shaken. ?Who?s sending us there, Wedge?? he asked slowly.

    Wedge looked at him with concern. He?d expected the man to take it badly, but this was worse than he?d thought. ?Ackbar, primarily. It?s because of information Cracken?s outer-rim agents picked up, but he?s actually on our side on this. He wants someone else sent. But Ackbar wants a small group out there that can be relatively self-sufficient, militarily speaking.?

    ?Why?? Hobbie?s voice was very quiet.

    ?There?s been a lot of activity in and around the system. It?s not specifically Imperial activity, but it is, at least, according to Intelligence, financed by the Empire.? He paused and sipped from a bottle of water. ?Cracken?s personnel assigned to that region are based out of a rebuilt section of Echo Base, and they want some military presence there without it being overt. They?re also sending a Victory-class that is scheduled to arrive just after we do, but that ship will not actually be in the system.

    ?So the idea is that we?re there, on the base, in case someone realizes that NRI has people there and tries to make a move against them? To hold off any attack until the Vic can get in system?? Corran asked.

    And as an added fighter complement once they arrive,? Tycho replied. ?They?d send the Vic in itself except that there?s been activity in the system itself, and Cracken wants to find out what?s going on. He doesn?t want to scare them off.?

    Wes, still angry, spoke up again. ?How are we getting there, and when are we leaving??

    ?We?re getting there via a borrowed Corellian Corvette that was secured thanks to Talon Karrde. It?s intended to give the impression of smugglers or pirates passing through the system, in case anyone is there to be watching. We?ll remain on board until we can be reasonably sure that we?re the only ones in system.?

    ?And when do we leave?? Wes asked again.

    ?Forty hours from now, and 0600. The Corvette is supposed to rendezvous with Mon Remonda by 0400 hours. It?s piloted by a borrowed New Republic crew,? Wedge answered. He made a mental note to talk to Wes privately ? and Hobbie, too, for that matter ? before they left for Hoth. ?Anything else??

    ?Cold weather gear?? Inyri Forge asked.

    ?Pack warm clothing. It?s cold there anyway, but where the base is located is actually in the winter season right now. It?s my understanding, though, that anything we?ll really need in the way of actual gear specific to the weather is already on-planet courtesy of NRI.? He paused before asking again, ?Anything else??

    When no one spoke,
  2. Myria

    Myria Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 1, 2004
  3. CodeName_Targeter

    CodeName_Targeter Jedi Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2003
    Oooo, very interesting so far... Hoth... that has to be any pilot's worst nightmare.

    Update soon!

  4. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Myria I imagine it will rival some of mine. Good thing for him the Wraiths aren't around.

    Targeter That's why I chose Hoth.

    Chapter 2

    It was 2200 hours before Hobbie woke up. When he did, Inyri was sitting in a chair across from her bed. She?d spent the last few hours alternating between reading on her datapad and checking on him. His groan as he rolled onto his back told her he was coming around.

    She got up and crossed the floor, perching on the edge of the bed. His face was flushed and he was sweating. She brushed his hair back from his forehead. ?Hobbie?? she asked, deliberately keeping her voice soft.

    He blinked furiously and, after a moment, managed to keep his eyes open. ?Inyri?? he mumbled, trying to sit up.

    ?Shh,? she said. ?I?m pretty sure you?re still a little drunk, Hobbie.? She pushed him gently back onto the bed.

    He shook his head and moaned. ?I feel terrible.?

    ?I bet. You downed almost a whole bottle of Corellian ale in less than an hour. You couldn?t even walk back to your room.?

    He looked around when she mentioned his room. ?Where am I??

    ?My quarters. I didn?t know the code for your room. You weren?t in any shape to tell me, and I didn?t want to call Wedge or Tycho. I didn?t think you?d want them seeing you like that.?

    ?No, not really,? he agreed. He hesitated. ?I don?t want to bother you any more, but would you mind getting me some water??

    ?No problem.? She stood and walked into the refresher. He heard the water run and she returned with a glass. ?Here you go. You want some crackers or anything??

    He shook his head. ?I don?t think I can keep anything down.?

    She nodded in agreement. ?Probably not.? She hesitated. She?d spent the hours when he?d been asleep ? unconscious? ? reading up on the Battle at Hoth. She?d known a little about the battle before, but hadn?t realized just how hard a loss it had been for the Rogues. Still, Hobbie was a seasoned soldier. She understood the difficulty in going back to a place that held bad memories, but she didn?t understand why it was affecting him this badly. And she wasn?t sure if she should ask.

    So she didn?t ? not directly anyway. ?You feel like talking??

    ?You mean about why I just got so drunk??

    ?That?or anything.?

    He sighed and looked away from her. ?Not now, honestly.?

    ?All right.?

    He pushed himself fully into a sitting position and swung his legs off the bed, wincing at the wave of dizziness and nausea that hit him. ?Inyri, I don?t want you to think I?m not grateful for your help, and for not telling Wedge and Tycho. It?s just?I?ve got a lot to deal with, I guess, and drinking wasn?t the smartest thing.?

    ?No, it wasn?t.?

    ?Inyri, I?? He shook his head and sighed. ?I?m sorry. Honestly, I appreciate your help. I just really don?t feel up to it tonight.? He pushed himself off the bed and onto his feet, swaying as he stood.

    She jumped up and caught him before he fell. ?Hobbie, you don?t have to talk to me. I just thought it might help. You don?t need to run away from me.?

    ?I?m not. I just think it?d be better if I went back to my own quarters.?

    ?Want some help??

    Thinking about how he?d almost fallen a minute before, he nodded. ?Yeah, actually. That might be a good idea.?

    Inyri slipped an arm around his waist again and walked with him to the door, pausing to open it before they stepped out into the corridor. They made it the ten meters or so down to his door, and Inyri marveled at how much easier the trip was this time around. Just as he was keying in the access code, Wes came around the corner, and Inyri swore under her breath. She could just imagine the punishment she?d be taking later on tonight and tomorrow ? and for the rest of this mission, most likely.

    Hobbie didn?t seem to notice Wes or hear Inyri?s reaction as they made their way into his room. She helped him settle on the bed and filled a bottle of water for him, but didn?t stay much longer than that, and they didn?t really talk anymore. She bade him good
  5. KirneySlane22

    KirneySlane22 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 12, 2003
    Wow. This is really good! An interesting take on what happened on Hoth too.

    Can't wait for more!

  6. DreamOfKenobi

    DreamOfKenobi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 4, 2004
    Great story! Looking forward to more!
  7. -thor-

    -thor- Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 15, 2002
    Awwwww ... *downs a bottle in sympathy for Hobbs*

  8. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Kirney: I've read/seen about a hundred variations of what happened to Hobbie on Hoth, including the original plot line where he actually died, sacrificing himself. So I don't know what was actually supposed to happen, but this idea worked for me.

    DreamofKenobi: Glad you like it.

    Thor: Don't get as drunk as he did!

    By the way, I also have started posting my sort-of prequel to this story, "A New Path," which is about Tycho going from the Empire to the Alliance, on the Saga board, at
  9. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Chapter 3

    ?How you doing?? Inyri asked Hobbie as he sat down at her table at breakfast.

    He groaned. ?I feel like there are Ewoks tap dancing on my skull.? He sipped his caf and shuddered, pushing away the plate he?d just brought over with him.

    She shook her head. ?Don?t say that to Wes. The last thing we need is for him to get any more ideas involving Ewoks.?

    ?Speaking of Wes, was he in the corridor last night? I seem to remember seeing him at some point.?

    ?Yes.? Inyri finished her cup of caf and took a bite of toast. ?I told him why I was helping you.? She hesitated, unsure how much to tell him. ?He said he was going to talk to Wedge. He promised not to tell him you were drunk, but to say that you weren?t okay.?

    ?Terrific,? Hobbie sighed. ?This is going to be bad enough for all of us without them constantly keeping an eye on me.?

    She frowned at his comment. There was definitely something more to Hoth than what she?d been able to find through her research. ?What?s so significant about Hoth? I mean, I know the battle was bad ? everyone in the New Republic military knows that ? but I don?t understand why you and Wes, and Tycho and Wedge are acting like this.?

    ?It?s a long story, Inyri.?

    ?Fine.? She stood to go throw out her trash. She was getting tired of being brushed aside. She wasn?t normally a nosy person, but when something had one of her squadron mates ? one of her friends, though she admittedly wasn?t that close with the older members of the squadron ? drowning himself in a bottle of ale, she wanted to know about it.

    ?Sit down, Inyri,? Hobbie said wearily. ?Or rather, come with me.? He rose slowly, trying to ignore the pounding in his head and failing. ?Sithspit,? he groaned.

    ?Your head?? she asked.

    He nodded. ?Funny how every time you go to pick up a bottle of something you forget how bad it felt last time.?

    Inyri had to laugh. ?Come on, you?re a pilot, you can handle it.?

    ?Ten years ago I could. It felt like all we did on Hoth ? before the battle anyway ? was go on patrol, drink, and play sabacc.?

    ?That?s not so bad.? Inyri enjoyed playing sabacc with the boys. She could hold her own, and hold her liquor as well.

    ?No,? he agreed. ?But the rest of it ? from a few days before the battle, really ? pretty much obliterates any of the good parts. Not to mention the fact that we were drinking all the time because it was the easiest way to keep warm.? They stopped walking to discard their cold caf and Hobbie?s uneaten breakfast, and then left the cafeteria.

    Inyri followed him back to his quarters and waited as he let her inside. ?I know you want to know what?s going on, and I remember something along the line of being really short with you last night, though my brain is still kind of foggy, and I?m hoping that Wes?ll take pity on me for that and doesn?t try to make my head explode.?

    ?He seemed pretty concerned last night, so I don?t think you have much to worry about. Unless he decides it?s his duty to cheer you up, in which case you might want to hide in here all day.?

    ?Yeah.? He paused. ?I owe you for last night.?

    She was on her feet quickly. ?I don?t want you talking to me just because you feel indebted to me. No thanks.? She headed for the door, but he caught her arm, despite the fact that the quick movement made his head spin.

    Inyri saw him sway as he reached for her and stepped toward him to steady him. ?Sit down, Hobbie. I?m not exactly used to men falling at my feet. Other than Wes. But I?m not sure I should label him as a man. Child is more appropriate.?

    ?Don?t be so hard on Wes,? Hobbie defended the other man. ?It?s just his way of dealing with things. If he didn?t joke around, he?d probably go crazy.?

    ?So instead of him going crazy, he drives all of us crazy??

    ?Exactly.? Hobbie managed a wan smile. They were both quiet for a minute. Finally, Hobbie brought their conversation back to where they?d been before she?d tried to leave. ?How much do you know about Hoth??

    ?I know that the Al
  10. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Another post...let's see how long I can keep this pace up for.

    Chapter 4, Part 1

    The Corellian Corvette arrived exactly on time the following day, along with a freighter that Wedge found very familiar. ?What?s the name of that freighter?? he asked one of the bridge officers.

    The lieutenant glanced at a screen. ?Ice Princess, sir.?

    Tycho laughed. ?That?s appropriate on so many levels.?

    The woman glanced at him, confused, but was reassured by the looks of confusion on Hobbie and Janson?s faces. ?Excuse me, sir??

    ?Yeah, Tych, what are you talking about??

    ?Well, there?s the fact that we?re headed to Hoth. Then there?s the fact that I can think of a good many people who would describe Mara Jade that way.?

    ?Mara?s here?? Hobbie asked, his voice apprehensive. Generally, whenever anyone they were associated with ran into Mara, trouble followed very quickly. Very quickly. And, as far as he was concerned, this mission was headed for enough trouble on its own, without any help from outsiders.

    ?It would seem,? Wedge replied. He turned to the lieutenant. ?I want to talk to that ship?s captain.?

    ?She?ll be docking momentarily, sir. You can meet her in the hangar.? Wedge thanked the lieutenant and left, followed by the others.

    By the time they reached the hangar, Mara had already docked and was inside. Her flight suit was folded down to her waist, but carefully positioned so she had easy access to her blaster. ?Antilles,? she greeted Wedge, nodding to the others. ?Don?t look so happy to see me.?

    ?I would be happy to see you, except that trouble seems to follow you everywhere you go.?

    ?No, trouble follows Skywalker around. I only just happen to be the unlucky one who?s with him whenever it finds him,? she retorted as they shook hands.

    ?What brings you here, Mara?? Wedge asked.

    ?I have cargo for your friends on that blasted ball of ice.?

    Wes smirked. ?I hope you brought warmer clothes than that, Mara.?

    ?I hope they space you, Janson,? she shot back.

    Wedge ignored their spat. ?Have you been out there, yet?? When she nodded he asked, ?Who?s on-planet?? He hated having to ask her, but Cracken had refused to tell him, for some reason.

    Mara kept her face carefully blank. He?d find out for himself soon enough EXACTLY who was there. ?The regional director, a woman, Colonel Keyra Nitram, is running the base.?

    Wedge groaned, visions of Adumar dancing through his mind, and she looked at him curiously. ?What??

    Hobbie stifled a laugh at his CO. ?The last time we ran into one of Intel?s RD?s, we all nearly ended up dead. And then Wedge ran a civil war.?

    ?Ah, yes, Adumar. I?d forgotten. Well, if it makes you feel any better, your fiancé is down there, too.? Wedge looked relieved at that, but still nervous just the same.

    * * * * *

    The trip out to Hoth, though long, was uneventful. Entering the base was the part that Wedge was most concerned about. As he walked through the strange yet familiar corridors of the restored Echo Base, memories assaulted him every time he turned a corner. He remembered the nights of sabacc that had nearly led Tycho to give up the game forever, and the tense night that they?d all spent waiting in his quarters until morning came so that they could go looking for Luke and Solo. He thought about the afternoon General Riekaan had told him and Tycho about Jesina?s death, and the night they broke their own drinking records trying to forget about that afternoon.

    Voices dragged him out of his thoughts. ?Keyra, Jade?s staying the night. Where do you want her??

    ?Anywhere where I can keep an eye on her. I wasn?t born yesterday. She and Kaarde aren?t helping us out of the goodness of their hearts.?

    When Wedge heard the voice, he stopped short, half a meter away from walking into the woman, who?d been walking backward as she talked. She, however, didn?t stop, walking right into him. ?Oh!? she exclaimed.

    She started to turn. ?I?m so?? But she froze, the apology dying in her throat. ?Sithspit.?

    Wedge stared at
  11. CapNJaxWench

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    Jul 4, 2004
    I've only read the first two chapters so far, but I'm impressed. Good work!
  12. -thor-

    -thor- Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 15, 2002
    Why do I think I know who was the person Wedge bumped into? ;)
  13. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    CapNJaxWench Glad you like it...Keep reading.

    Claps for Thor. Aren't my clues oh so subtle?

    And I'd love it if someone could read my story, "A New Path." It's on the Saga board, and it's about Tycho going from and Imperial to a Rogue. I'd really appreciate some feedback. The link is in my profile.


  14. -thor-

    -thor- Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 15, 2002
    As subtle as a drunken Bantha on a tightrope. :p [face_laugh]
  15. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    And, the rest of Chapter 4.

    Chapter 4, Part 2

    Wedge stared at her. He couldn?t think of anything to say. Her athletic figure was hidden under layers of warm clothing, and her dark brown hair was cut shorter than he?d seen it last, just brushing her shoulders. There were a few more lines on her face than he remembered ? but years at war would do that to a person. The fire in her green eyes was, however, exactly as he remembered.

    After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, she was the one who finally spoke. You?ve done very well for yourself, Wedge.?

    ?You too, Jesina. Or should I be calling you Keyra?? There was little he could think of to say to a woman whose ship was supposed to have been blown out of space more than fifteen years ago ? with her still on board.

    ?It doesn?t really matter. Jesina is fine. I?ve come to miss my own name. No one knows me that way anymore.?

    ?That could be because you?re supposed to be dead.? He waved his hand dismissively. ?It?s just a theory, but?.?

    She sighed, dropping into a chair and resting her chin on her hands. Looking up at him she said softly, ?I promise you that I have an explanation, Wedge.?

    ?I certainly hope so.?

    ?Will you listen??

    ?Of course. This should, at the very least, be an interesting story.? He couldn?t keep the bitterness out of his voice. He sat in the other chair in the office which, reminiscent of the Alliance, was an ejection seat out of an x-wing.

    ?The attack on me at Belsavis was real. By that time the Empire ? in the form of the ship Tycho had been stationed on ? knew the name of the person ? and the freighter ? that had helped him defect, and they were watching me. Somehow, they intercepted my flight plans and arranged to get the drop on me. They thought they had me, but they didn?t account for the fact that I store in the computer microjumps out of any system I plan to jump into.?

    Wedge nodded. Jesina had an incredibly advanced astronavigation system installed in her ship. It was a great precaution, especially for someone in her business.

    ?I jumped out under fire, and the Nightwind took a beating, leaving behind enough debris for an overzealous Captain to convince himself that they?d destroyed me.?

    ?So you decided to stay dead??

    ?I wish it had been my decision to make,? she said. This time, she was the one who was bitter.

    Wedge frowned. ?What do you mean??

    ?I hit my head ? hard ? when they opened fire on him. And because I was on a classified assignment, everything identifying me ? or my ship ? had been eliminated. I was broadcasting a false ID for the ship, and I had no identification on me at all. So when I lost my memory?? she trailed off.

    ?There was no way for you to find out who you were.?


    ?You obviously have your memory back now,? Wedge pointed out.

    ?Yes. I regained it back a few years ago. But I?ll get to that. After the jump, I set down on Belsavis. And later I found out something Cracken had never told me ? he tracked me. And when I set down on Belsavis instead of Sullust, he knew something was wrong. So he came after me.?

    ?What did Cracken have to do with any of this?? Wedge asked. Even then, Cracken had been high up in Alliance Intelligence ? and a thorn in the Rogues? side.

    ?I was already working for Intel. That?s a long story, and one I don?t feel like telling right now.?

    He nodded. He didn?t particularly like the answer, but he didn?t have much choice.

    She stared at her hands. ?It didn?t take him long to find me. I mean, I wasn?t hiding or anything. Force!? she sighed. ?I didn?t even know I had a reason to hide. Anyway, he told me who I was ? even showed me a holo taken with you, Wes, Tycho, and Hobbie. But I just couldn?t remember. And a doctor told him not to push me. So Cracken gave me a new identity and listed Jesina Dreis as killed-in-action.?

    ?How did you regain your memory?? Wedge asked her.

    ?There was a special thing on the news commemorating Alderaan. And on it they profiled two Rebel heroes from A
  16. Smuggler_Shidakis

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    Jul 26, 2004

  17. TheCrazyRodian

    TheCrazyRodian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 3, 2004
    This is really good. I'm very, very interested.
  18. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Smuggler: Glad you think so. Hopefully I can keep it interesting for you

    CrazyRodian: Thank you. Keep reading!
  19. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Chapter 5

    After his conversation with Jesina ? Keyra, he reminded himself, at least for now ? Wedge headed back to the hangar. Tycho had commed him to tell him that they?d found Iella, and he was looking forward to seeing her ? and to finding out how much she knew about Jesina. ?Keyra,? he corrected himself, saying the name out loud, as if that would cause it to make enough sense to actually stay in his brain.

    He caught sight of his pilots and approached them slowly, wondering how to do this. He glanced around for Iella as he walked, and saw that she was talking to Mara ? who, apparently, Keyra didn?t trust very much. When Mara glanced in his direction, he waved them over.

    He reached into his flightsuit pocket and pulled out his datapad. After bringing up a certain image, he handed it to Iella. ?Do you recognize her??

    Iella nodded. ?It?s Keyra Nitram,? she answered, giving Wedge a strange look. Then she glanced at Tycho, who had walked around the little group and was looking over her shoulder. ?I thought you said you didn?t know her.?

    Tycho?s jaw dropped. ?I?that?s?we?? he broke off, giving up.

    ?What Tycho is so aptly saying,? Wes clarified, ?is that you?re crazy. They?s Jesina Dreis, not Keyra Nitram.?

    Mara rolled her eyes. Antilles had figured it out but, from the expressions the others were wearing, everyone else was being a little slow. You?re both right.?

    All eyes turned to her. ?You knew about this?? Wedge asked.

    She shrugged. ?How much is there that goes on that Karrde doesn?t know about? Come on. He spends a lot of time in the Outer Rim territories. It?s in his best interests to know the regional intelligence head ? and her history.?

    Wedge frowned. He might have guessed. ?Why didn?t you say anything??

    She took a sip of the caf in her hand. ?Whatever her reasons for staying hidden, they?re her business, not mine. Until she makes me mad, anyway.?

    ?So why did you say anything now?? Iella asked.

    Mara rolled her eyes once again. She found that she did that a lot around these people. ?Because the fact that Wedge asked you about her ? and wasn?t the least bit surprised by your response ? makes it obvious that he already knows. Which means the secret is out.?

    Hobbie just shook his head. ?You guys have succeeded in confusing the Sith out of me.?

    ?Big surprise,? Wes muttered.

    Hobbie scowled at him. ?And I suppose this all makes sense to you, right??

    ?Oh, yeah. Jesina died over ten years ago, but she didn?t really die, just became someone else, and now she works with her former best friends? girlfriends, doing the bidding of the man who lives to make us all miserable. Yeah, perfect sense,? Wes retorted.

    Wedge held up his hand. ?Cool it. She?ll explain everything later but,? he turned to face his XO, ?she wants to talk to you now. She?s waiting in her office ? it?s where Riekkan?s used to be.? When Tycho hesitated, he nodded his head toward the doorway. ?Go on.?

    * * * * *

    Tycho approached the office that had once belonged to General Rieekan slowly. What was he supposed to say to a woman who had been his best friend ? the one constant in his life ? who had let him believe she was dead for more than a decade? He wasn?t sure he even wanted to speak to her. Wedge had suggested that Jesina had an explanation, but he wasn?t sure he wanted to hear it. He wasn?t sure that any explanation would be enough.

    He held his hand up to the door for a full minute before actually knocking. When he heard her voice, still familiar despite the number of years that had passed, he froze. He must have stood there longer than he realized, because she finally came to the door and opened it herself, looking to see who was there. The door slid open and he found himself staring into her deep green eyes. ?Sith.?

    ?Well, I didn?t think I was that terrible,? she joked, but didn?t elicit so much as a smirk from Tycho.

    There were two sides to Tycho Celchu. The side that people like Wedge saw was passionate, had a sense of humor, and was kind
  20. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Chapter 6

    When Wedge walked into the briefing room where Tycho had assembled the Rogues, he was surprised to see that they were all sitting quietly. There was none of the animated conversation that usually characterized squadron briefings, and he wondered why.

    A slight motion caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He looked and saw Tycho nod to him, and then followed the Aleraanian?s gaze to the side of the room. Wes was next to Hobbie, leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. He had fixed someone with a deadly glare. Wedge didn?t have to look to know who.

    But he did look just the same, and saw Jesina ? Keyra, he corrected himself ? standing in the back of the room. She was talking to Iella, but her eyes were fixed on Tycho. Wedge sighed. This was going to be so much fun.

    ?All right, I?ll make this quick.? He waited until everyone was looking in his direction to continue. Everyone but Wes, at least, who was still glaring at Keyra. He made a mental note to see if Tycho knew what that was all about. He couldn?t see Wes being angrier with her than he and Tycho were. ?First, I want to introduce the Regional Intelligence Director and acting Base Commander, Colonel Keyra Nitram.? He motioned to the back and she took a step forward, raised her hand slightly, and stepped back. ?She?s been with the Alliance since Yavin, and was with us on Hoth.?

    ?Now, as you?ve probably figured out by now, we don?t have a whole lot to do here, unless things come to a head. I?m putting us on modified alert until and unless we get word that something?s happening. Comlinks on and with you at all times. You don?t leave the base without letting Tycho or I know where you?re going; you don?t leave the base alone, and, for the next week, you don?t leave the base without being accompanied by myself, Tycho, Janson or Hobbie. The restrictions on leaving the base are more because this is Hoth than because of any alert status. This isn?t the most inhospitable planet in the galaxy, but it?s close. The average temperature during the day is thirty below. There are predators outside the base that blend in with the snow; trust me when I say I?ve seen a victim after an attack and you don?t want to find yourself in that position. Also, no one leaves after the shield doors close. And, on another note, no unapproved transmissions off the planet. We?re not supposed to be here, and we don?t want anyone picking up on the fact that we are here.?

    He paused. Sadly, this next part needed to be said. That was to be expected from pilots, though. ?As for drinking, I?m not going to say you have to freeze to death out her on the back side of nowhere and never have a drink ? especially considering we went through more than our share of Whyren?s here the first time around. Plus, it?s a good way to keep warm while still keeping the walls intact,? he said with a grin, and waited until the snickering died down. But I do expect it to be kept to a minimum.? He glanced surreptitiously at Hobbie.

    Now the chatter started and Wedge sighed, tempted to just walk out and see how long it took them to notice that he was no longer there. He had almost decided to try that tack when Tycho, who?d been standing behind him and to his left, spoke. ?Just a few more minutes, please.? There was a strange, strained quality to his voice, and Wedge realized that the Keyra issue was taking a greater toll on the other man than he?d thought.

    Wedge took over the briefing again. ?Tycho?s going to come up with a patrol roster. Since we?re the only squadron here, we?re going to do patrols by flights. We?re going to rely primarily on our fighters, since the snow speeders are two-person craft ? pilot and gunner,? he clarified for those who had never used the vehicles before. ?We?ll do one in the morning, one in the evening, unless something gives us reason to step them up.?

    ?I actually already have it worked out,? Tycho said. ?One flight would take first patrol except for the fact that Wedge and I have some work
  21. Sephrenia

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    Just like to say this is an interesting story... keep it up!
  22. TheCrazyRodian

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    I second that. This is a great story. I'm gonna keep up with it.
  23. -thor-

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    *spreads anti-stress spray*

    Too many tense people there :p ;)
  24. Jesina_Dreis

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    Sephrenia Glad you like it :) Thanks for the support

    CrazyRodian It's nice to have regular readers. Keeps me on track. I'll do my best to keep up with it too.

    Thor Tense? Tense? You ain't seen nothing yet. I don't think, anyway...
    (Want tense, read my other story, A New Path...I'd love your input)

    More to come...

  25. Jesina_Dreis

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    Chapter 7

    Inyri, Corran and Gavin were walking with Wes, Hobbie, Myn Donos and Teril Seylien as they headed to the hangar for patrol. Inyri glanced outside. ?I can?t get over how everything is such pure white.? She glanced back at the pilots in their orange New Republic flight suits and laughed. ?You guys will certainly stand out.? She paused, seeing a strange look on Hobbie?s face. He was looking in the same direction she had been, but he didn?t seem to actually be looking AT anything. ?Hobbie?? she asked, touching his arm. His breathing was shallow, and he didn?t appear to notice her. ?Hobbie?? she asked again. Getting no response, she called to Wes. ?Janson!?

    * * * * *

    Hobbie stared out at the snow. He could see the walkers coming at them as if it was happening now rather than a decade ago. He heard Luke?s voice saying that he?d lost his gunner, and telling Wedge to take the shot. He heard Janson?s voice, and Luke?s shout as he went down. He heard more comm chatter, bits and pieces from the base that slipped through as the Imperials entered.

    He heard people talking around him, thought he heard his name once or twice, but none of it seemed to register. He saw again the walkers and the speeders, saw the hit that Luke took that cost Dack his life, saw Luke go down, heard Luke yell his name?

    Everything came to him in flashes. No actual scenes played out in his mind. Sentences were cut off, his mind skipping on to something else before the memory came to an end. He could almost feel the hands on his arms pulling him out of the downed speeder. But he hadn?t been awake to feel that the first time around?

    * * * * *

    Wes, who?d started to walk on toward his fighter, stopped when he heard the urgency in her voice. ?What?? he turned back and saw the others clustered around the Raltiirian. ?What happened??

    ?I don?t know. He looked outside, and went practically catatonic.?

    Corran?s eyes were closed and his hand was on Hobbie?s shoulder. He opened his eyes and glanced at Wes. ?I can sense fear, but nothing solid.?

    Wes gently moved Teril out of the way. Hobbie had done this earlier, but he hadn?t seemed to be this bad. He faced Hobbie, placing his hands on his friend?s shoulders. He shook him lightly, then more firmly. ?Hobbs, come on. Snap out of it.?

    After a moment, Hobbie slowly blinked and seemed to focus on Wes? face. ?I?what happened??

    ?You pretty much blacked out standing up. You all right??

    ?Uh, yeah. I?m fine. I just, I was remembering is all. Kind of hit me all of a sudden. I?m all right. Let?s go.? He shifted his helmet to his other hand and started to walk, anxious to forget the episode, but stopped when Inyri grabbed him. He turned back to her, frowning.

    ?The hell you?re fine!? she exclaimed, exasperated. ?You aren?t, and you?re not flying like this.?

    ?Inyri, I am fine. It?s just strange being back.?

    She scowled. Sure he was. He?d be fine until he froze up again and went through a repeat of his last stay on Hoth. ?Looking out at the snow made you freeze. How do you know the same thing won?t happen once you?re in the air??

    He shivered involuntarily. He was probably thinking the same thing she just had been. Good, she thought, as he said, ?It won?t.?

    ?Hobbs, I think she?s right. Why don?t you sit this one out?? Wes suggested.

    ?And give Wedge and Tycho one more thing to worry about? No thanks.? The last thing he wanted was for them to be watching him constantly. As it was, he?d caught the look Wedge had shot him during the briefing, when he?d told them all not to get drunk.

    Donos nudged Wes and something passed, unsaid, between them. ?They don?t have to know,? he said.

    Janson nodded and pointed at Gavin and Corran. ?One of you two can fly for him, and the other can talk to the rest of the Rogues about keeping Wedge and Tycho away from the hangar, and away from the command station.?

    ?I don?t know?? Gavin said slowly. He didn?t like the sound of this.

    Donos shook his head. ?Don?t worry about it,
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