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Discussion in 'Raleigh, NC' started by Bearleft, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Bearleft Jedi Youngling

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    Apr 16, 2005
    On the offchance anyone else is hunting the Burger King toys, the Glenwood Ave/Hwy 70 one up around Wal-Mart is a good place to start. They don't have the current week's toys, but they've got a lot of oldies if you missed any. And when Mom and I went by today, they mentioned they have one of the hard-to-find Vader/Anakin toys. We've both got one, so it should probably still be there. As of tonight, they've also got:

    Han, Luke, Padme, R2, Maul, Yoda, Emperor, and I'm not sure about the vehicles.

    Mom's been really enthusiastic about these and found out that they usually get their new shipments on Tuesdays with about 4 Vaders per restaurant per week.

    As vegetarians, the trips to BK are getting harder and harder for us. :) But only 3 more weeks to go. (Hallelujah)

  2. MyLoveAnakin Jedi Youngling

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    May 31, 2005
    Thanks! I've had some luck at the BK at Hwy 70 and Miami Blvd. So far I've gotten from them

    X-Wing Fighter, Emperor, Padme, R2D2, Yoda, Jawa, Obi-Wan, Jar Jar, Darth Maul

    I only go about once a week though.
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