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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rally_Fan_84, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    The world is not safe.

    [link=]Audio Sample Zulu-444[/link]

    Many people believe they can tell you this. They watch the news and know of the extremist terrorist groups, the renegade governments with more firepower than common sense, the soldiers for hire with no moral compasses or conciseness, or the runaway corporate conglomerates that raid and abuse the natural resources of the planet.
    They watch the news, the political commentary, nod their heads, then go to sleep at night in their beds, with the false reassurance that though things are degenerating around the world, things are safe and sound wherever they live.
    What 99% of the world does not realize is that at any given moment, the entire world is in varying degrees of jeopardy.

    In this age of information, there is not one person item or service that is completely off-limits, available to any and all who are willing to pay the price for it. A persons secrets, transgressions, and vulnerabilities can be bought and exploited, effectively turning them into slaves to those who paid for the information. Top secret items and equipment can be utilized to obtain shipping access rights by force, with the blame being placed on the nation of origin rather than the perpetrators. Any person in the world can be owned or killed through leverage, regardless of their security or notoriety.

    Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, individuals and groups that work to shape the world to their own image do exist. These entities have the means and willpower to pay the price for anything they deem useful for their causes many times over. Conventional and even unconventional national organizations rarely if ever are aware of these entities, not only a consequence of being bogged down by more "conventional" threats, but also due to the usurpers' masterful usage of things such as philanthropy, technology and research, bureaucracy, and chaos as cloaks and masks.

    At this point, every individual who comes into this knowledge either through personal victimization or happenstance asks the same question:
    "Is there any hope?"

    Yes, there is hope.

    [link=]Audio Sample Echo-10123[/link]

    On April 25, 1945, the United Nations Charter was ratified by the United Nations Security Council. 19 Chapters of international law and codes that never came with a binding clause or a policing agency. While the world largely considers the United Nations out of touch and ineffective, they would not say so if the public were aware of the April 26 meeting.
    On that day, the Security Council members, along with the directors of their foreign intelligence services, met in a sealed conference to ratify Chapter 20.

    Chapter 20 instituted and formed the Extra National Intelligence Service, or ENIS. Tasked primarily with information intelligence, it has been their task to watch the world for threats that have no face and that go beyond borders, that threaten not only regional stability but world stability in general. Though optimally dissecting then disseminating information to national intelligence agencies who take action, occasionally a crisis presents itself that requires more direct action.

    To that end, field agents are recruited from around the globe. While not the most prolific case closers or most decorated, they are selected for their mindset, an ability to put the well being of the world at large ahead of any national interest, and to go to any lengths to ensure that a mission is seen through to its end, whatever it may be.

    Welcome to the only line of defense against the raging floodwaters. As of now you are above top-secret, blacker than black operations, and as far as anybody else knows you do not exist as an agent of your parent agency, as a traffic cop, as any sort of intelligence or law enforcement or security agent.
    Forget what you think you know, dismiss any limits you think you have and be prepared to go anywhere at any time.

    And remember this: The world is depending on you, ev
  2. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    What year is this taking place?
  3. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    See above AMNDRAG_01

    Ok I can see I omitted a crucial detail.

    The year in which this will start will be 2011.

    Also, I probably shouldn't have to point this out but all Character Sheets will be submitted to me for consideration, not posted here, like your questions.

    Again, my apologies for not posting the time in which this takes place!
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