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Beyond - Legends Blackened Faith (J/J, Fel Empire, conflict, drama) [SITH_MAYO] Up 09/29 Skywalkers back? Peace .?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Jade_eyes: Glad ya liked the backstory.. trying hard not to give it all away atm.[face_nail_biting]Exactly, Luke isn't a coward.. just fed up of Jedi responsibility and backlash.[face_frustrated] In this I think Luke has put his family 1st.. hopefully he can regain confidence in his Jedi destiny again and keep his family safe.:) Thanks!

    Jedi_Lover: Cheers!:D

    LexiLupin: Aha! The Solos will be making an appearance soon...[face_batting] Thanks, well, I think the Yuuzhan Vong are one of the most brilliant enemies created in SWU.. and it does annoy me that after the awesomeness of NJO series that they were kinda dropped so casually.. :rolleyes: In this you'll see some for sure.. they are up to trouble. More coming shortly..;)

    Exploded-Girl: Hey! You'll get how Jacen and Dakota escaped some time later.:p Thank you, fitting in some backstory was tricky, especially figuring out what to say and leave out.. for now.;)

    SiouxFan: Glad ya liked that bit of backstory..:) Don't worry your fine lol.. I understand what ya mean tho, Luke's idea to privatize Jedi was tad extreme but he was reacting to a situation out of his control already and their reaction in return was understandable.. Needless to say tho they are both being played. [face_laugh] I lik the blaming PR people idea.. but perhaps they're being puppet-erred/controlled too???[face_whistling] In the SWU the Jedi don't get an easy ride.. I'm hoping by end of this one we'll get exactly wot ya said Jedi 'explaining what they do' properly..[face_mischief] with some great action of course!

    ccp: Thanks! [face_blush] We'll be seeing Han and Leia soon and we'll get their view on things and Jaina's imperial links..
  2. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Tags: @Ceillean @Jade_eyes @LexiLupin @Jedi_Lover @pinkpearl89

    Next.. Meet another Skywalker..:D


    [Outer Rim. Lok. Inis Settlement.]

    Alone, he stood outside a hut. The sand whispered along the ground, ever changing its shape and trail with the light wind, teasing at his feet. It was a chilly breeze, fresh on the skin, not yet heated by the sun.

    With tired bright blue eyes the young man glimpsed at the early morning brightness and paused. Slowly the tip of the sun had begun to rise over the desert dunes, pushing back the darkness replacing it with radiant warmth once more.

    Sighing, Ben Skywalker closed his eyes and savoured the peace.

    For a split second he could relax and take in the simple joy of a sunrise. It was quiet. There was no pain, sorrow or anger. And for that moment there were no conflicting thoughts. Just the dawn and its heat stretching out across the dusty world.

    With a shudder, he snapped out of the trance and opened his eyes.

    Dressed in simple brown boots, white khakis, a cream tunic with long sleeves and a hood, Ben made his way about the settlement. As he strolled through the camp he heard voices, movement and clattering of other beings stirring. Several of them nodded to him as he passed. Twisting and turning through the small clusters of cabins, he finally came to the largest rectangular hut of all.

    He entered the make-do-hospital with a heavy heart.

    This small community were a group of refugees. Beings that had been abused, by both Republicans and Imperials alike. Over the last three months, Ben had travelled discreetly throughout the Outer Rim, helping those in need and trying to avoid all detection.

    It had been two weeks since he’d discovered this small shanty town. He’d offered his services, given a fake name and kept quiet. He didn’t want anyone to know his true identity. If they did, they would all be put at risk. Skywalker was a name that attracted violence and death.

    “Owen!” A tiny slip of a boy greeted from a bed in the corner.

    A genuine smile graced Ben’s lips as he walked over. Nine years of age, he was an adorable lad with brown curly hair and vivid green eyes, with such light in his gaze despite the ill-fated harshness he’d suffered.

    Ben had adopted the name Owen Olos to hide himself from ever stalking trouble.

    “Good morning, Zacha.” Ben sat on the edge of his bed, “How are you feeling?”

    Two days ago, the poor boy had had both of his lower legs amputated just above the knees. He had been heavily beaten by Republican military forces. The swine had taken turns hitting Zacha’s thin legs with anything of weight, severely mangling them to the point of shattered and useless.

    “Much better today, although …” Zacha’s face turned gloomy as he glanced down at what was left of his legs.

    “Although … what?”

    “Feels like they’re still there. In my mind, ya know? Like I still can wiggle my toes. Silly I know. Just freaky is all ...”

    Ben felt the boy’s misery rip through him. He was so dejected, vulnerable and alone. The injustice of it was not lost on him.

    Part of Skywalker was livid, fuming, wishing to go out into the galaxy to rid the universe of such atrocity, wanting revenge. Another side held calm, reassuring and remained committed to the thought of aiding these people. He couldn’t go venturing for vengeance. Healing was his way now. He couldn’t do both.

    “We’ll get you new legs, little man. You’ll be able to walk, I promise you.” It was the only encouraging words he had but Ben hated that he didn’t have anything better to say.

    “But I won’t have toes.”

    Embarrassed, Zacha gazed up at him with teary eyes.

    Forcing a cocky smile he didn’t truly feel, Ben ruffled the boy’s curls and answered,
    “Then we’ll have to find some new ones that do, won’t we?”

    A tiny glow came back to Zacha’s eyes,
    “Do you really think we can find some Owen?”

    Shrugging as nonchalantly as possible, Ben spoke positively,
    “They make arms with hands and fingers, why can’t you have toes?”

    “I’d like that.” Zacha’s lips turned into a quirky grin as he added with new optimism, “Maybe I could get rockets put in the bottom of my feet so I could fly anytime I wanted. That would be astral!”

    Then Ben did laugh, startling himself.

    “Oh I see, you want to get new legs that allow you to fly, so you don’t ever have to walk, huh?”

    “Think of all the time I’ll save.” Winked the boy.

    “You’re full of mad ideas, kid.”

    Several beds along a man began to cough and splutter, gradually getting worse with each gasp.

    Inclining his head to his young friend, Ben moved to see if he could help.

    The elderly gentleman wheezed for air. Without thought Ben leaned over to inspect him, not just visually but also by scanning with the Force. After a quick glimpse over his shoulder to make sure other medical staff were busy, he placed his right hand over the man’s chest and allowed the Force to flow through him.

    With the spirit, strength and power of the Force, he concentrated. Sensing tension in certain muscles, he pushed a soothing warm energy from his hand to will the ligaments to loosen slightly. He could not see the cause of the problem, as he was not a fully trained doctor, but for now he could ease the man’s painful tension.

    Instantly the gentleman settled down. Blinking up at Skywalker warily he took a few deep breaths. As Ben waved one of the doctors over, the stranger caught his wrist and muttered thanks. Compassionately Ben patted the man’s shoulder then allowed a professional to take a proper look at him.

    With his basic medical training and hidden Force-healing talent, Ben went about his rounds. He checked his patients thoroughly, making them as comfortable as possible, talking to take their minds of the agony and giving prescribed medicines where required.

    Late afternoon a blue male rodian, called Leeko, rushed into the hospice,
    “Owen! With me!”

    Intrigued Ben followed his friend out the hunt,
    “What is it?”

    Agitated, Leeko kept walking briskly, tapping his blaster against his leg as he did.
    “A stranger has arrived.”

    That explained the anxiety.

    As Ben kept pace, he noticed other beings with weapons beginning to follow them through the winding gaps between the shacks. From the back of his trousers, Ben retrieved his black blaster. He didn’t have a lightsaber anymore, that weapon alone would bring condemnation.

    As they reached the outskirts of the camp at least thirty companions had joined them. Side by side they all stopped and looked out into the almost empty desert.

    Ten feet away, sat on a beaten up speeder bike, was a young woman.

    She was plainly dressed in a cream coloured tunic, with matching trousers, leg and wrist wraps, black boots and a white head scarf.

    His gut twisted. The moment Ben laid eyes on the newcomer he knew who she was. He had tried so hard to forget those stunningly perceptive dark eyes. Eyes that still haunted his hopeful dreams.

    “What do you want?” Leeko barked.

    Casually she replied,
    “Nothing. And everything.”

    “No riddles.” The rodian raised his pistol, “Speak, while I let you.”

    Slowly, she took her heavy rug sack from her slim shoulders and threw it to the ground between them. It landed with a thud.

    Begrudgingly she held up her hands in a gesture of peaceful submission.
    “There’s medicine and rations, take whatever you want.”

    “And in return you want what?”

    “Well, for starters, you to lower the blaster.” Her attentive gaze found Ben’s as she added quietly, “I only require an audience with a certain someone, once spoken to I’ll leave. I give my word.”

    “Deal. The offer to stay is twenty-four hours max, understand? You leave tomorrow this time at latest.”

    When she nodded Leeko ordered two guys to check her for weapons. They found nothing.

    “Who is it you’re after?”

    Before she could speak, Ben chimed in abruptly,
    “She wants me.”

    Dubiously Leeko looked between the two and waited.

    With her heart racing, she got off her bike and strolled towards him.

    She hadn’t seen him for months. There had been no contact. It had been a terrible separation. One she desperately wanted an explanation for. Despite the ragged need to rush to him, to hold and kiss him passionately, she forced herself to take calm steps.

    Just inches apart she stood before him.

    Wearing a face of cool she didn’t feel, she said frankly,
    “We need to talk.”

    Mutely Ben gestured for her to walk with him.

    In silence she followed.
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Ben with Zacah -- sweet and touching. I just wanna hug both of them, tight. And Ben with his to-be-cleared up misunderstanding, looking forward to that talk and the ensuing mush. ;) I am quite obsessed/compulsive about mush, [face_dancing] :)

    On a character note, I can so see Ben doing what he's doing, caring about people, as inconspicuously as possible. Takes after his Pop that way. :D
  4. ccp

    ccp Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 29, 2005
    Awesome. Well written and good characterizations.
  5. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Jade_eyes: So glad ya liked Zacha & Ben's convo.. Don't worry Ben & his mysterious woman have much to talk about and mush is likely to follow..;) (I'm getting quite addicted to mush too atm..) That's how I saw Ben too, wanting to help in any way possible.. Cheers!:D

    ccp: Thank you [face_blush]

    Coming up next... Her Imperial Highness... Jaina Solo Fel. :cool:
  6. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Ceillean Jade_eyes LexiLupin Jedi_Lover pinkpearl89

    (want off tags just say ;) .. )

    Here.. we find Her Imperial Highness Jaina Solo Fel and more ...


    [Inner Rim. On board the Prodigy.]

    Flashing red lights blurred her vision. Deafening sirens droned. All combined it made her feel awfully sick. But that was most probably the drugs and fatigue.

    Drowsily Jaina stirred. Her heavy eyelids lifted fully to take in the surroundings. Alarms were flashing and beeping continuously. The buzzing echoed in her fragile mind with a shattering ache she couldn’t shake. She tried to lift her head but the effort made her tremble.

    She glimpsed around.

    The room was full of medical equipment, monitors and machines. She appeared to be the only person there.

    Jaina attempted to move. Her muscles protested. They were stiff and leaden from lack of nourishment and exercise. They didn’t respond well. Though still extremely intoxicated she began to panic. Her body was too weak and her mind a haze. She didn’t remember the last time she’d awakened clear-headed and sure of herself. That frightened her.

    Sluggishly she managed to lift her right wrist only an inch before the cuffs restrained any further progress. Glancing down Jaina realised she was shackled to the bed by her wrists and ankles.

    It was then she saw the tubes connected to her arms and bruises from needle punctures along her skin.

    Awkwardly she squirmed at her restraints, feebly rebelling against them, despite the knowledge that she was physically no match. With a stabbing headache and teary eyes she let out a sob of despair. For one horrid second Jaina allowed the terror to fill her senses, till every muscle flinched and bile began to climb her throat.

    She looked back down at herself.

    Her stomach was flat.

    Her dry lips trembled with the urge to shriek in shock.

    She was meant to be pregnant. Her stomach had once been large and round. It had been so close to the birth. Twins. She was meant to have had twins.

    Brokenly Jaina wailed.

    Her cry resonated throughout the empty room. It was full of heartache and denial. Her wretched sobs turned quieter as tear after tear fell. In a hopeless attempt to be close in some way to her children, she tugged against the restraints and tried to touch her stomach. Her shaky fingertips barely managed the contact. She knew they weren’t there. But she needed to touch where they had once been safe.

    Crying under the flashing lights, Jaina lied there a moment shaking with grief.

    After several deep breaths she calmed just enough to focus. Reaching out with the Force she briefly scanned the area, ship and situation. This vessel was under attack, being boarded, there was a lot of commotion.

    Something familiar flickered fleetingly. Too confused to figure it all out, Jaina ignored it. Drawing back to herself she used the Force to examine the cuffs holding her.

    It was difficult to keep concentration with the sirens, lights, chaos and soul-crushing sorrow weighing upon her dreary mind.

    Biting hard on her lower lip, Jaina doggedly kept trying to undo the cuffs with a helping nudge from the Force. The first attempt did nothing. A few minutes later a cuff on her ankle unlocked. That little victory motivated her.

    Her right wrist was next to become free.

    As she concentrated on the others, she heard a disturbance outside the room. Blaster fire and shouts of orders were muffled behind the door. Praying for rescuers, Jaina reached out with her mind and scanned who was there.

    To her utmost shock, Jaina found her mother’s presence, shining brightly.

    Immediately her mother responded to her, fusing their connection, sending her overwhelming surges of love and reassurance. The tender touch washed over Jaina like a balm. It was more than she could have ever hoped for. Overcome with relief Jaina slumped back, panting and shaking with the effort to stay conscious and alert.

    Suddenly the wide metal door hissed open.

    Without hesitation Leia ran in, straight to Jaina’s side. Several men and women followed holding weapons ready for any unwanted attack. They wore civilian clothing, nothing branding them to be on a particular side.


    Full of worry, Leia rushed to her daughter. She caressed her sullen face with gentle fingers. Upset she uttered, “I knew you were here.”

    Smiling weakly, Jaina whispered back,
    “You found me …”

    Examining her daughter with sad eyes, Leia nodded. She aimed her blaster and shot at the last cuffs imprisoning her. Carefully Leia removed the shackles and tubes attached to her arms. With great caution she slowly helped her daughter up from the bed. Jaina was very frail. Her body was too thin, her skin pale, with purple bruises dotted over it, and her hair had an unhealthy shine.

    Through their bond, Leia poured her strength into her.

    Leaning heavily on her mother, Jaina rasped into her ear,
    “They took my children …”

    Leia stared at her daughter’s distraught face. She saw the heartbroken sorrow in her rich brown gaze, eyes so similar to her own. The hurt dwelled bone-deep. And Jaina’s aura wavered with the gutting emotion cutting her up from the inside.

    Just that look made Leia’s heart shatter into a million pieces.

    “We’ll find them, as I found you.” Leia promised.

    Jadedly Jaina inclined her head, resting it upon her mother’s shoulder, trying to stop the endless tears.

    Leia embraced her fiercely as she wept again, uncontrollable cries she could not prevent. Feebly Jaina held on to her as if she were a lifeline. Her mother’s arms tightened with unquestionable love as her legs almost gave way.

    Kissing her forehead, mumbling words of support, Leia waved a member of her team over to help hold Jaina.

    After a few wobbly steps, Jered Harison caught up Jaina’s legs and cradled her to his chest in his strong arms. Together Leia, Jered and their team briskly exited the room.

    From her pocket, Leia got her comm link and clicked it on,
    “We got her.”

    Han Solo’s familiar voice reverberated back,
    “Copy that. Ready and waiting.”

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  7. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Yea! Leia and Han to the rescue! But where are the babies?
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  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Stunning rescue =D= =D= =D= But :shock: [face_nail_biting] ... Perhaps, then, [face_thinking] the babies were the "prize" after all...
  9. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    Gah, I somehow missed the last chapter. Intrigued about Ben's mystery lady. And very depressed about Jaina & Jag's babies. :(
    But yay for Han and Leia to the rescue! Will they be able to get her back to Jag? Or perhaps they'll begin the hunt for the missing little ones...
    Great chapters!
  10. ccp

    ccp Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 29, 2005
    And now who ever has done this has to deal with the mama bear, and much worse grandmama bear.
  11. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Jedi_Lover: Yep the Solos are back! :D .. Babies.. what babies???[face_devil]

    Jade_eyes: Thanks!!![face_blush] .. Were they..? I can't say much on that subject atm [face_batting] but you'll see thm soon...

    LexiLupin: Hey! No probs! You'll learn about Ben's lady and more about Ben's reasons for living the way he does atm. I know the babies are .. missing.. [face_nail_biting]As for Han/Leia think their main concern is Jaina's health 1st then babies! ;)

    ccp: Exactly!:p Thanks for clicking!
  12. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    (want off tags just say..;))
    Ceillean Jade_eyes LexiLupin Jedi_Lover pinkpearl89
    This next bit sheds little light on Republic side of things..
    Comments welcome.. enjoy!:)


    [Core Worlds. Coruscant. Private Chambers of the Head of State.]

    “I’m afraid our power has reached its limit.”

    “So it would seem …”

    Feliop Divinc, a young man dressed in a fine black suit, paced up and down by the long window.

    He stopped to stare at the beloved city he called home. Lately he had had visions of it burning and crashing to ruins. It would only be a matter of time. He hoped he wasn’t around to see it.

    Racon Gerreon, the Mon Calamari, rested on the main sofa, his large eyes sad and filled with worry. He was the Republic’s Head of State. And he was tired, tired of the same debates, the loss of life and lack of faith around him.

    “The council chamber was deserted tonight. No one relies on talk anymore.” Feliop muttered helplessly.

    Nodding in agreement, Racon added,
    “There’s too much action. I need the military forces to halt their progress immediately. Even if I wanted to stop the army completely I wouldn’t be able to. I talk and no one listens. I have power but it does nothing. I give orders but they are ignored. What is the point of me, Feliop? I wish I knew.”

    “This war was started by a few fools. Fools who built their power on the fears of others.” Feliop looked back to his wise friend and spoke gloomily, “The first shots are a mystery, the real reasons are ridiculous prejudices and the consequences … appalling. We’re fighting like animals for what? Scraps? This war is expensive. Our finances will not last much longer. The forces have become undisciplined bullies, making ridiculous battles, losing countless lives and weakening our image, our dignity, let alone our defences.”

    The Mon Calamari shook his head regretfully. He leaned forward and whispered earnestly,
    “We have little chance of peace if everyone has deaf ears. We must send envoys, personally selected envoys, to try and mend our broken relationships.”

    Despairingly Feliop turned away and stood rigid for a moment. He knew envoys would be to no avail. Negotiations had been and were utterly useless.

    The government had lost control of the armed forces. People were scared, hurt and confused, and thereby making rash decisions. Massacres and atrocities were happening all over the galaxy. Prejudice, old fears, mixed with suspicion had seeped into civilization, nearly buckling all it had achieved.

    A webbed hand touched his shoulder gently. With darkened eyes, he turned back to his dear friend Racon and shrugged awkwardly. There was no hope left in him. Only great sadness for what was to come.

    Kindly Racon reassured,
    “Don’t lose sight of the light, Feliop.”

    “All our dreams are tainted.” He uttered miserably, “What light is there left?”

    “The Jedi. And their friends. They can cross these borders which are dividing us. They could mediate this crisis, discover our allies from the pack of hounds and deliver true justice. I believe they can make us talk and, more importantly, listen again. We need them, especially with the newly created EDA, they’d be of great use to us.”

    “The Jedi have gone into exile. What makes you think they’ll help? Racon, they were prosecuted, driven away and mistreated beyond forgiveness. They will not aid us now. As for the rest, the newly created Imperial Knights, Emperor Fel has them under his command.”

    “I hope you’re wrong.” Racon gazed out the window wistfully, “If this fails there will be little chance of recovery. If worse were to happen there would be no order. Just chaos. A dark age … As for Fel, well perhaps he would make a better world, system and order, than we ever could. Maybe this time an Empire would suit the current course?”

    “An empire is still tyrannical. You cannot think of it …”

    “Why not?” Racon questioned indifferently, “Democracy hasn’t worked, yet again. The Empire in many ways could. We must send our most trusted messengers to the Jedi and the Empire, in secrecy, pray some of them talk of the future. They might just save it, for all our sakes.”

    Silently Feliop already thought it was too late. But to ease his companion’s fears he nodded and with a small smile replied,
    “Then we best not fail. Who should I contact first?”


    Trying to forget his darkest doubts, Feliop inclined his head in respect and began to leave. His heart was heavy. But he carried himself confidentially, he was a man with little hope left yet never lost his dignity or sense of honourable duty.


    He paused at the door.

    “Have you got your teams together? For Operation Leto?”

    Quietly, Feliop turned around to say in a hushed tone,
    “I thought it was postponed. You know the EDA isn’t ready.”

    “I know ... but it will have to be.” Racon gave a stern look, “I’ve changed my mind. About the dates, I mean. I cannot wait any longer. Forgive me my dear friend. I’m making the announcement in two days. Have your agents ready to be dispatched.”

    “I’ll have them jet off now immediately.” Anxiously, Feliop added, “Do you think our commanding military leaders will -”

    “- I think we’ll soon see who truly believes in the Republic.”

    After that curt statement, Feliop bowed and departed.

    Facing the city skyline, Racon uttered to himself in a voice of dread,
    “Gods help us all …”

    [Outer Rim. Atrivis Sector. Mantooine. On board ship Skycrawler.]

    “This is urgent Horn!”

    Sat at the cockpit controls, Corran scowled,
    “I really don’t care Wedge.”

    A flickering hologram of Wedge’s well-aged face frowned back,
    “What’s happened?

    “Nothing.” Horn snapped back quickly, too quickly, “I just don’t care anymore.”

    “Bull!” Wedge spoke bluntly, “You don’t give up or sit on the side-lines. Either something’s up or you’re an imposter. Which is it?”

    Sighing heavily, Corran shrugged.

    He couldn’t speak a word of what had really happened. He’d had to encrypt their link at the start of their chat so it couldn’t be traced. Their connection could be bugged or being recorded. It was a risk Horn couldn’t take. He would jeopardise his family, the Skywalkers and many other Jedi hiding on planet. Friend or not, Wedge sadly wasn’t going to have a very full conversation, at least not from Corran’s side.

    Disheartened, at the end of his patience with the galaxy and its injustice, Corran grumbled,
    “I’m an imposter. There. Happy?”

    “Yeah right and I’m a sith lord.” Wedge retorted curtly, “Look whatever has happened, you’re needed now. The EDA is officially active. We need you. Teams are being assigned missions and are launching over the next few hours. It’s happening. This is our chance to regain control over the Republics wayward forces. The Chief of State is going to issue a command for all Republic military to stand down. Any who thereafter wage conflict are to be apprehended immediately, whether it’s one man or an entire force.”

    “Good luck trying to stop an entire army.” Corran snorted, “Even by your standards that’s pushing it, Antilles.”

    “Corran we need you.”

    Rubbing his aching temples, Horn replied,
    “I want to say yes. But something’s happened … I’m not sure of anything anymore.”

    “I understand. Just think of this as a leap of faith, my friend. I need people I can trust. And none of them are as good looking as you Horn, or have such an impressive résumé. Though Luke is a close second. Consider it. And if you can, relay this offer to Skywalker too, Jedi are more than welcome in this business. Just imagine it. This could end the chaos. The war would end within days if we do this right. It’s a chance for peace.”

    Sighing, Corran inclined his head,
    “You’re asking a lot, ya know that right? I just – I can’t - I’ll think it over and get back to you.”

    “If you’re game contact me within the next eight hours and I’ll set things in motion.” Wedge’s face turned concerned, “Don’t give up Horn. You and yours are in our thoughts and prayers always. Antilles out.”

    With that Wedge’s holo vanished and the connection severed.

    In the dimness of the cockpit, Corran heaved a tired sigh. His bloodshot eyes were raw from earlier grief. And his heart was a cold heavy stone, void of any joy, barely feeling. The universe had battered him and his family. And he wasn’t sure he could fight back anymore. He was getting too old for it.

  13. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Wedge and Corran have been fighting all of their adult lives. I can understand him feeling too old to continue.
  14. ccp

    ccp Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 29, 2005
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  15. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    So, funny story.
    I'm taking a class right now on American foreign policy and was up late last night reading and working on an assignment.
    Last night, I had a dream featuring a Republic/Empire arms race that somehow in my mind tied into this story and Jag being head of the Empire.
    And then tonight, you post this chapter. This part right here gave me serious dream deja vu:

    “If this fails there will be little chance of recovery. If worse were to happen there would be no order. Just chaos. A dark age … As for Fel, well perhaps he would make a better world, system and order, than we ever could. Maybe this time an Empire would suit the current course?”

    “An empire is still tyrannical. You cannot think of it …”

    “Why not?” Racon questioned indifferently, “Democracy hasn’t worked, yet again. The Empire in many ways could. We must send our most trusted messengers to the Jedi and the Empire, in secrecy, pray some of them talk of the future. They might just save it, for all our sakes.”

    So, uh... are we perhaps connected on some subconscious, dream-realm level? [face_laugh]
  16. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Enjoyed the Corran/Wedge conversation. I can understand Corran's feelings even without knowing the entire why behind them. =D= Part of him is thinking: If I join this fight, will I lose more than I can afford? And who will care or thank me? :p He probably already feels like he's been wrung out and hung out to dry. :rolleyes: [face_thinking]
  17. SiouxFan

    SiouxFan Jedi Knight star 3

    Mar 6, 2012
    Wedge ought to now better; people have been saying 'this will be a short war' for ages--they never are.

    You raise a great philosophical debate, however, why does 'democracy keep failing'? It can't be simply that people prefer autocratic leaders, so why? Frankly, any government that has lost control of it's military is an inept government.
  18. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    SiouxFan, I think they keep failing because everyone is pulling in different directions. When you get a compassionate, forward thinking no-nonsense leader, and the populace like him/her and his/her ideas and ideals, the Senators or elected officials like their comfy cozy status quos and need, pathologically, obsessively, to be right, at all costs. They'll say whatever they need to to get elected but nine times out of ten, they're just blowing smoke up the electorate's rear ends. :p (Sorry mayo, for taking over the thread. But erm, the legislature in my country are like Beavis and Butthead sometimes.) [face_laugh] [:D] !!!!
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    That is some of it, but that is the nature of politics--I would argue that it fails because they have failed to provide a cohesive 'togetherness'. There is more to government than 'ruling', you also have to provide FOR the people. If you maintain roads, provide reliable utilities, maintain a communication network, provide for the common good...these are what being a government is really about. Here, our long-standing democracies have done a pretty decent job of doing these and have, as a result, remained democratic. Other democracies have failed this and been replaced. The Weimar Republic in Germany failed because it failed to 'provide', not because it failed to 'lead'. This is where the Republic is obviously failing in this story, they are not 'providing' for the very people they'd been elected to serve.

    Sorry Mayo, we will now continue with our regularly scheduled story. Good stuff!
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    Jedi_Lover: These men have seen it, done it and got the t-shirts .. and sadly it wasn't all laughs.:( Cheers for reading!

    ccp: Thanks.:)

    LexiLupin: Okay that is weird.. we must have been on same strange brain-wave![face_hypnotized]:p Cheers for clicking! I wonder .. If ya have a guess at what's coming next and your right somehow .. now that'll be even more spooky?!

    Jade_eyes: Glad ya liked the convo between Corran/Wedge.. Obv more will be explained as we go.. [face_whistling] But yeah these guys are tired. Wedge still has faith. But Corran has been pushed.. and like Skywalker.. it'll be about trying to get their motivation and faith back. Thanks for reading! (This won't all be dark, I promise.;) )

    SiouxFan: I know but Wedge still has hope and Corran doesn't. Antilles is still willing to try. But poor Horn has been tried too hard lately and he has lost his faith. ... Haha, I don't mean to create debates but I'm very glad you find this interesting. :) I just think, no matter what government, eventually systems of control and structure of society do have weakness and flaws, I don't think there will ever be a perfect system, because we (imperfect beings) create it .. Anyways my rant over. Thanks for clicking!

    PS: Jade_eyes & SiouxFan .. Don't fret about debate!:p
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    I'll let you know if I have any more late night, subconscious inspiration. :p
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    Okay .. Back to some cute guys I adore ... :p


    [Unknown Regions. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Medical Centre.]

    “Any changes?”

    “Two have regained consciousness. The rest are still comatose.”

    “I want any information they can give.” Jacen scanned the ward, “Any memory of what they went through, what they think it was for and how they got into this mess.”

    Frowning, the imperial doctor glanced at him,
    “You think these might be volunteers? Or abducted victims?”

    “That’s what I need to find out.” Scratching his stubbly chin, Jacen searched the room warily and asked, “Do these patients have anything in common?”

    “Not really.” The grey haired man, Elian, looked down at his datapad as he went on, “They are of different ages, homelands and backgrounds. The only thing linking them together is that they all were Republic military personnel. But again they had different occupations, for example: one was an engineer, a foot solider and another was a pilot.”

    For a moment Jacen was mute. With his senses he stretched out to each and every being in the room.

    Waves of raw energy circulated the room, invisible and untamed. The Force burned brightly in these victims. All of them gave off pulses of unusual power. It was unintentional. They didn’t know they were projecting such influence in the Force.

    “All of these beings are highly Force-sensitive.” Jacen spoke quietly, “Strangely strong. Do any of the experiment reports mention this?”

    “Some do. But I’m afraid I can’t decipher all the data. The reports are part encrypted. And if I’m honest, some of the work is beyond my knowledge.”

    That comment made Jacen raise a questioning eyebrow. Elian was a very accomplished doctor. For him to admit the medical data was confusing meant something unusual was at work here.

    “As far as I can gather these experiments were research into blood and cells.” Elian explained, “But it’s somehow manifested or combined with Yuuzhan Vong bio-technology and something else I cannot yet interpret.”

    “Yuuzhan Vong? Now that is worrying.” Jacen’s gaze kept straying to a certain female a few beds down. Distractedly he said to the doctor, “Get what you can from the reports, I’ll call in a specialist to look over the Yuuzhan Vong information. Hopefully together you’ll be able to figure out what these experiments were actually for.”

    “I’ll do what I can -”


    A woman, Jacen had kept an attentive eye on, woke with a terrible cry. She writhed under the covers, clutched her head and groaned in pain.

    Concerned, Jacen and Elian strode to her bedside quickly. The doctor checked her vitals on the computer before examining her properly. As the doctor went about the motions, Jacen stood on the other side scanning her with the Force.

    Ripping agony tore through his mind, it was intense and nauseating. She was overwhelmed with it. A dark veil of confusion mingled with her discomfort. He felt her body stiffen, bordering on panic, building an incredible tension within her spirit, set ready to spring free.

    Elian injected her with a painkiller.

    The moment he pierced her skin, the woman yelped and opened her eyes wide. Fear shone in her gaze. They were brightest light blue eyes Jacen had ever seen, so clear, aglow with intelligence and awareness.

    Suddenly an enormous pulse erupted and the doctor was Force-thrown across the room at an alarming speed.

    Reaching out with the Force, Jacen slowed the man’s descent before he could crash into something.

    Safely on the ground unharmed but clearly shaken, Elian nodded his thanks. He made no attempt to step forward as Jacen held up his hand to warn him and others off. He didn’t want them triggering another attack.

    Trembling, the frail woman stared up at him in utter bewilderment.

    She was the one he’d discovered in the tank.

    She hugged herself, barely containing her tears and quiet moans. Nervously her fingers twisted in the sheets, knuckles turning white and muscles cramping as terror started to shake her.

    Another wave of Force energy emitted from her. Expecting it, Jacen absorbed it into himself, controlled it and directed it into nothingness. It was a bit crushing at first. But after several waves he managed to contain the energy safely.

    Still touching the woman in the Force, he realised she didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t understand the power within her. It was her confusion and hurt that fuelled the outbursts.

    Tentatively, once the waves dissipated, Jacen knelt by the woman’s bedside to be eye to eye.

    With the Force he touched her spirit with his. He was gentle, offering her soothing calm whilst he examined and bore the brunt of her terrible pain.

    Her head hurt from the aftereffects of the drugs and her skin was sore from several incisions and injections. Keeping motionless, he focused solely on her. His brow creased and his breathing became a little uneven at the effort. Jacen took most of the agony away into himself, keeping it back from her delicate mind, so she could settle down and come to grips with the situation. Unconsciously he wrapped her up in an aura of serene warmth and comfort, determined to ease her distress.

    Bit by bit she relaxed, her gaze never blinking, fixated on his troubled expression.

    Ever so softly, Jacen whispered,
    “You’re safe with me. No one is going to hurt you.”

    She didn’t respond.

    Jacen titled his head and leaned closer.

    In spite of her exhaustion and battered appearance, she was a stunning woman. With long tresses of night-black hair, exotically tanned skinned, but the thing that made his heart skip into a strange beat was her vivid eyes. They were striking. He could lose himself in their beauty.

    Without thought, he lifted a hand and brushed a stray curl from her face.

    She didn’t flinch.

    Instead her eyes fluttered closed as if savouring the brief caress of his fingertips along her forehead. As he pulled his hand away, she surprised herself by grasping hold of his hand tightly, needing comfort. Even if he was a complete stranger.

    Linked, understanding her feelings, Jacen inclined his head and tensed his fingers around hers.

    Quietly Jacen spoke,
    “You’re on board the Star Destroyer Dark Goddess. What is your name?”

    Hoarsely she managed to utter,
    “I’m .. Hera. Hera Assandra.”

    A small genuine smile grew across his lips,
    “Nice to meet you, Hera. I’m Jacen Solo.” He gestured with his free hand to the doctor, “And this is my friend Elian. He’s a doctor. He’s not trying to hurt you. He was just trying to give you some painkillers. Would you like him to administer them?”

    After a quick glimpse at the older man, Hera shook her head.

    “Alright then,” Jacen kept his voice low and casual, “would you like me to give you the painkillers? I can sense you’re pain.”

    Staring up at him, Hera searched his dark gaze for several moments before finally giving a nod.

    At Jacen’s signal the doctor walked back to the bed and handed him the dosing device.

    Still retaining possession of his hand, Hera cringed as Jacen injected her at the neck. He placed the device away and put his free palm on the place where he’d dosed. At the touch of his hand, the soreness eased and her skin warmed. Heat began to swamp her body, spreading through cells and limbs, making her feel less ill.


    How she didn’t know, but on some level she understood this man was making her feel well again. She couldn’t help watching him. He emanated affection and never-wavering protection.

    Hera should have felt vulnerable. But with this handsome stranger, kneeling at her side, she felt entirely safe.

    “Much. Thank you.”

    Jacen smiled again. It lit his serious face, made him younger and carefree. Hera thought him very charming with a smile upon his lips. This Jacen was very attractive.

    He appealed on too many levels. Maybe it was the dishevelled brown hair that made him look like he’d just woken from bed. Perhaps it was the stubble lining his jaw giving him a rough but ready kind of look. Or perhaps it was his mysterious chestnut-brown eyes, glistening with such fierce command, which held her ensnared.

    Hera mentally shook those thoughts away. This wasn’t like her. She didn’t fall for anyone easily.

    It must be the drugs, she told herself.

    “I don’t want to push you too much,” Jacen started carefully, “but can you tell me where you’re from and what you do?”

    “I ..” She had to stop and actually think about that. Things were hazy. “I’m - I’m from Corellia.”

    “Good.” Jacen reassured her both verbally and through their Force connection, “My father is from there.”

    “I was a pilot. A fighter pilot in the Corellian military.” She muttered distantly, half unsure of herself. “I can’t remember my rank. Is that bad? – I feel like part of me is missing …”

    “It’ll come back you.” Jacen said with confidence, “Don’t force it. Now, my good doctor here, would like to examine you further, would that be okay?”

    With a shaky breath, she replied,
    “I guess so.”

    Squeezing her hand, Jacen motioned for the Elian to come closer. The doctor studied her monitors, did some visual checks, took her blood pressure, pulse and temperature. All the while Hera unconsciously clutched Jacen’s hand strongly, needing him near in a small way.

    Patiently Jacen observed.

    “Commander Solo!” The commlink on his belt buzzed with Valin’s voice, “You’re needed!”

    Grabbing the device, he answered back,
    “Can it wait?”

    “I’ve managed to hack into some valuable data. I think you’ll want to see this. I’m in quarters L2-567.”

    “I’m on my way.”

    Reluctantly, Jacen turned back to Hera,
    “I must go. Rest easy, you’re safe with us, you have my word.” To the Elian he added, “Let me know if there’s any change. Or any other … worries. I’ll be back in an hour.”

    With one last squeeze, Jacen removed his hand from hers and walked away.

    A horrid gut twisting sensation raced through him as he strolled out.

    It felt wrong to leave her.

    Jacen didn’t understand why but something primitive tore him up inside. He’d never had such a fast Force connection, so intense and open. But it was more than that. She affected him like no other. He was overly-drawn to her, Hera, a complete stranger.

    She watched him leave.

    Part of her ached to see him go. Though that made no sense. She didn’t know him. So why would she feel awful if he went away?

    Rubbing her eyes, she sighed and tried to talk with the doctor. Yet no matter how hard she tried, she could not get the fine Jacen Solo out of her head.

    [Unknown Regions. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Quarters L2-567.]

    “This had better be good.” Grumbled Jacen as he entered.

    For once he didn’t feel like being professional. Hera had done something to his brain. She was a stranger. And yet somehow her mysterious aura had him lured him. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. He just had this urge to be near her. That couldn’t be normal.

    Trying to ignore the weird sensation, he took a long breath and concentrated on the now.

    “Why hello to you too gorgeous?” Kyp greeted by the main desk, “How are the patients?”

    “Lively.” He crossed the room to stand behind Valin’s chair, next to Durron, “What is so important?”

    Sat in the chair before a massive computer system, Valin answered,
    “I’ve been studying data from the ship Shadow Dawn. A lot of it is encrypted. But from what I can read, several reports and transmissions have key phrases reappearing.”

    “Key words? Like?”

    “Deity. Pair. And majestic.” After a few clicks, Valin projected some reports onto the holographic wall in front of them and pointed out the words. He went on to explain, “They’re a code. Listen to this transmission from another vessel called Ajax Hammer.”

    The room filled with a deep resonating voice:

    “… We have the coordinates. The Deity has landed. Expect heavy security.”

    “The Deity has landed?” Kyp repeated, “Is that ship name familiar to you?”

    As Jacen shook his head, Valin interrupted,
    “I’ve gone over the data I can decode. And ‘Deity’ is used in many ways … I don’t think it’s a ship.”

    “Jaina.” Solo clicked suddenly.

    “That’s what I think.” The younger man continued positively, “As for ‘pair’ and ‘majestic’ I believe they are referring to her twins.”

    “Wait, why do you assume that?” Frowned Durron.

    “I think ‘landed’ means the actual birth of the twins. It goes on in other transmissions about the Deity’s cargo being of great importance. References are made with the words ‘pair’ and ‘majestic’ throughout after it has supposedly ‘landed’.” Valin ruffled his dark hair and leaned back in his chair, “I know it’s a long shot but I have this gut feeling this information is about Jaina.”

    “Is there anything specific you can pull from this data? Times? Dates? Locations?”

    With quick taps on a few buttons, an image of a galactic map glowed on the screen-wall.

    Valin answered smugly,
    “The one thing I spent the last few hours decoding … the coordinates of their rendezvous point.”

    “Oh, Valin, I could kiss you!” Jacen uttered in surprise, even to himself.

    “Please don’t!” Valin glimpsed up and winked, “No offense but I think I can pull someone better looking and more female.”

    Grinning back, Jacen smacked him playfully on the back of his head,
    “Is that anyway to talk to your superior?” Sobering he turned to Durron and ordered, “Set a course for these coordinates. And punch on it. I don’t want us to be late for this ‘rendezvous’.”

    Unconvinced, Kyp debated,
    “I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but aren’t we assuming too much? What if the Deity really is just a ship? We’ll be going on a wild bantha chase.”

    “True,” Jacen acknowledged, “but we’ve got time to spare. Either way, something unnatural is being done in these experiments we’ve discovered, if this is a link I’d like to follow it and see if we can catch these unorthodox scientists in the act. However, if Jaina and the twins happen to be on board also then I’d call that a fortunate day.”

    “So would I. Okay then, Horn,” Durron patted Valin’s shoulder, “I hope you’re right about this.”

    As Kyp started for the door, Jacen called out,
    “Durron, call your girl, Danni Quee. Her Yuuzhan Vong knowledge is desperately needed. Give her our route coordinates so she can get here as soon as physically possible.”

    With a smirk Durron responded,
    “As you wish, Commander. But for the record she’s not my girl.”

    Laughing Jacen shouted back,
    “Oh I forgot, it’s supposed to be a secret, isn’t it?”

    Before the door closed, Kyp’s voice echoed from the corridor,
    “Kriff you Solo!”

    Shaking his head, Valin chuckled under his breath,
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    Excellent chapter. I like how the characters interact together.
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    Great update
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